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Jesus Was Not a Refugee

It’s Christmas so Democrat politicians and media figures are trotting out their usual “Well Jesus was a refugee so therefore you conservative so-called Christians are dumb and now you have to support open borders,” canard:

Mayor Pete Buttplug–I mean Buttigieg–got nearly 30k likes for repeating this lie. If he and his Media Fan-People had any familiarity with the Bible at all they’d know this claim is a lie. Usually I’m never inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk their BS up to ignorance (as opposed to evil), but this is one of the rare exceptions. These people hate Jesus and the Bible

Mary and Joseph were not refugees when they traveled to Bethlehem for the birth of Baby Jesus. The Bible plainly gives the reason the young couple traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Luke 2:1-2:7:

“2. And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.”

There is nothing about them being refugees or fleeing for better economic opportunity. The cause of their journey to Bethlehem was to be taxed by Augustus Caesar, the Roman emperor at the time. They were traveling within Roman Judea. There was no border crossing.

They were simply obeying the law.

The image up at the top explains it all: the liberals that repeat this lie aren’t religious themselves, but instead hope that they can cynically manipulate the Bible to guilt us into supporting Open Borders schemes.

Trump Points Out Baltimore is a Dangerous, Impoverished, Rat-Infested Hellhole Being Plundered by Corrupt Dems, Dems Respond By—and This May Shock You—Calling Him a Racist

I’m not sure exactly what Elijah Cummings said about Trump that set him off–nor do I care since it was probably a bad-faith lie–but Trump was not having any of it:

As you probably are aware now, this set off a frenzy among the Blue Checks. Everyone knows white men like Trump are not allowed to criticize black politicians like Elijah Cummings, no matter how valid the criticism is.

How dare Trump point out that the Democrats that have had single-party rule of Baltimore since 1963 haven’t improved anything–and in fact things have gotten exponentially worse over that time.

First of all, let’s just look at the facts:

1. Baltimore is incredibly dangerous. It’s actually the 21st most dangerous city on the planet:

It should be common knowledge that Baltimore is a third-world warzone. HBO even made a hit show about it in the early 2000s:


2. Baltimore is infested with rats. Animal Planet once ran a special on the “Top 10 Rat Infested Places” in the world and Baltimore was in it, along with a place in Alaska literally named “Rat Island.” Here is the entry for Baltimore:

“Baltimore’s rat problem is bad enough that at one point, rats tunneled so intensely beneath a particular area of pavement that when garbage collectors drove over it, their truck sunk up to its axles. Rats in the vicinity took full advantage of the mishap and swarmed the truck, gorging on the garbage inside.

Baltimore also enjoys the dubious distinction of being a hotspot for rat-related research, beginning during World War II and continuing today, much of it carried out at Johns Hopkins University.”

Last year there was even a documentary made about Baltimore’s infamous rat problem:

Not only that, but there’s video of former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh literally walking through a slum in West Baltimore and ripping the place, saying among other things, “Whoa, you can smell the rats” and “Oh my God, you can smell the dead animals”:

Sounds pretty rodent-infested to me.

3. Elijah Cummings is a corrupt scumbag who has been in Congress since 1996 and was a State Representative from Baltimore for 13 years prior to that. During those 36 years his city has fallen apart. Not sure how it’s controversial to blame Baltimore’s problems on someone who has been in power for three and a half decades. What has Elijah Cummings done to make Baltimore a better place? You’d think that after 36 years there would be some improvement–in the crime rate, in tackling the rat infestation, in rebuilding the dilapidated slums–to show for his time in power–anything at all.

But no. We’re instead told to believe that Cummings is doing a great job and that Baltimore is in such bad shape because of Racist White People. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be a Racist.

I’m glad we’re finally asking the important questions here: Why are Democrats given a free pass for lining their pockets while their districts are unlivable warzones that never get any better? It’s not just Cummings’ district in Baltimore, either. It’s urban districts all across the country–notably here in Chicago.

How come we’re not allowed to point out that Democrats have had single-party rule over most American cities and yet the cities are a mess?

On top of all this, Elijah Cummings and his wife are scammers:

“Rep. Elijah Cummings’ wife runs a nonprofit that has taken millions from interest groups with business before the Oversight Committee that Cummings chairs.

Cummings’ wife did not answer a request from The Daily Caller News Foundation to review the forms, which a lawyer said was illegal.

