America’s Existential Crisis

Obama Officially Joins the Cultural Revolution

He can’t really make it more obvious:

The New America™ will get New Founding Fathers. That’s why they’re tearing down all the statues that represent Old America.

All those Racist Old White Men will be erased from history and replaced.

Not only does Obama want America’s history rewritten, he also wants to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, calling it a “Jim Crow relic”:

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 5.15.24 PM.png

Since Trump was sworn into office in 2017 with a Republican House and a Republican Senate, I’ve been begging the Republicans to get rid of the filibuster and just go bananas passing every single America First agenda item imaginable.

The reasoning was because the next time Democrats took power, they would get rid of the filibuster without a second thought.

Of course Republicans didn’t get rid of the filibuster in 2017. They managed to find a way to pass their tax cut bill without needing to nuke the filibuster. They also got an Obamacare repeal vote through.

Then, when it came to other stuff like cracking down on immigration, building the wall, and everything else Trump campaigned on, they pretended their hands were tied because they didn’t have the votes and Democrats were standing in the way.

This is because the Republican Party is not actually on our side at all. It’s merely the controlled opposition, the built-in losers. The Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters. The Republican Party is designed to consistently fail at delivering on its promises to voters. The only thing the Republican Party will ever get through Congress is tax cuts.

That’s why the Republican Party exists: to cut taxes for corporations, and to give half the country the impression that we actually have a say in government so we don’t revolt.

Wokeness Is Destroying the Military

The US “Space Force” is now clout-chasing for Woke Points on social media:

The Chinese, Russians and Iranians are laughing their asses off at us.

Are we the first Great Power in history that thinks it’s a good thing to have a lot of women in the military?

This is a sign of America’s decline. We are a fundamentally weak nation now. We are feminized, low-self esteem and soft. This country is not America anymore.

Unless the military is pulling some massive Sun Tzu-style deception and appearing weak when we are strong, our military has become a complete joke.

There are certain institutions in America where you have to draw the line and not allow Wokeness to encroach. You can’t let the mentally-ill adult babies have their way and live out their deluded Woke fantasies everywhere in society. There must be institutions where Wokeness is strictly forbidden.

Personally, I think Wokeness is a scourge that should not be tolerated at all. But our weak elites, who have made a habit of bowing to the mobs and appeasing the mobs, have allowed Wokeness to spread, infect and overrun most of our major institutions–the media, academia, Hollywood, corporate America, public schools, and even the Church. Even with all these once-respectable institutions now compromised and corrupted by Wokeness, our country can survive.

But if the military succumbs to Wokeness, we cannot survive that.

The military is perhaps the most important institution where Wokeness must be entirely off-limits. The military needs a zero tolerance policy on Wokeness because Wokeness will destroy our military from the inside out.

If ever there were a situation where delusional Wokeness is going to collide head-on with reality with horrifically disastrous real-world consequences, it’s in the military. The US military defeated the Nazis, the Japanese and the German Empire, but it will not defeat Wokeness. Wokeness will be the death of the US military.

Wokeness on college campuses is bad, but it’s not an existential threat to America as a whole. Wokeness in the military, on the other hand, absolutely is a mortal threat to the country.

Play your stupid games on campus, but not in the military.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about: even though I personally think women aren’t pursuing STEM careers because they generally don’t give a shit about science/engineering/math, we have allowed the Woke Feminists to dictate the narrative and declare that STEM fields are Systemically Biased against Women, and that this is an Injustice, and that we need to get more women in STEM jobs Because Equality™️. The country is not going to collapse if we let the Woke Feminists have their way and promote more women in STEM jobs.

We can survive that.

But we cannot survive the Woke Feminists declaring that we need more women on the front lines of the military Because Equality™️. We cannot survive the military putting Wokeness ahead of common sense and putting trannies on the front lines.

We also cannot survive the Woke Mobs defunding the police because in their insane delusional brains, the police exist exclusively to kill innocent black people, and provide no benefit to society at all.

One of the most underrated stories of the past few years is the disgraceful Wokeness of many top military brass. Think of traitors like Lt. Col. Vindman, whose raging Trump Derangement Syndrome drove him to betray his country. Even Mattis, who most people (including myself) thought was a badass, is actually a total SJW:

The days of hardass, no-bullshit, cigar-chomping rightwing military generals are long gone. Our military brass is not full of men like Patton, MacArthur, Pershing and Schwarzkopf anymore.

Now we have guys like David Petraeus, who had an affair with his biographer and wound up sharing a bunch of classified information with her.

We won’t survive this. Having a strong military is the only reason us civilians can play our silly little partisan games. It’s why we have the luxury of complaining about Fake Problems like “police brutality” and “gender equality”. Due to the military making things so good for us, we have to literally make up problems to obsess over.

