Decline of Western Civilization

Director Judd Apatow: Hollywood Censoring Movies to Appease China

We all knew this intuitively, but now we have a major Hollywood Director coming out and confirming it:

All the big movie studios are in thrall to China. This chart is from 2015 but it shows that even five years ago, China was gaining rapidly on the US in terms of where Hollywood makes its money. I’m sure now in 2020 China is even closer to the US in terms of box office dollars:

Hollywood knows where their bread is buttered. As recently as 2007, China represented a negligible share of Hollywood’s box office dollars, and so there really wasn’t a great need to pander to China. But over the past decade, China has become Hollywood’s golden goose. And so Hollywood, like every other multinational business, has sold its soul to China.

And by the way, the major Hollywood movie studios also own cable news, meaning cable news is bowing to China as well: Disney owns ABC, Time Warner owns CNN, NBC and MSNBC are owned by Universal (which in turn is under Comcast), while CBS and Paramount are both owned by Viacom. If the movie studios are doing this, you can bet the cable news networks are doing it in their own way, too.

Fox sold its movie division (20th Century Fox) to Disney earlier this year, which in theory should mean Fox News is not as compromised as the other news channels are. But I’m sure China has its hooks in Fox in some other way.

This is what global “free trade” incentivizes: massive multinational corporations loyal to the almighty dollar rather than America. They will sell America out in a heartbeat if it means higher profits.

It’s “vulture capitalism” on a nationwide scale: megacorporations strip down and sell America’s assets to the highest international bidders.

California Can’t Even Keep The Lights On

California has been in the midst of a major heatwave the past few days. Today it was over 110 degrees in Los Angeles. Woodland Hills, in the Los Angeles area, hit a record of 118 degrees. So the Mayor of LA ordered residents to turn off their air conditioners:

This is the reality of the third-world nation of California–America’s biggest state with nearly 40 million citizens, and which, if it were its own country, would be the 5th largest economy in the world. California has Hollywood and Silicon Valley, several top universities, and many of the nations richest citizens.

And they cannot figure out how to keep the grid working during a heat wave. I get that California has lots of people, and that it’s much hotter than most other states which puts its power grid under far more stress than other states. But they should still be able to figure this out.

Not allowed to use their air conditioners, Californians naturally flocked to the beach:

But the Coronavirus!

Turns out people would rather not die of heat stroke.

France Looks Like a Third-World Warzone Right Now

Apparently ethnic violence has broken out in the city of Dijon, France between Algerian immigrants and Chechen immigrants. Strong warning for violence and gruesome imagery:

Dijon is in east/central France, about 190 miles southeast of Paris. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about this situation, only that it’s quite striking to see Algerians and Chechens going to war with one another in France.

Is this what Western nations are reduced to, thanks to Diversity?

Add France to the list, along with the US, of nations that are both First and Third World at the same time.

Modern Architecture Reflects Our Generation’s Mediocrity

The crushing uniformity of the suburbs nationwide contributes to the rising levels of misery in our society. Lots of people have noticed that all suburbs basically look the same, and it’s quite unfortunate because when you travel to a different place, you want it to look and feel different.

But it never does. Every town is laid out the same. Maybe the only difference is that strip malls in tropical areas have terra cotta roofs and stucco siding.

You have no idea where this is, do you?


It could literally be anywhere in America.

And this, too:


It might be in suburban Kansas City. It might be in suburban Indianapolis. It might be in suburban Seattle. It might be in suburban Cleveland. We’ll never know.

I could tell you this photo is from Denver, and you’d believe me:


But it could also be from Charlotte, or perhaps Memphis. Who knows?

This is not good.

Most people don’t get to experience beauty anymore–not in nature, because most people don’t live anywhere near nature, and certainly not in architecture when most buildings today look like this:


Why do people love New Orleans’ French Quarter?

Because it’s a breath of fresh air from the monolithic, utilitarian drabness of modern architecture:


It’s aesthetically pleasing. It elevates your mood simply by looking at a picture of it.

Boston, one of America’s oldest cities, features a striking contrast between old:




And new:


That’s Boston City Hall. That’s what we built, compared to what our predecessors built nearly three centuries ago. Compare our architecture with theirs and you cannot tell me we have progressed as a people. Which generation do you think featured greater men, the one that built Faneuil Hall, or the one that built Boston City Hall?

Where I live, in Chicago, my favorite buildings are those built decades and decades ago, like the Wrigley Building, built in 1924:


And the Board of Trade Building, an Art Deco masterpiece built in 1930:


You can tell a lot about a people by the buildings they make. In fact, when we die off, our buildings will be the only things we leave behind in this world to give future generations a sense of who we were.

Preceding generations left us with buildings like this:


And the Treasury Building, completed in 1869:


And my personal favorite in D.C., the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which was actually built in the 1880s even though it was renamed for Eisenhower in 1999:


This, however, is what we will leave behind–the FBI Headquarters building, completed in 1975:


The Romans left behind the Pantheon:


We’ll leave behind the HHS Building, built in 1977, a poster child for “Brutalist” Architecture:


Britain has a similar problem with bleak, depressing modern architecture intermingled with (and overrunning) its breathtaking Gothic masterpieces. The great commentator Theodore Dalrymple has an apt quote in his book “Our Culture, What’s Left of It” that he intended for the British but could just as well apply to us Americans:

“The British are barbarians camped out in the relics of an older and superior civilization to whose beauties they are oblivious.”

