Polllak: Why Did the FBI Wait 18 Months to Seize Back Trump’s “Nuclear Documents”?

Joel Pollak poses a great question in response to the claim, made by Attorney General Merrick Garland, that the documents the FBI raided Trump’s home to obtain pertained to nuclear weaponry:

Yes, you’d think nuclear documents would be more of a priority, right?

The whole thing doesn’t pass the smell test.

And then note the geniuses in the comments completely missing the whole point.

Boy, for as smug as they are, the snarky Twitter liberals really aren’t bright people.

The point Pollak was making was that the “nuclear documents” claim was a lie. A hastily scrapped together lie to justify the raid, but one which sounds serious so people won’t question it. NUCLEAR DOCUMENTS, OKAY?

But of course the idea of Merrick Garland—a 😇😇🕊DEMOCRAT🕊🤩😍—telling a lie never even crosses these Twitter liberals’ minds. It’s completely out of the question. No Democrat has ever told a lie in history. Not even once. In fact, Democrats are higher beings and the concept of lying doesn’t even exist to them. They are genetically incapable of lying. All Democrats are angels as pure as the driven snow.

If Merrick Garland says Trump was keeping “nuclear documents,” then it’s the truth. Because Democrats only tell the truth.

I’m telling you: the only thing propping up our rotten, decrepit, corrupted and depraved ruling class is the fact that a large number of people out there absolutely love the Democratic Party with all their hearts and think Democrats are the greatest and most trustworthy people in the world. They’re hyperpartisans who are attached to the Democratic Party like die-hard college football fans are to their alma maters. They really and truly believe voting Democrat will turn this country into utopia. They believe Democratic politicians are the Good Guys of American history and worship them as heroes, bordering on gods. If you were to tell these people that a Democratic politician so much as littered, they would fight you on the spot, so deep is these peoples’ love and attachment to the Democratic Party.

These people are the foundation of the empire of lies. They are all that is holding it up.

Most Republican voters, on the other hand, despise the party and only vote for it as the lesser of two evils. Even most of the die-hard Trump people know he’s no savior.

We really need these hyperpartisan Democratic voters to come to their senses here. Otherwise there’s no way we’ll be able to junk this ridiculous two-party cartel system that has bled this country dry over decades of systematic corruption and depravity.

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