Wokeness will destroy the military, which will in turn destroy the country, upon which point, ironically, we will have much bigger problems to worry about–such as survival–and Wokeness will be rendered obsolete. For instance, do you think they have Wokeness in the Congo? No, they don’t have time to be Woke. They’re too preoccupied with the multiple civil wars that are ravaging their nation.

Wokeness plants the seeds of its own eventual demise, which is good news. The bad news is that Wokeness’ demise means the country’s demise. It’s going to be a long, long process of reclaiming our country’s institutions from Wokeness. But the military has to be the first priority.

Biden 2020: The Trojan Horse

You know how in old times, when a young boy would become king at an age far too young to actually rule and make decisions, then the palace advisors and the young king’s family members would rule in his name? It happened in the show Game of Thrones with Joffrey and Tommen.

Same applies for a really old king, or a really sick and incapacitated king: someone rules in his place under the title “Regent.” Or they have a group of people rule in his place as the “Regency Council.” The point is, there’s a historical precedent for what we’re seeing with Joe Biden.

If Biden wins the election and becomes President, this country will be ruled by a Regent or a Regency Council, not by Joe Biden. It won’t be official, of course. The media will still pretend Biden is still fit as a fiddle, but everyone will know what’s really going on. His deteriorated mental facilities have rendered him incapable of governing the country, and everyone around him knows this.

But the scary part is: that’s the whole point of Joe Biden 2020.

If Biden wins, we’re about to be ruled by a group of people that nobody voted for, and who could probably never get elected on their own right. They’ll be using Biden’s name-recognition and association with Barack Obama to win the White House, then installing Biden as the most blatant Figurehead President in American history.

And ruling over us will be be people who are far too radical to ever sniff the Presidency on their own.

When George W. Bush was in office, lots of people on the left thought Cheney and Bush Sr. were the ones actually calling the shots. But it was much less obvious with W. Bush than it is with Biden. At least George W. Bush knew what day of the week it was. Sure he may have had the strongest grasp on the English language, but W. Bush wasn’t senile.

On the flip side, so many more people today know Biden is almost completely gone mentally. One poll conducted by Zogby found 55% of voters thought Biden was in the early stages of dementia, including 56% of independents. A Rasmussen poll from late June claimed 40% of Americans think he has dementia, with 61% thinking he should at least address those concerns publicly. So either way, most Americans know what’s going on with Joe Biden.

Given his age, nobody actually expects him to serve out a full two terms. Sometimes he looks so bad that him lasting even one term would be a surprise.

That’s why his Vice Presidential search is a bigger deal than in past elections: not only is there a much higher likelihood that this person will become President if Biden dies, it’s also pretty obvious that from day one, his VP will have much more power and influence than any prior VP due to Biden’s inability to do the job. Biden’s VP will probably be the President Regent from the very start.

So who will it be? Who will be our true ruler if/when Biden wins the election? Right off the bat, the first guess is Barack Obama. The 22nd amendment is somewhat unclear on the matter, as it seems like it says Obama is only prohibited from being elected himself, meaning he just might be eligible to be Vice President:

“No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of President more than once.

So could Obama theoretically become President once again if he is VP and Biden dies or resigns in office? After all, Obama would not be running for office. He would not be in violation of the amendment’s text which says “no person shall be elected to the office more than twice.” Elected is the key word.

While this might seem like there’s an obvious loophole, the 12th Amendment places restrictions on the selection of Vice Presidents, and it says that you can’t name someone as your running mate if they’re not eligible to be President. But many would argue this still doesn’t actually preclude Obama because he’s only ineligible from being elected.

But it would be silly to make Obama as Biden’s VP and open up a massive constitutional can of worms that will likely be settled by a Republican Supreme Court. The easier decision would be to simply name Michelle Obama as Biden’s running mate. Buzz has been growing around Michelle for a while now, and while I don’t personally understand the buzz, the buzz is there nonetheless.

But there are no constitutional questions about Michelle Obama’s eligibility to serve as VP and potentially President. And Dems would have Barack Obama involved without actually putting him in an official government position. Making Michelle Obama the running mate is much easier.

Beyond Michelle Obama, people have mentioned Hillary, which is hilarious. Biden would be dead of “natural causes” within three months of taking office. Or he’d “commit suicide,” as so many people who stand in the Clintons’ way tend to do.

I’ve seen Susan Rice’s name mentioned, and the betting markets see Kamala Harris as the overall favorite. This is as of 7/15:

Not a single male on the list (although some would debate Michelle Obama). The Democrats have gone full Identity Politics, and gender is now not only a qualification, but the qualification. Job experience? Boring. What really stands out on a resume is being a woman–and even better if you’re a Woman of Color.

We should be getting the running mate announcement soon. I went back and looked to see when past presidential campaigns have made their running mate selections, and the earliest announcement was Trump choosing Pence on July 16, 2016. The latest was McCain choosing Palin on August 29, 2008. So probably in the next month we will see Biden’s campaign make their choice for President Regent–I mean running mate.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and marvel at how much damage the Democrats have been able to do to democracy in America in such a short time. They rigged the Dem primary against Sanders (again) and forced Biden as the nominee. They are now pushing for mail-in voting to enable rampant vote fraud. In 2018, they introduced “ballot harvesting” in California to steal 7 Congressional seats.

