Police Are Not Your Friends

I have to say it. As we see police storm into Ottawa and begin arresting protesters, the main thought on my mind is not that I’m angry at Justin Trudeau. I mean, I am, but ultimately what he’s doing is expected. He’s Klaus Schwab’s little minion. He’s doing as he’s told. It’s hard for someone to let you down when they do exactly as you expect them to do.

Trudeau has always been a woke, intolerant, authoritarian globalist. That’s who is, and it’s who he has always been. It is his nature.

Just as it’s in the bee’s nature to sting you, and the snake’s nature to bite you, it is in Trudeau’s nature to be a nasty little fascist beholden to the globalist elite at the expense of the Canadian people.

I guess you could also say it’s in the nature of police to be jackbooted thugs enforcing the dictates of the ruling elite no matter how abhorrent those dictates (and elites) may be.

If the police were on the side of the people, as opposed to the elite’s side, then there would be no dictatorships anywhere in the world. The police would have rebelled and refused to allow the people to be tyrannized.

But instead, in reality, we have seen countless dictatorships and tyrannical states throughout history, and they still exist today. And they exist because the police serve the ruling class, not the people. The police are the means by which tyranny is imposed on the people.

I mean, think about it: Justin Trudeau himself couldn’t possibly wade into the crowds in Ottawa and begin personally arresting protesters one by one. He needs the police to do it on his behalf.

Hitler didn’t personally round up the Jews and ship them off to the concentration camps; the Gestapo and the SS did, on Hitler’s orders.

Stalin and his successors didn’t personally round up dissidents and banish them to the gulags; the NKVD and the KGB did that, on Stalin’s orders.

All tyranny hinges on the compliance of the police.

The other side of the coin here is that while totalitarian rule in the Soviet Union persisted for nearly 75 years due to the compliance of the police, the fall of the Soviet Union was ultimately enabled by the police and guards who stood aside as crowds stormed through the Brandenburg Gate in November 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall would never have happened had police not stood down and allowed to happen.

Tyranny can only flourish so long as police are compliant with the regime. The moment the police cease following orders and following the commands of the regime, tyranny crumbles.

The police in Canada had a choice over the past few days: carry out Trudeau’s orders to crush the protesters, or refuse and stand with the people. The police, unsurprisingly, chose to follow orders.

Had they not; had they refused to move on the protesters, then Trudeau would have had no choice but to resign. The police would have sealed his fate. But the police chose to follow his orders.

It’s doubtful that they did so because they agree with him on the question of vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions in general. I’m sure most police officers, deep down, agree with the protesters.

But they sided with Trudeau anyway, likely because they are all, individually, first and foremost concerned about themselves: their pensions, their salaries, not to mention the fact that they could face jail time for insubordination.

It’s possible that if, when the policemen of Ottawa were gathered by their superior and instructed to go out and arrest the protesters, one officer had stood up and said, “I refuse,” then he may well have been joined by most or all of his fellow officers, and ultimately that would have been the end of the Trudeau government. You can’t fire an entire police department if they all refuse to follow orders. The police have massive strength in their numbers. If they wanted, they could overrule their superiors and ultimately overrule the government.

If they wanted to.

But no one stood up. For whatever reason, no one on the Ottawa police force refused to follow orders.

However, no matter what reason it was that the police sided with Trudeau and against the Canadian people, we are reminded of the fundamental truth that 99% of the time, the police are ultimately not on our side.

When push comes to shove, the police will side with the state. They are the state.

If and when the order ever comes down to go door to door in America and confiscate guns, the police will do so on behalf of the state. They will arrest you if you fail to comply, and they will kill you if resist.

People for some reason have this idea that the police only enforce the law so long as the police agree that the laws are honest and just, and that police will cease enforcing the law when the laws become unjust.

This is emphatically not the case. History shows us that police will follow just about any order handed down to them. They will be complicit in unspeakable atrocities if the state orders it.

A few days ago, I thought, foolishly, that there was a real chance the police could refuse to carry out Trudeau’s orders.

I just figured that, given how Trudeau kneeled with BLM in the anti-police protests and riots of 2020, there was a chance the police may, now that Trudeau’s Prime Ministership literally hinges on their compliance with his orders, decide to hang him out to dry.

It would have been poetic, and it would have been deserved.

And if the police had any spine, they would have done it.

Instead, they chose to enforce the tyrannical orders of a cowardly Prime Minister who not only would gladly throw each and every one of them under the bus if he felt it could help him score Woke Points and virtue signal, but who has already done it before. And he will do it again.

The next time BLM flips out, Trudeau will gladly and without hesitation take a knee with them.

And police will keep following his orders anyway.

It’s hard to overstate–or I guess understate–just how little respect I have for the Ottawa police.

They are insanely cucked. Cucked beyond belief.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who naïvely assumes the police have our back and will protect us from tyranny.

They won’t. They’ll be the ones enforcing the tyranny.

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