That’s a Man, Baby

2020 Olympics to Allow Transgenders

Let’s empower women by allowing biological males to dominate them in the Olympics!

Nobody can be surprised that this is happening, of course.

PC Globalists gonna PC Globalist.

It really is amazing that they view themselves as the Good Guys Fighting Oppression while telling women who have trained for the Olympics since they were basically toddlers that they have to compete against biological males simply because those males have mental issues and believe they’re women.

“We know you young women have trained and sacrificed for this moment your entire lives, but the Davos Class has to virtue signal by #empowering men who falsely believe¬†they’re women. We have to crush your hopes and dreams because they have mental problems. Just because they have dicks doesn’t mean they’re not women.”

Add the Olympics to the long list of things that have been ruined by PC Globalism.

Holy Shit

Democrats are the Party of Science, and don’t you forget it:

The header picture is a “female” powerlifter from New Zealand named Laurel Hubbard (born Gavin Hubbard). “Laurel” destroyed her biologically female competition by over 19kg (over 42lbs) because “Laurel” is a man.

These leftists just have to ruin everything, don’t they?