A watchdog group filed a complaint with the IRS saying that Cummings’ family could be trading favors for money, and told TheDCNF about the wife’s “creepy” and “weird” conduct when it spoke with her.”

 I’m sure it’s racist to point this out, too.

As usual, Democrats are not angry because Trump lied. They’re mad because he dared speak a truth most Republicans would be terrified to broach.

However, it was none other than Bernie Sanders who said Baltimore was like a third world country in 2015:

But when Trump says it, it’s racist.

Now, of course, because Trump dared to point out that Baltimore is a rat-infested warzone, all of the sudden the left has rallied around Baltimore as this wonderful utopia. They just love Baltimore so much now:

I’m sure all those cheering passengers are headed straight to the West Baltimore ghetto with its dilapidated slums and astronomically-high murder rates, right?

Nah. They won’t go anywhere near it. They’re just virtue-signaling their disdain of the Nasty, Racist Orange Man.

We’re supposed to criticize him for telling the truth? Got it.

Again, these Dem Blue Checks aren’t angry at Trump for mischaracterizing the city of Baltimore. They’re mad at him for daring to call attention to their decades upon decades of failure and corruption in the city.

Even Fox News’ Chris Wallace tried to get on the Blue Check Outrage Bandwagon and lie about what Trump said:

What a dishonest rat this Chris Wallace is. Trump has a way of getting people to show their true colors, and our supposed ally at Fox News, Chris Wallace, has shown his. Disregard anything this lying Uniparty shill says.

Of course, this is what the dishonest left has to do all the time. They have to distract from the real issues because their continued reign depends on people either ignoring or being afraid to discuss the real issues in this country. They have to conflate Trump’s criticism of the people in charge of Baltimore with criticism of the everyday people who live there because they know the people in charge are indefensible.

They have to muddy the waters. It’s all they can do:

“How dare Trump talk about the real problems in Baltimore instead of our stupid, cooked-up Witch Hunt over a crime that never happened and investigation that shouldn’t have happened!”

Translation: WE control the conversation, damnit! Stop letting the Orange Man distract you from what WE want to talk about!

Trump summed it all up:

Bottom line: it’s long past time we started talking about the sorry state of America’s inner cities. Baltimore is just the beginning. There are parts of this country that are virtually indistinguishable from third-world hellholes, and that’s unacceptable. We need to start pointing the finger at the culprits, even if they shriek RACIST when exposed to sunlight.

REMINDER: Dems Tried to Get Former White House Aide and Immigrant Sebastian Gorka Deported

It is so incredibly racist and bigoted and un-American to question an immigrant’s allegiance to this country. Immigrants are every bit as American–perhaps more–than you and I. Questioning an immigrant’s patriotism is beyond the pale. It must never be done. It is xenophobic and wrong.

Unless the immigrant is a Republican.

March 16, 2017 – The Hill: “Dem rep asks White House for Sebastian Gorka’s immigration papers,”

“Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) is asking the White House to hand President Trump aide Sebastian Gorka’s immigration paperwork over to the House Judiciary Committee.

In a letter addressed to Trump, Nadler cites a report in The Forward, an American Jewish news outlet, linking Gorka to a far-right group in Hungary, saying that the judiciary panel needs to “be assured that he did not enter this country under false pretenses.”

“If Sebastian Gorka is indeed a member of this organization, as high-ranking leaders of the organization claim he is, he would have been required to disclose this information on his immigration application, and on his application to be a naturalized U.S. citizen,” the letter reads.

“Failing to do so, he may have been withholding important material facts about his background from the United States, in violation of the law.

Gorka, a top counterterrorism adviser to Trump, was born in the United Kingdom in 1970 to Hungarian parents. He became a U.S. citizen in 2012. He fervently denied the allegations in The Forward’s story on Thursday.”

Where was the shrieking and gnashing of teeth when Democrat Jerry Nadler tried to Send Gorka Back? Where were the howls of RACISM and Xenophobia? Why was the media not irate that a politician would dare question the patriotism and allegiance of one of our treasured Immigrants, who are are all so pure and wonderful and bless us with their mere presence?

Because Gorka’s a Trump supporter. And he’s white.

The media–and their Conservative, Inc. lapdogs–only get upset when anyone questions the patriotism of America-hating, leftwing Somali Muslim immigrants like Ilhan Omar.


