Not Fake News: Biden Admin. Signals It May Allow “Safe” Drug Injection Sites

The American people: “Please end the stupid Covid restrictions. Please get crime, inflation, and the border crisis under control. Please don’t go to war with Russia. Please fix our healthcare system. Please reign in Wall Street and Corporate America. Please do something about out-of-control housing and college costs.”

The Democrats: “We’ll do you one better: NATIONWIDE LEGAL HEROIN INJECTION SITES!”

Apparently the Democrats want people strung out on heroin to keep them distracted and sedated as the country careens into oblivion.

But hey: at least Biden doesn’t tweet.

Just for the hell of it, let’s look into the article and see how they try to rationalize this:

A year after winning a major court battle against the opening of so-called safe injection sites — safe havens for people to use heroin and other narcotics with protections against fatal overdoses — the Justice Department is signaling it might be open to allowing them.

In response to questions from The Associated Press, the Justice Department said it is “evaluating” such facilities and talking to regulators about “appropriate guardrails.”

The position is a drastic change from its stance in the Trump administration, when prosecutors fought vigorously against a plan to open a safe consumption site in Philadelphia. The Justice Department won a lawsuit last year, when a federal appeals court in Pennsylvania ruled that opening such a facility would violate a 1980s-era drug law, aimed at “crackhouses,” which bans operating a place for taking illegal drugs. The Supreme Court declined in October to take the case.

About six weeks later, the first officially authorized safe injection sites opened in New York City in November. The two facilities — which the city calls “overdose prevention centers” — provide a monitored place for drug users to partake, with staffers and supplies on hand to reverse overdoses.

Such sites exist in Canada, Australia and Europe and have been discussed for years in New York and some other U.S. cities and states. A few unofficial facilities have operated for some time.

Advocates have hailed them as a way to curb the scourge of overdose deaths. Drawing from the latest available death certificate data, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that more than 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses from May 2020 to April 2021.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. The solution to drug overdoses is to monitor people while they shoot up and then inject them with Narcan when they flatline.

Yeah, let’s encourage people to shoot up heroin.

As long as they do it safely!

How about we get the border under control and stop the flow of illegal drugs into the country?


Alrighty then.

Critics, however, argue that safe injection sites encourage illegal drug use and burden neighborhoods.

Yeah, ya think?

Are people going to get a say on whether they want to allow “safe injection sites” in their neighborhoods? Are we allowed to say, “No thanks, I’d rather not have my neighborhood crawling with junkies”?

I’m guessing the answer is no.

Look, I get that the idea here is to give addicts a place to shoot up “safely.” You figure, if people are going to use drugs no matter what, you might as well give them an opportunity to do it under supervision of a trained first responder who can save them if they OD.

I totally get it. But doesn’t this feel like we’re just giving up? Clearly the War on Drugs is over, and Drugs won.

This stuff is no joke. The British with their precious opium trade got China addicted to the drug back in the 1800s, and widespread opium addiction–as well as the wars Britain started with China over China’s efforts to stamp out the opium trade–set China back 100 years.

Opioids destroy civilizations. The Chinese know this. Which is why they’re presently exacting revenge on the West by flooding our nations with fentanyl–specifically in America by way of Mexico.

One also wonders to what extent the CIA is involved in the drug trade, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

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