Party of Mental Illness

The Real Pandemic in America is Mental Health

The collective insanity of Leftwing activists, not the Coronavirus, is the real threat to America:

Are these people so colossally narcissistic that they think their mere existence is an act of heroism? Are they such self-absorbed fart-sniffers that they convince themselves everyone else is out to get them?

No one is oppressing them at all. In fact, we could not care less about them one way or another. Most of us have enough to worry about in our own lives.

But when you’ve been repeatedly told you’re oppressed, and in a society where victimhood is the most valuable form of social currency, you start perceiving every mundane slight or misfortune as the whole world conspiring against you.

It’s why so many people conflate sporadic and isolated acts of racism as widespread, deliberately engineered “systemic” racism.

Are these people just starved for attention? I get the feeling that they enjoy feeling oppressed because it makes them feel important and noticed. Their real fear is not being oppressed, but that society couldn’t care less about them one way or another.

It just feels like so many on the left have completely lost their grip on reality and have slipped into madness.

How else do you explain this?

How else do you explain this obsession with gender pronouns, and this idea that gender is a “fluid spectrum”?

Right now in Portland and Seattle, Antifa & Co. are basically in full-blown insurrection because. . . they want to defund the police? And now they’re even angrier and riotier because. . . federal agents are trying to restore order and prevent them from burning down their cities?

It has become a rioting paradox: “We must riot because they’re trying to stop us from rioting!”

Protest because you’re insane and want to defund the police ➡️  the protest becomes a riot ➡️ go completely overboard destroy large parts of your city ➡️  the federal agents called to restore order simply do their jobs and have no mercy on you ➡️  you believe the federal agents are proof you’re oppressed and Trump is a fascist ➡️  protest and riot even more because you feel like you’re oppressed.

It all starts with these people being completely delusional.

Don’t these people have lives? Many are paid agitators. But not all of them. What is wrong with these people?

The real pandemic in America is mental health. So many of our big cities have become open air insane asylums, with the mentally disturbed thrashing and flailing about nonstop for two straight months now.

I mean, look at this person shrieking at the top of his lungs. This is an unwell person:

How do we remedy this situation? How do these people get better? Can they, even? Will this ever get better?

I certainly hope so. In the past I’m sure there were plenty of crazy people out there. But nowadays it feels like they represent a much higher percentage of the population. It feels like we’re being overrun by the crazies.

But on the other hand, it could just be TV and social media distorting our reality and making it seem like everyone’s gone crazy by only focusing on the crazies. I haven’t seen many of these lunatics in real life–it’s all been on social media and the news.

Let’s hope it’s mostly a psy-op by the Masters of the Culture, because if not, then we’re living in a country where the Coronavirus pales in comparison to the real pandemic: mental illness.


Brainwashed to the Point of Suicide: Florida Woman Stabs Herself Because she was “Tired of Living in Trump’s Country”

This is 100% due to media brainwashing:

“A Florida woman told police that she stabbed herself in the stomach with a kitchen knife because, “I’m tired of living in Trump’s country, I’m tired of Trump being president.”

Cops found the 46-year-old woman standing outside her residence in Palmetto Sunday, according to a police report. She had blood all over her legs, hands, and face, a cop noted.

When asked what was wrong, the woman lifted her shirt to reveal “three stab wounds on [her] stomach that were still bleeding.” She then told the patrolman she had “stabbed herself because she does not want to live in Trump’s country.”

The woman was subsequently transported by EMS workers to a local hospital “under trauma alert.”

Okay, maybe not 100% the media’s fault. Probably a large percentage of the blame has to go to the woman herself, who is obviously mentally ill.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the reason she stabbed herself was because she “didn’t want to live in Trump’s country anymore.”

Now, this woman’s life has probably not changed one bit due to Trump being in the White House instead of Obama. In other words, she hasn’t been directly affected by anything Trump has done over the past couple years.

It’s not like Trump’s many roving death squads ransacked her town and kidnapped her family. Trump has done nothing to this woman.

So why, all the sudden, would she find life in Trump’s America unbearable to the point that she’d plunge a kitchen knife into her stomach in an attempt to kill herself?

Because of the media’s coverage of Trump. Because of the contrived hysteria by Blue-Checked “journalists” on social media over Trump.

The Uniparty media’s endless negativity and 24/7 anti-Trump propaganda convinced this woman that America had become an unlivable hellhole of misery and pain.

The media pushed this already-unwell woman over the edge to the point of suicide.

The dishonest Uniparty media bleats on and on about “Trump’s Rhetoric!” making bad things happen in the country. Any time there’s a hate crime, it’s always blamed on “Trump’s rhetoric.”

What about the media’s rhetoric? What about the media’s propaganda and lies convincing a woman that life in Trump’s America is so horrific that her only option is to commit suicide?

The media has plenty of blood on its hands. In fact, I think going forward I’ll start documenting the instances where the media is at least partially responsible for real-world acts of violence–whether it’s convincing someone life isn’t worth living anymore because of Donald Trump, or convincing someone to go on a violent rampage against a group constantly demonized by the media (say, white people and Trump supporters in general). The media cannot continue getting away with being so reckless and irresponsible.

Fake News-driven media brainwashing has consequences. It has real-world consequences. People act on what they see on the news. Lots of people out there have no idea cable news is complete bullshit. They think it’s real. And the increasingly hysterical and apocalyptic tone of cable news in the Trump-era is pushing people over the edge. People out there think America has become the Fourth Reich under Trump, where black people are regularly lynched and gay people are being burned at stake (even though the reality is that virtually every major corporation is now lining up to adorn itself in rainbow colors and genuflect at the alter of the LGBT Movement during the Most Holy Pride Month.)