New Rule: You Are No Longer Allowed to Criticize Democrats, At All, Ever, Because it Puts Their Lives in Danger

You may recall Somalian Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s recent remarks where she dismissed the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 3,000 people as “some people did something.” In response, President Trump tweeted this video out:

Almost immediately, fascist liberals seized on the video as an opportunity to ban anyone from criticizing them, on the grounds that doing so is an “incitement to violence.”

*Sissy limp-wristed NPC liberal soyboy voice*: “Thith ith an inthitement to violenth!”

These liberals are un-fucking-believable. They will never–can never–stop playing the victim. “Omar’s family is in danger because of Trump’s tweet!”

Get the hell outta here.

Democrat after Democrat repeated the same talking point that any criticism of a Democrat puts a Democrat’s life in danger, and so nobody is allowed to criticize Democrats anymore:

No one is “coming for you.” These people are so desperate to be oppressed.

These NPCs all repeat the exact same talking points.

Ilhan Omar is literally pro-Islamic Terrorism and somehow she’s the one whose life is at risk? Again: un-fucking-believable.

Here’s how it really is:

There is no incitement to violence whatsoever in Trump’s video. None. It’s just Ilhan Omar’s own words mixed in with footage of 9/11.

And big whoop if a Member of Congress gets death threats. Every Member of Congress gets death threats on a regular basis. Every public figure gets death threats. It comes with the territory. You’re not special or sympathetic if you’re a public figure who gets death threats. Just stop.

You want to see real incitement to violence? CBS, one of the largest media corporations in America, has a primetime show coming out literally encouraging violence against white people on the ground that they’re “Nazis”:

And of course there’s so many more examples:

One of the most enduring truths of American politics in 2019 is that whatever the left is accusing us of, you can be certain the left is guilty of that very same thing.

Every single time.

Democrats Are Freaking Out in the Wake of AG Barr’s Confirmation that the Obama Administration Spied on Trump

The headline from Fox News:

“Dems rage against Barr for backing claims of Trump campaign ‘spying’ by FBI”

Prominent Democrats lined up to hammer Attorney General Bill Barr for testifying Wednesday that federal authorities had spied on the Trump campaign in 2016, with one top House Democrat charging that Barr is not acting “in the best interest of the DOJ or the country.”

LOL, wrong. He is absolutely acting in the best interests of the DOJ and America. He’s not, however, acting in the best interests of the Global Crime Syndicate aka the Uniparty aka the Democrats and their Republican lapdogs.

And that’s why House Dems are panicking.

“Despite mounting evidence that the FBI pursued an array of efforts to gather intelligence from within the Trump campaign — and the fact that the FBI successfully pursued warrantsto surveil a former Trump aide in 2016 — House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told Fox News that Barr’s loyalties were compromised.”

Being loyal to America is, in a Democrat’s eyes, having compromised loyalties.

“He is acting as an employee of the president,” Hoyer said. “I believe the Attorney General believes he needs to protect the president of the United States.”

Added House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in an interview with the Associated Press: “I don’t trust Barr, I trust Mueller.” And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., accused Barr on Twitter of “peddling conspiracy theories.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., added in a statement that Barr “should not casually suggest that those under his purview engaged in ‘spying’ on a political campaign.”

This is particularly rich coming from Schiff, who has spent the past two years casually suggesting–with zero evidence–that the President of the United States colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Within hours of Barr’s bombshell confirmation, Senate Democrats demanded he walk his statement back:



Is the Science Settled that there was no spying?

It took two years for Trump’s name to be cleared of Russian Collusion, but Democrats want the Obama Administration cleared in two hours.

Sorry, that’s not how this works.

The way the game is played now in the wake of the Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory is that we make earth-shattering accusations against our enemies and then demand two years of invasive, all-encompassing investigations of them before they can be cleared.

I think we need a multi-year investigation of Barr’s claim.

Check back with us in 2021, Chuck Schumer. Ya miserable fuck.

Eric Holder, Obama’s former Attorney General who once called America a “nation of cowards,” crept out of the woodwork as well:


Now they want evidence, evidence, evidence. How adorable.

And notice they can’t get their stories straight: some are saying there was no spying at all, others, like Holder, are saying the spying was justified.

Which is it, Democrats? It can’t be both.