It’s a harsh realization when it finally dawns on you that your generation is not the best that ever was. But how can we deny it? Just look at the aesthetic we’re going to leave behind compared to the one left behind by our predecessors.

So the question is, is our ugly, depressing and not-built-to-last architecture a result of our cultural stagnation and malaise, or the cause of it?

Civilization Collapses a Little Bit Every Day

Lately it seems that in many major American and European cities, the forces of chaos and barbarism are winning, while the common folk, seeking little more than peace, prosperity and order, are losing ground.

The collapse of advanced western civilization will not be a sudden, abrupt process but rather a gradual deterioration followed by some final blow which will put us out of our misery.

While I don’t know exactly what that “final blow” will be for America (for 5th century Rome it was the sack of Rome by the Visigoths, for 21st century Europe it will likely be formal conquest by Islam), this is what I mean by gradual deterioration:

This is lawlessness. When the police are helpless to enforce the law–both because they’re afraid to themselves and because the barbarians among us have no respect or fear for the police–it’s basically over. At that point the only thing the police can do to regain control is enact a brutal crackdown and basically begin a reign of terror to make people fear them again.

But we all know that’s not going to happen. The media and black race hustlers will shriek racism and the police will cower even further. The end result will be an ever-growing list of all but uninhabitable danger zones in major American cities where police fear to tread.

Before too long our cities will be small, heavily-guarded (by private security) wealthy enclaves surrounded by vast lawless, dystopian urban sprawl.

Day by day the foundation of Western Civilization crack more and more. Law and order are an integral part of that foundation, and without them we will descend into lawless chaos.

While Notre Dame Cathedral Was Still Burning, “French Authorities” Had Already Ruled Out Terrorism/Arson as a Cause

Because the most important thing here is that nobody even asks if the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral had anything to do with the mass Islamic immigration France has undergone over the past several decades:

That was sent at 5pm US Eastern Time, meaning about midnight Paris time.

What a speedy investigation.

But we all just know it couldn’t have been Islamic terrorism, even though Muslims were photographed at the scene with huge smiles on their faces as the ancient cathedral was engulfed in flames in the background:

Yes, it is utterly outrageous for anyone to ask whether or not this was arson.

Thousands of Muslims were reacting with smiley faces on a Facebook stream of the fire:

Even if Muslims didn’t do it, many are reacting as if they did, or at the very least as if this is a victory for them.

But still, it’s a “Conspiracy Theory” to wonder if terrorists were behind this.



Last year, 875 churches were vandalized in France:

And in 2016, a 22 year old Muslim woman was caught trying to blow up the Notre Dame Cathedral with a car full of gas canisters. She was sentenced to prison three days ago:

And just last month, a famous French church, St. Sulpice, was set on fire:

Police said the Saint Sulpice fire was “not an accident.” The Notre Dame burning is simply the latest in a string of attacks on Christian sites in France:

“While Notre Dame is undoubtedly the most well-known landmark to be affected, Paris’ second largest church, Saint-Sulpice, briefly burst into flames on March 17, the fire damaging doors and stained glass windows on the building’s exterior. Police later reported that the incident had not been an accident.

“The images of flames in Saint Sulpice church this weekend are one more example of the violence committed against Catholics,” said Philippe Gosselin and Annie Genevard of France’s National Assembly, tying the incident into a wider trend of attacks on Catholic places of worship.

February saw a series of such attacks across France. In one incident, a cross of human excrement was smeared on the wall of the Notre Dame des Enfants in Nimes, the vandals also looting the church and spreading consecrated wafers in the garbage.

The same month, the altar at Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur was set on fire, while statues and crosses were smashed throughout the premises. Two teenagers were later arrested in relation to the incident.”

But yes, the mere suggestion that the burning of Notre Dame was not an accident is so far-fetched, so inappropriate, and so dangerous that Fox New’s Shep Smith lectured a French politician for even entertaining the possibility:

What a complete jackass Shep Smith is.


For what it’s worth, that French politician, Phillippe Karsenty said this before Shep Smith erupted on him: “Of course you will hear the story of the politically correct which will tell you it is probably an accident.”

Many in France are not buying the “official” story.

Whether it was terrorism or simply negligence, the Burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral is unavoidably a sign of the decay of Western Civilization.

Choose one: Either Christendom has been overrun by Islam, or Christendom has lost the will to preserve its most sacred sites.

Whether it was terrorism or neglect, this is a terrible day for all of us. The sorry state of Western Civilization was on full display as that 850 year old Cathedral burned.

As for me, my two cents is that when one of the important sites in Christianity, one of the most recognizable and iconic cathedrals on the planet, goes up in flames during the holiest week of the Christian calendar, I’m sorry, but I just refuse to believe that’s a. a coincidence and b. an accident.

Notre Dame Cathedral is Burning

Symbolic of the decline of Western Civilization?

From BBC:

“A fire has broken out at the famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, firefighters say. The cause is not yet clear, but officials say it could be linked to renovation work.

Images on social media show plumes of smoke billowing into the air above the the 850-year-old Gothic building.

Last year, the Catholic Church in France launched an urgent appeal for funds to save the cathedral, which was starting to crumble.

A major operation is under way to tackle the blaze, which broke out on Monday afternoon, and an area surrounding the building in central Paris has been cleared, officials said.”

This is a tragedy. Soul-crushing, even.

Once we the rubble is cleared and the old relic of pre-Islamic France is swept away, a mosque can be built on its ruins.

Or perhaps this affords the French the opportunity to update the old Gothic Cathedral with a more “modern” style, like this: