Canada Now Treating Protesters As Terrorists

Sheer madness:

The Canadian government would rather treat its own citizens as terrorists than simply rescind the pointless and ineffective Covid restrictions. I really can’t think of another word to encapsulate what’s happening right now than madness.

We are seeing the mask come off of “Western liberal democracy.” We now can see that when push comes to shove, Western governments will resort to outright authoritarianism in order to maintain their grip on power.

This is pure desperation. And it is doomed to fail. It will not dissuade the people from demanding freedom. All this will actually do is further turn the people against the government.

There is now talk on social media of an organized bank run given that the government is weaponizing the financial/banking system to squeeze the protesters.

Bank runs used to be a major problem a century ago but now governments have instituted safeguards (such a deposit insurance) to both prevent them and protect against them. I have no idea whether it would be possible for a bank run to succeed in today’s day and age, but it seems doubtful.

What I think is more likely is that given that this protest in Canada has roots in the working class, a general strike is in order here. Bring the economy to a halt until freedom is restored.

This has now gone beyond the matter of just the Covid restrictions, though. The Canadian Government has crossed the Rubicon and has begun implementing what is effectively a social credit score system of financial blacklisting.

The government has responded to the protests by massively expanding its war on freedom. It is now truly a battle against authoritarianism in Canada.

And if the government is allowed to get away with this, the vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions will seem tame in comparison.

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