Pfizer is Now the Government: Project Veritas Gets FDA Exec on Tape Saying Annual Covid Shots Will Be Mandatory for Everyone

He admits everything. Everything.

He says the approval process is rigged. He says it’s all so Pfizer can get billions of dollars in guaranteed recurring income.

It is as bad as you could possibly imagine:

He says the pharma companies pay the FDA hundreds of millions per year to approve their products.

They are planning on treating this Covid shot like it’s the measles vaccine or a tetanus shot.

They want it required at schools nationwide.

They want it to be part of the vaccines you receive at birth. And then you’ll have to get it every year for the rest of your life.

This is completely unacceptable, obviously.

We don’t require people to get flu shots, do we?

These vaccines do not immunize you against Covid-19, and Covid-19 is not enough of a danger to society to require everyone to get these shots.

It is a pure money grab.

Pfizer is the government. It’s official. This guy admits it.

Pfizer is the government.

Now, it’s possible that this guy is full of shit. I don’t know.

At first, I was going to say this may have been recorded a long time ago, but Project Veritas claims this video was recorded February 3.

If this video represents the truth, this is absolutely unacceptable.

Other countries around the world are dropping all their vaccine mandates and going back to normal, we’re apparently gearing up for Endless Covid.

This is unacceptable, pure and simple.

I don’t think these smug, wine-drinking bureaucrats understand just how much the rest of the country hates them.

Literally millions of federal government employees need to be fired on the spot. It is corrupted beyond repair.

It’s time for a factory reset of the whole federal government. We need to completely clean house. There are too many of these directors and executives and administrators and agency heads who all think they should have complete control over our lives–they all need to go.

And every Fortune 500 company needs to be shattered into a million pieces yesterday.

Big business is too powerful. It owns the federal government entirely.

It all needs to be blown up; gutted down to the studs and completely rebuilt from the ground up.

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  1. Chris says:

    He may “think” so now.
    I wonder what sound it makes going thru a woodchipper on just above idle?

    Oh, PLEASE keep pushing. Please.

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