“Send Her Back”

This gives me hope for the future. Despite the bombardment of politically correct multiculturalist propaganda, Americans still aren’t afraid to stand up for their country against invaders and subversives:

It gives me hope to see that not all Americans have been bullied into accepting the lie that we have to welcome and accept foreigners who don’t even try to hide the fact that they hate us.

This is a woman who has referred to 9/11 as “some people did something.”

Ilhan Omar has said that America is “not going to be the country of white people,” and we’re supposed to sit here and act like that’s not blatant racism and support for white genocide.

How come it’s racist to say America, a country that was consistently 87% white/13% black for two centuries, is a white country? It’s just a fact. But Ilhan Omar wants to change that fact. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you disagree strongly.

We are under no obligation to accept “refugees” who come here and want to implement a demographic replacement of the historical majority of the country.

If I went to her native Ethiopia and, after some time living there, I ran for political office and won and upon taking office I confidently pronounced that “this is not going to be the country of black people,” people would be rightfully pissed. They let me in, and I repay them by basically telling them it’s my country now, not theirs.

The fact that we didn’t send Ilhan Omar packing the moment she said that is extraordinary and shows just how conditioned Americans are to accepting foreigners who obviously hate this country and everything it represents.

But as last night’s Trump rally showed, not all of us believe the lies.

Outside of the fact that she went through a citizenship ceremony, where is the evidence that Ilhan Omar is an American? It should be obvious from her words and actions, but it’s not. In fact her words and actions indicate someone who hates America.

But she went through a citizenship ceremony so according to the Politically Correct cowards she’s Just As American As Anyone Else!

She is the first invader member of Congress and thankfully there’s still some people who see straight through it. They don’t buy this bullshit that says stepping on to America’s Magic Soil automatically makes anyone as American as Elvis Presley.

“Send her back” is the visceral reaction of patriotic Americans who instinctively recognize a traitor in their midst.

Oh shut up. Quit playing dumb.

You know exactly what this is: Ilhan Omar is not only unAmerican, she’s anti-American. This is way more than simply “saying something President Trump doesn’t like.” This goes way beyond mere disagreement.

This woman committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother in order to gain citizenship, then used that wrongfully-gotten citizenship to run for Congress, where she was able to win because her district is full of Somali Muslims just like her who simply voted for her in ethnic solidarity, and now she uses her ill-gotten political power to subvert and destroy America from within. And she has the tacit approval of leftist elites who hate America as much as she does, as well as cowed “conservative” media who through years of shaming and psychological abuse by the media and Democratic Politicians, have genuinely come to be as pro-immigrant as the Democrats despite not benefitting from it like the Democrats do.

This woman–who hates white people, flippantly dismisses 9-11, and committed immigration fraud to gain her citizenship here–does not belong in America.

I’m glad there’s still some Americans out there who aren’t afraid to say so.

Trump: I’m Slapping Some Big Ol’ Tariffs on Mexico Until They Stop Allowing Illegals to Pour Over Our Border

This is the right move, Mr. President. Hit ’em where it hurts:

This will finally create some urgency in the Mexican government to get a handle on the border situation.

Trump is sending a loud-and-clear message that we will not tolerate this anymore.


Hundreds of African Migrants Storm Paris Airport, Demand Open Borders and Chant: “France Does Not Belong to the French”

I’m wondering how long Tucker will be allowed to discuss this stuff and remain on air. Last night he discussed the recent occupation of a French airport by African migrants making “political demands.”

I wonder what those “political demands” were?

If you guessed “making French citizenship a global human right in order to allow untold more millions of Africans to move into and reverse-colonize France,” please collect your winnings.

“At one point a leader of the demonstrator chanted this into a loudspeaker: ‘France does not belong to the French. Everyone has a right to be here.'”

Africans see rich, advanced France not as having anything to do with the French. Africans see it as their “right” to enjoy the relatively advanced way of life of the French.

When Western Civilization is finally overrun by enough poor third-worlders seeking not to change their nationalities and assimilate but to simply enjoy the comforts and benefits of our nations, then they will finally learn, after it’s too late, just how much the relative material and economic superiority of the West compared to the rest of the world has to do with Westerners themselves.

This is why I maintain that third-world immigrants who have already made it to America and Europe ought to be the biggest immigration opponents out there: do you really want to turn your new country into your old one? Because that’s what will happen if you get your wish for more open borders.

As Tucker alluded to, Kirsten Gillibrand, the Democratic Senator from New York running (unsuccessfully) for President, recently announced that if elected President she would literally abolish the US border and allow migrants to flood in in unlimited numbers:

“During an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said, as president, she would end the detention of all border crossers and illegal aliens, instead, releasing every foreign national arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border into American communities if they are claiming asylum.

“As president of the United States, I would not fund any for-profit prisons, I would not lock up these families, I would have a humane immigration policy where people … would have lawyers and have a proper asylum process,” Gillibrand said.

“I wouldn’t keep them in detention at all,” Gillibrand continued. “I wouldn’t … as president of the United States, I wouldn’t use the detention system at all … if someone is seeking asylum, I would assign them a lawyer.”

