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Remember When The media Said It Would take a “Miracle” For a Covid Vaccine Before 2021?

Here’s the biggest bluecheck dweeb on Twitter, Kyle Griffin, doing what he does best and hiding his blatant political bias behind citing “experts”. This is back in May:

“Reeee eXpErTs”

⬆⬆⬆ Bluechecks when they get to cite an EXPERT to own Trump.

Well, the miracle happened:

Wonder what Expert-Truster Kyle Griffin and all his Expert Friends have to say about that?

Liberal Blue Checks–Who Are Smarter & Better Than You–Snarked Over Trump’s Use of Word “Coyote” To Describe Border Smugglers


Just further confirmation for them that Trump supporters are all knuckle-dragging morons supporting the dumbest President of all time!

Look at them all, credit to Sophia Narwitz:

They literally can’t EVEN.

They’re just so much smarter than Trump, and last night was further confirmation of that.

I have never seen a group of people who were more arrogant despite being so ignorant than blue check “reporters.”

That’s really the only way I can describe these people: they’re the most toxic combination of arrogance and ignorance imaginable.

They probably felt so good about themselves, too. Snarking on Twitter about Trump despite having no idea they’re the ones who look like ignorant idiots here.

A person with a shred of humility would have heard Trump’s remarks about the coyotes and thought, “Either he just said literal coyotes are bringing Mexicans across the border, or coyote is a term for border smuggler that I’ve never heard before and which I should probably research before snarking my ass off on Twitter and looking like an idiot.”

How many of them never even bothered to research the matter, tweeted some snarky crap about Trump, and then moved on with their lives? The thought of doing so probably never even crossed their minds–they just assumed Trump was the dumb one, and they were the smart ones.

How many of them have no idea how dumb they are?

It’s 2016 All Over Again

The media still has no idea what’s going on outside of NYC/DC, and they are going to be devastated once again on election night:

Does Ryan Lizza realize that it’s him and his cohorts–not Trump supporters living in flyover states–that exist in a “closed info bubble”?

We cannot escape the media. Every newspaper, every news channel outside of Fox News. Every late night talk show.

We can’t escape Hollywood and its increasingly aggressive leftwing messaging.

We can’t escape the education system.

We are forced to be exposed to leftwing messaging and outright propaganda every single day.

The fact that Ryan Lizza is even writing such a piece and making such a big deal out of venturing out into Trump Country shows just how insulated in the New York City/Washington D.C. bubble he is. To him and his ilk, it’s a noteworthy thing to actually venture out into flyover country. Something that must be documented and analyzed.

They have to go out of their way to be exposed to “the other side” of the political divide.

We do not. For the right, the only way to avoid the left is to move to a cabin out in Idaho without electricity. You basically have to go completely off the grid.

Liberal “journalists” have to tell themselves people only support Trump because they’re living in Trump’s “closed info loop,” aka they just don’t know any better.

Totally wrong, as usual. The polar opposite is true. In fact, tons of Trump supporters were redpilled into supporting him–in other words, they had some sort of epiphany and became Republicans after being leftists.

Furthermore, there are very few cases going the other way: where people get “un-redpilled” and go from supporting Trump to supporting the Democrats. That should tell you something.

It’s honestly pretty pathetic that these East Coast “Journalists” think everyone outside of their deep-blue, upscale urban enclaves lives in a bubble. In their view, places like the Upper East Side NYC and Arlington, Virginia accurately reflect the mood of the entire country.

The media is not going to know what hit them on election night. Again.

Media Freaks Out Over Trump’s Refusal to Condemn QAnon, Still No Interest in Discussing Antifa

Last night at Trump’s townhall event in Miami, he was, as expected, treated to a full-on debate with the “moderator,” NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, a very angry, very liberal woman who, in typical angry-liberal-woman-on-a-powertrip fashion, seized her opportunity to scold and hector Trump for an hour-plus.

