Any Republican Who Doesn’t Run on an Explicitly Anti-Mask, Anti-Mandate Platform Deserves to Lose

This is the golden opportunity for the Republican Party. They have the chance right now to make the 2022 midterm elections a referendum on the Democrats’ mask mandates and all the Covid Bullshit.

Make the distinction clear: if you are against mandatory masking, if you don’t want your kids to be forced to wear masks, and if you are against vaccine mandates and passports, vote Republican.

The Republican Party needs to make it explicitly clear that they are the party that rejects mask and vaccine mandates.

And they also need to show support for the Canadian Truckers–that’s a big litmus test. Any politician who cannot bring him or herself to publicly and unequivocally support the Truckers is not a politician who deserves your support.

Because those Truckers and all the people protesting up north of the border are our brothers and sisters in arms. They may not be our fellow countrymen, but the fight against the Woke Globalist Oligarchy has gone global. As far as I’m concerned, Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden are the same guy. They both serve and represent the same international financial, corporate, political and social elite.

As far as I’m concerned, I have way more in common someone from another country who’s against Wokeness and against Covid Tyranny than I do with an American who is for Wokeness and Covid Tyranny.

There, I said it. I don’t care if it sounds like “Workers of the World Unite!” socialism. It’s the truth.

Now the GOP doesn’t have to say this explicitly, I understand that. But they need to at least show that they are on the same page as their voting base. They need to communicate to us that they recognize that this is ultimately a fight against the Woke Globalist Oligarchy.

All they really have to say is “Honk Honk” and we’ll know they understand.

You might say it’s unrealistic to expect the Republicans to oppose the Woke Globalist Oligarchy because a lot of Republicans are in fact part of the Woke Globalist Oligarchy.

I know that. And that’s why it’ll be easy to determine which ones we need to vote out in the primaries. The ones who refuse to support the Truckers and make this election a referendum on the Covid restrictions are the ones who need to be sent packing.

We do not have to tolerate the fact that our political system is rigged and that both parties are the bad guys. We can vote out the bad guys in our party and replace them with people who are actually on our side.

This should be extremely easy for Republicans to do, and if they do it, they will win big–for sure. I mean, virtually all their voters want this out of them: no more masks, no more vaccine passes, and Honk Honk.

All this stuff is overwhelmingly popular with not only the Republican Base, but tons of independent voters, too. It’s a majority of the country–perhaps even a big majority.

All the Republicans have to do is make the midterm election a referendum on the Covid Restrictions, and they are golden. They will win in one of the biggest routs in years.

Make this election about the Normal People vs. the Karens and it will be an absolute landslide. Not a doubt in my mind.

People hate Karens, and the Democrats are the Karen Party.

The path to a Republican Tsunami could not be clearer or easier.

What’s at stake here is not simply us getting our freedoms back, though. It’s about making sure the people that did this to us for the past two years can never do it again.

Jesse Kelly keeps saying that we need to have a reckoning. He’s 100% correct. It’s not enough to just vote out the Covid Tyrants; they have to be held accountable for what they have done to us.

You absolutely have to watch this clip of him laying it all out. It’s only about 5 minutes long and I promise it’s worth your time:

These people need to be held accountable.

The other day, Kelly asked his Twitter followers to share with him all the awful things that they were forced to endure as a result of the Covid restrictions. He got over 5,000 responses, and many of them will just break your heart. Grandparents forced to die alone, Zoom funerals, child suicides, careers destroyed–the human suffering the Democrats have caused in this country is incalculable.

Click the link, scroll through the replies for as long as you can, and then tell me if you think the people in charge of this country don’t need to be held accountable for what they’ve done:

There must be hell to pay for the people that did this to us.

We’re done fucking around. This election needs to be a referendum not only on the Covid Restrictions, but on the people who implemented those Covid Restrictions that caused so much suffering.

It could not be any clearer what the Republican Party must now do.

And yet, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the Republicans are going to somehow fuck this up?

After all, this is still a Republican Party whose highest-ranking elected official right now is 82-year-old Mitch McConnell.

Do not underestimate the GOP’s ability to fuck this up.

But they had better not fuck this up. Because I’m not writing this article simply because I want Republicans to win.

I only want them to win if they promise to return to the American people the freedom that is our birthright, and if they promise that the people who did this to us will be held accountable.

If the Republicans fuck this up and don’t make this an explicit referendum on the Covid restrictions and the people who implemented them, I will vote straight-ticket Democrat. Because at that point the GOP will deserve to die. I’ll just vote to accelerate the collapse of the country.

I would rather vote for people who are honest about the fact that they stand against all that is good and pure in the world than vote for people who pretend to be on my side but in reality are not.

If the Republicans are not going to provide a genuine alternative to the Democratic Party–if the option to end all of this bullshit is not available to us on the ballot–then as far as I’m concerned, democracy is obsolete.

At that point, the only thing left to do will be to prepare for the revolution that inevitably follows when democracy ceases to exist.

It’ll be like the Canadian Truckers x100.

I don’t want it to happen. I want this to be settled peacefully and within the bounds of the Constitutional system.

But if the People In Charge have decided that that is not possible, then what other option is left?

I didn’t say it, JFK did:

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