Wonderful. The rich, liberal white lady wants to overrun this country with migrants because she haz #Compassion.

“Yes, poor, unwashed masses of the world: hurry into America and take a crack at the great piñata. Plunder this rich and bountiful land; enjoy the society its citizens have built. Leech on to and extract the riches of the native population via government welfare and redistribution programs until your host is exhausted.”

It is imperative that we do not allow any of these Democrats near positions of power, but it is especially imperative that we do not allow rich, liberal white women (like Gillibrand) with their Savior Complexes, into the White House.

Signs of Hope: Volunteer Militia in New Mexico Defending U.S. Border Because Our Government Either Cannot or Will Not

This gives me hope for the future of our country:

“Trump’s army: More than 300 asylum seekers surrender to armed militia of ‘New Mexico residents, veterans and ex-cops’, after crossing the US border.

Three hundred asylum seekers surrendered to ‘United Constitutional Patriots’.

Armed militia group claims to be made up of New Mexico ex-cops and veterans, who patrol the border.

One of the militia, Jim Benvie, recorded a group of migrants trying to enter the US on Tuesday.

The group handed themselves in and Border Patrol arrived to process them.

Benvie has documented the armed militia’s encounters with asylum seekers for the past two months.

Border Patrol said it does not condone the group’s actions.”

Americans are not going to take this lying down. They will not sit by while their country is overrun by ungrateful scofflaws.

We now have so many illegals pouring over the border that our Border Patrol cannot possibly handle them all. The situation is unmanageable because Washington refuses to address the problem.

Our homeland is being invaded and our government is complicit.

It’s a beautiful thing to see the American people rising up and taking action after being forsaken by their government.

It gives me hope that the American people will not go quietly into the night.

Nielsen’s Firing As Homeland Security Boss is a Small Victory Against the Uniparty Swamp

This had to happen. There was no way the person in charge of securing the homeland could keep her job in the midst of the biggest foreign invasion of the homeland since the Alamo in 1836:

“Nielsen’s resignation as DHS secretary comes amid a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and an expanded Catch and Release policy that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been tasked with carrying out.

Catch and release has been expanded because there are so many illegals being apprehended at the border we literally don’t have anywhere to put them.

“During Nielsen’s tenure as DHS secretary, illegal immigration has increased nearly every month over the last year and a half. Simultaneously, the Trump administration has yet to construct a border wall on new land at the southern border that did not previously have barriers built by the Bush and Obama administrations.”

Those two sentences alone are ample reason to fire her.

“Most recently, officials with the National ICE Council accused Nielsen of “grossly” mismanaging DHS and failing to acknowledge that the agency had been operating an expanded Catch and Release policy for border crossers and illegal aliens for months.

Sadly, Nielsen, like so many of Trump’s Cabinet Secretaries and White House officials, represented the enemy within: the swamp rats who have infested this Administration and have largely succeeded in steering it away from the MAGA Agenda and towards the Swamp Agenda of the past 30 years.

“As Breitbart News chronicled, Nielsen previously served in the Bush administration overseeing a crisis team following the destruction of New Orleans, Louisiana, by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Bush administration had waved federal regulations to allow an unlimited level of illegal immigration into the Gulf Coast to take low-skill jobs rebuilding the region. Nielsen previously chaired a World Economic Forum committee that authored a report praising mass migration into Europe. For her confirmation process to DHS, Nielsen worked with an assortment of allies that worked vigorously in the 2016 presidential election to oppose Trump, including Frances Townsend and Tom Ridge.”

Again: the enemy within.

She had to go.

There is a consensus brewing among Trump supporters that Trump needs to nominate former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to take over Homeland Security, and I agree: Kobach is one of the few (arguably the only) prominent American politicians out there that is genuinely an immigration hawk.

That’s not an exaggeration, either.

Of course, Kobach’s genuine desire to stop illegal immigration and cut down on equally harmful legal immigration as well will probably prevent him from being confirmed by the Senate if he were actually nominated.

You know the Uniparty Propaganda Media would work overtime digging into Kobach’s past to find something, anything he said that they can present, without context, in order to disqualify him. His nomination fight would be highly contentious because the Uniparty will sense the threat of an actual, genuine Trumpian nationalist gaining power.

If that fails, they’ll just fabricate a sexual misconduct allegation against him and that should give the Fake Republicans in the Senate (Romney, Collins, Murkowski) all the cover they need to join their Democratic colleagues to defeat Kobach’s nomination.

This is why the Swamp cannot be drained.

This is why Trump’s agenda has gone sideways.

The Swamp is simply too vast and powerful to be drained by one measly President.

Virtually every “viable candidate” for a high-level government post has risen through the ranks of the Uniparty over the past several decades. The Uniparty filters out those who would deviate from its dogmas and their careers never get very far.

The only way to rise in Washington is to fully submit to and support Uniparty Dogma.

This is where there is such a scarcity of genuine Trumpian Nationalists available for him to staff his Administration with.

