China: If Pelosi Flies to Taiwan, We Will Shoot Her Plane Down

Nancy Pelosi is leaving today for a mutli-stop trip to Asia. She will be visiting Japan, South Korea and Singapore–and possibly Taiwan.

But the Chinese government is not taking it well. Tensions over Taiwan appear to be at an all-time high:

They are openly threatening to shoot down Pelosi’s plane if it enters Taiwanese airspace.


Officially, a stop in Taiwan is still up in the air. But the Pentagon is moving ahead with preparations anyway, according to three people familiar with her travel plans. If the trip goes forward as planned, Pelosi will fly on a U.S. military aircraft to Taipei, POLITICO previously reported.

“We want Congress to be a part of” the Biden administration’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific, Pelosi told reporters on Friday. “I’m very excited, should we go to the countries that you’ll be hearing about along the way, about the conversations we’ll have. … We have global responsibilities.”


The rising tensions over Pelosi’s travel come one day after Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone about an array of issues, including Taiwan. According to Chinese state media, Xi warned Biden that the U.S. must abide by its “One China” policy, adding: “Those who play with fire will eventually get burned.”

Lawmakers are worried that if Pelosi decides not to fly to Taiwan, Beijing would benefit from its tough talk…”

China is showing that they’re no longer afraid of us, and they will look us right in the eye. They firmly believe they are on our level and do not have to grin and bear it anymore when we do things they don’t.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has really ushered in a new era in world affairs. The dam has broken now and America is losing its grip on world hegemony.

It seems like China is just looking for a reason to launch an invasion of Taiwan once and for all.

And it feels like the US is being intentionally provocative here.

The Chinese are taking this very seriously, though.

Chinese state media ran a rather strident article on the matter, and it’s important to read stuff like this because it provides a glimpse into how this is being received in China. They have recently taken to calling America a “paper tiger,” a signal that they think we are weak, and that our corrupt, depraved and decrepit ruling class of 80+ year old scumbags is ready to be put out of its misery. This article is written by Hu Xijin, the Chinese official in the tweet above:

Taiwan Straits will be a place where the US will finally show its true ‘paper tiger’ face

China and the US are locked in an intense clash over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to the island of Taiwan. Two of the expressions used by China to describe the country’s attitude are very rare, namely: “We are fully prepared for any eventuality,” and “PLA will not sit idly by if Pelosi visits Taiwan island.”

Let me interpret what these words mean.

The second line was delivered by Tan Kefei, a spokesperson of China’s Ministry of National Defense, on Tuesday. China does not utter such words lightly. On October 3, 1950, when former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai called an emergency meeting with the Indian ambassador to China and asked the latter to convey China’s strong warning to the US, Zhou said that US troops were trying to cross the 38th parallel and to expand the war, and if the US military really wanted to do this, China would not sit idly by but it would be forced to act. Later that month, the Chinese government fulfilled its warning and sent Chinese People’s Volunteers army to participate in the war in North Korea.

And they pushed our army all the way down to the 38th parallel.

In 1964, in the aftermath of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Chinese government issued a solemn statement that aggression by the US against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam means aggression against China, and the Chinese people would by no means sit idly by. In April 1965, Zhou warned the US through then Pakistani president, asking the US troops not to cross the 17th parallel (the military boundary between North Vietnam and South Vietnam) otherwise, the Chinese people would not sit idly by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Because of the lessons of the Korean War, the US accepted the warning from China and did not dare to cross the 17th parallel on the ground until the US troops withdrew from Vietnam.


The Chinese Ministry of National Defense at the moment has clearly warned Pelosi not to visit Taiwan, saying that otherwise the PLA will not sit idly by. The message conveyed the same determination and attitude we expressed when resisting US aggression and aiding Korea and Vietnam and launching the Kinmen artillery action. If Pelosi insists on visiting Taiwan, the US will for sure learn the iron will of the Chinese military again, and will refresh its memory that the Chinese people should not be insulted and the Chinese military should not be disrespected.

Pretty tough talk.

As for the sentence “We are fully prepared for any eventuality,” this was uttered by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Monday, one day before Tan.