First, she hectored him about his supposed “refusal” to condemn White Supremacists, and then, when he set her straight on that, she seamlessly pivoted to QAnon, another group that Trump Must Condemn Or Else He’s Literally Hitler:

Savannah Guthrie was not pleasant, to say the least. She’s one of those angry, liberal white women who thinks she knows everything and literally can’t EVEN 24/7. The worst part of the exchange was when she said:

“QAnon is this theory that Democrats are satanic pedophile ring and that you are the savior of that. Now can you just, once and for all, state that that is completely not true, and disavow Qanon in its entirety?”

(Anytime a woman beings a sentence with, “Can you just…?” you know you’re in for an earful. “Can you just…?” it sounds like a question, but in reality it’s a demand.)

Then Trump goes, “I know nothing about QAnon.”

And the way she snapped at him: “I just told you.” She was straight scolding him like she probably lectures every beta male she’s ever dated. “Hey, honey, what time are we supposed to be at your parents’ place again?” “I JUST TOLD YOU!!!!!!”

And she said it like her word is more credible than the Holy Gospel. “I JUST TOLD YOU WHAT QANON WAS, YOU STUPID WHITE MALE!” No one can dispute her characterization of QAnon, because she is an empowered female journalist, and therefore the most reliable and objective source of information on the planet.

I loved Trump’s answer: “What you tell me doesn’t necessarily make it fact, I hate to tell you.”

He has clearly dealt with bossy, know-it-all women like Savannah Guthrie before. And I’m sure that made her blood boil. It probably took every ounce of restraint she had to not start barking at him, “TOXIC MASCULINITY! Don’t Mansplain to me! Men have HAD their time! THE FUTURE IS FEMALE!!!”

But the funniest part was that she accepted Trump’s claim that he didn’t know about QAnon, and yet still demanded he denounce it anyway based solely on her explaining it to him literally 10 seconds ago. “I DEMAND you denounce something you only just found out about 10 seconds ago!!!!”

Anyone else think it’s a little funny that the media takes “Antifa” at their word that they are merely against fascism, but doesn’t take QAnon at their word that they’re against Satanic pedophiles? We’re supposed to think Antifa is awesome despite all the evidence to the contrary because they say they’re Against Fascism. In fact, some in the media go to extraordinary lengths to defend Antifa, like CNN’s Chris Cuomo who tweeted this out in 2017:

No matter how much violence and crime Antifa commits, the media will always play dumb. “Hey, they’re just people who don’t like fascism. There’s nothing wrong with Antifa. But QAnon on the other hand, are a violent, dangerous terrorist organization worse than Al Qaeda and we must spend every waking minute talking about them.”

But you know the drill here: as always, everything the media says is a lie, and not only that but the complete opposite is true. No different here with Antifa/QAnon.

I tried to look into the whole Q stuff and a lot of it was just way too outlandish to really wrap my arms around. For instance, the belief that JFK Jr. is still alive more 20 years after the plane crash, that there’s going to be a nationwide blackout in which every corrupt politician, celebrity and official is rounded up and arrested.

And as much as I like Trump, I think it’s weird that some of the more hardcore Q people treat him like he’s Jesus or something. He is, at the end of the day, a mortal man, and thereby imperfect and liable to disappoint you. Your salvation will not come from Trump. But I’m sure most QAnon adherents are not that hardcore into it. From what I’ve seen on social media, most of them are just patriots who love their country and hate to see bad people in power getting away with the things they get away with.

But most importantly: QAnon people are not rioting and burning down major cities. They are not violently assaulting people. They are not smashing up stores and government buildings. They are not “occupying” whole city neighborhoods and turning them into lawless thunderdomes.

QAnon has not caused even a fraction of a percent of the mayhem and chaos that Antifa/BLM have.

