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While You Were Sleeping, Democrats Stole Wisconsin and Michigan

Have a look at Wisconsin:

See that jump that put them conveniently ahead, almost as if it was magic?

Similar in Michigan although not as significant and blatant a jump:

I don’t know how this can be allowed to happen without raising any alarms.

We’ve known this was coming for probably four years now, and yet somehow it’s still crushing to see it play out. The Democrats don’t care who knows they’re blatantly stealing this election.

What are you gonna do about it?”

And we’re still not out of the woods in Georgia yet. Arizona is still being counted and the White House thinks they’ll pull ahead there to offset Wisconsin, but Arizona has already been called by Fox and AP for what it’s worth.

I guess we just have to trust Trump to fight this and get to the bottom of it.

And he is aware of what’s going on. He just tweeted this out, although Twitter censored it because they’re in on the steal:

He was responding to this:

I’ll include the image in full showing the massive jump for Biden in Michigan, although you’ll probably have to zoom in to see it:

This is just another way to visualize what the graphic at the top shows.

UPDATE: apparently the Michigan jump for Biden was caused by a “typo” and has since been corrected:

So instead of a 70k vote lead in Michigan Trump now has a 198k vote lead.

Whether this was truly a “typo” or they got caught in the act once Trump caught wind of it, we’ll never know.

This thing is being stolen in front of our eyes. The Democrats decided on November 9, 2016 to never lose an election again, and this is how they’re making good on that resolution.

We need to put a stop to this. I don’t know how but for the good of the country this cannot be allowed to fly.

Democrats are going to scream bloody murder because of their steadfast belief in the twin mantras of “EVERY VOTE MUST BE COUNTED” and “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ELECTION FRAUD,” which when taken together enable them to steal elections.

But they’ll never understand, so who cares what they say?

Also, vote counting has mysteriously been put on hold out in Nevada. Trump was doing well there, so I’m sure Las Vegas Democrats are hard at work rigging that state.

It’s hard not to get a little depressed seeing this play out in real time. But take heart because we have Trump and he’s not going to go down without a fight. He ain’t Romney.

Biden Campaign Manager Appears to Concede Florida and Pennsylvania Already

How else are we supposed to interpret this?

Why would she say they can still win without FL and PA?

Well, apparently Trump passed Biden’s 112k vote lead by 9:30am this morning and continues to rack up votes in Florida:

I saw this funny flow chart for how Dems are going to continually move the goalposts throughout today and into the night as things look worse and worse for Sleepy Joe:

Just like with Hillary in 2016 😂

COVID-19 In Context

This chart shows various plagues/pandemics throughout history and what percentage of the world’s population they wiped out.

Covid-19, however, dwarfs all of them in hysterical media coverage.

Babylon Bee: “Big Tech Fights Election Interference By Interfering in Election.”

They always nail it.

It reminds me of that old quote from a Vietnam War general: “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

Everything they accuse us of, they are guilty of. There was no “election interference” by or for Trump. The media and big tech, however, are working as hard as they can to interfere in the election for Biden.

CNN Implies Gun Owners Should Not Be Allowed to be Judges

CNN knew exactly what they were doing with this headline, and they were called out accordingly:

The “but” is what gives it away. It indicates owning a gun is somehow a disqualifier for her to be a judge. As if non-gun owners are the only people who should be allowed to be judges in gun rights cases.

CNN’s use of the word “fairly” is of course totally misleading. What they really mean by “fairly” is “against gun owners.”

CNN of course would see no problem with a SCOTUS nominee not owning a gun, since that nominee would be more likely to rule against gun rights. Which is what the hopelessly biased Leftwing activists at CNN want. They have no interest at all in “fairness.”

Leftwing media outlets only care about potential bias when it’s not leftwing bias. They sound the alarm and flip their lids when there’s even a hint of bias going the other way. “She owns a gun! There’s no way she’s going to strike down the Second Amendment like we want her to!”

The only principle these people adhere to is winning. Every “rule” they try to impose in the name of “fairness” is simply an attempt to further tilt the playing field in their favor. They’re just so sneaky and underhanded and dishonest, and go to great lengths to try to disguise their political activism.

“Hey, we’re just trying to make sure she judges gun rights cases fairly!”

They really think nobody can see through their bullshit, don’t they?

Look At All That Voter Suppression in Georgia

Once again: the left lives in a fantasy world. They are convinced that voter suppression is rampant in states like Georgia.

Our country is being ripped in half because these people’s heads have been filled with lies by the media.