Fake News

Police ***DID*** Knock and Announce Their Presence Before Breonna Taylor Raid

Kentucky’s Attorney General confirms:

They continually whine about the “spread of misinformation” and Republicans being so misinformed yet they’re the ones destroying the city of Louisville because they consume nothing but fake news.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many problems in this country would immediately vanish if liberals just stopped believing fake news?

There is nothing worse than a person that not only believes fake news, but then gets extremely outraged and indignant and self-righteous over the fake news.

BLM’s continued existence relies entirely on liberals’ propensity to believe fake news, and to be extremely outraged by it.

Breonna Taylor was not shot in her sleep. It was not a “no-knock raid.” The police announced their presence, so the claim that the police were only fired upon because they were mistaken for burglars does not hold up.

She was killed because her boyfriend started shooting at the police police when they busted into the home. In no way did she deserve to die, it’s an unfortunate situation no doubt. But to say that Taylor was a victim of “police racism” is a flat-out lie.

This was a state investigation, too. It was handled by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office, not the Louisville Police Department. Here are more relevant details:

Cameron convened a special press conference to announce the grand jury’s decision, and to answer journalists’ questions. After expressing his condolences to Taylor’s family, Cameron explained that the officers who had shot Taylor would not be charged because they had been fired upon first, and because her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, testified that they had knocked first.

Cameron noted that the three officers had been asked to serve the search warrant but had not been involved in the investigation leading to it being issued.

“Evidence shows that officers both knocked an announced their presence at the apartment,” Cameron said. He said that had been corroborated by testimony from an independent witness who was nearby.

As Breitbart News reported in July, although the officers had been granted a “no-knock” warrant, Mattingly told investigators that police had decided to knock anyway. His account was corroborated by Walker’s own account of events.

Mattingly was hit by a bullet from Walter’s gun, and was not hit by “friendly fire.” He returned fire, as did Cosgrove. Taylor was ultimately hit by six bullets, according to Cameron. The FBI concluded that the fatal shot had been fired by Cosgrove.

“Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after being fired upon by Kenneth Walker,” he said.

Cameron urged those listening to him to note the tragedy of the situation: “A human life was lost, and we cannot forget that.”

Unfortunately this is not going to matter at all to the people who want to believe the police are racist, want to believe they’re heroes working to overthrow a corrupt and RACIST system, and want to loot and burn.

The results of this investigation should be good news to the people who claim to be most concerned about “police racism” because the investigation found that the police were justified in their actions, and that this wasn’t a product of police racism. But of course the people who claim to want to end police racism in reality just want to riot. When any investigation of a police shooting of a black person concludes the police were justified, they simply claim “the system” is covering for police and use it as even further justification to Burn, Loot and Murder.

Trump Brokers Historic Middle East Peace Deal, CNN Complains About Crowd Size & Lack of Social Distancing

Today at the White House, President Trump brought together the leaders of Israel, Bahrain and the UAE to sign a major peace deal for the Middle East, which will normalize diplomatic relations between Israel and each of the two Gulf states.

This is, as Joe Biden would say, “a big f*ckin’ deal,” because it is a step closer to peace in the region–well, at least between Israel and its neighbors. The ultimate endgame, I believe, is to get the Saudis to follow suit and establish relations with Israel, because the UAE would not have done this without Saudi approval. This would officially cement an Arab-Israeli alliance against Iran.

It’s not every day you see Arab nations recognizing Israel. They are not exactly fond of one another. It has only happened twice before–with Egypt in 1979 and with Jordan in 1994.

And this is how CNN described the scene at the White House:

It was a “White House Event” with a “large crowd” and “little social distancing.”

Shhh. Nobody tell CNN about BLM’s “large crowds” with “little social distancing.”

Media: 90% of Protests This Year Peaceful

Weapons-grade gaslighting:

They’re lying straight to your faces and trying to tell you not to trust your lying eyes.

Maybe it’s true that 90% of protests were peaceful.

But the 10% that weren’t caused a hell of a lot of damage.

This is kind of like saying 99.9% of flights on September 11, 2001 safely reached their destinations.