But the media doesn’t care that its Fake News has driven people crazy. The Uniparty’s various three-lettered media outlets are desperate to maintain their relevancy in the era of rising online digital media, and they will do or say anything no matter how repulsive, no matter how reckless. There is no collateral damage they will not accept.

They don’t even care if their Fake News drives people to kill themselves.

Pelosi Admits Dems Have Nothing on Trump, Says “We’re Not Going to Impeach”

It’s difficult to overstate the significance of this:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that she’s against impeaching President Trump “unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.” Which is exactly the point — there isn’t.

The speaker is surely up to speed on what evidence Democrats actually have against Trump and has a fair sense of what Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s report will say. And she recognizes that it’s nothing that will persuade anyone who hasn’t wanted Trump ousted since Election Day 2016.

Which means that moving to impeach him would be not just “divisive to the country,” as she says, but also bad for Democrats — since it would show them as unable to resist the most demented demands of their base.”

Dems have considered Trump’s impeachment a given for over two years. Since the moment Trump was elected, Democrats thought it to be inevitable that they would find some past crime–whether it be “conflicts of interest,” Russian Collusion, obstruction of justice, Stormy Daniels, or “campaign finance violations”–and would have Trump impeached in short order.

Of course the impeachment obsession was never because of any high crime(s) they could point to: those, once found, would merely be the justification for the impeachment they’d been seeking since the beginning. They have always wanted to impeach Trump, they’ve just never had a legitimate reason to do so.

It has always been: “We will impeach Trump; we’re just not yet sure what for.”

Now you’re seeing it slowly dawn on them: “we’re not going to find anything on Trump.” Trump is clean. The Witch Hunt(s) have been a collective bust.

They still want to impeach him, they just know that they don’t have a legitimate reason to, and so it would look like wild, unhinged overreach. I’m sure a great many Democrats still want to impeach him and don’t care how crazy it would make them look, but for now, their leader Pelosi will not go for it.

Again: it’s difficult to overstate the significance of this. Every major cable “news” outlet has been operating under the “Walls Closing In On Trump” assumption since November 2016. Leftwingers on Twitter are basically all smugly convinced that Trump will be impeached and locked in prison.

Pelosi has just shattered their worlds with this. Impeaching Trump has been the main reason millions of leftists get out of bed in the morning, for Heaven’s sake. Pelosi just dashed all those hopes and dreams in one sentence.

This essentially invalidates virtually everything CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, WaPo and NYT have done over the past two years. That is not an exaggeration: every ounce of manpower at those Uniparty propaganda arms over the past 2.5 years has been devoted to impeaching Trump. And now that dream is gone.

One of the main challenges in being a Political Dissident in America 2019 is determining whether a story is objectively a big deal or not irrespective of how much attention it gets in the “mainstream media.” Because as I say endlessly, the mainstream media is neither mainstream, nor a “media” in any real sense: it’s 100% Democratic Party propaganda. If a story can benefit the Democratic Party, it gets major attention. If a story cannot benefit the Democratic Party, or if it benefits the Republicans, it gets zero attention.

So don’t allow the lack of “mainstream media” coverage of Pelosi’s comments here obscure how big a deal this actually is: this is earth-shattering for tens of millions of leftists, from the boardrooms of CNN all the way to the most deranged corners of Tumblr and social media. Everything they’ve dreamed of over the past 2.5 years is vaporized.

Don’t think that this is not a big deal just because they aren’t making a big deal of it.

The real significance, though, is that this is the first moment in over two years where the Democrats have balked at destroying the precedents set over 230 years of American democratic government in their pursuit of power.

This is Nancy Pelosi pulling Democrats–and America–back from the brink, if only for a little while. This is the first indication we’ve seen in over two years of Democrats showing a willingness to accept the result of the 2016 election.

Beyond just her party’s self-interests, I think Pelosi realizes the danger of falling into this cycle of “Lose Election, Pursue Impeachment” that her party has embraced, and which will eventually render all elections meaningless. At that point we are little more than warring tribes who happen to live within the same borders.

The problem is, the New Generation of Democrats–i.e. those uppity women in the House who have become media darlings–don’t care about preserving America’s democratic institutions and government. They–and the Democratic party base–are of the mindset that they will not recognize the legitimacy of a Republican President, at all, ever.

Pelosi may have pulled her party back from the brink of what would for all intents and purposes be a cold civil war, but she’s only staving off the inevitable.

Democrats Are the Party of Mental Illness

Look at all the crazy:

I’m sure America’s Conscience, aka Mitt Romney, will be loudly and prominently calling all of this bad behavior out, like he promised to do.

But since there’s no shot of it getting him any positive media coverage, don’t hold your breath.

Still, it’s a good thing the Democratic Party has come along to restore civility and honor to Washington in the age of Donald Trump.

We’re fortunate the Democrats have come along to defend our great institutions in the age of Donald Trump.

When I say the Democrats are the party of mental illness, this is what I mean.

There’s something wrong with these people. They are a rabid, insane bunch who have been brainwashed by Fake News and propaganda.

The Democratic Party is for crazy people, by crazy people.

Remember how bananas they went after Kavanaugh was voted in?

They are the party of crazy.