China and Russia, Officially Aligned Against the U.S., Demand Halt to NATO Expansion

China and Russia are sending a loud and clear message to America: you are no longer in charge, and we’re not putting up with your shit anymore.

Via NY Post:

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping united against the US and its allies Friday, hyping their “unshakable” relationship as they called for NATO to halt any expansion.

The two leaders met in Beijing ahead of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, as both their countries face mounting criticism from Washington and Russia amasses troops along its border with Ukraine.

In a joint statement, the pair highlighted what they call “interference in the internal affairs” of other states.

“Some forces representing a minority on the world stage continue to advocate unilateral approaches to resolving international problems and resort to military policy,” it read, in a thinly veiled reference to Washington and its allies.

Moscow and Beijing “believe that certain States, military and political alliances and coalitions seek to obtain, directly or indirectly, unilateral military advantages to the detriment of the security of others,” according to an English-language translation of the statement released by the Kremlin, CNN reported.

There’s more:

Russia and China also “oppose further enlargement of NATO and call on the North Atlantic Alliance to abandon its ideologized cold war approaches, to respect the sovereignty, security and interests of other countries, the diversity of their civilizational, cultural and historical backgrounds, and to exercise a fair and objective attitude towards the peaceful development of other States,” it added.

Xi also said Chinese-Russian strategic cooperation was “unshakable, past, present and future.”

Talks between the two leaders come as Moscow is in a diplomatic stand-off with the US over Ukraine, demanding that NATO curb its eastward expansion.

Russia said it wants NATO to guarantee that it will not admit new members, particularly Ukraine, and that Washington will not establish new military bases in former Soviet countries.

Putin’s presence in China makes him the highest-profile guest at the Beijing Games following the decision by the US, Britain and others not to send officials in protest of the country’s human rights abuses.

America, of all places, complaining about another country’s “human rights” abuses.

It’s such bullshit. This obsession with “spreading democracy” and “protecting human rights” by the US foreign policy elite is little more than a PR campaign to make America seem like the good guys.

Well, China and Russia are officially aligned against America. They also called out the US policy of instigating “color revolutions” to overthrow other countries’ governments.

This is what America gets for not simply minding its own business. Ukraine has nothing to do with us. But, no, to our foreign policy elite, not a pin can drop anywhere on the planet without America’s involvement, so we have to get involved in the Ukraine situation and try to boss people around, even though it is obviously backfiring on us.

And now we’ve compelled the Russians and the Chinese to team up against us.

Bang-up job, Foreign Policy Elites™.

Just brilliant fucking work on their part.

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