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AP Announces Wisconsin Recounts In Milwaukee & Dane Counties, Only Cares What Democrats Have to Say About The Matter

First, the headline story:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Elections Commission issued an order Thursday to recount more than 800,000 ballots cast in two heavily liberal counties at President Donald Trump’s request.

The order, required by law after Trump paid $3 million for the recount, was agreed to after rancorous debate for more than five hours Wednesday night that foreshadows the partisan battle ahead.

The recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties, where Joe Biden outpolled Trump by a more than 2-to-1 margin, will begin Friday and must be completed by Dec. 1. Milwaukee County officials said they plan to finish the recount by Wednesday. Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell has not provided an estimated completion date.

That should have been the story. That’s really all the “news” the story contains.

But instead AP wanted to add in a bunch of commentary from Democrats, because Democrats are Trusted and Reputable Sources Without a Whiff of Partisan Bias. I’ll quote the article just so you can see how heavily skewed it is toward the Democratic side:

“It’s just remarkable the six of us in a civilized fashion can’t agree to this stuff,” Democratic commissioner Mark Thomsen said hours into the debate. The commission is split 3-3 between Democrats and Republicans.

First quote of the article goes to a Democrat. No surprise there, but note that the commission is split down the middle.

The article continues:

Biden won statewide by 20,608 votes. Trump’s campaign has cited “irregularities” in the counties, although no evidence of illegal activity has been presented.

No EVIDENCE of any Russian Collusion was ever “presented” but the media still pretended it was 100% for four years.

“We understand the eyes of the world will be on these Wisconsin counties over the next few weeks,” Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s top elections official, said Thursday. “We look forward to again demonstrating the strength, security, integrity and transparency of our election systems in Wisconsin.”

AP didn’t include any information on Wolfe’s partisan affiliation, and I couldn’t find anything on her leanings after doing a brief search. But the fact that she used a Sorkinesque phrase like “the eyes of the world will be on these Wisconsin counties” indicates she’s a lib. That’s such a lib thing to say. “The right side of history,” “the world will be watching,” etc. etc. Plus the fact that she pre-emptively declared the Wisconsin election system as one of “integrity” and “transparency” only adds to the evidence that she’s a Dem and eager to declare that the SCIENCE IS SETTLED, so shut up.

The commission argued over changes to its manual that provides guidance to local elections officials over how to conduct recounts. Ultimately, they decided not to reference the manual in the order, but they did update some parts to reflect accommodations for the coronavirus pandemic.

The commissioners deadlocked on making changes to the manual that Democrats and elections commission staff said would bring the guidance into line with current state law. Republicans balked, saying the guidelines should not be changed after Trump filed for the recount.

The commission deadlocked on making changes to the manual that DEMOCRATS said would be the guidance into line with current state law.

Again, you’re only getting one side of the story: the Democrats’. To AP, that’s all that matters. Democrats are right and just and perfect and honorable.

Wonder what the Republicans thought about the matter? AP doesn’t think you need to know.

Their inability to agree leaves in place guidance that says absentee ballot applications must be approved as part of the recount, even though commission staff said that’s not required under the law.

Democratic commissioners said they were certain the recount was headed to court even though Trump’s claims were without merit.

More one-sided “reporting.” So because DEMOCRATS say Trump’s claims have no merit, that’s good enough for AP?

Hey, if a DEMOCRAT says it, that’s good enough for me. That settles it. Let’s move along here and get this thing wrapped up.

Board Chair Ann Jacobs, a Democrat, said Trump’s allegation that election clerks mailed thousands of absentee ballots to voters who hadn’t requested them was “absurd,” “factually bizarre” and a “vague, paranoid conspiracy.”

“What we ought not be doing is watering that plant of baloney,” she said.

Another quote from a DEMOCRAT.

Ah, here we go. 13 paragraphs in and we finally get a quote from a Republican:

Republican commissioners Dean Knudson and Bob Spindell questioned whether election observers would be treated fairly by Democratic county clerks in Milwaukee and Madison. At one point, Knudson even appeared to question whether absentee ballots requested through the elections commission’s state website were invalid because of how the requests are recorded.

“I hope we haven’t created a system at WEC that entices people to request a ballot that actually isn’t in keeping with the law,” he said.

One sentence for the Republicans, and even that the AP tried to frame as grossly unreasonable. WHAT? That Republican really just tried to say absentee ballots requested through the elections commission’s state website are invalid?!?!!?

Knudson, a former state lawmaker, has been on the commission since 2017 and like many office holders in Wisconsin encouraged voters to sign up for absentee ballots on the website. In August, he tweeted a link to the site along with the exhortation to “request absentee ballot now.”

Democrats dismissed Knudson’s concerns as outlandish, noting that the system has been in place unchallenged for years.

Yes, let’s hear more from DEMOCRATS. We haven’t heard enough from them in this article.

So basically the format goes like this:

  1. Unchallenged claim by a Democrat
  2. Another unchallenged claim by a Democrat
  3. Yet another unchallenged claim by a Democrat
  4. Misrepresented claim by a Republican
  5. Democratic rebuke of the Republican claim

By this point it’s clear which side AP considers the “good guys” and which side they consider the “bad guys.” Because everything must be presented to their target audience with the Manichean simplicity of a Disney movie.

