Canada Prepares to Crush the Trucker Protests as Trudeau’s Credibility Collapses

Fidel Castro’s bastard effeminate son is laying down the law:

He is threatening the Truckers’ livelihoods and promising to slap them all with felonies that make it impossible for them to enter the US.

And then at the end he says, “We’ve heard you. It’s time to go home now.”

This fucking guy.

Your concerns have been noted. Have a nice day.

Trudeau is a male Karen. A corporate HR Karen.

I’ll pass your concerns along, and we thank you for your input.

And then he calls security.

A real tough guy this Justin Trudeau is.

He didn’t condemn–much less call in the jackbooted thugs—for BLM, of course. He kneeled with them:

Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill

Look, I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but I have a feeling Trudeau is going to bring the full might of the state down on these Truckers. It could get ugly.

If this were happening in the Middle East, the Washington Foreign Policy Establishment would be shrieking about “human rights” and “authoritarianism” and demanding we liberate the country with drone strikes, tomahawk missiles and boots on the ground.

But of course, that’s only when the CIA is provoking a color revolution in an effort to install a US-aligned puppet regime.

Trudeau, on the other hand, already is a US-aligned puppet.

So the US government is not only supportive of Trudeau’s actions but in fact encouraging them.

Interesting how as soon as Biden encourages Trudeau to bring the hammer down on the Truckers, he does it.

The Truckers have been going strong for weeks now, and Trudeau has been cowering in fear the whole time.

Then Biden says it’s time to crack down, and all the sudden Justin Trudeau is a big tough guy.

Jesse Kelly summarizes the essence of the matter here:

Exactly right.

If Trudeau gives in, it means that every Western government can be beaten with peaceful protest.

And then that’s basically game over for the Western elites.

This is bigger than Justin Trudeau. Trudeau is just one of Klaus Schwab’s many minions. Schwab is on video bragging about the fact that not only is Trudeau one of his acolytes, so too is “half of his cabinet”:

They cannot allow the Truckers to bring down the house of cards.

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