And Democratic governors and mayors have, with the cover of the compliant media, deliberately mismanaged the coronavirus knowing Trump would get the blame for it. They allowed their cities to be burned down and for race riots to spread across the country for weeks on end, although I think that will backfire on them in the form of an even angrier Silent White Majority that sees the country being taken from them in front of their eyes.

And on top of all this, the Democrats’ Presidential candidate is an obvious figurehead who will not be calling the shots if and when he is elected. They’re using Biden as a Trojan Horse to get a radical minority woman in as the “shadow President,” and at that point the Biden administration will begin an assault on Trump’s America (aka White America) the likes of which have never been seen before.

That’s the plan. I hate to break it down in explicitly racial terms but rural white America is the only part of the country the Democrats don’t have control of. Mostly-white Trump supporters are the ones still not on-board with the globalist Uniparty agenda, and so they must be brought to heel.

It’s about power. Racial tensions are the means to that end. The Democrats have created, stoked, and poured lighter fluid on black rage, and now the Democrats plan to use that anti-white sentiment to destroy anyone remaining in the country that is not on-board with their radical agenda. Joe Biden, the Trojan Horse, is the key to it all.

St. Louis Prosecutor Confiscates Famous Couple’s Guns Because America Is Not A Free Country Anymore

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R) just wrote a letter to US Attorney General William Barr demanding a constitutional rights investigation into St. Louis’s political persecution of the McCloskeys, the now-iconic rich couple that brandished guns to shoo away an unruly mob that had invaded their gated neighborhood:

“As you are well aware, the country is facing a moment of significant public unrest and discord. As many Americans are peacefully exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and protest throughout the country, still others are exploiting this moment as an opportunity to sow violence and destruction. Too often, peaceful demonstrations have devolved into tense standoffs or violent riots, with threats and attacks on businesses, innocent bystanders, and law enforcement officers.

One such incident occurred in St. Louis, Missouri, where a family reportedly faced a mass of demonstrators trespassing on their property and threatening them. When help from the police or from nearby security failed to arrive, this family, the McCloskeys, did what any reasonable person would do: they retrieved their lawfully owned firearms and defended their property and their lives. The confrontation was resolved with no one being hurt.

Unfortunately, this family is facing new threats, not from demonstrators but from the local government. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is now threatening to prosecute not the trespassers, but the McCloskeys, and she is using the powers of her office to target them. Her office has seized their firearms, and police have applied for warrants in the case, with an indictment believed to be imminent.

This is an unacceptable abuse of power and threat to the Second Amendment, and I urge you to consider a federal civil rights investigation into the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office to determine whether this investigation and impending prosecution violates this family’s constitutional rights. There is no question under Missouri law that the McCloskeys had the right to own and use their firearms to protect themselves from threatened violence, and that any criminal prosecution for these actions is legally unsound. The only possible motivation for the investigation, then, is a politically motivated attempt to punish this family for exercising their Second Amendment rights. Indeed, this is part of a troubling pattern of politically motivated prosecutorial decisions by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, who has not seen fit to prosecute many violent offenders,  and who has expressed hostility to gun rights in the past. Recently, reports indicate that she declined to pursue charges against dozens of individuals arrested during a weekend of riots in the city.

The Second Amendment is not a second-class right. No family should face the threat of harassment or malicious prosecution for exercising that right. The Department of Justice must ensure that all Americans’ rights are protected from this kind of abuse of power.”

God Bless Senator Hawley. Most Republican politicians are fake allies who talk tough but ultimately are not on our side. Josh Hawley is one of the few that seems to be a genuine patriot, and who actually realizes that as a US Senator, his primary job is to secure and defend liberty for the American people.

Thank God Sen. Hawley is not letting this injustice go unchallenged. If this tyrannical St. Louis prosecutor was allowed to confiscate this couple’s guns without charging them with a crime, it would have set a horrible precedent going forward.

But just to be clear: an unruly mob broke into a private, gated neighborhood and a family that lived in that neighborhood came outside with guns in hand in an attempt to discourage the mob from attacking them or their house. And instead of bringing charges against the people in the mob, the City of St. Louis confiscated the guns of the McCloskeys, the people trying to protect themselves and their home from the mob.

We now live in an upside country where criminals roam free and unprosecuted, while the law-abiding citizens are relentlessly

Why is it like this?

Because our decaying ruling class is now at the point where, in its desperation to cling to power, it enforces the laws only to suppress those it perceives to be threats.

It’s called “anarcho-tyranny” and we’re living in it:

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 4.16.08 PM.png

Anarcho-tyranny is a term coined in 2003 by Sam Francis, a conservative political writer:

“Unwilling to control immigration and the cultural disintegration it causes, the authorities instead control the law-abiding.

This is precisely the bizarre system of misrule I have elsewhere described as “anarcho-tyranny”—we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).”

We are now at the point where our culture has sufficiently disintegrated, and the present social unrest is a byproduct of that. This is why our ruling class has adopted a system of anarcho-tyranny, where rioters and looters ago unprosecuted and law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights are met with the full wrath of the law.


Contrary to what a lot of hardcore gun owners say, the state can come and take your guns. You are not going to resist. Are you really going to refuse the cops when they show up at your door and demand you to hand over your guns? Are you going to open fire on them? No, you’re going to hand them right over.

You’re not going to die to keep your guns. You’re not going to open fire on police when they come to confiscate your guns.

It’s not going to go down the way you think it will. A mass gun confiscation will not be announced far and wide. They’re not going to give people the option to prepare and organize a coordinated resistance plan. Anyone who does resist violently will be killed or arrested and portrayed as a lunatic and have their reputation slandered in the media. None of their friends will want to associate with them and come to their defense. It’ll be like Waco or Ruby Ridge: you’ll be branded as a nutcase so no one will have any sympathy for you.

Cops are not going to refuse to follow unconstitutional orders, either. You’re delusional if you’re banking on that happening. Most cops want to keep their jobs, they want to keep their pensions, they don’t want to rock the boat. They’ll follow orders. The biggest lesson of the communist & Nazi atrocities of the 20th century is that most people will just follow orders while unthinkable acts of evil are carried out by the state.

People think they’ll shoot the people that come to take their guns. They think they’ll shoot and then The Revolution will begin all over the country and they’ll be fine. Not gonna happen: You will be isolated, they will come to your house to take your guns, no one will come to your aid, and you will hand those guns over just like the McCloskeys did. If you start shooting, you will be met with superior firepower and neutralized.

The civil war will not start the moment they come for your guns. If you fire on the cops, people will not rally to your cause and join you in resistance to the government.

This is why we need genuine Patriots like Josh Hawley in government, so that it never comes to the point where the police are going door-to-door and confiscating guns.

Ocasio-Cortez: Skyrocketing Crime in NYC is Just People Trying to Feed Their Hungry Kids

Yeah, sure:

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 11.36.19 AM

I seem to recall, during the widespread looting in June, lots of stolen big-screen TVs and smashed-up Nike stores.

Not many loaves of bread and cartons of eggs.

At what point did Democrat politicians decide that crime is fine and that criminals are actually the Real Victims?

See, this is why we have broken into Two Americas. There’s no common ground anymore. We can’t even agree that crime is bad and must be stopped, because apparently the standard position of the Democratic Party is now that enforcing the law is Racist.

New York City was an absolute warzone from the 1970s until the early 1990s. At its peak in 1990, it saw over 2,300 murders a year:


For perspective on just how dangerous NYC was at its worst point, consider that in 2019, there were only four cities in the world that had over 2,000 murders per year:

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 12.04.33 PM.png

30 years ago, New York City was arguably the most dangerous place on earth. As you can see from the chart above, Mayor Rudy Giuliani instituted the stop and frisk policy, which massively reduced not only murder rates but overall violent crime rates in general.

In his short-lived Presidential campaign earlier this year–which for some reason feels like it was years ago instead of months ago–Giuliani’s successor as NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg tried to downplay his continuation of “stop and frisk,” but a secret recording of him from 2015 indicated he was a big fan of stop-and-frisk:

“In an audio clip of the 2015 speech Bloomberg gave to the Aspen Institute, the billionaire acknowledged that “stop and frisk” targeted minority “kids” whom cops must throw “up against the wall” to disarm. The Aspen Times reported at the time that Bloomberg representatives asked the Institute not to distribute footage of his appearance.

“Ninety-five percent of murders- murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops,” he said. “They are male, minorities, 16-25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually every city (inaudible). And that’s where the real crime is. You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of people that are getting killed.”

Stop-and-frisk worked. It dramatically reduced crime in NYC. And yet Bloomberg’s successor, Bill de Blasio (aka Warren Wilhelm) ended the stop and frisk policy because it was “disproportionately targeting minorities.”

It was also responsible for lowering crime rates in the city significantly. But I guess it’s racist to aggressively fight crime if most of the criminals are minorities.

And that’s the problem: Democrats would rather have high crime rates than adopt policies that are honest about what is needed to fight crime.

We’re not a country anymore. We can’t even agree that crime is bad.

At some point, America apparently became a suicide pact: we now have to share a country with people who would rather have sky-high murder rates than arrest the young minorities who more often than not commit those murders.

Even mentioning the fact of who commits the murders is taboo nowadays.

People like Ocasio would rather make excuses for why criminals are actually noble heroes than crack down on the crime wave.