The article continues:

Thomsen said Trump was challenging the validity of the election only because he lost, but he had no problem with Wisconsin’s election rules in 2016 when he won by fewer than 23,000 votes.

Oh, look at that: another quote from a Democrat, which is 100% opinion, yet treated as more credible and unassailable than the Gospel of Luke.

No shit Trump is only challenging the results because he lost. Why would a candidate that won challenge the results?

They’re leaving out the reason Trump “lost”: rampant voter fraud. If he thinks that’s why he lost, then he has every right to challenge that and present his case.

If you thought that was it, here comes the best part, which no mainstream media article in 2020 could omit: an accusation of RAAAAAAAAACISM.

Milwaukee County is the state’s largest, home to the city of Milwaukee, and Black people make up about 27% of the population, more than any other county. 

Hint hint.

Dane County is home to the liberal capital city of Madison and the flagship University of Wisconsin campus.

How dare those dastardly Republicans try to invalidate the votes of such an esteemed institute of higher learning!

The disputes at the commission had echoes of what happened in Michigan on Tuesday. Republicans on a canvassing board for the county that includes Detroit temporarily stopped certification of the vote after claiming that poll books in certain parts of the majority-Black city were out of balance. The deadlock brought claims of racism from Democrats before the board later voted unanimously to certify the results. The Republicans said they want to change their stance again, but officials said certification of the vote will stand.

Republican officials tried to do the same thing in Michigan, but Democrats quickly shut that down because REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST!

Thank God for Democrats. They’re truly angels living among us.

And that’s the whole article.

That’s the American mainstream media for you, right there.

Now do you see how and why there are so many brainwashed people in this country? Imagine if you didn’t have any critical thinking skills and you trusted the media, and you read that article.

Wouldn’t you probably be a Democrat, too?

The pro-Democrat bias in this country is relentless and pervasive. They never, ever stop. And they’re completely shameless about it, too.

Text Messages Show “Burst Pipe” excuse For Halting Vote Count in Georgia Was B.S.

It’s sad that it was an Australian news outlet that expressed the most interest in getting to the bottom of this story:

Officials in Georgia have not been able to produce any invoices or work orders related to a “burst pipe” at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena that was blamed for an abrupt pause in vote counting on election night.

The only evidence for the burst pipe, released under freedom-of-information laws, was a text message exchange in which one senior employee at the stadium described it as “highly exaggerated … a slow leak that caused about an hour and a half delay” and that “we contained it quickly – it did not spread”.

“Beyond the lack of documentary evidence of the inspection or repair of a ruptured pipe, we are being asked to believe that there is not one single picture of this allegedly ruptured pipe, at a time and in a place where virtually everything is recorded and documented,” Georgia lawyer Paul Dzikowski, who obtained the text messages, told in an email on Wednesday night.

On Monday, Mr Dzikowski sent an open records request concerning the burst pipe to the Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority – the state authority that owns State Farm Arena.

AFCRA executive director Kerry Stewart responded less than half an hour later attaching “the only document responsive to your request” – a text message exchange between an unidentified person and Geoffrey Stiles, vice president of facilities for the Atlanta Hawks NBA team.

Here is the screenshot of that text conversation:

“It was highly exaggerated- it was a slow leak that caused about an hour and a half delay.”

That’s not how it was described on election night.

The US mainstream media had zero interest in looking into this story.

The Real Reason NBC-owned Vox Media is Trying to Destroy Steven Crowder

If you hadn’t heard, the NBC-owned Vox Media recently launched a war against conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder:

“On Thursday, Carlos Maza, who writes Vox’s “Strikethrough” video series, launched a campaign to pressure YouTube to ban conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder. Crowder’s crime? Producing a series of rebuttal videos to “Strikethrough” that include mocking references to Maza’s identity.

In response, YouTube says its now looking into Crowder’s channel and has reportedly already begun demonetizing some of his videos.

On Friday, Crowder responded by condemning this as yet another example of “corporate censorship” of a conservative voice and making clear that “this is a war … we will fight to the absolute bitter end both legally and publicly.”

Now, the stated reason by NBC–I mean Vox’s Carlos Maza–was because Crowder Said Mean Things about a Gay Man Of Color, who we all know are the most sacred of cows.

But that’s not the real reason. That’s the excuse for the real reason. The real reason is because Maza’s employer NBC wants to destroy Crowder because Crowder is popular, dissident and above all because he represents the Future of Media in the era of cord-cutting.

If you think about it, this, more than anything else, is why the Legacy Media has suddenly become so intolerant of conservative voices: because now, in the era of online media, the traditional media–cable news, newspapers–has never been less relevant.

Until quite recently, I believed the recent turn towards political censorship by the media and Silicon Valley was all about silencing dissident voices who dared speak the truth. But that’s only part of it. There’s more to it than simply getting rid of conservative voices.