Finally, here’s James Clapper, who basically masterminded the whole operation:


Yeah, I’d be scared if I were you, too, Jim.

Candace Owens NUKES Fat, Goblin-Esque Democrat Jerry Nadler & Toadish Democrat Ted Lieu

I have no idea exactly what she’s taking them to task over, but this clip is excellent and she absolutely owns these rotten bastards. I’m a little turned-on, to be quite honest:

It’s pretty apparent Candace Owens is out of these fat-faced fucks’ league. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

I would say that these Democrats definitely underestimated her because she’s a young black woman, but then I remembered that Democrats can’t be racist, so it can’t be that.

Apparently this is why Owens was pissed at them (among, I’m sure, many other reasons):

For good measure, here was her opening statement:

Seems like she just unleashed on them all day long.

Candace Owens is out here doing God’s work on Capitol Hill.

The Rat Squeals

Before we get into any of the Michael Cohen nonsense, let’s preface it with this:

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in December for a series of charges he pleaded guilty to last year, including eight felony counts of tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign finance violations, as well as the one count of making a false statement to Congress. On the eve of his congressional testimony, a New York state court filing revealed that he had been disbarred.”

We all know Michael Cohen is a liar, unscrupulous and not to be trusted. In fact, Michael Cohen has even been convicted for lying to Congress. In about two months, he will be locked up in jail. He is the book definition of a “non-credible witness.” Of course, NBC News’ article on Cohen buried these important facts 31 paragraphs down, because That’s Real Journalism™.

But Cohen is not a credible witness. Not even remotely. Any half decent prosecutor with any brains at all would disregard everything Cohen says.

The only difference now is he’s telling Democrats what they want to hear.

Credibility Status: RESTORED ✅

Cohen knows his only shot at avoiding major prison time, possibly rehabilitating his image and saving his career (given that he’s been disbarred by the State of New York) is getting on the left’s good side. They control pop culture, the “media,” entertainment and everything else and have the power to make or break you.

Additionally, as we’ve seen in the past few years, Democrats also don’t really have to obey the law, so the rat knows if he makes friends with powerful Democrats and tells them what they want to hear, perhaps they can shield him from the law and extend their Democrat Privilege to him. Or at least get him a lighter sentence.

Cohen probably doesn’t even have to worry about lying to Congress because Dems will never prosecute him for it.

It’s a good strategy, objectively, again because Democrats generally don’t have to obey the law. Unscrupulous, yes. Disgraceful, yes. But it’s probably Cohen’s only chance.

It is telling that the very first charge Cohen leveled against President Trump in his opening statement is that Twump Is Wacist!!!!!! 

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 1.45.41 PM.png

Cohen knows his audience. He knows there is no crime they care about more than whether a white person is Racist. He is pandering effectively. He knows that to Dems, there is no greater sin–nothing that gets their blood pumping more–than the prospect of calling Donald Trump a racist.

If you think Trump’s alleged RAAACISM is irrelevant to the actual subject matter of the investigation, that’s where you’re wrong. Every white person in America is on trial for racism 24/7/365, and accusation = guilt. Not only that, but it is impossible to be exonerated for the charge of RACISM.

Again, Cohen knows his audience. The Democrats and their propagandists in the media give more attention to alleged incidents of white racism than they do to murders.

As far as actual Russian “collusion”–you know, the suspicion that supposedly serves as the whole reason all these investigations are happening–Cohen didn’t have anything. He only has his own suspicions:

“I was in Mr. Trump’s office when his secretary announced that Roger Stone was on the phone,” Cohen said in his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee.

“Mr. Trump put Mr. Stone on the speakerphone. Mr. Stone told Mr. Trump that he had just gotten off the phone with [WikiLeaks founder] Julian Assange and that Mr. Assange told Mr. Stone that, within a couple of days, there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Mr. Trump responded by stating to the effect of ‘wouldn’t that be great.'”

Cohen, however, said that he knows of no direct evidence that Trump or his presidential campaign colluded with Russia.

“I do not. I want to be clear. But I have my suspicions,” he said.

This is a complete joke. There is no evidence for this claim Cohen made about Stone and Trump. Stone and Trump were the only other ones there for this alleged exchange, and if both deny it, it’s their word against Cohen’s–and again, Cohen is not credible at all.

There’s little reason to even discuss Cohen’s lurid accusations. All he’s doing is telling Democrats what they want to hear to save his own ass.