It’s not like this country doesn’t have the ability to get crime under control. We’re not like Mexico where the cartels are more powerful than the government.

Law enforcement could have this country under control in a week if they weren’t hindered by Democrats. Take CHAZ, for example: the police riot unit could have rolled in there and gotten that under control in a half-hour if they were just allowed to do so.

But they weren’t allowed to, so CHAZ stuck around for a few weeks.

We have simply chosen not to fight crime because Democrats will say That’s Racist.

They are going to be the death of us all, and I don’t want to share a country with them anymore. I want off the ride.

If they would rather be murdered than called Racist! then let them. But don’t consign the rest of us to that fate.


Think Local, Not National

If I could wave a magic wand and instantly affect any change I want, there’s a strong possibility it would be that Americans would focus on local news as much as they currently focus on national news, and vice versa. We are obsessed with news stories in faraway places that have literally zero impact on our lives, yet could not care less about stories from our own localities.

A man was killed by police in Minnesota, and it set off riots and demonstrations all around the country–and even some in Europe.

We can acknowledge that George Floyd’s death was an injustice and that police brutality in general is a Bad Thing without letting the story take over the world for a month.

It was, despite all the furor and hysteria over the past month, a local problem that affected a handful of people at most. It did not represent a reason for people 1,500 miles away to “rise up” and “demand justice.”

Go to the Washington Post database on police killings and see for yourself: it is not a “systemic issue” in this country.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 6.32.57 PM.png

49 unarmed, non-fleeing black people have been shot and killed by police in the US since 2015. That’s five-and-a-half years.

In just 2018 alone, there were 2,600 black-on-black homicides.

If you are concerned more about the 49 than the 2,600, that’s because someone else is in control of your brain.

It’s an unfortunate reality, for sure. I’m not going to completely dismiss police killings.

But there’s no reason for people in Portland, Oregon to riot and loot over an incident in Minneapolis.

The big trick the media pulls is its use of the term “systemic,” as if a white police officer killing a black perp in Minneapolis is representative of a larger, more pervasive problem nationwide. It can’t be that it was just one bad officer, or even an indictment of the Minneapolis PD as an institution.

At the absolute worst, it could be seen as an indictment of the City of Minneapolis. But even if that were the case, there’s still no reason for people in New York City to take to the streets.

No, instead, the George Floyd killing had to be taken as an indictment of America as a whole. Defund the police in Houston because of one bad cop in Minneapolis. Neighborhoods in Seattle need to burn because of an incident in Minneapolis. Tear down statues of the Founding Fathers.

We need to stop thinking national and start thinking local. This mindset we have that problems thousands of miles away somehow directly impact our own lives is the source of so much anxiety and fear. One of the worst things a person can do is worry and obsess over something they have no control over, and yet we have made doing just that basically the central ritual behavior in America today.

This precise manipulation–getting us to think nationally instead of locally–is how the media has divided and ultimately conquered this nation, ironically enough.

If we thought local instead of national, we’d be more engaged in our communities. Our local communities would be more friendly, more tightly-knit, more functional, higher-trust and less atomized. In other words, better in every way.

We’d know our neighbors more. We’d be actual members of a community, instead of atomized, pod-dwelling commuter cattle sedated by our televisions. If we interacted face-to-face with our neighbors more, we wouldn’t care that they vote differently from us. We’d value them as individuals instead of as vote tallies.

A strong nation is comprised of strong communities. It can’t be any other way. This country will never get back to its former glory until we realize that strong neighborhoods and local communities are the key.

Yet so much in our lives is nationally-focused now. Our news is nationally-focused. The grocery chains we shop at are national instead of locally-owned. The restaurants we go to are national chains.

We need more local. Local newspapers, local businesses. Yes, even local problems, local controversies and local disputes.

Nationally-focused news is how they spread fear porn.

When the riots were going on, people were terrified even if literally nothing in their own personal domains had changed.

People freaked out over Coronavirus even though the odds were overwhelming that it would never affect them in any way.

Unless the riots are in your town, you shouldn’t let them consume your life. Unless your friends, family and neighbors are coming down with the virus left and right, you shouldn’t be obsessing over the virus.

Over 95% of the country was completely unaffected by both the Coronavirus and the race riots–yet probably 95% of the country closely followed both stories day-in and day-out because of our focus on national, rather than local, news.

If we didn’t pay attention to national news, then the “race riots” would have been little more than people in big cities burning their own neighborhoods down. If we didn’t care about national news, then the Coronavirus would have been of little concern to anyone outside of the biggest cities in the country.

Think of how silly Celebrity Gossip stories would be if we viewed them for what they truly are: “Los Angeles Man Marries Bel Air Woman.” “Malibu Man Arrested For DUI.” “Beverly Hills Resident Checks Into Rehab.”

National news stories are mostly a waste of your time.

My initial instinct on seeing this story was to get mad:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 6.15.36 PM.png

But then I thought: this does not affect my life in any way whatsoever.