There have always been conservatives in the mainstream media. Not just on Fox News, but conservative voices have always been given platforms on all the major media outlets, from NBC to CBS to ABC and CNN, even MSNBC. New York Times and Washington Post have always had their token conservative opinion columnists, even if the rest of the paper was in the hands of archliberals.

The mainstream legacy media, while definitely leaning way to the left, has not until quite recently been intolerant of conservatives. At any time over the past 25 years or so, you could always turn on Meet the Press and see conservatives on the show. All the major Sunday talk shows feature voices from both sides.

So it’s not just a war against conservatism being waged by the traditional media and Silicon Valley: it’s a war against the new, online media, which, incidentally, is mostly dominated by conservatives, who first turned to online media out of necessity because the left had a stranglehold on the traditional media.

Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson–these guys are not only targeted for censorship by the Blue Checked Mainstream Media “journalists” because of their political views, but because of the existential threat they represent to the legacy media. They represent a future where the legacy media has lost control of the narrative.

The guy trying to destroy Steven Crowder is Vox’s Carlos Maza. Vox is owned by NBC. This is not a coincidence. NBC is siccing its trained attack dog on Steven Crowder in an attempt to destroy a New Media Threat.

If you’ve ever wondered why it seems like so many of these blue-checked “journalists” are nothing more than glorified hall monitors tattling and whining to Big Tech anytime a conservative pundit Says A Mean Word, now you know why. CNN’s Oliver Darcy’s entire job appears to be to Destroy Alex Jones and InfoWars by tattling on them violating the terms and conditions of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Carlos Maza’s job is to take down Steven Crowder.

The legacy media wasn’t intolerant of conservative voices when they were confined to the controlled environment of Uniparty-run cable news. It was fine to allow George Will and William F. Buckley and all the other conservatives of past eras to be fixtures in the mainstream media, because they were still playing on the Uniparty media’s turf. They were controlled, almost like tamed animals.

But now, in the era of online media, conservative voices don’t have to be kept in captivity like zoo animals by the Uniparty media. They can express their opinions freely online, completely unbeholden to the traditional media system. No longer is the Uniparty media the gatekeeper through which all views and opinions may enter the public debate.

Because of YouTube and social media, there is no gatekeeper anymore. Well, at least there was no gatekeeper, until the old gatekeepers, in their desperate attempt to regain control of the narrative, demanded the new social media companies put the clamp on all these new right-wing voices.

The Uniparty Legacy media’s tattletale “journalists” realized that although conservative New Media figures no longer have to play by the Uniparty Media’s rules, they still have to play by the social media companies’ rules, and this is where Tattletale Journalism comes from. “Dear YouTube: This is CNN’s Oliver Darcy. I am writing to inform you that Alex Jones has violated your terms and conditions. According to your policies, Alex Jones must be banned from YouTube. You’re welcome. Signed, Oliver.”

So the old gatekeeper is still trying to play gatekeeper by demanding the social media giants get rid of all threats to the Legacy Media.

It’s not even really about the profits, either. The New York Times’ profits have been declining since 2003:


You didn’t see the traditional media desperate to silence and censor conservatives in 2005 when the NYTimes‘ profit was in the midst of a serious decline. It’s only now that they’re trying to ban people.

Long gone are the days when traditional media companies were seriously profitable. The whole newspaper industry nationwide has shrunk by nearly two-thirds since 2006:


And in terms of money, the big cable networks don’t even make that much in the grand scheme of things. In 2014, Morgan Stanley estimated CNN to be worth around $10 billion. That sounds like a lot of money, but consider that AT&T, which recently bought CNN’s parent company Time Warner, and thus CNN itself, is worth over $235 billion.

That means CNN represents 4.2% of its parent company AT&T.

It is not about the money and profits. If CNN went belly-up tomorrow it would barely be a blip on AT&T’s bottom line. CNN is not important financially.

It’s important in terms of power.

You don’t get into the media business for the money. It’s about power and influence.

The Uniparty Legacy media’s turn towards censorship and against freedom of the press is not some desperate ploy to save their collapsing profits. Their profits have been collapsing for years. It’s not about the money.

It’s about preserving their power and influence.

Conservative New Media figures represent an existential threat to the Uniparty media in the age of cord cutting and smartphones.

The Uniparty Media was at the height of its power when everyone in America had to get their news from either TV or the newspaper. Up until the mid-2000s, the Uniparty Media was the gatekeeper through which all Americans got their news and information.

But with the rise of blogs, social media sites, YouTube and other online media starting in the mid-late-2000s, the Legacy Media’s status as Gatekeeper was put in serious jeopardy.

Over the past decade or so the legacy media has been in an existential struggle not for survival–because NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, and WaPo will always exist in some form–but for power and influence over the minds of 320 million Americans.

Want to know why the media was so blindsided by Trump’s victory in 2016? Because it believed there was no way his populist, anti-immigration ideas would be popular with a significant number of voters. The media, believing itself to still be in control of Americans’ minds and the primary shaper of their political views, was confident that it had inoculated the American public against Trump’s brand of right-wing populism.