Don’t entertain this show trial as if it is actually legitimate.

Finally, remember:

Perfectly stated. Only impeachment-obsessed, mentally unwell libs care about this.

For the vast majority of voters, the impeachment ship sailed a long time ago.

It ain’t gonna happen. They’ve flipped Trump’s whole life upside and found nothing.

If anything, he’s the least corrupt President in modern history given how little the numerous investigations have actually turned up.

Democrats Think You’re Stupid

They think you’re too stupid to see through this BS:

Anyone angry about this is an NPC. Straight-up.

The Democrats believe they can trick you into being angry at Orange Man by telling you he stole money from your tax refund and gave it to Already Wealthy Corporations.

The Democrats think you’re stupid enough to believe a lower tax refund means you haven’t benefitted from the tax cuts.

And the sad part is, a lot programmed NPCs will fall for this garbage.

No shit.

The more you pay in taxes, the higher your tax return.

The less you pay in taxes, the lower your tax return.

Democrats are dishonestly trying to trick people–people the Democrats have already made dumb via public schooling, and predisposed to believe the Democrats’ anti-Trump lies via media brainwashing–into believing a lower tax refund means they got screwed.

Really, how can we continue to coexist with these Democrats when they repeatedly act and argue in bad faith? How long can our nation remain united (lol) and intact when Democrats have zero interest in actually pursuing its interests?

They care only about seizing and maintaining power. Improving your lives doesn’t matter a whit to them. Everything a Democrat does and says is designed to seize and maintain power.

They wrecked the inner cities and black families in order to blame it on whitey and keep black people voting 90% Democrat. They ruined the American education system in order to turn schools into brainwashing factories. Don’t even get me started on immigration.

And now Dems are straight-up lying about the tax cuts to stoke a false anger among the public directed at Republicans and the rich, which Dems plan to capitalize on to win the next election.

The Democrats don’t care about your personal finances. They care about stoking and capitalizing on misplaced anger to get elected.

Tolerant and Progressive Leftists, Who NEVER Delve into Conspiracy Theorism, Convinced Trump is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham for Being Secretly Gay

The Uniparty “media” cannot conceive of any decent person willfully supporting President Donald Trump (and, by definition, opposing the Uniparty), so they ascribe Trump support to us either being evil, racist, unbelievably stupid, or all three (usually it’s all three).

Writing off our Trump support as a product of evil and/or stupidity is how Uniparty elites comfort themselves and avoid the rather obvious truths that they are massively unpopular, their globalist ideology has failed horribly over the past few decades, and that the party is basically over for them as their chickens come home to roost.

In order to explain to themselves why Lindsey Graham has recently become one of Trump’s loudest and most prominent supporters, they’ve concocted this story that Trump is blackmailing Graham over Graham’s supposed closet homosexuality.

It’s not just the blown-out whore Chelsea Handler saying this, either. Newly-elected Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (you know, the other “YAAAS QUEEN! THE FUTURE IS FEMALE AND MUSLIM! HIJABS ARE LIBERATING!” Congresswoman) pushed this rumor on CNN yesterday:

It was too much for even CNN. Of course, they didn’t scold her for being homophobic, like they certainly would’ve if a Republican was floating gay rumors about a prominent Democrat; they merely asked her to provide some evidence to back up her claim, which she could not do, obviously.

Here’s my question about Trump supposedly blackmailing Lindsey Graham: why now? There have been rumors about Graham being gay for years. He’s in his 60s and has never married. He’s been in the Senate for over a decade. The idea that Graham is secretly gay is nothing new. He probably is.

So why didn’t Trump “blackmail” Graham from the start of the campaign back in 2015? Remember, Graham was a candidate for President way back when. He didn’t make it very far, but he was running. Why didn’t Trump blackmail him from the start?

You think Trump has only now become aware of the “Graham is gay” rumors? Trump is the king of rumors. He’s good friends with the editor of the National Enquirer. He knew disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was a perverted scumbag years before any of the #MeToo stories dropped about him. I don’t buy for a second that Trump only recently became aware of the Graham rumors. He’s probably known about them for years.

And if Graham is being blackmailed by Trump, why does Graham occasionally side against the President? He did yesterday over the matter of Trump canceling Nancy Pelosi’s overseas trip:

I bet this is all part of Trump’s sinister plan to not make the blackmailing too obvious.

