Reporter Grills Biden Official Over “Evidence” of Russian False Flag Operation

I don’t believe my ears and eyes: a reporter actually doing their job and not running PR for the government.

This pencil-necked Biden stooge is named Ned Price.

Price, an ex-CIA official, is now the State Department Spokesman for the Brandon Administration. He is leading the government’s push to escalate militarily with the Russians over Ukraine.

As you can probably guess, Price, despite pushing for war with Russia, was never in the military.

He is part of a now very large cohort of people in Official Washington who are empowered to make highly consequential decisions in the fields of military and foreign affairs despite never in his life being within 5,000 miles of a war–the “Armchair Generals.”

But don’t worry about that. He went to Harvard! So he’s got it all figured out. We just need to trust him. He’s an Expert.

Except this reporter didn’t think so.

Good for Matt Lee, a true American Patriot who is not going to stand idly by while pencil-necked bureaucrats like Ned Price send American soldiers off to die in a war we shouldn’t be fighting.

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