But the media knows the chaos caused by Antifa/BLM has really hurt Biden’s chances in the election, so they’re desperately trying to make it seem like there are groups just like Antifa/BLM on the right and they’re causing just as much–if not more–violence and chaos. At first it was the Proud Boys, now it’s QAnon that the media is trying to convince the “low information voters” are equally as responsible for all the mayhem we saw this summer. They’re trying to create a false equivalence so they can say, “Hey, both sides were equally responsible for the violence and chaos.” Because this muddies the waters and neutralizes a very strong Republican selling point this year, which is simply that it’s the Democrats who are behind all the looting and rioting and anarchy.

And it’s a strong Republican talking point because it’s the truth. But the media is trying to cancel it out by building up this narrative that, “Well, yeah, Antifa and BLM are bad, but the Proud Boys and QAnon are equally as bad.”

But they’re not. They’re nowhere close to as bad. In fact, again, most QAnon supporters are flag-waving patriots who do little more than share spicy memes on social media.

Trump was 100% correct to turn the tables on Guthrie by asking when the media will hold Biden’s feet to the fire and demand he given an unequivocal condemnation of Antifa. Democrats should not be allowed to continue existing in their fantasy world. At some point they’re going to have to face the real world, where Antifa is the real problem.

Finally, my favorite meme from last night:

“What the inside of the fridge sees at the Tri Delt house at 2am.”

Not Even Ten Days Ago, the Media Made it Seem Like Trump Was About to Die of Coronavirus

Thank God for screenshots:

“They could lose him within 3 to 4 days.” That was on October 3.

Here’s the NY Times from October 4:

CNN, a few days later, saying it was “too early to tell if Trump will make a full recovery”:

Meanwhile, last night Trump held a rally in Sanford, Florida and looked like he was fully recovered. He even had a bizarre moment where he was dancing on stage to the YMCA:

These people do nothing but lie.

Chart: Stark Divide Between Dems and Republicans on Coronavirus Fears

Via Gallup:

77% of Democratic men are worried about getting Covid, compared to 20% of Republican men.

80% of Democratic women are worried, vs. 29% of Republican women.

Only 5% of Dem men and 3% of Dem women are ready to return to normal, compared to 64% of GOP men and 54% of GOP women.

This is truly an incredible divide. Democrats are terrified of the coronavirus.

This probably has a lot to do with the media: Dems believe the media and its fear porn, Republicans don’t.

Only 2.4% of Americans have been infected with the coronavirus. Only 0.6% of Americans have died of the virus, and that’s probably an inflated figure given comorbidities.

It’s not just that both sides have wildly different views about the virus, it’s that one side has a completely distorted view of how dangerous the virus truly is given its willingness to believe the media’s lies.

If you want to understand why America is so hopelessly divided, look no further than this chart. Half the country resides in an alternate reality, created by the media, where the coronavirus is going to kill us all, bloodthirsty White Supremacists are behind every corner and the President is a literal Nazi.

Remember These Polls On Election Day

The media is trying to build up this narrative that Trump is cratering in the polls and that his campaign is dead in the water. Whether it’s because of his supposed “refusal” to disavow “white supremacy” (which was a lie) or because he got Covid and, I guess, people don’t approve of that (?), the media is pumping out poll after poll showing Trump getting absolutely destroyed like no other candidate in history.

Remember these polls in a month:

And this one, which is just ludicrous:

This is Reagan 1984-levels of dominance. Nobody believes this poll is accurate. Fitting because it comes from CNN.

And finally:

Biden +14.

Remember these polls on election day.

Chris Wallace is a Disgrace

I originally entitled this post “thoughts on the debate” or something like that, but then I realized most of it was about how awful Chris Wallace was literally from start to finish.