I guess, though, if this is the standard, then that’s wonderful news: it means the Covid-19 pandemic should be over!

According to Worldometers, only 2.9% of US coronavirus cases have been fatal. That means 97.1% of cases were not fatal. I eagerly await the media to apply their logic on downplaying the protests to coronavirus!

Stonetoss had a great comic about it, too:

🚨Fake News Alert: Atlantic Mag Says Trump Hates the Troops

I’m not even going to dignify this accusation with a link to the article. The Atlantic is failing, so let’s not do anything to prolong the amount of time it circles the drain. I’ll just include this Twitter summary:

They’re saying Trump referred to fallen US Marines who fought in WWI as “losers” and “suckers.”

They’re also saying he said the same thing about John McCain after he died in 2018.

The best part of all of this is Jeffery Goldberg’s–the Atlantic Editor-in-Chief who was making rounds on cable news today promoting his magazine’s slanderous story–excuse for using anonymous sources. He says his sources are anonymous because they “don’t want to get angry tweets.” I’m serious:

It’s almost comical how bad this story is. Goldberg’s sources are Super Brave Whistleblowers, but they’re also too afwaid of mean tweeets.

If that’s the biggest worry you have, then just don’t go on Twitter for a while. Problem solved.

If you’re so concerned about this country that you’re willing to come forward with a major accusation like this against the President, then wouldn’t you be willing to brave a few 🤬 Mean Tweets 🤬?

That’s because the sources are either made-up, or the sources are full of it.

The first accusation–about WWI soldiers–is just obviously untrue. It literally could not be further away from who Donald Trump is. Most people, even those who are not supporters of his, would have to admit that Trump very obviously loves America, and bends over backwards for the troops. Only the most nutty and brainwashed fringe of far-leftwing Fake News Consumers would not reflexively reject this story as bogus.

I mean you’d have to literally be watching CNN and MSNBC all day long in order to be this out-of-touch with reality. Those few people who are willing to believe Trump said this stuff about fallen US soldiers are living entirely inside the Fake News artificial reality constructed by the media. What the Atlantic is accusing Trump of is cartoon villain-esque.

Unfortunately, this story is getting major play in the media, because blue checks are some of the few people this thoroughly engrossed in the Manufactured World of Fake News. The NeverTrumpers believe this stuff because, well, they’re liberals and obviously so. And the big time, blue check-having so-called “Journalists” believe this stuff because they’re actually rabidly partisan far-left Democrats, not journalists.

Exhibit A:

No, they haven’t “confirmed” anything. You’re just a leftwing hack seeking confirmation bias.

Norman Ornstein says Jeffrey Goldberg is a 10 out of 10 in terms of credibility. Yet he leaves out the fact that Jeffrey Goldberg was one of the biggest proponents of the Iraq War way back when, even falsely claiming that Iraq was in cahoots with Al Qaeda. More on Goldberg’s lack of credibility here, here and here.

Unfortunately for Goldberg, screenshots are forever and so is the internet:

This guy should have been laughed out of the business 18 years ago. But unfortunately we don’t have an honest media in our country, and it is precisely because Goldberg helped lie us into war with Iraq that he has not only stuck around but been promoted. That should tell you everything you need to know about the values of the American mainstream media.

The Atlantic claimed that Trump blew-off the French cemetery trip because Trump Cares About His Hair More Than the Troops:

I honestly don’t know how anyone could read those words and believe them to be true. You have to be living in a completely different world.

But it turns out the Atlantic got that wrong, too, because FOIA-obtained emails show that Trump’s helicopter trip to the Cemetery really was canceled by the Navy due to bad weather. Credit @Techno_Fog and Jason Leopold on Twitter:

But the Atlantic does not care about this stuff, which has been public since May 2019. The Atlantic writes stories for people who want to believe Trump is Satan Incarnate. Ironically, it’s the everyday people on Twitter who have to fact-check the supposed Professional Blue Check Journalists, all of whom ate this story up (both now and back in 2018 when the Paris trip happened) without a second thought.

