Twitter Bans, then Un-Bans, @DefiantLs, AKA The Best Account on Twitter

Now bear with me here because this is not just a frivolous “Twitter story,” there’s a larger point I want to make.

If you’re not on Twitter I’ll briefly explain the background: this account, @DefiantLs, takes screenshots of people’s tweets and then goes back through their history and finds a tweet where they blatantly and hilariously contradict what they are saying in the present moment. Here’s a few examples. I’m going screenshot them in case he gets banned again:



And another:

Okay, one last one:

I would post all of his tweets if I could. They’re just perfect. He absolutely owns people.

He’s got almost 500k followers and only joined Twitter in May 2021.

And he doesn’t say a word, either. He offers no additional commentary at all, just Tweet 1 and Tweet 2: what they said before, and what they’re saying now.

So when Twitter banned him, it was a genuine outrage. He does not say anything himself. He simply posts screenshots of things that other people have said in the past compared to what they’re saying now, and it’s usually in the form of their own tweets.

There is literally no way this guy could be in violation of the Twitter terms of service or anything like that.

And yet Twitter still banned him anyway. They claimed it was because he was “evading bans” by using other accounts, but he claims he never uses his other accounts.

Twitter literally banned him because he was too effective. He was humiliating Democrats and Journalists™ too much.

He was simply too effective at exposing the worst of the worst, and Twitter had to shut it down.

No ToS violations, nothing.

It was simply, “You are too powerful. You must be banned.”

Now, they’ve reinstated his account so he’s back, but you have to wonder, for how long?

It’s clear now that Twitter has their eye on him and definitely wants to silence him, but they simply lack any credible grounds for doing so other than “This guy is too detrimental to the Democratic Party.”

Without being too hyperbolic, I would say this (attempted) banning marks a dramatic escalation of Big Tech censorship and the war on free speech.

Now, anyone who is effective in undermining the Democratic Party is deemed a threat that must be silenced.

The truth is now a bannable offense. Using others’ own words to prove their hypocrisy is now impermissible.

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