Trump probably contacted Graham yesterday afternoon and said, “Hey, Liberace, they’re on to us; tweet out something negative about me to throw them off.”

I’m sure this happened.

A couple things:

  1. I thought the left was too #Smart and #Virtuous to believe in conspiracy theories? I thought they were above that? I was under the impression that we nutty right-wingers are the only ones who believe in conspiracy theories?
  2. How does this Graham speculation not fall under the category of “OMG HOMOPHOBIA!!!!”? Even if Graham is gay–and I’d bet he probably is–then what’s the big deal? Even if the left is simply attacking Trump for blackmailing Graham over his alleged homosexuality, shouldn’t the #Tolerant and #Progressive leftists be rushing to the defense of a Gay Man Being Victimized By A Straight White Oppressor? Instead they’re throwing every gay slur in the book at Graham, calling him a cocksucker and all sorts of things. Shouldn’t they instead be saying, “President Trump, LEAVE LINDSEY GRAHAM ALONE! Your homophobia has no place in America in 2019! There is NOTHING WRONG with Graham being gay!” Their wrath is trained clearly on Graham here, not Trump. Seems like #VictimBlaming if you ask me.

Why can’t the left make up its mind about Trump? Is he literally retarded and possibly completely out of his mind, or is he an Evil Genius, as they’re suggesting with this blackmail conspiracy? Which is it? Is Trump dumber than a four year old child, or is he a scheming, megalomaniacal super genius?

The Colbert Late Show tried to be funny asserting the former:

Is Trump a three year old who writes with crayon, or is he a ruthless, Machiavellian schemer blackmailing Lindsey Graham? It can’t be both.

Also worth pointing out for the umpteenth time: the left cannot meme. This just isn’t funny. People who are full of raging hatred have no room for humor.

Can We Afford the Wall?

President Trump is requesting $5 billion out of a federal budget of over $4.4 trillion to build the wall.

Democrats have a variety of excuses they like to trot out for why we cannot under any circumstances have a border wall, all of which are complete bullshit:

“It’s immoral.”

“It won’t work.”

And the most pathetic of all: “We can’t afford it.”

But can we really not afford the $5 billion for the wall?

This is what $5 billion looks like out of $4.4 trillion:


It’s the little red part. That’s the $5 billion to secure our border.

It’s 1/880th of the total annual federal budget.

That red box is one out of 880. That’s how much of the federal budget it would take to build a border wall.

It’s 0.0011%. ($5 billion divided by $4.4 trillion).

But we just can’t spare it!

The reason we cannot have a border wall is not because of the cost, but because illegal immigration is the modern Democrat Party’s holy grail. It is everything.

As we’re finding out now, there is nothing they will fight for harder and more ferociously than illegal immigration.

There is nothing they will fight more passionately against than border security. And it’s not because the wall is “immoral” or won’t work, but because it will work.

A wall will stop illegal immigration and bring rates down to nearly zero.

And this is why we can’t have a wall.

To understand just how important it is to Democrats to flood the country with illegal immigrants, consider the fact that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will allow hundreds of thousands of federal government employees to go without pay in order to keep the border unprotected.

If the shutdown goes on long enough, not only will federal employees start missing paychecks, but food stamp payments might not go out anymore.

And the Democrats will not bat an eye: poor people must starve if that’s what it takes to keep the border unsecured.

A border wall will prevent drugs from flowing across the border and devastating American communities, but Democrats want more deadly drugs in the country.

A border wall will help American workers and protect them from low-wage competition, but Democrats do not want Americans employed and making decent money.

A border wall will keep Americans safer from foreign criminals like the one that killed Molly Tibbets, the one that killed Kate Steinle and the one that shot and killed police officer Ronil Singh, but Democrats want more Americans killed by illegals.

The Democrats must flood the country with illegals by any means necessary. The demographic transformation of America must never be impeded. This is Democrats’ hill to die on above all others. This is their Helm’s Deep.

Illegal immigration is the one issue they will go full 300 Spartans on and defend as if everything they hold dear and sacred depends on.

They intend to import a new electorate and create a “new America” because the old one just doesn’t vote for them reliably enough. They’re already doing it.

A border wall will prevent them from importing new voters who are more receptive to their agenda, and that’s why we can’t have one.