Global Warming Isn’t Real

Global Warming Update: Fox Walks Over 2,000 Miles Across Frozen Arctic Circle

“The polar ice caps are melting!” they shrieked.


“An Arctic fox walked more than 3,500 kilometres to go from northern Norway to Canada’s North in four months, Norwegian researchers said.

The Norwegian Polar Institute reported the young female fox left her birthplace on Norway’s Svalbard archipelago in March 2018, and reached Canada’s Ellesmere Island by way of Greenland by July.

The ground the small fox cumulatively covered over those four months was among the most ever recorded for an Arctic fox seeking a place to settle down and breed, the institute said in a research article subtitled “One female’s long run across sea ice.”

Here’s a map of where this fox walked:

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 9.19.16 AM.png

Wow. That’s a lot of frozen ice.

Here’s a more zoomed out map:

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 9.16.56 AM.png

So that’s how the whole “global warming” thing is going.

Al Gore in 2009: “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years.”

2018, during “some of the summer months”: a fox walks across 2,000 miles of ice that was supposed to be melted away by 2016.

Looks like we don’t need Global Communism to save the world from a climate catastrophe. The globalists will have to invent another reason to enslave the world under a single communist regime.

This is Why Climate Alarmists Are Full of Shit

We all know about Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” the ridiculous, pie-in-the-sky “plan” to save us all from the inevitable global warming-induced apocalypse of 2030.

Cortez demands we stop flying in planes, kill all the farting cows and rebuild every single building in America. Seriously. She also suggests people shouldn’t reproduce.

She’s serious about all of this. This is what she demands of us. If we’re going to save the world in 12 years, we all need to sacrifice. No one said this would be easy.

As for herself, she’s been doing her part since getting sworn in to Congress a couple of months ago, traversing back and forth from her home district in the Bronx to Washington D.C. by stagecoach and swearing off modern technology altogether.

She’s really putting her money where her mouth is, setting an example for the rest of us and demonstrating through her actions that she is serious about stopping climate change.

Just kidding:

“Since declaring her candidacy in May 2017, Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign heavily relied on those combustion-engine cars — even though a subway station was just 138 feet from her Elmhurst campaign office.

She listed 1,049 transactions for Uber, Lyft, Juno and other car services, federal filings show. The campaign had 505 Uber expenses alone.

In all, Ocasio-Cortez spent $29,365.70 on those emissions-spewing vehicles, along with car and van rentals — even though her Queens HQ was a one-minute walk to the 7 train.

The campaign shelled out only $8,335.41 on 52 MetroCard transactions.”

Public transportation is for the peasants anyway.

“By comparison, fellow freshman Rep. Max Rose — whose district is more than twice the size of AOC’s and, like hers, spans two boroughs — listed only 329 transactions for car services, totaling $6,091.29, campaign filings show.

In a district with limited transit options and a $17 Verrazzano Bridge toll, Rose spent only $732 more than AOC on gas and tolls — an indicator of personal car usage.”

You can’t expect The Millennial Par Excellence herself to stop using Uber. Sheesh.

“Ocasio-Cortez has repeatedly attributed her success in beating Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley to walking the streets of her district, which includes parts of Queens and the Bronx.

“I knocked doors until rainwater came through my soles,” she tweeted last June, famously donating her worn-out campaign shoes to the Cornell Costume Institute for an exhibit about women and empowerment.

But Ocasio-Cortez and her staff appear to have done much less walking after she vanquished Crowley in the party’s June 2018 primary.

Instead, her campaign embraced the friendly skies, logging 66 airline transactions costing $25,174.54 during campaign season.

The Democratic firebrand or her staff took Amtrak far less — only 18 times — despite high-speed rail being the cornerstone of her save-the-world strategy.

Most of the flights came after her primary win gave her superstar status and Ocasio-Cortez spent weeks jetting around the country, burning fuel to support her fellow Dems.

That despite her ultimate goal of building “high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary” — part of her Green New Deal mentioned in an FAQ she posted to her official website. She later called the air travel reference a mistake. The resolution now before Congress doesn’t mention air travel.”

That’s only because her “Ban Flying” proposal was a national laughingstock. But it was in her original plan–that’s because she wanted it. She only retracted it after she was roundly mocked for it.

There’s some more examples in the story of her actions not aligning with her hysterical climate rhetoric, but you get the picture: she certainly doesn’t act with any sense of urgency about “climate change.”

Of course, the Queen herself had to #ClapBack:

“Freshman New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to The Post’s report on her giant carbon footprint by saying she’s just “living in the world.”

*hair flip* “Like, whateverrrrr.”