Here’s my main takeaways from the debates, most of them are about how blatantly biased Chris Wallace was:

  1. Why was Biden not called out for perpetrating the Russia hoax?
  2. Why was Biden not corrected on repeating the “Trump called the troops losers and suckers” hoax?
  3. Why was Biden not corrected on repeating the “fine people” Charlottesville hoax?
  4. Why was Biden not forced to say whether he would pack the Supreme Court or not?
  5. Why did Chris Wallace refer to Critical race theory indoctrination as simply “racial sensitivity training”? He framed the question as if Trump was a racist. He was playing defense for critical race theory by calling it simply “racial sensitivity training.” At least admit there’s debate on the matter. Wallace took the left’s position by default.
  6. Why did Wallace want to talk about climate change and pose gotcha questions for Trump? Most Americans give zero f*cks about “climate change” but Chris Wallace felt the need to demand whether Trump “believed” in it. And Wallace, once again, based his question on a partisan Democrat assumption: that the wildfires in California were 100% caused by “climate change”.
  7. Biden tried to duck the question of why he has not called the mayor of Portland and tell him to stop the riots. At one point when Trump told him he was controlled by the radical left, Biden said “I am the Democratic Party.” But then when Wallace asked him if he had ever used his purported primacy in the Democratic Party to perhaps urge the Democratic mayor of Portland to get his city under control and to stop the 100+ days of rioting and chaos taking place there, Biden said no he hadn’t, because he’s a private citizen and not an elected official. What an absolute cop-out. Biden has the power to stop the rioting but he simply will not do it. That might actually be a crime, in spirit if not in letter.
  8. Why didn’t Wallace bring up the Hunter Biden payments from Russia at all? Why did Trump have to bring this up repeatedly while Wallace either ignored the matter or shouted at him to stop talking? Wallace clearly didn’t want to talk about Hunter Biden at all.
  9. Why was Biden allowed to talk about how he’s gonna bring back businesses but wasn’t called out on demanding ANOTHER lockdown?
  10. Why didn’t Wallace mention the fact that the lockdowns and the subsequent economic collapse directly because of the lockdowns were the doings of the blue state governors?
  11. Why was Biden able to get away with blaming Trump for the economy and all the jobs lost when everyone knows the collapse was because of the virus and the Democrat lockdowns? The US economy did not crash, it was purposely destroyed.
  12. Why was Trump forced to condemn WHITE SUPREMACISTS while Biden wasn’t asked to condemn Antifa and BLM? We are constantly told that WHITE SUPREMACISTS are everywhere, but it’s Antifa and BLM that are doing all the rioting and looting.
  13. Why was there an equivalence made regarding the propensity for rioting and violence from both sides? At the end Wallace made both candidates promise they would tell their supporters not to riot if the election didn’t go their way, but when has there ever been any Trump supporters rioting? We know the chaos and violence all comes from the Biden side. Why was Trump asked to tell his supporters not to riot? His supporters haven’t been the ones rioting. It’s not a “both sides are equally guilty” matter. One side is clearly the guilty party. But not in Wallace’s eyes. He had to muddy the waters and group Trump and his supporters in with Biden’s marauding stormtroopers.
  14. All the pundits pooh-poohing the fact that the debate was nasty and combative: just shut up. We have no place for pussies like you. These people think they’re so moral and pure by condemning “both sides”. Just shut up. We can handle two grown men arguing. “Ugh, all this nasty name calling and yelling, I just couldn’t stomach it.” Just stop it. Nobody thinks you’re morally superior because You Were Disgusted By The Debate.
  15. Trump forced Joe to denounce the Green New Deal. Big win.