If some idiot in Seattle says something stupid, that does not matter to me. Not at all. That story is not worth one second of my time. That woman is on the Seattle City council. She has no power over me at all.

Even prior to 2020, the national news media would freak people out over things that could not possibly ever affect them in real life. Take ISIS. ISIS was in Syria and Iraq. ISIS was never going to get anywhere close to any American citizen. The only way they could was through “lone wolf” terror attacks which they claimed credit for, and those only happen because of the immigration policies our Elites have instituted.

An Islamic radical on the other side of the world should not matter to an American in Arizona. Unless the American is planning a vacation to Syria.

National and globally-focused media has had disastrous consequences for the whole world. Prior to the 20th century, what do you think the odds of America going to war with Vietnam were? Slim to none.

Go back to 1830 and tell an American that in the year 2003, we will be at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. They would be astounded at the idea. In 1830, most Americans, being simple farmers, probably had never even heard of Afghanistan.

Think of all the biggest wars in human history prior to the 20th century: almost all of them were between neighboring countries/empires/kingdoms.

  • American Civil War (North vs. South)
  • Napoleonic Wars (Europe)
  • Thirty Years War (Germany/France/Austria/Eastern Europe)
  • 100 Years War (England vs France)
  • Peloponnesian War (Sparta vs Athens)
  • Julis Caesar’s Gallic Wars (Rome vs Germanic tribes)

Certainly you have contradicting examples like the British Empire and the Imperial Europe’s colonization of Africa, plus the European colonization of the new world. I don’t want to discount those because those were major events/wars, but they were also mostly the result of discovery and exploration, not geopolitics. They were much different than, say, the Iraq War or the Vietnam War.

But that’s how war works today. America’s last five major wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Vietnam and Korea. And then the Cold War with Russia, another country that was located halfway around the world and which posed no inherent or immediate threat to American soil outside of one incident in 1962 (Cuban Missile Crisis).

If we thought locally rather than globally, we wouldn’t even really have a reason to be concerned about the rise of China. As I wrote in a previous post the other week, the Han Dynasty in China existed at the same time as the Roman Empire and there were no wars or conflicts between the two. It’s because they existed on opposite sides of the world. They rarely came into contact with one another.

The world is big enough for America and China to both be superpowers–so long as they just mind their own business. We are separated from China by a massive ocean. Sure, there will be economic disputes, but there is no need for a war between countries that are as far apart as America and China.

The problem is thinking globally: global trade, international relations, global dominance.

Most of the time, there is absolutely zero reason for any American to concern himself with global or even national news stories. Things that happen in other cities, states and countries will rarely, if ever, have any impact whatsoever on your life.

Stop worrying about things that are out of your control.

The wizards in control of the media have you under a spell if you’re doubly frustrated about both something that happened a thousand miles away from your home and your own inability to do anything about it.

Is Trump Going to Get Blown Out in November?

Going into 2020, it seemed like Trump was on course to roll to an easy reelection victory over whomever the Democrats eventually chose as their nominee. Even once it became clear that Biden had locked up the nomination, his obvious mental decline combined with the lack of genuine enthusiasm for his candidacy made it feel like Trump was the prohibitive favorite to win in November.

But that was months ago, before anybody knew what 2020 had in store. Everything has changed, apparently. Polls now show Biden destroying Trump both nationally and in all the major battleground states:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 3.00.44 PM.png

Is Biden really 9 points ahead of Trump nationally? There was even an NY Times poll that came out a week ago that showed Trump down 14 points to Biden nationally.

Is Trump really that unpopular? Is Biden really that popular?

If you go by the news media and social media, absolutely. Social media is all about Black Lives Matter and putting Trump out of his misery.

But something just doesn’t feel right about those poll numbers.

I’ve got some pro-Trump theories on the main factors that will decide the 2020 election:

