Shocker: Canadian Poll Finds Major Divergence in Views on Ukraine Between Vaxxed/Unvaxxed

It’s almost as if your susceptibility to falling for the last media propaganda campaign strongly correlates to your susceptibility to falling for the current one:

So 86% of those who are triple-vaxxed want tougher economic sanctions on Russia compared to just 13% of unvaccinated.

52% of triple-vaxxed want to lend fighter jets to Ukraine, only 15% of unvaccinated do.

Thankfully, only 30% of the triple-vaxxed want to engage in a full-blown hot war with Russia over Ukraine, but that’s still 30% too many.

The bottom line is that the triple-vaxxed are way more likely to have been psyopped into a Russophobic hysteria.

Peter Brandt had a good takeaway:

Now, he may have overlooked the fact that it was a Canadian poll, not an American one. But I think his point #1 still stands, as there’s probably a very strong overlap between triple-vaxxed Canadians and American Dems–they probably fit a very similar profile.

It’s important to note the distinction between the triple-vaxxed and the double-vaxxed, too: the double-vaxxed, many of them were just mindlessly going along with the crowd. “There’s a virus, now there’s a vaccine, I should probably get it to be safe.”

The triple-vaxxed are the true believers, the cultists: the ones who did not get skeptical after the first two shots didn’t work. The ones who kept eating up and believing the propaganda.

People in the comments pointed out that, regarding point #2, he had the relationship flipped: it’s not being unvaccinated that leads to clear and responsible thinking, it’s being a clear and responsible thinker that leads to one being unvaccinated–and then, apparently, to not wanting to start a war with a nuclear-armed country over Ukraine.

There is a very clear divide emerging in the Western World between those who are susceptible to psyops and those who are resistant. Basically every issue from now on will be

The divide now is between those who support the Current Thing, and those can see through the BS.

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