The Red Wave Was a Dud

It’s about 12:30am EST right now and I’m about to go to bed, but here are the highlights of election night 2022 as I see them:

  • Ron DeSantis won in a blowout. So did Marco Rubio. But it’s really about Ronny D. He’s turned Florida into a red state. He is the future of the Republican Party. It certainly helps that every Republican in the country moved to Florida over the past two years. But Ron DeSantis is a winner, and Republicans should be tripping over themselves to put anoint him as the leader of the party.
  • Fetterman is going to win in Pennsylvania. The guy can’t even talk, and on top of that, he’s a complete fraud. His hoodie, his goatee–he makes himself look like a blue collar union guy. He’s not at all. He’s a trust fund baby who went to college until he was 30, earning multiple degrees, and eventually going on to work in finance in like Connecticut or something. I’ve seen people saying Fetterman won because he hid from the public after recovering from his stroke, and got most of his votes via mail before people could truly see just how unfit for office he was. Maybe the case. But I think Dr. Oz was a terrible candidate. He was so obviously a celebrity trying to buy his way to power, and voters sometimes don’t like that.
  • I think all the people predicting a Red Wave or a RED TSUNAMI were really overlooking the fact that Democrats care so, so deeply about abortion and were motivated to vote over the Roe decision in a major way.
  • Looks like a lot of the Republican candidates backed by Trump are going to lose. Herschel Walker is another one of them. Warnock just pulled ahead by about 2,000 votes in Georgia. From the looks of the New York Times website that shows outstanding votes remaining, it seems like there are more outstanding votes for Walker than Warnock, but who knows.
    • Outstanding for Warnock right now per NYT: net 22k in DeKalb county, net 5k in Fulton county, net 3k in Clayton county, net 2k in Dougherty county downstate. Comes to a total of +32k votes remaining still to come in for Warnock.
    • For Walker: net 7k in Gwinnett county, net 6k in Fayette county, net 4k in Paulding county, net 5k in Cobb county, net 7k in Forsyth county, net 3k in Walton county, net 2k in Newton county, net 9k in Columbia county. So that’s at least 43k more outstanding net votes for Walker remaining, which would put him 11k ahead of Warnock’s 32k. Plus there are many other smaller counties with votes still outstanding for Walker that I didn’t feel like rattling off.
    • So according to the NYT, Walker should have enough to win this race narrowly. But who knows?
    • What’s interesting is that Brian Kemp, the Republican governor, won pretty easily tonight over Abrams. Herschel Walker is running pretty far behind Kemp. If everyone who voted for Kemp voted for Walker, Walker would’ve won easily. But that’s not what happened. Candidates matter.
  • The awesome thing about tonight is that so many of the most obnoxious Democrats lost. Stacey Abrams lost pretty soundly in the Georgia governor’s race. The Fake Hispanic Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke got his clock cleaned in Texas.
  • Charlie Crist, who was the REPUBLICAN governor of Florida from 2007 to 2011, got demolished by DeSantis after running as a DEMOCRAT. That’s just rich. Crist is so thirsty for power he doesn’t even care which party he runs on. What a douchebag. Nobody deserved to lose tonight more than Charlie Crist.
  • Okay, I’m going to bed now. NYT says the Republicans have a 75% chance of re-taking the House and sending the old, alcoholic bitch Nancy Pelosi packing. That’s a win in my book. We need divided government. We need Washington passing ZERO bills.


  1. Anonymous says:

    If we would have had the red wave then the LLL’s Loud Lying Liberals would be screeching that there is no election fraud and 2020 was legit. We will protest in mass peacefully like Brazil and get to the bottom of this fraud.

  2. Considering the Left/Deep State/Globalists/WEF stole the 2020 election without consequence, it’s ludicrous to think they wouldn’t steal 2022. Seriously, in what universe would anyone with a functioning brain cell vote for more inflation, high gas prices, CRT, child mutilations, WWIII? Yep, Florida was merely a freak anomaly…

    1. Yep. What you permit, you encourage

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