The real shock to the media in 2016 was not only Trump winning, but the media realizing how little sway it had over the minds of millions of Americans. They thought they had conditioned Americans to reject Trump’s ideas, but they were wrong.

Tens of millions of Americans had their views shaped and developed somewhere else. Somewhere other than cable news and the newspapers.

The first time a parent hears their young child swear, their first question is “Where did you learn that word?!”

That was the Legacy Media’s reaction to Trump winning in 2016: “Where did all you voters get exposed to these right-wing populist ideas?! Who red-pilled you!?!?! Who exposed you to non-Uniparty-Approved Ideas!?!??!”

In the wake of Trump’s victory, the Uniparty media came to the collective realization that it had lost its control over Americans’ minds.

After gathering themselves, they went to work figuring out exactly how all these non-Uniparty-Approved Ideas had made their way into Americans’ minds. The culprits were clear: conservative New Media like the blogosphere, Twitter, YouTube and the so-called “Intellectual Dark Web.”

They branded it all with a name: “the alt-right” which, of course, means “NAZISM.” No matter how much you protest being called alt-right, it doesn’t matter: anyone on the right who is not George Will, Brett Stephens or National Review Magazine is considered “alt-right.” In other words, if you’re on the right and you don’t harbor an obsessive, almost religious-level of hatred for President Trump, you’re “alt-right.”

And that means NAZI, of course.

Now, there were mentions of the “alt-right” by the media prior to Trump’s victory. There was some awareness that a different type of conservatism was rising in the Republican Party. But until Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes on the night of November 8, 2016, there was never any serious concern that the “alt-right,” a.k.a. the Non-Uniparty-Approved Version of Conservatism, had gained serious influence in the GOP.

If you look at Google Trends, interest in the term “alt-right” did not peak until after the 2016 election, when the media was trying to identify a culprit for Trump’s victory:

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 2.15.37 PM.png

The media calls the New Right “alt-right” because the term “alt” signifies illegitimacy. It’s not the true right, but merely an alternative to Mainstream Conservatism. It’s meant to portray right-wing populism as a fringe sect of illegitimate extremists.

The Uniparty media hates the New Right and tries to slander it with a Nazi-associated term like “alt-right” because the Uniparty media very much liked the Old Right as embodied by Mitt Romney, John McCain and the Bush family. They represented the Uniparty-Approved Version of Conservatism. They knew their role: they were to somewhat indulge the passions of the party base so that passion didn’t boil over into a full-on revolt, but ultimately lose graciously to a Democrat. Or, in the event they won the election, they were expected to strictly adhere to the Uniparty-Approved Version of Conservatism and under *NO CIRCUMSTANCES* do anything of that stuff they promised their voters they’d do, like cut government spending, reduce the federal debt, reign in the federal bureaucracy, and pare back the welfare state (see “Bush, George W.”)

The Uniparty-Approved Version of Conservatism is pro-immigration (“Diversity Is Our Strength!”), pro-foreign wars (Neoconservatism), pro-corporate tax cuts and free trade (“Economic Freedom!”) and nominally anti-gay marriage and pro-life, but ultimately too afraid to say so publicly, much less actually act on those sentiments legislatively.

All the way up until election night 2016, the media was operating under the assumption that the Republican Party was still the party of the Uniparty-Approved Version of Conservatism. This was why the media was so confident that Trump would lose: because the Uniparty media believed Trump’s agenda of anti-immigration, anti-foreign war, anti-free trade policies was simply not that popular in the Republican Party.

But it was. Or, rather, it had become popular with Republican voters in the few years prior to the 2016 election. And it happened right under the Media Gatekeepers’ noses.

No longer was YouTube for silly cat videos and the Evolution of Dance. It had become a full-on competitor to the legacy media. By 2016, people were actually getting their news from YouTube, Twitter, the blogosphere and Facebook instead of from the Uniparty Legacy Media.

That’s where people discovered Non-Uniparty-Approved Conservatism. That’s why the Legacy Media has been on a two-year mission to destroy any and all New Media conservative voices. Steven Crowder is the latest.

Ultimately, the Uniparty Media’s attempt to retroactively punish those they hold responsible for Trump’s victory in 2016 is a futile effort. They cannot put the genie back in the bottle. They cannot regain their status as Gatekeepers after the gates have already flung open. It’s like trying to put the Berlin Wall back up. It ain’t happening.

You can ban and censor all the people you hold responsible for Trump’s victory in 2016, but it’s not going to make their ideas disappear. It’s not going to make their fans turn against them. It’s not going to make Republicans turn back to Romney and Bush-style Uniparty-Approved Conservatism.

The Uniparty will never regain control of the narrative. They will never again be the Gatekeepers who control what we see, hear and learn.

It’s Official: No Collusion

We’ve known it all along, but the Senate Intelligence Committee has just wrapped up its two-year investigation into potential Trump-Russia Collusion and the official verdict is that there is no “direct” evidence of collusion.

“WASHINGTON — After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

But investigators disagree along party lines when it comes to the implications of a pattern of contacts they have documented between Trump associates and Russians — contacts that occurred before, during and after Russian intelligence operatives were seeking to help Donald Trump by leaking hacked Democratic emails and attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, on social media.”