  • The Silent Majority: we’ll get into this more later but the basic idea is that as the country burns and the corporations publicly swear their fealty to BLM, the silent majority of Americans have steeled their resolve to take their country back in the fall. So many people have been red-pilled over the past month or two. Many have been black-pilled (it’s hard not to be with a nonstop feed of America burning on social media). For every clout-chasing white girl on social media posting BLM support, there’s way more people out there who have been Mega Redpilled, and maybe even turned into full-blown racists. They’re just not publicizing it. This is the Silent Majority factor that is working against Biden.
  • Virtue Signaling White Women: Are they really going to swing hard towards Biden? The Democrats’ win in the 2018 midterms was widely attributed to suburban moms who were disgusted by Trump’s Twitter account and his “lack of decency”. But the problem with that theory was always this: they didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 in the first place. And it’s not like they didn’t know about Trump’s “lack of decency” in 2016. The “grab ’em by the pussy” tape leaked before the 2016 election. All the angry “pussyhat” ladies were marching and Letting Their Voices Be Heard basically the day after the 2016 election. It’s not as if all the Women’s March participants were Trump supporters who swung hard against him between election day 2016 and inauguration day 2017. Trump lost white female college grads 51-44 to Clinton in 2016. It’s not like they left him for the Democrats in 2018, because they weren’t with him to begin with. In 2018, Republicans lost white college women 59-39, but that was with Trump not on the ballot.
  • This leads to the next point: You can’t just assume the 2018 electorate is the same as the 2020 electorate. Republicans won huge in the 2010 midterms and still lost handily in the 2012 election. Democrats’ victory in 2018 does not in any way guarantee a smashing victory for them this fall. Having the President on the ticket is a massive game-changer no matter how you slice it.
  • 2016 redux? There were multiple times in 2016 when it felt like the final nail had been pounded into Trump’s coffin. There were even times in 2016 when it was hard to tell if Trump actually wanted to win the election at all. Maybe there is a method to Trump’s madness. He seems to just be sitting on his ass while the country burns, not bothering to do anything but tweet like he’s a bystander instead of President of the United States. Maybe he’s under more significant quarantine than we’re led to believe. Maybe he’s being sequestered in a basement just like Biden is. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it seems like he’s lost control of the country. And yet, we’ve been here before in 2016 when it seemed like he completely lost control of his campaign and had even given up. Yet he still ended up winning. So I won’t count this guy out.

Now for a (potentially) pro-Biden theory:

  • Urban black voters: the anti-Trump energy in the cities will outweigh the “Return to Normalcy” energy outside of the cities. The Elite’s main goal in provoking the race riots is to juice up black voter enthusiasm for Biden. It’s why they chose Biden in the first place: because he’s popular with black voters. A big reason Hillary lost in 2016 was because she did not get the same black voter turnout in the big cities that Obama got. It’s probably why she lost Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin–because Democrats in those states rely on black voters in Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee, and they just didn’t show up for Hillary the way they did for Obama. So the goal for 2020 is to get black voters motivated to vote for Biden. Will the race riots do the trick? It’s tough to say now, but I think the real question is: will the gain in black voters be more than Biden’s loss in white voters? Because the Democrats have pushed a lot of voters–and not just white voters, but voters of all colors–into Trump’s arms. Most people–black, white, Hispanic, Asian, whatever–prefer stability to chaos, normalcy to abnormality.
  • And the thing is, Biden was actually set up to do fairly well with white voters–at least better than Hillary did. Biden appeals to blue collar workers, especially in the upper midwest. That is precisely the area that flipped from Obama to Trump and put Trump in the White House: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa. When Biden was Obama’s VP, his main job was to campaign in the Rust Belt and appeal to blue collar whites. But now it might be a moot point because Biden is inexorably associated with the inner-city race riots.

Regardless of what the polls say, I just don’t think there’s been that much of a backlash against Trump. Trump has definitely irritated a lot of his base supporters by not doing much in the face of these riots, and not being more aggressive in re-opening the country. But it’s not like those people are going to vote for Biden. That just makes no sense.

But still: the polls! It’s hard to just completely ignore the polls. But what if the polls truly are bullshit. The elite is pulling out all the stops to try to defeat Trump. So why wouldn’t they rig the polls? They started race riots and carried out a Plannedemic in order to swing the 2020 election. What makes you think they’d balk at rigging the polls?

It’s easy to see why they’d rig the polls. Lots of Trump supporters on social media are despondent, basically resigned to the fact that Trump is going to get wiped out in the fall. They talk a big game about not believing the polls, but I don’t think many of them truly believe the polls are fake and can be disregarded entirely.

But if you view it from the perspective that the Elite is doing everything in their power to steal this election from Trump–months of quarantine, race riots, mail-in voting, social media censorship and purges–then it really wouldn’t be much of a stretch to believe they’re trying to turn the election into a self-fulfilling prophecy by showing poll after poll after poll of Trump getting slaughtered. Eventually even the most ardent Trump supporters start to believe it.

The point is, I just don’t see how Trump can be so far behind. Something feels “off” seeing him down 9+ points in a poll. It just doesn’t accurately reflect the mood I’ve observed in this country in talking to people over the past few months. Yes, that’s all anecdotal. But I’ve been to multiple different states across the country over the past few months and the general consensus is that people want to return to normalcy. People do not like what is happening in this country right now.

Also, I don’t think I’ve met a single Biden supporter. As in, a person who is genuinely excited about voting for Joe Biden. Instead, it feels like the people who have always despised Trump just despise him more obnoxiously than ever now.

Honestly, I feel like the events of the past month have turned more people into Trump supporters, albeit secret Trump supporters. They’re all afraid to admit it.

The idea that Trump is now losing big because he’s lost white support in the suburbs, I just don’t know if I buy that. All the BLM riots and protests of the past month–CHAZ included–that’s all associated with the Democratic Party.