The only reason Trump himself was able to become President is because he avoided the political world until he was 70 to run for the only national office that was directly elected by the American people. In other words, the Uniparty could only try to stop him by spreading fear and lies among the people. It had no direct way to stop him.

I’ve said it before but Trump could only have ever become President: he would never have made it through the Senate as a nominee for a Cabinet post. The Swamp would never have approved him.

But while Trump was able to get elected, the problem is he’s been forced to staff his administration with Uniparty Members and Swamp Loyalists, because they’re the only “qualified” candidates for the top jobs.

Let’s hope Trump nominates Kobach and gets him through the Senate.

It’s a long shot, but it’s basically our only hope to get the border under control.

A Choice for America: Borders or Avocados?

I think we know which way the millennials will go:

No! Not Avocados! I can’t go one day without avocados! Open borders forever!”

The most affluent and plentiful society in the history of mankind, which has not had to make any serious, collective sacrifice for the greater good since at least the Oil Crisis of 1973, but probably not since World War II is offered a choice: attempt to do something about the mass invasion of your country by way of its southern border, or avocados.

In other words, most of the country does not know the meaning of “sacrifice for the greater good,” and so would be OUTRAGED™ and extremely Mad Online at the prospect of having politics affect their lives in any way whatsoever.

“You’re telling me this situation at the border is going to affect ME personally?! DAMN YOU, DRUMPF!”

It sucks to say but we have become so spoiled as a country that the idea of sacrifice for the greater good is probably completely unacceptable to most Americans. We’ve been at war continuously since 2001 but it’s always been an “over there” war with no real change to domestic American life “over here.” The civilian population has not had to make any sacrifices whatsoever for the war on terror, outside of maybe going through TSA at the airport.

And what a disgrace by NBC News and whichever other Uniparty Propaganda Outlets are pushing this angle: “Open borders are good because guacamole. Mmmmm.”

It’s an even greater disgrace that it’ll actually work on most people.

The Floodgates Are Open at the Border

Look at the headlines on Drudge:

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 2.44.47 PM.png

I’d say that qualifies as a national emergency. We are being invaded:

“Arrests of families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally in the past five months hit a record, prompting the chief of Customs and Border Protection to say the system is at “the breaking point.”

From October through February, border agents arrested 136,150 people traveling in families at the southern border. Those figures exceeded the record for a full, 12-month period; 107,212 people were arrested during the federal fiscal year that ended in September.

Meaning in the past five months, more illegals were caught than in the worst 12-month period on record.

“More than 76,000 people were arrested in February, making it the busiest month since President Trump took office and the busiest February since 2008. Since 2013, when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection began counting family units, there have been 2.6 million total apprehensions along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The numbers were the sharpest evidence yet that, despite Mr. Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, the flow of migrants is only growing.

“This situation is not sustainable,” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said while releasing the numbers Tuesday. “The system is well beyond capacity and remains at the breaking point.”

Illegal immigration begets more illegal immigration: when the people south of the border who want to come hear from those who have made it in how easy it was, it won’t be long before even more set off for America.

Daniel Horowitz:

“If Trump had not signed the disastrous budget bill several weeks ago and we were still operating on a short-term CR with immigration remaining the top issue, today’s news could have strengthened Trump’s leverage. According to CBP’s preliminary figures obtained by the Washington Post76,325 illegal aliens were apprehended at the border in February, more than any other month in over a decade since the decline of migration from Mexico. A record 40,325 family units arrived, blowing out the previous records by almost 10,000. Sadly, Trump already signed away his leverage to force a national dialogue over this issue.”

And that’s just then number of illegals who were caught. We have no idea how many slipped through and made it in undetected.

We are being overrun.

Conservative Review interviewed Mark Morgan, the former head of Customs and Border Patrol under Obama, and he elaborated on just how bad the situation is:

“When anyone opines that the apprehension numbers are at a historic low to support the claim that there is no crisis along our southwest border, they are leaving out a critical factor — the demographics of those illegally entering our country. In the early 2000s when apprehensions were around one million, the overwhelming majority were Mexican adults. They were processed and returned to Mexico within days through an expedited removal process.

Since 2014, we have seen a significant shift in who is illegally entering through the southwest border. Today, family units and unaccompanied minors seeking asylum account for more than 60 percent of those being apprehended. The essential difference is they are not removed! Through our country’s broken asylum laws and bad judicial precedent, this new demographic of illegal aliens are caught and released into cities throughout the country. So, even though last year the apprehensions dropped to 400,000 … the number of illegal aliens allowed into the United States has actually increased from a decade ago.”

The whole situation is fucked.

“Every few months, the equivalent of a major city of the most impoverished people are coming in and being released into our communities with no regard to our ability to assimilate them, pay for them, or deal with the social concerns and the criminal elements. Not to mention the fact that they are coming from countries dealing with major outbreaks of diseases we eradicated long ago.”

We need the biggest wall imaginable. We need to double the width of the Rio Grande and build a diversion canal from El Paso to San Diego.