GoFundMe Seizes the $9 Million Raised for the Freedom Convoy, Now Intends to Distribute it to “Credible Charities”

Sadly predictable:

Exactly: “credible charities,” but by whose definition?

I’m sure they’ll be sending this money to leftwing “charities,” which of course GoFundMe has determined are “credible,” because GoFundMe itself is leftwing establishment.

More from Ezra Levant, because he sums things up well:

It’s a mistake for conservatives to fundraise with GoFundMe. This seizure is foreign interference in Canadian political affairs — radical leftists in San Francisco are meddling in Canadian politics. And to think that the CBC claimed Putin was the one messing around here.

Trudeau’s government just demanded that the bank account of an opposition group be seized. That’s what they do in Venezuela and Russia. They expropriate their opponent’s property, seize their assets — and then prosecute them on trumped up charges.

And what a laugh that Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster had just said that Putin was secretly interfering in the convoy. No, true foreign intervention was by Silicon Valley, only too happy to interfere in Canadian affairs to protect Trudeau.

If you’re having trouble with this, imagine if Stephen Harper had pressured a bank to seize $9M from Greenpeace. No trial, no appeal, no transparency. Just smashing his political enemies. And look; silence, or cheering, from the Media Party.

Funny how quickly supposedly liberal democratic Western embrace tyranny when they feel their grip on power is threatened.

GoFundMe says they received word from the Canadian government. Can we see it? Or is it a secret smear of the truckers? Or a threat — or a promise — to GoFundMe? Why the secrecy? Are they all in on this together?

GoFundMe says the government claims the truckers are violent, or that it’s an occupation. No-one is inside any building; they’re all on public property. There has been no violence; in fact, police say crime is down in the city.

But even if someone was charged with a crime, how does that justify seizing millions of dollars donated by tens of thousands of people, for the benefit of tens of thousands of people? How is this collective punishment justified, either by Trudeau or GoFundMe?

When you’re a tyrant, you don’t have to “justify” anything. That’s the problem here. You just make up some phony reason to go after your political enemies and that’s good enough.

This will not deter the truckers. They’ve lasted this long without any GoFundMe money. These aren’t a left-wing rent-a-mob, like Greenpeace, who only protest as a “job”. These are real people, who are there for their freedom. They can’t be bought by anyone.

This is how the pandemic/lockdown vaccine passports will work, though. Merge people’s health choices (a proxy for their politics) with their digital footprint; link that to their finances, their ability to shop, rent, live. It’s China-style social credit.

Earlier today, @OttawaPolice said they were working with Canada’s spy agencies to conduct warrantless searches of truckers, including their personal financial information. And they were cheered on by the bulk of the Media Party:

Investigative evidence-gathering teams are collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions. /12

I don’t like foreign interference in Canada, from GoFundMe or anyone else. But our country’s checks and balances no longer work. Trudeau is acting like a tyrant, destroying his political opposition. I think we need some help, even just from foreign media who aren’t bought off.

Perfectly summed-up.

Right off the bat, never use GoFundMe again for anything.

Second, I think this decision by GoFundMe (which constitutes COLLUSION with the Trudeau Regime) will backfire. People will start donating directly to the truckers–bringing them food, water, and whatever other supplies they need to hunker down in Ottawa. They’ll find a way around this.

The more concerning development here is that it now appears the Canadian government is branding these truckers as enemies of the state and preparing to treat them as such.

I would like to think that this will backfire against Trudeau, and it certainly will to an extent, but what these truckers really need is someone from the Canadian government opposition party–the Conservatives–to come to their defense here.

I know the Conservative party just ousted its leader Erin O’Toole, but I don’t think they’ve named a new leader yet. When they do, that leader must be a vocal and spirited defender and supporter of the truckers.

Because the truckers are not going to get any support from the US government, that’s for sure.

Ottawa Police recently tweeted out that they were pleased with GoFundMe’s decision to seize the assets of the truckers:

This is why I keep saying it: do not assume the police will have your back when the shit hits the fan. They are not on our side.

They are primarily concerned with keeping their own jobs and pensions, and thus they will not protect us when things get ugly.

In fact, they’ll be the reason things get ugly.

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    A good majority of police are free masons those F’ers!

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