  16. Biden was just so low energy. He’s clearly not the man he once was. Biden back in 2012 was pretty high energy. But now he’s a frail old man. I found myself losing interest when he started talking. Probably part of that was that he didn’t say much of substance, but he was just so low energy. That was my biggest takeaway with him.
  17. If the bar for Biden was “don’t look like you have dementia” then I guess he cleared it, but so many of his answers were clearly scripted and it seemed like he had the questions in advance. There were so many lines he had there clearly concocted beforehand.
  18. And Wallace continually let Biden off the hook, rarely if ever forced him to go off-script and improvise where he could have potentially said something really stupid or embarrassing. So of course Biden is going to appear competent.
  19. Biden called Trump a clown, a liar and a racist and was allowed to get away with it.
  20. Why was he allowed to call Trump a racist? Because Chris Wallace is a liberal and he believes it too. But there’s a lot of us out there that don’t believe that at all. Why did Wallace just begin from the assumption that Trump was racist, as if everyone agrees that he is?
  21. Why was Biden allowed to tell Trump to shutup? And after Trump pressed him on whether or not he’d pack the courts, no less! Wallace just let it happen.
  22. Who “discredited” the Hunter Biden payments from Russia, as well as the Ukrainian oil company Burisma? Joe kept saying it was “discredited” anytime Trump brought it up. It wasn’t “discredited.” Why was Biden not asked to clarify this?
  23. Why was Joe Biden not asked about defunding the police?
  24. Why wasn’t Biden asked about when he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black!” Shouldn’t he at least be asked to clarify what he meant by this remark?
  25. Biden literally said Antifa was an “idea, not an organization.” This was a flagrant and provable lie, yet Wallace did not push back at all on this.
  26. Wallace: “Mr. President, if you believe man has an impact on the climate, then why did you reverse Obama’s climate policies?” As if Obama is this unassailable God-like figure whose policies were all perfect in every way. What if Obama’s “climate policies” were actually terrible for the economy and little more than crony capitalist handouts? Chris Wallace simply assumed Obama’s “climate policies” were basically magic.
  27. When libs talk about SCIENCE!!!!! all they’re really talking about is climate change, which itself is their religion. Chris Wallace wanted to talk about SCIENCE!!! but didn’t want to ask Biden if believed that life begins at conception, or how many genders there are.
  28. Everything Wallace asked Trump was from the perspective of the Blue Check Twitter left. Wallace was deeply concerned about Trump’s tax returns even though they’re both irrelevant and have already been discussed in the 2016 election. He kept asking Trump how much he paid in taxes in 2016, and Trump immediately answered “$38 million.” But that wasn’t the end of it. Because Wallace wanted to impress his Cool Friends At The New York Times, he asked the question again. Yet of course, there was no mention of Hunter Biden getting millions from both Russia and Ukraine. Because Wallace and his liberal “Journalist” friends only care about foreign money when it comes to Trump.
  29. Bongino on Hannity last night was 100% right when he said this was a base election. Trump fired up his base and made Biden betray his. That was the strategy last night and Trump succeeded. There was nothing that Trump did or said in that debate that made his supporters jump ship, in fact they probably like him even more. Biden, though, had to back off of a lot of radical leftwing agenda items and probably pissed off people in his base.
  30. However, the one thing above all that motivates Biden’s base is hatred of Trump, so I don’t know how many radical lefties in Biden’s base will actually stay home because of what he said about the Green New Deal and other radical left agenda items.