“We are fully prepared for any eventuality” is an idiom and is difficult to translate into English so that Americans can understand its deep meaning. It is not a preparation in the general sense, nor does it mean to keep the army ready for combat, but a status that means the troops have been already lined up, soldiers are in place and ammunition is loaded so that the battle can be started any time. 

They are not playing around here.

“We are fully prepared for any eventuality.” Chinese foreign ministry sent the message through this sentence that China has made all-around deployment, primarily of military means, to give a head-on blow to Pelosi’s planned Taiwan visit, thwart her conspiracy to support Taiwan secession and split China. China has prepared for an escalation of confrontation and also prepared to teach hawks in Washington a bitter and heavy lesson with a price that the US side cannot afford. 

It’s should be pointed out that it will favor China more if China-US confrontation occurred over Pelosi’s visit, than any other frictions. Because China is fully justified on this matter as the whole world acknowledges that the Taiwan question concerns China’s core interests. The US is obviously escalating provocations, which puts China on the moral high ground. Now the US side is making inconsistent statements, and the Taiwan authorities don’t even dare to comment, this is because they understand they are the unjustified side.

The PLA has conducted countless trainings in response to a possible crisis in the Taiwan Straits. Our military resources in this region are unmatched by the US. We have sufficient moral and strength capital to go forward. Now is the time for a battle of determination and will between the two sides. Even if the US mobilizes all the conventional military forces it can mobilize in the Asia-Pacific, China won’t be frightened. In addition, the US has now been unable to use nuclear deterrence to make up for the insufficient conventional military deterrence against China.

Seems like China is finally ready to settle the Taiwan question.

I would like to advise the US to keep calm. China has rapidly strengthened its nuclear deterrence in recent years. At the Tiananmen Square military parade in 2019, there were 16 new-type strategic nuclear missile launchers carrying Dongfeng-41, all with multiple warheads. At that time, China had more than 16 such missiles. Nearly three years later, Dongfeng-41 has become the main force of China’s land-based intercontinental missiles’ strategic deterrence against the US. The US is also highly suspicious of the deployment of a large number of strategic missile silos in China’s Gansu and Xinjiang, and senior US officials said the progress of China’s nuclear power was “breathtaking.” The US does not have any leverage today to pressure China to step back on the Taiwan question.

This time, the Chinese mainland will definitely put up a sturdy fight to the end to thwart Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, without fear of any escalation. The US and the island of Taiwan, who have received a heavy lesson, must fully understand that the red line is a high-voltage one that they cannot step on. Otherwise, the US could face high-intensity crises, including risks that could lead to severe military conflict. I believe that the Taiwan Straits will be the place where the US will finally show its true “paper tiger” face. As for Taiwan authorities, they will show themselves as shivering “paper mice.”

I think the US is in a bad spot here. China clearly cares way more than we do about Taiwan, and inextricably so. We only care about Taiwan from the perspective of our ruling class’ ego. China considers this existential.

China has desired to invade Taiwan since 1949. They have been waiting all this time for the moment where they were strong enough to look eye-to-eye with America and not have to defer to the Americans’ wishes.

If Pelosi goes to Taiwan, we risk China taking serious action. China wants a reason to invade Taiwan, and this could be it. If she does not, then China will be perceived to have won this standoff, with the US being unwilling to call their bluff.

Ultimately, China knows that we do not have the desire or the wherewithal to engage in a hot war with the Chinese over an island on the other side of the world–just as the Russians know the Americans won’t actually go to war over Ukraine.

This is why China calls us a “paper tiger.” We supposedly have a global empire, yet when push comes to shove, when our dominion over a given region is challenged, are we really up to the task of responding effectively?

Russia found out the answer: no. Sure, we’re funneling billions of dollars in arms and materiel to the Ukrainians to prolong and delay the Russians there, but we are not engaged in the fighting ourselves. We have no appetite for it, despite our government’s tough talk.

The American global empire is illusory; smoke and mirrors. It’s a giant bluff. It only existed because prior to 2022, no other strong country in the world was willing to test our mettle and see, would America really respond militarily if any part of its global empire was threatened?

The answer, Russia found out, was no.

And China knows this, too, now, so it’s only a matter of time before they, too, call our bluff and make their move for Taiwan.

Our woke ruling class and the 80+ year olds that comprise it is incapable of outmaneuvering the Russians and the Chinese. They have our number.

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