“I also fly and use AC,” the Green New Deal-touting pol tweeted Saturday night. “Living in the world as it is isn’t an argument against working towards a better future.”

No, but it is an indicator that you don’t actually believe your own bullshit.

“In her rebuttal, the Bronx-born congresswoman said the GND is about systemic change — not about personal gas-guzzling practices.”

What is systemic change but millions of individuals making personal changes all at once?

She’s just “living in the world as it is,” huh?

Isn’t the whole point of her climate crusade to change the world? Shouldn’t she start by demonstrating that change and being an example for the rest of us?

That would show commitment and seriousness, but she’s neither committed nor serious.

This is why people think climate freaks are full of shit. It has nothing to do with the “scientific consensus” or the “hard data” supposedly proving them right: the bottom line is that these climate freaks are all talk.

I believe it was Gandhi who said, “Don’t be the change you want to see in the world.”

At least that’s how the climate fanatics interpret it.

Hey, all I’m saying is that maybe these climate freaks should start acting like the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t all go green.

Until then, they’re full of shit.

Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” May as Well Have Been Written By a 12-Year-Old

America’s most specialist and awesomest Congresspersyn Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez just finished her final project for Political Science 101: A Green New Deal!

“How to Stop Climate Change” By: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Poli-Sci 101. Professor Pelosi.

Look at some of her amazing ideas:

“Rebuild every single building in the U.S.

“Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”

Will end all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years.

The Green New Deal is “a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

Plans to ban nuclear energy within 10 years if possible.

“It’s unclear if we will be able to decommission every nuclear plant within 10 years, but the plan is to transition off of nuclear and all fossil fuels as soon as possible.”

Build trains across oceans and end all air travel!

“Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”.

Don’t invest in new technology of Carbon Capture and Storage, just plant trees instead!

“We believe the right way to capture carbon is to plant trees and restore our natural ecosystems. CCUS technology to date has not proven effective.”

Is this a college freshman’s class project for Poli Sci 101, or an actual policy proposal put forth by a real, live Member of Congress?

Ten-year-olds writing letters to the President have more realistic ideas than Ocasio-Cortez. The Green New Deal is totally unfeasible, pie-in-the-sky nonsense from top to bottom.

She wants to upgrade or replace every building in the United States. Every last one.

And forget gas-burning cars–she’s way beyond that. Getting rid of gas-burning cars is a given for Ocasio-Cortez: she wants to eliminate air travel by building high-speed rail systems all across the country, and even across the oceans.

Sorry, Hawaii: you’re basically fucked.

It gets better:

“Free money. The GND aims to provide, and I am not making this up, “economic security” for all who are “unable or unwilling” to work. Just to reiterate: if you’re unwilling to work, the rest of us will have your back.

Bonus insanity: Ban meat. Ocasio-Cortez admits that we can’t get zero emissions in 10 years “because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.” The only way to get rid of farting cows is to get rid of beef.

It actually does seek to give free money to those “unable or unwilling to work.”


I am not making this up. Go read the actual document and see for yourself. The “unwilling” part is right there in the first section on the first page.

Free money for everyone, and no one has to work. Yay!

And she wants to “get rid of cows” (how she plans to do that is unclear) because farting cows simply emit too much carbon.

She’s coming for your house, your airline travel, and your steak dinners.

As someone who has been lucky enough to enjoy a nice steak dinner on an airplane flying over an ocean, I will be giving Ocasio-Cortez’s school project an “F”.

Everything sounded great until the part about cow genocide. You can send in the feds to forcibly renovate my home, take away my gas-burning car and deny me the ability to use air travel–but you will never take my steaks away from me.

That’s where I draw the line.

In all seriousness, though, what is with these Dems and their obsession with climate change? Do they really think it’s a winning issue?

Not a single American would be willing to make these sacrifices Ocasio-Cortez is demanding. Not a single one.

Raise your hand if you want to renounce virtually all the amenities and conveniences of modernity to combat a climate “threat” that doesn’t even exist.

Nobody really cares about climate change. That’s the truth.

Lefties may claim to be Super Serious about it, but not a one of them would actually be willing to cut carbon out of their life to Fight Climate Change.

Thankfully, Ocasio’s class project that she worked really really hard on will never see the light of day. It’s too ridiculous for even Democrats.

As awful as Nancy Pelosi is, her response to Cortez’s laughable “policy proposal” was pretty funny. It was basically, “Thank you for your input, sweetie. We’re all very proud of you. Now go sit down.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 4.27.07 PM.png

Kids do the darnedest things!

According to the Ministry of Truth and Cortez herself, she’s got us right-wingers quaking in our boots.

You sure do, honey!