Western Mercenaries Volunteering to Fight for Ukraine Are Getting a Very Rude Awakening

This is something else:

It really does seem like a lot of these guys have really bought into the pro-Ukraine propaganda that is ubiquitous in Western nations. They believed they were going to be kicking Russkie ass, not having hellfire rained down on them from above by Russia’s near-complete air supremacy.

This is really something to behold. These guys really had no idea what they were getting into.

Many of them are combat vets from Afghanistan and Iraq, most of them are ex-Special Forces, too. And yet going to Ukraine and fighting against the Russians is quite literally rocking these guys’ worlds. They’ve never experienced anything like this.

They’ve never experienced being on the losing side of a war—the side that is completely overmatched and outgunned. The side that doesn’t have air dominance.

These guys have never been hit by a cruise missile. They’ve never fought an enemy that has fighter jets.

They are not fighting against goat herders anymore. This is a real, modern military they’re up against. No Western soldier has ever experienced such a thing.

This is a completely different ballgame for Western mercenaries. Almost to the point where I’d venture to say they’re net drags on the Ukrainian war effort rather than assets. I mean they are so far out of their element, and in a situation they have literally zero experience with—how are they helpful?

I mean I’ll never venture to say these guys are soft or anything because every last one of them is way tougher than I’ll ever be, but I would probably say most of them are softer than the average Ukrainian soldier. Imagine a soldier who only knows what it’s like to fight against severely outclassed and outgunned enemies, and with complete and total air dominance? The Ukrainian soldiers may not be the best in the world, but they’re probably less likely to lose their shit and go AWOL the moment a cruise missile hits close to home. Something like that isn’t going to completely turn their whole world upside down. But for an American or a British soldier? Completely rocks their world.

This I thought was a harsh assessment, but it’s hard to argue it’s off-base:

That’s what we do before we invade. We completely level the whole country with bombs and fighter jets, then send in the troops.

Now Western mercenaries are fighting in the exact opposite situation. It’d be like fighting for the Iraqis in 2003 against the Americans.

There was another story like this that appeared in the Sun, the British tabloid. This dude tucked tail and ran as soon as he realized what he had gotten himself into:

“I’ve never experienced firepower like that. I don’t think anyone of this generation has.”

Well, nobody from your country has. Iraqis and Afghans and Syrians and Libyans and Yemenis who are your age—they have. In fact they grew up with it.

He realized the Russians weren’t fucking around, and neither were the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians are defending their homeland. They’ve got no choice really.

And that’s when this dude realized that he wanted to go fight for Ukraine, but not die for Ukraine.

Credit to him for actually going, but it was still a very stupid decision. I mean how manipulated was this guy by western media that he thought this would be a good idea? He must have really thought the Russians were as weak as our media says.

We are getting the complete opposite of the truth from our media. We really are. Rule of thumb is to just take anything the media says about this war and assume the complete opposite is actually the truth.

Finally I just want to bring attention to this thread that was going around this morning, and it really sums up the experience of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine:

It’s really quite sad. These guys had absolutely no idea what they were getting into, and now probably they’re all going to be killed. They thought they knew what they were getting into, but they were wrong.

Now there seems to be some confusion about whether 30 of the 200 foreign mercenaries remain because the other 170 were killed, or because they fled. It’s probably a combination of the two, with more of them having fled than died.

But still. These guys went into Ukraine thinking they’d be kicking ass and taking names and going on the offensive and pushing the bitch-ass Russkies all the way back to Moscow. They probably figured they’d be frog-marching Putin out of the Kremlin by Easter.

Instead they got absolutely rolled. Shattered.

This is not the Rhodesian Bush War here. This is not some situation where 200 foreign mercenaries can come in and just completely turn the whole war around.

First of all, they’ve never fought any enemy like the Russians. Not even anything close.

Second, these guys maybe didn’t have a proper idea of the abilities of the Ukrainian army. A quick google search will show you they’re ranked #22 in the world—that’s ahead of Canada. Ukraine’s army is no slouch. I think a lot of these westerners had a very chauvinistic attitude and figured the Ukrainians (and the Russians) were a bunch of idiot barbarians—basically on par with the Afghan army and the Iraqi army they dealt with in their deployments.

These guys thought they’d be super soldiers in this war—like Captain America in the movies.

But the fact that Ukraine’s army is #22 in the world and being propped up by the west, yet still might not even last a month—that should tell you just how formidable the Russian army is.

I’m just calling it like I see it here. I looked it up before the war even started and saw that to my surprise Ukraine had the 22nd strongest army in the world.

The fact that the Russians are going to have them beaten in no more than 6-8 weeks should tell you something.

I just think a lot of these westerners going off to fight in Ukraine had absolutely no idea what they were getting into. Absolutely no idea at all.

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say the American media got a lot of these guys killed by filling their heads with lies about the situation on the ground in Ukraine. I mean how many of these guys went to Ukraine thinking they’d be stacking Russian bodies, and instead they’re reevaluating every decision they’ve ever made in their lives because a cruise missile just destroyed the barracks they were sleeping in?

The past few weeks have dealt an incredible blow to not only the American empire, but also to the American psyche. These are our battle-hardened soldiers and they can barely last a week fighting the Russians.

I keep saying it but it bears repeating: we are living in a whole new world now. The empire is finished. We are no longer running the show.

It’s all happening before our eyes.


  1. I’m not buying any of this. From actual observers on the ground, all of the attacks on humans are coming from the Ukrainian military and neo-nazi militias. It’s all a false flag to blame Russia so this skirmish escalates.

    1. I agree with you, but I do actually believe these American and European mercenaries are getting their asses handed to them. Russia has every right to attack them. They’re enemy combatants.

      1. Trevor says:

        It’s fucking unbelievable what a bunch of twats you are. And literally NONE of your bullshit predictions came true. As for the other two commenters, you fucking belong in Russia if you’re not already there trolling. All the U.S. troops cited were pussies, anybody who wanted to know how difficult the situation on the ground was could find out by picking up a fucking newspaper and READING something. I didn’t see Western “Uke” propaganda ANYWHERE saying it would be easy. All the reports were dire. If you’re not prepared to die, don’t fucking go to war! American pussies. As usual, when you give up and turn tail, you MISS those liberation of cities, happening as I type. Slava Ukraini!

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