Democrats Go Full Banana Republic

I keep trying to tell you: the Democratic Party is not a political party. It is an organized crime syndicate, probably the largest in the world given its global reach. None of this will make sense to you if you view them as a political party. Just imagine them as an organized crime syndicate and it will all make sense.

There are no scruples, there are no principles, there are no values–it is simply mafia behavior.

Whatever enriches them, whatever gets them power, whatever punishes their enemies, that is what they are in favor of.

If it takes money out of their pocket, if it threatens their power, and if it does not aid their supporters, they are vehemently against it.

Anything that can be subverted in their pursuit of money and power will be subverted–the rule of law, the constitution, the courts, the legislature, the federal bureaucracy, the entertainment industry, the military, the education system, even the church. It will be subverted, mutilated and repurposed for the advancement of the Democratic Party.

I keep seeing snarky liberals on Twitter saying things like “It takes a ton of evidence to get a warrant for a no-knock raid!”

As if this is just a simple matter of enforcing the law.

As if they actually care about evidence at all.

As if an FBI full of Democrats and a legal system full of Democrats are doing this without a care in the world about the political ramifications of it.

As if they hadn’t already decided 6 years ago that they would stop at nothing to put Donald J. Trump behind bars.

Hint: they could at least pretend this has a fig-leaf of legitimacy if they hadn’t spent every waking moment since the 2016 election literally foaming at the mouth trying to put Trump in handcuffs.

It is now transparently obvious, just as it was in 2019 when the Democrats took control of the House and impeached Trump, that this is all about destroying their political and personal enemies.

It’s about taking out domestic opposition.

The same thing they’ve been shrieking about Evil Vladimir Putin doing in Russia for years now.

They hate police officers because they’re Racist Against Black People, but they Freaking Love the FBI Soooo Much!

Imagine rooting for the FBI and still believing you’re the Good Guys. Simply astonishing.

And so many of these snarky liberal morons on social media don’t even realize it. They are so blinded by their Trump hatred that they will accept full-blown Stalinism if it means The Bad Orange Man From The Television Is Defeated.

They need this. They binge watch so many TV dramas that they are accustomed to seeing the Bad Guy lose in the end. That’s all this really is for them.

That, and of course the moral smugness they derive from telling everyone how much they hate Donald Trump. They think it makes them good people.

Unfortunately, supporting full-blown Stalinism in your quest to get off a few banger tweets and fit in with the cool blue checkmarks does not make you a good person.

I wish these idiots could even for one second just stop being such short-sighted, blindly partisan imbeciles and think about what this actually means in the big picture–about how undemoratic and authoritarian this is.

I really try not to bash on average, everyday liberals because for the most part, my beef is not with them. They’re brainwashed, and they’re just doing what they’re programmed to do.

My real beef is with the people doing the programming and brainwashing–the corporate, political and bureaucratic interests that make up the “Deep State” that are behind all that plagues this country.

So I try to keep the focus on the Deep State (or whatever term you prefer) because the Deep State wants nothing more than for us regular people to squabble endlessly amongst ourselves–Democrat vs. Republican, white vs. black, urban vs. rural, liberal vs. conservative. Like sports fans, blindly and unwaveringly pledging allegiance to Our Side no matter what, just chasing our tails in online arguments that never change anyone’s mind and never result in anything productive.

All the while, the focus remains away from the true enemy.

The only way this country actually gets turned around is if the American people realize they agree on like 80% and focus on that. If that happens, the ruling class is toast. They’re done.

All that needs to happen is for Democrat voters to just for one freaking second realize that just because the Republican Party sucks does not mean the Democratic Party is perfect and amazing and awesome.

Literally the only thing propping up the corrupt status quo in this country right now is Democratic voters’ attachment to the Democratic Party. Republican voters, we know both parties suck. We’re ready to junk the whole damn system. But it’s these people who think that because the GOP is garbage then that means the Dem Party is flawless and perfect–It Just Has To Be! They’re the only ones propping this thing up.

And so I try to avoid bashing them because, again, to a large extent, they’re brainwashed, and secondly, we need them to see the light if things are ever going to actually get better in this country. If we just focus on hating them and making enemies out of them, that leads to 50-50 civil war, and that’s not desirable for anyone. We’d just become a war-torn Balkanized hellhole with periodic ethnic cleansings. Personally, reliving the violent breakup of Yugoslavia doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

But right now I just have to vent a bit about some of these myopic, brainwashed morons. They are so blinded by their Sports Fan Political Partisanship that they cannot see their precious Democrats have gone full banana republic.

I honestly think these people would burn their own houses down if Donald Trump was inside.

