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Apparently all the Big Tech CEOs went before Congress today. I didn’t pay attention because nothing ever comes from these hearings. Neither party in Congress will do anything about Big Tech slowly strangling free speech in real time. It’s all a show.

Especially when the conservative/libertarian mindset is this:


“Wokes” and Racists Agree on Everything

This is just perfect and everyone should watch it:

Is it just me, or does it feel like these two guys are the first genuinely funny political satirists in a long time? The Great Awokening of the past 5-6 years has basically killed comedy. Late night talk show hosts are not funny anymore because it’s basically all barely-disguised, unhinged Trump hatred.

I might be forgetting some people, but it feels like these guys are the first to come around in the past 5-6 years that just don’t give a shit about pissing off the Woke Crybullies.

MEME OF THE DAY: George Washington Banned from Twitter?

It’s sad because it would probably be true:

The pics:




Well duh, he’s a White Nationalist, after all!

Best Memes of the Week! Friday Dec. 14

A great man once said a meme is worth a thousand words, and he was certainly correct.

Without further ado. . .


Love this one.


Funny how that works.


You have the freedom to express any viewpoint, so long as that viewpoint is supportive ofr the Democratic Party.


Remember when? LOL.


Nice try, little man.


Yeah. . .


There are no “buts” when it comes to free speech. It’s all-or-nothing.




A good point.


Oh, this one is painful.

But the truth has to be exposed. Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe due entirely to mass migration from the third world.

On a related note, this is a helpful graphic:


Ben Shapiro also did a video on these numbers several years back.



Britain certainly has its priorities in line.