Ace of Spades said this:

I was going out of my head with Chris Wallace declaring the urgent “NEED TO MOVE ON” every single time Trump was effectively attacking Biden.

We NEED TO MOVE ON from every single issue that Republicans find interesting, in order to discuss the issues that Democrats — such as red diaper baby Chris Wallace — find interesting.

No, we can’t talk about Hunter Biden’s receipt of three and a half million dollars from the richest woman in Russia, the ex-wife of a former mayor of Moscow.

Even though the media — including leftwinger Chris Wallace — considered RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE the only story that mattered for three and a half of the last four years, now that we’ve got Hunter Biden taking millions of Russian money, we NEED TO MOVE ON.

Another great point from Ace regarding the critical race theory/”racial sensitivity training” conflation:

One of the worst moments of the night was Chris Wallace pretending as if he doesn’t know what Critical Race Theory is and trying to needle Trump for opposing it.

I believe Chris Wallace does know what Critical Race Theory is. He just supports it, and therefore wants to do the Motte and Bailey defense of it:

The motte-and-bailey fallacy (named after the motte-and-bailey castle) is a form of argument and an informal fallacy where an arguer conflates two positions which share similarities, one modest and easy to defend (the “motte”) and one much more controversial (the “bailey”). The arguer advances the controversial position, but when challenged, they insist that they are only advancing the more modest position. Upon retreating to the motte, the arguer can claim that the bailey has not been refuted (because the critic refused to attack the motte) or that the critic is unreasonable (by equating an attack on the bailey with an attack on the motte).

This is such a common logical fallacy offered by leftists that they don’t even know it’s a fallacy– they just think it’s how people argue.

Critical Race Theory gets its foot in the door by saying, “What’s wrong with teaching people some sensitivity?”

And then, once they get hired by a corporation or a government, they have white people standing alone in front of a group being forced (on pain of being derailed in your career) to Confess Their White Sins.

It’s a literal Maoist struggle session.

Chris Wallace pretends he doesn’t know that — because he’s playing the Motte and Bailey game with CRT. It’s a thoroughly dishonest, and thoroughly leftist, tacitc.

And Chris Wallace — who reports FACTS, not OPINIONS! — is only too eager to deploy it.

And that’s because Chris Wallace agrees with this leftwing Maoist goal of endlessly denigrating white people and treating them as lower than second class citizens.

Chris Wallace, like all other left-liberals, thinks that white people should be discriminated against. Except themselves, of course. Interestingly, most of the very white people who support this shit are too rich to be negatively impacted by a reimposition of Jim Crow.

Conveniently enough!

Ace is the best.

Here’s the big thing though: debates don’t really matter. They’re TV spectacles and little more. I remember basically one thing from the 2016 debates: Trump’s “Because you’d be in jail” line to Hillary. That’s it. I don’t remember who won or lost each debate. And I don’t think they swayed the election.

People are pretty much locked in by this point. The media perpetrates this myth that lots of Americans wait until the debates to make up their minds, but this is only to boost the public’s perception that the debates are Super Important, and thereby boost viewership. They’re not. People who “haven’t made up their minds” at this point probably aren’t even watching the debates.

I think Trump energized his supporters, and probably some of Biden’s too because they hate him so much. Biden himself didn’t energize anybody because he has no energy. I don’t think Trump did as well as he could’ve, but he did fine.

Also, just as I was about to publish this post, I saw this:

Now, they’re saying that as streaming and online watchers are added to the total, it will obviously increase in the coming few days. But it will still be nowhere close to the numbers for 2016’s first debate.

I really think it has a lot to do with the fact that Biden is highly unappealing and people are just uninterested in him and his campaign. The Twitter Left is as rabid as ever, but I don’t think the country feels the same.

It Sure Looked Like Biden Was Wearing a Wire, Despite the “Fact Checkers’” Claims Otherwise

Have a look:

But of course the “fact checkers” had to come to the rescue:

How on earth did PolitiFact “confirm” it was a crease in his shirt? Did they inspect his shirt immediately after the debate? Of course not. They probably asked a Biden spokesperson if he was wearing a wire, they said no, and that was good enough for the “fact checkers.”

What an utterly ridiculous claim to make.

And on top of this Biden refused an “ear inspection” before the debate:

Why on earth would they not agree to this? If you’re not wearing an earpiece, then what’s the harm in allowing an “ear inspection”?

More FAKE NEWS From CNN: Bodybuilder Accuses Chris Cuomo of Lifting Fake Weights

I missed this story last week, but apparently this picture of Cuomo doing a one-armed tricep extension with a 100lb dumbbell went viral last week:

Anyone who has ever lifted weights knows that’s impossible. Flat-out.

So bodybuilder Marc Lobliner called BS on Cuomo and said he was using fake weights. Lobliner, being a professional bodybuilder, is far stronger than Cuomo. He tried to replicate Cuomo’s supposed feat and was unable to even get one rep with a 100lb dumbbell in that position:

CNN just never stops with the fake news, huh?