Of course NPC News is trying to hedge and make it look like Trump Still Colluded even though the preceding paragraph contradicts that narrative.

This whole “Russians attacked Hillary on social media” is total bullshit and NPC News knows it. The CEO of Google himself testified before Congress just last year and said Russia spent a grand total of $4,700 on Google ads in 2016. Facebook saw Russia spend  more, $46,000, but it still only amounted to 0.05% of the the total $81 million spent by the Clinton and Trump campaigns on Facebook ads in 2016.

Additionally, we have not been presented with any evidence that the Russians are behind Wikileaks. We’re only told to trust the intelligence community’s assertion.

Moving on:

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,” said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week.

Burr was careful to note that more facts may yet be uncovered, but he also made clear that the investigation was nearing an end.

What about that qualifier, “no direct evidence”? Why don’t they just say, “no evidence”?Does this mean there’s indirect evidence?

Of course not, because it would be the story if there was any.

The only reason the media is saying “no direct evidence” is to leave the possibility open that Trump is still guilty, but was just too conniving and hid it too well.

In other words, “He’s still guilty, we just couldn’t prove it.”

Even if there’s no evidence of any collusion, the media still will not report it. They just will not allow the words, “No evidence of Russian collusion” to appear on any of their cable broadcasts or websites. It’s just too painful for them, and, more importantly, they cannot allow the brainwashed masses to see those words.

But Sen. Richard Burr lays it out:

“We know we’re getting to the bottom of the barrel because there’re not new questions that we’re searching for answers to,” Burr said.

On Tuesday, Burr doubled down, telling NBC News, “There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Ahhh. That’s better than “No direct evidence.” Wonder why the line “no factual evidence” is not the NPC News headline?

Please, Democrats: go ahead and seize on non-factual evidence of collusion.

Lord knows they haven’t had any problems doing so the past two years.

Here’s Mark Warner, the Democrat:

Sen. Mark Warner, D.-Va., ranking member of the committee, told reporters in the Capitol Tuesday that he disagrees with the way Burr characterized the evidence about collusion, but he declined to offer his own assessment.

“I’m not going to get into any conclusions I have,” he said, before adding that “there’s never been a campaign in American history … that people affiliated with the campaign had as many ties with Russia as the Trump campaign did.

Uh, I can think of one: the Clinton campaign!

“Democratic Senate investigators who spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity did not dispute Burr’s characterizations, but said they lacked context.

“We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, ‘Hey Vlad, we’re going to collude,'” one Democratic aide said.”

Except, you’ve been telling us the past two years that this was exactly the case, and that Trump was so obviously guilty it would be no trouble at all to convict him.

Now they’re moving the goalposts big-time, hoping you don’t notice.

“Donald Trump Jr. made clear in his messages that he was willing to accept help from the Russians,” one Democratic Senate investigator said. “Trump publicly urged the Russians to find Clinton’s missing emails.”

And the Clintons actually went to Russians for information on Trump. Don Jr. got nothing. And if you believe Trump making an offhand joke about Russia finding Hillary’s missing emails while on-stage at a nationally-televised rally constitutes collusion, you are undoubtedly a Police State Dem.

This whole thing is a joke. There never was any collusion, and we’ve known it all along.

The Democrats invented the myth of collusion during the 2016 election so they could justify spying on Trump, and then ramped up the collusion fairytale after the election so they would have a reason to take Trump down.

Democrats have known it was fake for longer than we have, given that they’re the ones who invented the narrative.

If you were wondering what the media reaction would be like if and when Trump was officially cleared of wrongdoing, this is what it looks like: barely any media attention. And where the media does pay attention to the “No Collusion” story, it does so in an effort to qualify and cast doubt upon its conclusion.

No fanfare, no eating of crow by the Democrats and their media propagandists who have been assuring us for two years that the “walls are closing in” on Trump.

If you were expecting wall-to-wall coverage of President Trump’s exoneration, I’m sorry but you must not know the Democratic Propaganda Media very well: if a story cannot benefit the Democrats, it rarely even becomes a story at all.

Republicans cannot get a positive media cycle at all, ever–unless they do something the Uniparty wants, like cave on the border, or cave and invade some foreign country.

The whole “COLLUSION” hysteria ends with a whimper, not a bang. Democrats are hoping most people forget about the whole thing.

Democrats are now going to pretend they didn’t spend the past two years telling us with 100% certainty that Trump was completely beholden to Russia and is guilty of treason of the highest order.

They’re going to pretend like they didn’t stake literally everything on the COLLUSION!1! hysteria being true.

They’re going to pretend it didn’t dominate cable news on a nightly basis for the better part of two years.

They’re just going to ignore it and pretend it never happened.

In this regard, the Uniparty Propaganda Media is truly Orwellian in its ability to pull off a complete reversal of this magnitude. It’s an “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”-level turnaround to be screaming about COLLUSION for two years straight and then, all of the sudden, never mentioning it again.

