Everyone is Starting to Backtrack on the “No Recession” Narrative

The biggest lie since… 2021, when they said inflation would be “transitory.”

Nonetheless, there are receipts:

This is the kind of Financial Advice™ you get from the Licensed Financial Professionals™, the TV Talking Heads and the Prestigious, Accredited Economists.

You know, the people who are always telling you to buy, buy, buy because they’re the ones selling you the stocks.

How many people held onto their stocks because they Trusted the Experts™? How many not only held but bought the dip?

They’re all going to look stupid in short order here, but not as stupid as this guy will:

Now all the best and brightest of Wall Street are admitting the truth that is staring us right in our faces: the economy is coming to a screeching halt.

There will be no “Soft Landing.”

There will be a hard landing.

I’ve been telling you things are heading downhill for nearly a year now, and all the while the big Wall Street firms have been saying all is well, keep buying, we will avoid a recession, etc.

Now they’re all admitting the recession is inevitable. However, not to worry–it will just be a mild one:

No biggie. Mild recession. 7-8 months tops.

We’re expected to believe this, too.

The same people who told you there would be no recession are now telling you that actually, there will be a recession, but it won’t be a big deal.

T-minus 90 days until they backtrack on that one, too, and admit that this will not just be a minor recession, but a major one.

We now have Jeff Bezos himself, the founder of Amazon–which is a company that would probably know a thing or two about the health of the American economy given that they basically are the American economy–saying to “batten down the hatches”:

And he’s echoing the sentiments expressed by the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Exit question: does a mild recession require battening down the hatches?

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