Also wrecking Goldberg’s credibility is former Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton, who publicly turned on Trump after being fired. Although Bolton is a neocon snake, in his book–which was released in June of this year–he specifically details the decision to cancel the cemetery trip, and it has nothing to do with Trump being “afraid of the rain” or hating the troops:

But, again, none of this really matters to the Atlantic and all the other blue checks obsessing over this story. Because they didn’t “make a mistake.” They lied. They’ve been consistently lying about Trump since 2016–frequently, deliberately and maliciously. The whole France story from 2018 was a lie from the start, but since it fit their “narrative” (and the fact-checking of it did not) they brought it back up again for 2020.

Now, the McCain story is another matter. Because Trump and McCain have had a very public feud for a while. Trump addressed that part as well on Twitter:

Plus, since we know the first claim in the Atlantic story is obviously bullshit, what reason do we have to believe this McCain stuff?

Trump did say of McCain “He’s not a hero” and “I like people who weren’t captured” back in 2015. But more than proof that Trump Hates The Troops, I think those comments about McCain were more an indication that Trump knows the real story about McCain’s time in Vietnam, which paints a very different picture of him from the War Hero story most people have been told.

Back in March 2015, the incomparable Ron Unz wrote a long piece entitled “When Tokyo Rose Ran for President” about John McCain. It’s very long, but if you have some time I highly recommend reading it and learning the truth about what really happened to John McCain in Vietnam. Here’s a brief excerpt that summarizes the story:

It is certainly acknowledged that considerable numbers of American POWs were indeed tortured in Vietnam, but it is far from clear that McCain was ever one of them. As the original Counterpunch article pointed out, throughout almost the entire war McCain was held at a special section for the best-behaving prisoners, which was where he allegedly produced his Communist propaganda broadcasts and perhaps became such good friends with his guards as they later claimed. Top-ranking former POWs held at the same prison, such as Colonels Ted Guy and Gordon “Swede” Larson, have gone on the record saying they are very skeptical regarding McCain’s claims of torture.

McCain wasn’t tortured. He was captured by the Vietnamese after crash-landing his plane, but then treated extraordinarily well by the enemy and even recorded propaganda broadcasts for them. This was because John McCain’s father, John McCain Jr., was literally the Commander in Chief of Pacific Command during the Vietnam War–in other words, the highest-ranking Naval officer in the Vietnam War.

It’s a long story that I recommend reading for yourself. But the point is that Trump was not just talking out of his ass when he said that stuff about John McCain back in 2015. The reason it sounded so outrageous at the time was because most people don’t know the McCain torture saga is a myth.

Anyway. Back to the Fake News.

The fact that the Atlantic story was pure garbage did not stop Joe Biden from repeating its allegations while on the campaign trail today:

Biden “visibly angry,” says the Blue Check. Because Biden just cares so damn much about the troops! It literally hurts his heart when he hears the Evil Orange Man’s Evil Orange Man Words.

At least Joe was nice enough to toss in the “if these statements are true” disclaimer.

I guess that’s how politics works now. I guess now a news outlet could say something like, “Per Sources, Joe Biden Has Practiced Cannibalism Since 1978.” And then Trump could give an entire speech calling him Cannibal Joe or something like that, and it’s All Good In the Hood as long as Trump says, “if these statements are true” at the end.

And apparently Biden just says whatever the media tells him to say about Trump. The media handles his messaging strategy and does all his oppo research for him. They just tee up stories for him.

Nobody who is not already way off the deep-end believes this story. It’s just not believable.

Trump loves the troops. He loves America. He goes out of his way to constantly profess his admiration and support for the military.

I ran a Twitter search for every time Trump used the term “troops” or “military” and there were too many results to count. Every time Trump endorses a Republican candidate, he cites the candidate’s commitment to the military. These are just a few examples from the past couple months, because there are so many tweets:

Being “strong on Military & Vets” is one of Trump’s biggest requirements for endorsing a candidate.


Trump consistently shows us that taking care of the military is one of his highest priorities:

And finally the cherry on top:

Yeah, TOTALLY sound like a guy who would disparage WWI troops.

Another Media Lie: Jacob Blake Was NOT “Breaking Up a Fight.” The police Were Called Because of Blake.

