Biden, Deep State Mastermind?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the guy who ordered the FBI raid on Trump:

No, as we’ve suspected all along, there’s someone else pulling the strings in his name.

But who?

It’s Hillary Clinton. She’s calling the shots here. That’s my guess.

I think she pretty much revealed herself last night with the raid.

For as astute as Trump is and for how good his political instincts usually are, his fatal error was in simply not believing his own bullshit. He went on and on about how Democrats were a mortal threat to this country, were totally insane and full of unimaginable levels of hatred and anger. He had to have known that they wouldn’t stop until he was either dead or in cuffs.

He said in a 2016 debate that if he was in charge, Hillary Clinton would be in jail. He knew it back then.

Yet he didn’t take his own advice. He should’ve prosecuted Hillary while he had the chance. He should’ve locked her up. But he didn’t. Maybe he believed it would be bad for the country, too divisive. Maybe he believed that Hillary was vanquished for good and would slink back to Chappaqua and live out the rest of her days complaining and moaning about how she was robbed in 2016.

Due to that miscalculation, there’s a legitimate chance Trump ends up getting arrested. It doesn’t matter if there is no good reason for it–if they are determined to get you, they will make something up. It’s easy to do when you have the whole game rigged. When you have a “Justice” Department full of dyed-in-the-wool Trump haters, do you really think evidence matters?

Of course not.

But Trump brought this upon himself. He had the power for four years.

Now his enemies have it back, and they’re going to use it to destroy him.

It’s like Game of Thrones: you win or you die.

Did Trump really think they’d just let him be after he left office?

It’s a quaint thought, and in normal situations it’s true; usually once a president gets on that helicopter and flies off, the politics are mostly done, unless of course he jumps back into the fray himself. 

But not with Trump, and not in this era.

Things are different now. The Democrats have gone full banana republic now. They are not satisfied with forcing Trump from office by crook; they now want to punish him for even having the audacity to run against them in the first place. They want to erase him from the history books entirely. 

Who do you think is really behind this?

Can there be any doubt at all that it’s Hillary Clinton? It’s obviously not Joe Biden, who doesn’t even know what day of the week it is unless he’s hopped up on crank.

Hillary wanted to be president so badly and Trump ruined that for her. Hillary is a ferociously angry and hateful woman. There isn’t a doubt in my mind she’s the one behind all this somehow. Who hates Trump more than her? Not a soul.

Remember on election night 2016, she didn’t even make an appearance. She sent out John Podesta to tell all her assembled supporters in New York City to go home, and that she would address them in the morning.

Trump wasn’t announced as the winner until like 4am. And Hillary was nowhere to be found. Was not seen at all.

The rumors were that she was drunk and despondent–having a full-blown mental breakdown once it finally became clear that her dreams were shattered.

And who has been making subtle rumblings about running in 2024? Hillary. She has not for a second given up on her lifetime ambition of becoming President. She still believes it’s not only her destiny, but that she is entitled to it. She sees it as her birthright.

The White House is rightfully HERS, in her mind.

And Donald Trump deprived her of it. That’s how she sees things.

And she still has designs on becoming President, I think.

She’s younger and more mentally fit than Biden. So why should she consider herself retired from politics, then?

I have no doubt that the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua is behind this. There’s no one out there who hates Trump as much as she does.

Biden is obviously not pulling the strings, and that means someone is.

It could be Obama. I’m sure he’s involved somehow.

But this really smells like Hillary more than anything. By no means am I saying Obama is a stand-up guy, but the thug/gangster tactics are the hallmark of the Clintons, not the Obama crew.

This has Clinton written all over it.

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