By this point I think most people realize that a vote for Biden is a vote for this:


I really can’t see suburban whites voting for that. I can’t see non-college whites endorsing that with a vote for Biden.

Maybe people are lying to the pollsters. Maybe, like 2016, people are scared to admit they support Trump. I would say today’s social climate is even more hostile to Trump supporters than 2016’s was. 2016 honestly feels like child’s play compared to 2020. It could be that simple of an explanation.

Or the polls could be flat-out rigged. I don’t know.

But whatever it is, the polls just feel wrong. Despite what you see on the news and on social media, Americans are not happy about what is happening right now. They want this country to go back to normal. Guns are flying off the shelves. First-time gun-buyers are a common sight. There are millions of Americans who now for the first time in their lives feel unsafe in this country, and it has shaken them to their cores.

That is not an atmosphere conducive to a Biden win.

As I see it, the only place Biden is winning is in the polls and on social media. It could be that I have completely misread the country and don’t know how people are really feeling. But I think I’ve got it right. Social media and the news are not an accurate portrayal of America.

If Trump is going to lose, it’ll be because his supporters stayed home (not likely, because most realize the stakes of this election) and because the Democrats rigged the election with all their mail-in voting (which may have been the motivation behind the Plannedemic all along).

It feels like now more than ever, the polls exist not as a gauge of the political climate, but as yet another way to manipulate and direct the political climate.

American Heroes

“Peaceful” protesters peacefully broke into their gated community, and peacefully formed an angry mob in front of their house.

They decided they weren’t going to be the victims:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.13.25 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.14.22 AM

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.13.40 AM.png

This St. Louis couple are American heroes.

So of course the media is demonizing them to no end:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.15.11 AM.png

Peaceful, huh?

Here’s the gate to their neighborhood after the “peaceful protesters” were done with it:


If they were so “peaceful” then why did they break into this private, gated community?

Forget the media. Protect your castle.

If the “peaceful protesters” had beaten this couple senseless and ransacked their home, the media would have completely swept the story under the rug.

Don’t be a victim. Don’t count on anyone else to protect you.

Don’t expect “justice” if the mob comes for you: the media are on the mob’s side.

You are on your own out there.


Apparently, the full story is that these “peaceful protesters” peacefully broke into a private gated community because that’s where the Mayor of St. Louis lives and they wanted to peacefully form an angry mob at the Mayor’s house.

You can read more about them here.

Thankfully this was not a random incursion into the suburbs by the Peaceful Angry Mob. In fact, this neighborhood was only a few miles outside of downtown St. Louis.

Still, don’t take any chances.

The American Cultural Revolution

Our country is being taken from us, one statue at a time:

Go see Mount Rushmore before they blow it up.

The Cultural Revolution continues. If you are unfamiliar with the term, I highly recommend reading about Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

In a word, Mao’s Cultural Revolution was a great purge of Chinese government and society in general carried out by the “Red Guard,” or youth revolutionaries. Their aim was to purge the “impure” elements in society and government, meaning those people, groups and institutions that were now 100% Team Mao.

It was very violent–sometimes on a mass-scale–but it was also more than just violence. The overall aim was a complete transformation of China as envisioned by Chairman Mao. It was a cultural transformation and a massive transfer of power. It took years to play out fully, around a decade depending on how you evaluate it.

Tearing down statues is part and parcel of a cultural revolution. It’s an attempt to rid society of its “old ways” and replace them with the new values, idols and traditions of “the revolution.” It’s happening right now in America. The America that has existed since 1776 is in the process of being destroyed by the post-1960s left. What’s happening right now is the culmination of the Hippie Movement. It began as a “countercultural” movement, and now, 50 years hence, it’s firmly in place as the dominant culture.

But don’t assume that the dominant culture can’t carry out a “revolution.” Mao had been in power for nearly 20 years when he began the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Think of it more as a purge than a regime change. That’s what’s happening now.

Fortunately for us, there’s still time to stop it. Not much time, but there’s still time.

#BlueFlu: Atlanta Cops Are Sick of It

They’re calling it the “Blue Flu.” Hundreds of Atlanta Police Officers tonight walked off the job and are refusing to take calls, leaving much of the city un-policed.

Atlanta cops are upset after the officer that used lethal force on Rayshard Brooks was charged with felony murder.

That, plus I’m sure they don’t appreciate the past few weeks of “Defund the Police!” and “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards).

Why would any cop want to do his job right now? It’s just not worth it. It’s even worse if you’re a white cop: you go into a black neighborhood on a call, you literally cannot do your job. No matter how justified you are, if you use lethal force, you will be charged with murder by a corrupt prosecutor and be massively demonized by the media.

It’s just not worth it.

Ultimately, this is the police sending the message: “You want to defund the police? We’ll show you a world without police. Burn.”

It feels good to see our side fighting back in the culture war for a change. This feels like the first positive development in months.

Maybe we won’t just surrender our country without a fight. Let’s hope.