Trudeau Prepares to Destroy Canadian Agriculture

And it’s all under the guise of “ESG,” climate change, sustainability, etc.

It’s all just a big Neo-feudalist scam.

This is from the government of Saskatchewan’s website:

Saskatchewan and Alberta Ministers of Agriculture are expressing profound disappointment in the federal government’s fertilizer emissions reduction target.

“We’re really concerned with this arbitrary goal,” Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture David Marit said. “The Trudeau government has apparently moved on from their attack on the oil and gas industry and set their sights on Saskatchewan farmers.”

“This has been the most expensive crop anyone has put in, following a very difficult year on the prairies,” Alberta Minister of Agriculture Nate Horner said. “The world is looking for Canada to increase production and be a solution to global food shortages. The Federal government needs to display that they understand this. They owe it to our producers.”

Fertilizer emissions reduction was not even a topic on the agenda of the annual meeting of Federal-Provincial-Territorial ministers of agriculture, who just finished 3 days of meetings in Saskatchewan. Provinces pushed the federal government to discuss this important topic, but were disappointed to learn that the target is already set. The commitment to future consultations are only to determine how to meet the target that Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Bibeau have already unilaterally imposed on this industry, not to consult on what is achievable or attainable.

Western Canadian farmers already produce the most sustainable agri-food products in the world, and they’re continually being asked to do more with less. We cannot feed the growing world population with a reduction in fertilizer.

Western Canadian producers base fertilizer inputs on realistic targets based on moisture availability. Producers are conservative in the use of fertilizer inputs and don’t add more than what is needed. They alone simply cannot shoulder the impact of this shortsighted policy.

Analysis on this from Counter Signal:

As previously reported by The Counter Signal, in December 2020, the Trudeau government unveiled their new climate plan, with a focus on reducing nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030. That plan is now coming into effect — though the government refuses to acknowledge that nitrous oxide emissions can be reduced without reducing fertilizer use.

“Fertilizers play a major role in the agriculture sector’s success and have contributed to record harvests in the last decade. They have helped drive increases in Canadian crop yields, grain sales, and exports,” a news release from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reads.

“However, nitrous oxide emissions, particularly those associated with synthetic nitrogen fertilizer use have also grown significantly. That is why the Government of Canada has set the national fertilizer emissions reduction target, which is part of the commitment to reduce total GHG emissions in Canada by 40-45% by 2030….”

This is a tacit admission that any attempt to lower admissions by reducing nitrogen fertilizer will consequently lower crop yields over the next decade, hurting the Agriculture sector and, more importantly, hurting farmers.

So Trudeau is deliberately kneecapping Canadian farmers, which will result in lower crop yields.

Supply chain problems will worsen, food will become more scarce, and farm will inevitably fail.

It’s all part of the plan:


Some more good thoughts on the subject:

Which of course will either lead to farms going bankrupt, or food prices skyrocketing.

In all likelihood, both will happen.

The Green Agenda is Neo-feudalism.

“You will own nothing and be happy.”

That type of thing.

Corporations and governments (which are already basically one and the same by now) will own everything.

We will be little more than medieval serfs and peasants.

At least that’s the plan.

As the American-lead, neoliberal Western world order crumbles, those at the top are getting increasingly frantic, desperate and thereby despotic.

It’s doomed to fail. Our ruling classes are too stupid and subscribe to too many insane and irrational ideologies for any of this to succeed.

Eventually they will be put out of their miseries by the rising, anti-American alliance of Russia, China, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The whole rest of the world is against NATO now. The Anglophone nations (America, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand) plus America’s Western European vassal states (Germany, France, etc.) are the pariahs of the world.

And now their leaders are literally destroying their own countries, deliberately, in order to cling to power and plunder.

It’s all doomed to fail.

Obviously this will lead to mass farmers uprisings in Canada like we saw in the Netherlands and elsewhere (and in response to nearly identical elite-driven schemes).

Trudeau, of course, will go full authoritarian to crush them, because Trudeau is a rigidly authoritarian tyrant under the thumb of the WEF.

The question is how big the uprising will be. We’ve already seen Canadian truckers rise up. It seems likely they’ll join the farmers.

Meanwhile the store shelves will go bare.

Things are about to get ugly in Canada.

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