New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Hints State May Soon Abandon Covid Restrictions

Well, well, well:

Even the Democrat-controlled states are now starting to admit it: Covid restrictions are useless.

Slowly but surely.

Update: Murphy is ending the statewide school mask mandate effective March 7.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy plans to end a statewide mask mandate to protect against COVID-19 in schools and child care centers. The change goes into effect March 7 and comes as New Jersey’s caseload drops after a spike around the holidays fueled by the Omicron variant.

The governor announced the development at a news conference Monday. Local school districts and private child care providers will still be able to require masks if they want, Murphy said.

And I’m sure many school districts will continue enforcing mask mandates, because they are run by psychotically insane sadists who simply just Love Wearing Masks and want to force them on children.

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