That’s basically what they’re doing in applauding this FBI raid.

I don’t know how much clearer it can be:

And that’s another thing: beyond just the fact that Trump Tweets And Doesn’t Act Presidential, another reason these Snarky Twitter Liberals With College Degrees voted for Biden is because they thought he was going to forgive their student loans and institute universal healthcare.

None of that happened.

Instead, Biden has doubled the size of the IRS.

Oh, student loan forgiveness? Sorry, we’re all out of that.

Yeah, sorry, bro: universal healthcare machine broke.

How about universal IRS audits for everyone? Is that something you might be interested in?

Honestly, on second thought, maybe the Snarky White Liberals are down with it–after all, they’re not the ones who have to worry about getting audited. It’s poor minorities:

Just brilliant work here. The heavily Hispanic counties in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as the Black Belt counties in the Deep South in the Mississippi River Valley must be thrilled about Biden’s new Make The IRS Great Again Bill.

But this is what Snarky White College-Educated Liberals wanted. They insisted on this.

It’s all worth it to Defeat the Bad Orange Man From The News.

I mean, the hits just keep coming from the Snarky White College-Educated Twitter Liberals:

Yeah, everyone except the senile president and his crack-smoking son who transparently sells access to his corrupt father to a laundry list of unscrupulous foreign interests in Ukraine, China and probably a dozen other countries.


Except all this proves was that Trump could find a single person capable of being confirmed by the Senate as FBI Director that was not a full-blown Stalinist. That’s how deep and widespread the swamp’s corruption is.

If the Snarky Twitter Liberals weren’t so myopic they might realize how screwed up it is that the Deep State is more powerful than the President.

It did not sway the Snarky Twitter Liberals that, after years of investigating and haranguing Trump and all of his associates with the full might of the intelligence community and the news media, all they could get him for was a phone conversation he had with their now-man crush Zelenskiy.

Robert Muller turning Trump’s life upside down in search of non-existent Russian collusion–that didn’t sway these people. That didn’t stop and cause them to realize, “Maybe he’s just not a criminal.”

But now they’re 100% certain that they’ve got him!

This is it! This is the moment Trump finally meets his comeuppance!

This will finally be the moment that we prove Trump ordered the Super Serious Insurrection of January 6!” (in which the insurrectionists were so kind as to stay inside the velvet ropes as they marched through Statuary Hall in the Capitol Building.)

They never learn, do they?

You know my thoughts on Trump. I think it’s time for him and all the other 80 year old politicians to exit stage right and step aside for DeSantis. I also think he’s a weak fool for allowing the 2020 election to be stolen from him.

But this is beyond politics. This is weaponizing the state to crush the Democratic Party’s political enemies. The FBI is now transparently the KGB.

It is now against the law to be a Republican Politician who actually has a chance at winning an election and making real changes.

I was probably not going to vote in the midterms, but I am now. Yes, it’ll probably be rigged somehow.

Yes, the Democrats will probably try to use monkeypox as an excuse for nationwide, no-questions-asked mail-in voting.

But I’m going to vote, and I’m sure a lot of other people are, just to make sure the margin of victory for Republicans is so large that it can’t possibly be stolen and defrauded.

These idiot Democrats have just fumbled away all their momentum in the midterm elections.

They actually got a good deal of it back after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision mobilized a lot of people in favor of the Democrats.

But now they lost it all, and then some.

The only people applauding this FBI raid on Trump are, as I’ve been saying, Snarky White Liberals on Twitter–probably something like 10-15% of the population max.

The average American, even if he or she doesn’t like Trump, does not see him as this criminal mastermind, nor do they see the January 6 Field Trip as some sort of deadly insurrection that Shook The Very Foundation Of Democracy. People can see through all this nonsense for what it is.

They know the Democrats are trying to disqualify Trump for 2024. They’re trying to give him the Nixon Treatment and discredit him permanently.

Maybe they succeed, maybe they don’t.

Either way, this is a dumb move for them.

It’s not going to play with the voters–it’ll be seen as gross overreach.

But even if they do get Trump somehow, that just opens the path up for Ron DeSantis, who I think it even more formidable than Trump, because he can actually appeal to a broader electorate. He’s less polarizing than Trump, and he would absolutely crush Biden in 2024.

The bottom line is that the Democrats, while they are a mafia-like entity of criminals and gangsters, aren’t very bright. They are too consumed by rage, hatred and fear to actually think clearly.

UPDATE: After having some time to think about it, there are some Democrats who are coming out and saying that perhaps this raid was not the greatest idea.

Once the primal instincts and adrenaline wore off, the Democrats began to actually think about the implications of this.

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