You know the media is straight-up propaganda when you can witness the same political talking head going on and on about COLLUSION and Our Democracy™ for two years and then suddenly acting as if he had never even heard of the word “collusion.”

“Media” Brainwashing Works

I present to you the result of American “media” propaganda:

This kid has no idea why he’s kneeling. He only knows that he’s seen Famous People On TV kneeling for the national anthem.

Propaganda works. Our children are being indoctrinated by evil people to believe lies.


What’s Going on With Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Health?

The Ministry of Truth is in full phalanx-mode over Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health. What, exactly, is going on with her? We can’t get a straight answer. The only time any news of Ginsburg’s health is mentioned in the Uniparty “media” is when they can spin it into a positive.

Yet clearly she’s not doing well. Back in September, she made an appearance at George Washington University Law School in front of a large crowd, and could barely keep her head up. Not only that, merely speaking seemed taxing and laborious for her. Look at this footage:

She is obviously in failing health. It often took her a while to respond to questions, she loses her train of thought, and her voice is soft and weak. She weighs no more than 70-80 pounds and can barely lift her head.

We are not buying for a second that this woman is in good health.

As we recently heard, she had cancer “nodules” (I put the word in quotes only because I have no idea what a “nodule” is and don’t want to pretend otherwise) removed from her lungs. A week ago, the Supreme Court’s official statement on the matter was as follows:

“Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required.”

According to the Ministry of Truth, she’s fit as a fiddle and ready to get back into her Killer Workouts which are so balls-to-the-wall a 27-year-old POLITICO reporter could not even handle them. Doctors estimate that Ginsburg will live to be 117, and plans to run in the Boston Marathon this summer.

Okay, I made some of that stuff up, but sadly not all of it.

Anyone with a functioning brain can see that the woman in the video above is clearly in failing health and has no business being on the Supreme Court in that state. It’s straight-up cruel of Democrats to force her to remain on the bench in her condition solely because of their overriding and all-consuming hatred of Donald Trump. They don’t care a lick about her as a person, they only care about #Resisting Trump. If they had any compassion at all, they’d let her retire and live out her remaining days in peace and privacy with her friends and family.

Returning to the original question of her cancer: maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else have no recollection of hearing about her being diagnosed with cancer several months back? I do not remember hearing anything about it in the Uniparty “media”. Do you?

A Google search shows that Minitrue remarked on Ginsburg’s cancer surgery on December 21 of last year, but only the surgery.

I narrowed the dates on the search to prior to Dec. 21, 2018, but nothing came up–nothing about a diagnosis of cancer:


As far as I can tell the general public had no idea Ruth Bader Ginsburg had cancer prior to December 21, 2018.

I’m not talking about when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999, or pancreatic cancer in 2009.

I’m talking about this past year. Where was the announcement that she had lung cancer?

It doesn’t appear there was one.

A physician named Brian Joondeph wrote an opinion column yesterday in the Daily Caller asking a few questions about Ginsburg’s recent surgery:

“The statement is curious, however. As a physician myself, I am acutely aware of medical wording and nuance. With medical malpractice attorneys hiding behind every corner, physicians are careful how they create medical statements, especially when there is little absolute certainty in the medical world.

“No evidence of remaining disease” could simply mean that they removed the two cancerous nodules they found on a lung scan after her recent fall. If these nodules represent cancer that spread from her previous colon or pancreas cancer, the doctors removed what they found in her lungs. This doesn’t speak for cancer that might have spread to her liver, brain or bones.

“No further treatment is required” might imply that she is cancer free. It could also suggest the opposite, that she has metastatic cancer that is no longer treatable, other than hospice care, and that further treatment is futile at this point, hence not required.

The media were giddy with excitement that the liberal lion of the court was ready to get back to her job of thwarting President Trump. TMZ caught a glimpse of her, “emerging for the first time” from her Washington, D.C., apartment. CBS reported that her recovery is “on track” with “no sign of remaining cancer.”

Fox News echoed the others by saying her recovery was “on track”, although they curiously described her recent surgery as, “early-stage lung cancer surgery.” Not so if it was metastatic cancer, meaning stage four and quite advanced.”

The bottom line here is that Minitrue is oddly tight-lipped about Ginsburg’s health as of late. We don’t fully know what’s going on.

And this isn’t just me saying that; it’s a practicing physician saying it. She might have stage-four cancer and we wouldn’t even know.

All this leads to the recent (within the past few days) rumors swirling that Ginsburg now has pneumonia and is in failing health. Of course, there’s nothing about her possibly having pneumonia coming from the Ministry of Truth, but a website called the Santa Monica Observer was the first to report it two days ago:

“As any reader of the Santa Monica Observer knew last September, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed lung cancer. The 85 year old Supreme Court Justice had surgery as quietly as possible on December 22, 2018.

Following surgery, she has developed complications including pneumonia. Pneumonia often afflicts elderly post surgery patients in the US, since antibiotics have resulted in Multi Resistant Strains of the lung infection.

The left and the main stream media have tried to put on a brave face as Ginsburg missed three straight days of argument this week, interviewing cancer doctors to say that she would recover. They claimed that she was working in her hospital room, knowing that it was untrue.