This article from Madison365 attempts to bury the important development under the headline “Kenosha police opened fire less than 5 minutes after being called: scanner audio.

As if that proves anything at all. What does it matter how long it took for them to open fire? They were reacting.

No, the real news in this story is this:

“According to the audio obtained by Madison365, someone called police to report that Blake was at her home and wasn’t supposed to be, and that he had taken her keys and was refusing to give them back. A dispatcher relayed this message to patrol officers at about 5:11 pm Sunday.

About 30 seconds later, she let patrol officers know that there was “an alert at this address for a 99 for this subject,” apparently to indicate that a warrant had been issued for Blake’s arrest. Court records indicate a warrant was issued on three charges — two misdemeanors and one G-class felony — on July 7. Court records indicate no previous criminal charges in the state of Wisconsin.”

So Blake WAS NOT just an innocent bystander just trying to break up a fight between two women.

Kurt Schlichter on Why It’s Not Crazy to Believe the Polls are Rigged

He just published a piece called “The Tide Turns Toward Trump,” and as the kids say, it goes in:

“You hear from such unimpeachable sources as human potato-employing CNN that Trump is down 15 points and you wonder where all those people who switched from voting patriot to voting Squad minion are. I have yet to meet one – in all my shameless virtual book promoting around the country over the last month, I’ve interacted with a lot of folks and I have met many people who were all, “Yeah, I did not vote for him last time because Trump’s tweets make me sad as I’m kind of soft, but I can’t vote for the communists’ Trojan Donkey.” 

In contrast, the number of people I have met who told me, “Yeah, I voted for Trump and love his conservative achievements, but he’s mean to dumb people on Twitter so I have to vote for Charley UnMcCarthyite” is zero. As in zip. Nada. The number of conservative successes achieved by the insufferable Never Trump Fredocons in the two decades before Trump came along and broke and humiliated them. None.

Where are all these vote switchers? And where are all the conservatives picking up the phone during dinner and saying, “Why yes, I am delighted to talk to you as my rib-eye chills, total stranger, and yes, I strongly support the guy the cultural elite considers to be literally Hitler”? We talk about the Silent Majority and the Shy Trump Voter, but it’s more like the “Kiss my Schumer, you’ll find out what I think in November, jerk” voter.

Here’s the best part:

“But it’s not just that few of us answer polls. It’s that there’s no reason to believe the polls aren’t rigged. Now, am I contending that the polls are consciously manipulated by media outlets and others to artificially depress Trump’s popularity in order to demoralize conservatives and keep them from voting since it is a lost cause?


The media lies about things right in front of us – “peaceful protestors” anyone? – so what’s stopping them from lying about things that are already opaque like poll results? “Oh well, we’ll gladly invent a Russian conspiracy theory out of whole cloth and cheerlead people being imprisoned and an election being overturned so our political allies can retake power, but we draw the line at tweaking poll numbers. I’ve got muh principles, damnit!”

If you’re wondering whether the polls are rigged, just ask yourself whether you’d put it past the media to do something like that?

Of course not. They’ve done way worse than rigging the polls. So why would they have any hesitation to rig the polls? That’s child’s play for them. The “Russian Collusion lie” was 10x worse than rigging the polls.

And don’t even get me started on the things they do to little kids.

If you think they’re “above” rigging the polls, then you haven’t been paying attention. Stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt. They’re horrible, dishonest, power-hungry villains who will stop at nothing to retake the power that they feel entitled to.

Yes, they are rigging the polls. They rigged the polls in 2016, they’re doing it again.

They are pulling out all the stops to beat Trump. They’re cornered and desperate.

Liberals Spreading Misinformation With Doctored Photo on Social Media



Trump is so evil and fascist, he gassed innocent Peaceful Protesters™ so he could go take his Hitler picture! Fascisty FASCIST!

I’m sorry, dummies, but the Hitler picture is fake. Here’s the original:


I eagerly await the hordes of Blue Checks on social media to denounce this as a “doctored” image.

Any minute now, Twitter will “Fact Check” people sharing this image and flag them as Fake News.