Tucker Highlights the Freedom Convoy’s Blockade of the US-Canada Border

If you have the time, this Tucker segment is worth a watch:

He talks about how the Truckers have now shut down the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. A whopping 25% of all trade between the US and Canada travels across this bridge, and the Truckers–who obviously know this–have shut the bridge down.

I didn’t think I could respect these Truckers anymore, honestly.

It’s quite simple: the bridge will be opened up when the people are free once again.

But Justin Trudeau has dug his heels in and refuses to budge. All he can do now is call the Truckers racists and Nazis–that’s Page 1 of the Modern Leftist playbook.

It’s not going to work. The public is on the Truckers’ side. Trudeau is on the Wrong Side of History here, and everything he does and says is further evidence of that.

Look, some people may not like Tucker and may disagree with everything he says, but he is an invaluable voice in this country and in the world in general because he is basically the only one on TV saying this stuff. The rest of the US media is in lockstep opposition to the Truckers, calling them Racists and Nazis and Insurrectionists and blah blah blah.

But Tucker is the only one, as far as I can tell, who is on their side.

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