No one in the media or in the Democratic party want to face the awful truth that President Donald Trump is about to replace one of the Court’s most liberal justices.”

You might be thinking, “What the hell is the Santa Monica Observer? No credibility.” That’s a valid concern because I, too, had never heard of the Santa Monica Observer until today, but apparently they were the first to report on her initial lung cancer diagnosis back in September, which they were then attacked by Minitrue over, even though it wound up being borne out by events:

“When we broke the news in September, which we obtained from a confidential source in Justice Ginsburg’s inner circle, the left went on attack. labelled our prediction that Ginsburg would undergo cancer surgery then retire, #FakeNews. Sadly it wasn’t.”

Here’s what Santa Monica Observer said in September:

“U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had a re-occurrence of malignant melanoma, she has told her law clerks. Ginsburg was treated in 1999 for colon cancer and had surgery in 2009 for pancreatic cancer.

She has told key Democratic members of the Senate about her medical condition, including ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein. This explains in part the “take no prisoners” attitude of the Democrats during the Kavanaugh nomination, carefully orchestrating weak 37 year old allegations against Kavanaugh by Women he barely remembers knowing in High School and College.”

Is Santa Monica Observer correct? Only time will tell, but the pneumonia rumors are swirling and have more credence now given that Fox News just reported Ginsburg had to back out of a scheduled speaking event in New York that is not until February 6.

If Ginsburg is so healthy and fully recovered, as the Ministry of Truth is reporting/wishing, then why did she back out of this scheduled event that is taking place several weeks in the future?

A site called “Inquisitr” tried to “debunk” the recent pneumonia rumors with an article headlined, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Not Fighting ‘For Her Life’ With Pneumonia, Despite Outlet’s Claim.” But the Inquisitr piece only attacks the credibility of the Santa Monica Observer, pointing out that SMO claimed Ginsburg had melanoma when in reality it was an early form of lung cancer.

However, we don’t know that she doesn’t have melanoma. We have only been told by Official Sources that she had the lung cancer cleaned up.

And even if we grant that SMO was incorrect about the melanoma claim, they were still correct overall about her having some form of cancer, and that was back in September.

In case you were wondering, apparently, lung cancer surgery often leads to pneumonia for older patients. Joondeph:

“The latest concern is that Justice Ginsburg could develop pneumonia, a common complication of lung surgery, particularly in the elderly and infirm. Pneumonia is often called “the old man’s friend” not to be sexist but because, “left untreated, the sufferer often lapses into a state of reduced consciousness, slipping peacefully away in their sleep, giving a dignified end to a period of often considerable suffering.”

The bottom line is, if Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pneumonia, we are not going to hear about it from the media.

Her health is a closely guarded secret, which can only mean that the outlook is not good.

A Step Closer to 1984

This is military-grade gaslighting from the Washington Post:


Um, a President making a political argument isn’t “propaganda.” It’s politics.

We need to establish an Iron Law: whenever the “media” accuses our side of some offense, they, not us, are invariably guilty, and egregiously so, of that very thing.

They’re the fucking propagandists.

It is pure gaslighting and full-on psychological abuse to accuse Trump of propagandizing. He’s the President. Every President since the invention of the television has gone on TV to make his case for his preferred policies.

The difference now is that Trump is the first one to actually pose a threat to the Uniparty’s grip on power.

A couple more points about this headline:

  1. It’s in the “Style” section?
  2. “The Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness.” The article headline directly below it: Smother this President’s message in darkness. But I guess “Democracy” for them is a subjective term: only certain groups and politicians qualify for it.

But the most important takeaway here is that they are now comfortable with floating the idea of censoring President Trump so that he cannot get his message to the American people. They want to leverage their power over our televisions. It won’t be long until they actually do it.

It will probably happen before the 2020 election, honestly. They can’t take the risk that Trump is reelected, so they’ll go full 1984 on him in order to stop him.

They’re claiming this is to prevent Orange Man from “spreading misinformation” and “propaganda”–because they’re the only ones who get to do that!–but it’s obvious they want to “edit” and censor him because he’s too effective at making the case for his policies and worldview, and against theirs.

The Uniparty Elite cannot simply allow a guy like Trump to undermine them and all the power they have amassed over the past several decades simply because Trump had the audacity to get elected President.

They had a good thing going for a long time, and Trump is ruining it. So now they’re openly floating the idea of silencing the President of the United States.

This is nothing new, either: they’ve wanted to ban him from Twitter for a while.

And now a Washington Post writer thinks the networks should decide what a President can and cannot say to the nation:

“After Tuesday night’s debacle in the Oval Office, television network executives should be spending the day in their spacious offices practicing a simple word: No.

No, Mr. President, you may not break into prime-time programming to fundraise and mislead.

They’ll need to practice because you can be sure that the request will come again. And again.

Let’s be clear: There was no — zero — news in President Trump’s address to the nation last night.

There were high-drama quotes: “crisis of the soul.” There was fearmongering: “I’ve met with dozens of families whose loved ones were stolen by illegal immigration.”

