ABC News: The Midterms Will Be a Repeat of 2020

Trust the experts:

In other words, don’t expect the results of this election to be finalized tonight.

Always in the battleground states only, too.

Notice that?

In 2020, Florida had its votes counted by like 9:30-10pm EST.

Georgia, its friendly neighbor to the north and a state with a smaller population (and only one time zone–Florida is in two time zones with part of the panhandle being on CST), needed days to “count” its votes.

Democrats in key states will need to see how far they’re behind once again.

For some reason people thought Democrats would play fair in this election.

But why would they after they got away with 2020?

This is what they’ve been doing for decades.

What you permit, you encourage.

People might think the midterms are a lot harder to scam since they’re “more spread out.” But the “midterms” happen in Presidential election years, too.

Every House seat is up for election every two years. There are all kinds of Senate races during Presidential elections.

Plus, our elections are carried out the same way during midterm elections and presidential elections. It all boils down to precincts. All the votes are counted at the precinct level in every election.

My guess is the Democrats won’t be able to scam enough to overturn House vote–the House will probably flip Republican no matter what.

But they’re going to focus on narrowly keeping the Senate.

So they’re going to put that weird guy from Pennsylvania in the Senate. Prepare yourself for that to happen.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if the Democrats pull off a clean sweep of Georgia, too. Herschel Walker won’t win, Abrams will somehow pull off a win in the Governor’s race–mentally prepare for that, too.

The bottom line is that they are going to do all of this in broad daylight, we’ll all see it happening in real time, but no one will stop them. Because Republicans are either too afraid to challenge it, or they are complicit in it. Take your pick.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote at all.

If anything, just vote to make it harder on the bastards:

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