Israel: 70-80% of Serious Covid Cases Are Among Triple-Vaxxed

This comes from Israel National News:

‘80% of serious COVID cases are fully vaccinated’ says Ichilov hospital director | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva

Are Israeli hospitals really overloaded with unvaccinated COVID patients? According to Prof. Yaakov Jerris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s coronavirus ward, the situation is completely opposite.

“Right now, most of our severe cases are vaccinated,” Jerris told Channel 13 News. “They had at least three injections. Between seventy and eighty percent of the serious cases are vaccinated. So, the vaccine has no significance regarding severe illness, which is why just twenty to twenty-five percent of our patients are unvaccinated.”

It is obvious now what must be done.

Israel needs to make the 4th shot mandatory and begin preparations for rolling out the 5th shot.

And Prof. Yaakov Jerris must be fired from his job in disgrace.

Jerris also revealed some of the confusion in reporting cases. Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, he told ministers, “Defining a serious patient is problematic. For example, a patient with a chronic lung disease always had a low level of oxygen, but now he has a positive coronavirus test result which technically makes him a ‘serious coronavirus patient,’ but that’s not accurate. The patient is only in a difficult condition because he has a serious underlying illness.”

And evidently the vaccines don’t “protect” him.

So now we have an Israeli doctor, who is the director of a hospital’s Covid ward, on record saying that the vaccine has “no significance regarding severe illness.”

How long until they admit that the more Covid shots a person has, the weaker their immune system is, and the more likely it is for them to be hospitalized due to Covid-19, or even die from it?

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