But there wasn’t anything of substance that we haven’t heard many times before.”

If they had their way, Trump would never be allowed to say what he wants on TV. He would never be allowed to make his case for his preferred policies. The TV networks would overrule him. They’d say, “No, Trump, you’re not allowed to say this on our network. We don’t believe there is any substance. The nation does not need to hear this.” And then he would be banned from Twitter so he couldn’t make his case there, too.

The bottom line is that they want to regain control over the messaging. They want to cut him off from the American people.

They want him entirely silenced, and it’s because he’s too effective. It is absolutely not because he lies so much. It’s because they lie so much and cannot allow the American people to hear the truth.

I’m done pretending any of this is motivated by honest political disagreement, too.

This is a ruling oligarchy desperate to crush all dissent. Nothing more.

Other liberal fascists like Don Lemon have promoted the idea of putting Trump’s speeches on tape delay so that The Networks, who know what’s best for us, can decide what the we see and, more importantly what we don’t.

Don’t worry, they’re going to just censor out All Of Trump’s Lying Lies because they don’t need them clouding our perfectly molded and programmed minds. They’re just going to show us the highlights–only the stuff that’s relevant and deemed appropriate!

I, for one, appreciate the Ministry of Truth’s looking out for us. They have our best interests in mind, not their own!

Big Brother Loves Me Back!

Y’know, it would probably be best if they just censored Trump out of our lives entirely.

They Know Best.

Got that?

John Sexton brings up a great point:

“Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that the media rallied around Jim Acosta to ensure he wouldn’t lose his press access to shout things at the President? Now the same people want to take the public microphone away from the President himself. And they expect us to believe partisanship has nothing to do with it.”

If Jim Acosta loses his White House Press pass and can no longer freely shout partisan talking points over the President, it is the greatest crisis of human rights in the history of Western Civilization.

But it is Responsible and Good for them to censor the President and determine what he can and cannot say to the nation over the airwaves.

Enemy. Of. The People.


More and more each day I’m convinced this country is already past the point of no return. There is no reasoning with people who are this malevolent and controlling.

The political divide is not between two competing but equal sides, left and right. It’s between the ruling class and the subjects.

It’s dominant culture vs. counterculture. The People vs. the Deep State.

You might disagree with your neighbor on healthcare or what the marginal tax rate should be, but ultimately you’re going to be on the same side when the shit hits the fan because at the end of the day, you’re both Subjects of the ruling class.

Right now in France, left and right have basically converged in their mutual disgust and discontent with the government: the Yellow Vests come from across the political spectrum. The movement has transcended politics and become a popular rebellion against the ruling class.

That’s what the future holds in America. It’ll be top vs. bottom, not left vs. right.

Former NYT Editor States the Obvious: “NYT Unmistakably Anti-Trump”

Obviously we all know this to be true, but it’s significant who this is coming from:

“A former executive editor of the New York Times says the paper’s news pages, the home of its straight-news coverage, have become “unmistakably anti-Trump.”

Jill Abramson, the veteran journalist who led the newspaper from 2011 to 2014, says the Times has a financial incentive to bash the president and that the imbalance is helping to erode its credibility.

In a soon-to-be published book, “Merchants of Truth,” that casts a skeptical eye on the news business, Abramson defends the Times in some ways but offers some harsh words for her successor, Dean Baquet. And Abramson, who was the paper’s only female executive editor until her firing, invoked Steve Bannon’s slam that in the Trump era the mainstream media have become the “opposition party.”

Here’s the money quote:

“Though Baquet said publicly he didn’t want the Times to be the opposition party, his news pages were unmistakably anti-Trump,” Abramson writes, adding that she believes the same is true of the Washington Post.

“Some headlines contained raw opinion, as did some of the stories that were labeled as news analysis.”

We all know this to be true, but now it’s so obvious and undeniable that even former editors of the New York Times are saying it.

Remember, Jill Abramson is such a leftist she keeps an Obama doll in her purse. But the Times is too partisan even for her.

I keep saying: the “mainstream” media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Uniparty Establishment. The acronyms may change–CNN, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, WP, AP–but they’re all just different names for the same Uniparty Propaganda factory known at this site as the Ministry of Truth.

That last point Abramson made, though, about the headlines containing “raw opinion” along with the stories that were “labeled as news analysis”: that’s where the real problem lies. That’s true propaganda.

Over Christmas I was on a cruise, and the newspaper they had for breakfasts was a little condensed version of the New York Times in pamphlet form. I took a picture of it one day because the front page was a shining example of propaganda disguised as news:

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.16.13 PM.png

You’re getting straight-up opinion on the front page of the paper. The whole entire newspaper is an opinion section. The main problem is that they not only refuse to admit it, but they will vehemently and righteously deny any bias at all.

“As he rattles market, Trump blames Fed.”

“Stung by rebuke, Trump forces Mattis out early.”

It’s all opinion disguised as news.

And now it’s so bad that even former editors of the paper are admitting it.

We need to stop treating these Ministry of Truth organs as legitimate news outlets. They deserve none of the prestige and credibility they are and have been bestowed.