Lindsey Graham: Someone Needs to Assassinate Vladimir Putin

For the crime of daring to assert his country’s own national interest at the expense of America’s complete and unchecked world hegemony:

It if is not abundantly clear by now, we are not the good guys.

More accurately, the people in charge of America are not the good guys.

For the better part of the past 20 years, American politicians like Lindsey Graham have been pointing to the repeated cries of “Death to America!” by the Iranian mullahs as proof positive that Iran is a den of evil that must be destroyed.

Now we have Lindsey Graham saying, in essence, “Death to Putin.”

Lindsey Graham is in the same category as unhinged Iranian mullahs shrieking “Death to America.”

Imagine if some high-ranking Russian politician went on the news and openly called for Joe Biden to be assassinated by someone in America. Basically said, “Hey, America: can somebody please take Biden out?”

Imagine the screeching and REEEEing you’d hear from the US ruling class.

But it’s Okay When We Do It.

This is the overriding modus operandi of the Neocon Ruling Class: no country in the world is allowed to do ANYTHING without our permission, and we are allowed to do whatever we want unilaterally, up to and including launching full-scale invasions on other countries that kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

Every other country in the world is treated as sub-human pond scum.

America topples the government of Ukraine, installs a pro-NATO puppet regime, and then promptly begins arming and training the Ukrainian army for the sole purpose of threatening and antagonizing Russia.

Russia, having spent 8 years trying to resolve the matter diplomatically, finally takes matters into its own hands.

And this is how the neocons respond.

How fucking DARE the Russians try to pursue their national interests!?

Only America’s interests are permitted–and not even America’s interests, because Ukraine clearly and objectively has nothing to do with American interests. What our ruling class is so furious about right now is that another nation dared to pursue a course of action that would increase its strength relative to America.

It’s difficult to overstate just how far in the wrong we are here.

Who has caused more death and devastation in the world over the past 30 years: America or Russia?

Obviously the answer is America. Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen to name our government’s worst atrocities.

Russia has done nothing even remotely comparable to any single one of those American atrocities.

And yet Putin is supposedly the menace to all mankind who must be assassinated at once.

I would say Lindsey Graham is a special kind of stupid, but he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s not stupid, he’s evil.

The guy is such an unhinged psychopath that he makes Ilhan Omar look like the adult in the room:

Notice that not only did Lindsey Graham go on Fox News and call for Putin to be assassinated, he then took to Twitter to reiterate his unhinged insanity. He did not misspeak. He was not just caught up in the moment.

He has thought this all out. It was not some off-the-cuff remark. This is what he truly believes.

He truly believes there’s nothing wrong or concerning about what he said.

What you are seeing now is the last gasps and spasms of a dying empire desperately struggling to maintain the delusion that it still runs the world.

For the past 30 years, America has called the shots. Our word was final–what we wanted superseded what any other nation wanted. If we wanted X, and another nation wanted Y, X would prevail because America wanted X. And that was that.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marks the end of that world order.

America’s ruling class screamed, “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE TOUCH UKRAINE!”

But Putin didn’t care. He went in anyway.

I don’t think people fully understand the gravity of what is taking place right now: the era of unipolar American world hegemony is finished.

It’s done.

We no longer run the world.

We are no longer feared the way we once were.

Sure, Russia is going to pay a heavy price due to our sanctions, but Putin will survive them. Russia will manage.

The self-evident futility of our sanctions are evidenced by their pettiness and absurdity. Removing Russian teams from FIFA videogames? Pouring out bottles of vodka on social media? Renaming the “Moscow Mule” drink? The International Federation of Taekwondo revoking Putin’s honorary black belt? Banning Russian CATS from international competition? Cutting Russia off from Disney+?

Come on.

These all amount to little more than shouting into the void, or punching a wall in anger. America is like a 4-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

In fact, Putin will use the sanctions as an excuse to accelerate Russia’s shift away from the dollar-backed world economic order.

What will follow is the rise of a pan-Asian strategic and economic alliance dominated by Russia, Iran, India and, most of all, China. They will move away from the dollar and away from America altogether.

We have, in essence, lost Asia.

What you’re seeing right now out of people like Lindsey Graham is visceral rage over the realization that the American empire is falling.

Let us hope that this rage only manifests itself in unhinged TV rants.


  1. Chris says:

    I hope ol’poot has some karma for this pos rino.
    He’s like herpes. Ya cant get rid of him.

    1. He’s awful. He might be even worse now that McCain is gone, too.

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