Biden Randomly Decided to Try to Incite a Civil War Tonight

I have no idea why he did this, nor did I watch because college football is on. And apparently most of the major news outlets didn’t carry it, either. But for some reason, Biden decided to give the most outward and obviously fascistic speech in US history:

He just woke up and decided to start ranting and raving about “MAGA Republicans” being the enemy of all that is good and pure in this country.

Obviously everything a Democrat Politician says is projection–whatever they accuse others of, they themselves are the ones guilty of that thing. We all know that. But why would he give this speech now? What spurred it?

I mean, we know the elites are constantly trying to divide us and make us hate one another instead of them.

But it’s usually not this obvious.

This reeks of desperation I would have to say. This was a wartime speech.

My first guess is that he’s just trying to distract people from the crumbling economy–whip up partisan and tribal hatred to make people forget about the fact that the economy is in shambles. Direct their attention elsewhere–“Forget about the economy, focus on the Big Bad Bogeyman!”

But also, this is a speech coming at a time after Biden had just launched an FBI raid on the home of Donald Trump, his main political rival and the target of his speech.

You can’t even pretend anymore that the raid of Trump’s house was anything other than a political attack. Not after this speech.

“Hey, the raid on Trump wasn’t political! We’re just enforcing the law here!”

“Donald Trump and his supporters are mortal threats to the soul of this country and must be stopped at all costs!”

Uh, how do you square those two statements?

It’s just getting comical at this point.

I guarantee you nobody but the most insane, delusional, and brainwashed idiots actually watched this speech.

As I said earlier, the main cable networks didn’t even air the speech:

Fox had college football on.

I’m assuming the only networks to show the speech were CNN, MSNBC and maybe Fox News?

And the engagement on Biden’s unhinged tweet storm (there’s a lot more than I included here) was just terrible for a President.

But we were still left with this image:

Blood red, angry and shouting, flanked by Marines–this was an obviously fascistic display. I don’t think even the most die-hard Biden Supporter could argue that he did not look like the Bad Guy here.

Just a truly bizarre display all around.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this will be the speech that wakes up the sleepers out there who really think this is Biden.

  2. CB says:

    Pineland rules will shortly be coming into play against this POS petty little tyrant…

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