The Diversity Lie

When Will Republicans Wake Up and Realize that Demographics Are Destiny?

Lee Kwan Yew, founder of Singapore:

In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.

He couldn’t be more right.

This explains why inner cities consistently vote over 90% Democrat even though the Democrats have done nothing to improve the inner cities over six decades.

When I was younger, I used to think it was all about ideology. I was obsessed with conservative ideology and comparing socialism vs capitalism and stuff like that. I thought that was what drives people’s voting decisions.

And so I could never wrap my head around this idea that someday Texas is going to start voting Democrat.

What? Are you crazy? Texans are the most conservative people around. They’re not just going to change their whole worldview and become liberals? Never!

No, Texans as we picture them are not going to become liberals. It’s not going to be an ideological shift within an existing, static population.

What’s going to happen is that Texans as we traditionally know them are going to become the demographic minority in the state. The combination of mass foreign immigration and liberal white transplants from other states (like California) is outnumbering Texas’ traditional white conservative majority. No longer is the state full of Hank Hills. The Hank Hills are in the process of being outnumbered. That is why Texas will probably turn blue in the next 4-8 years.

Hank Hill is not becoming a liberal over time. That’s ridiculous.

What will happen is that the state’s demographics will change.

And so this leads me to the Republican Party nationally, which still insists that it’s not against all immigration, only illegal immigration. In fact the GOP loves legal immigrants and tells you every chance it gets–even Trump:

“We want to allow millions of people to come in [legally] because we need them. We have companies pouring in from Japan, all over Europe, all over the world, they’re opening up companies here, they need people to work.”

Trump, just like the Chamber of Commerce and the big businesses that have traditionally controlled the GOP, wants “millions” of cheap foreign workers pouring into this country.

But does he realize that it’s legal immigration that will be the end of the Republican party one day soon if not massively reduced?

I’ve never seen a political movement actively campaign for its own demise, and pursue policies that will ensure its extinction in the near future. This is what Republicans are doing in celebrating legal immigration: ensuring their own doom.

It’s not illegal immigrants that have tipped so many states toward Democrats. Although many illegals do in fact vote, and Democrats today want to make it so all the illegals in this country (some 30 million of them, not the 11 million lie that has been repeated since the mid-2000s as if not a single illegal has entered this country since then) can vote, the real issue for Republicans is the legal immigrants who are already voting for Democrats in large numbers:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.34.49 PM.png

There is a fair amount of ideological diversity among white voters. This is a remnant of pre-Diversity America when elections really were about issues rather than race. This is why you see the white vote split like 60-40 these days.

But there isn’t ideological diversity among nonwhite groups. They all vote heavily Democrat because they believe it’s in their racial interest to do so. They would feel like race traitors voting Republican because they see it as the White Man’s Party. In 2016 Trump carried the white vote 57-37 over Hillary. But Hillary carried the non-white vote by a margin of 74-21.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 9.37.17 PM.png

Minorities vote Democrat almost monolithically. It’s not really about the issues, it’s about racial identity. This is the payoff for Democrats’ identity politics obsession, i.e. tying voting behavior to race.

Do you remember in 2016 seeing those signs “Latinos for Hillary”?


We’ve grown used to seeing this type of thing but have you ever stopped and thought about what “Latinos for Hillary” truly means? It is a frank admission that race drives voting decisions. “Latinos for Hillary” completely ignores the fact that there are male Latinos, female Latinos, young Latinos, middle-aged Latinos, old Latinos, rich Latinos, poor Latinos, middle class Latinos, etc. This is a total refutation of the idea that people vote primarily based on their economic interests. Otherwise, we’d see middle-class Latinos (and middle-class blacks and Asians) voting the same way as middle-class whites. “Latinos for Hillary” is the acknowledgment that race transcends everything and that voting for Hillary will benefit all Latinos no matter their gender, age and income status.

The only people who don’t see this are white conservatives. Well, some see it, but for whatever reason they ignore it or pretend they can change it.

Someone focused on ideology alone will never be able to understand American politics in the coming years. They will wonder why Texas, Georgia, Arizona and other states are flipping blue despite being ideologically conservative for decades. “Why are people in those states suddenly becoming liberals??? It does not make any sense!!” They’ll wonder.

But just because you’re ideological doesn’t mean other people are. Just because you don’t vote based on race doesn’t mean other people don’t.

People need to start realizing what’s going on and why.

Yes, White Liberals Are Brainwashed to Be Anti-White, But. . .

. . .There comes a time in the life of every brainwashed person where reality collides with their fantasy world and they can no longer persist in their delusions.

I usually try to keep quotations from other articles as brief and to-the-point as possible, but I had to quote this one by Patrick McDermott at great length. It’s very good. The whole premise is that sooner or later, white liberals will wake up and realize the error of their ways simply because the reality of “diversity” will collide head-on with their fantasy world and scare them straight.

The author begins by discussing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: towards the bottom are basic, essential and primitive needs like food, water and shelter. Then comes safety and security, followed by love, intimate friendships and belonging; then self-esteem and prestige derived from accomplishments and recognition; and finally self-actualization, which essentially means becoming the best possible version of yourself.

McDermott says that white liberals believe what they believe because it provides them with the higher parts of Maslow’s hierarchy, namely belonging and self-esteem. They feel good about themselves for holding the Morally Righteous Views (as determined by the media and cultural elites), and being liberal is also the easiest way to be accepted and included in American society–you will face no discrimination, no physical threats, no potential loss of employment, no ostracization. You are on the Right Side of History™.

It will only be when white liberals no longer feel safe in this country that they will cease caring about fitting in and feeling good about themselves. Importantly, it will not be (and must not be) right-wing revolutionaries who will make these liberals feel physically unsafe through acts of terror, but in fact the third-world immigrants white liberals rolled out the red carpet for and eagerly encouraged to take over this country:

“Most white liberals will not be convinced by rational arguments, no matter how strong or well-supported those arguments may be. They will only be convinced by threats to their basic safety. This, in turn, points to the real barrier: Most white liberals do not feel threatened.

Most of them do not see a civilization that is crumbling around them or a brewing threat on the horizon. They see a thriving economy and a skyrocketing stock market. Yes, race relations are not perfect, but they think those problems will sort themselves out as soon as we solve the challenge of poverty and get rid of Donald Trump. Immigration is beneficial. There are no meaningful differences between people. Trump voters are just suffering from irrational phobias and “white anxiety.” Times are good. What on earth is there to be afraid of?”

White liberals believe all is well and that mass immigration from the third world can continue apace; nothing has changed in their lives, and in fact their lives are better because of all the robust foreign cuisine options now available in their upscale, coastal urban neighborhoods.

White liberals have been brainwashed to believe “Diversity is our strength,” that it will be a good thing when whites are minority in America, that the white race’s history is one of only evil, and that they benefit from “white privilege” and must feel eternally guilty for it.

They haven’t yet experienced the downsides of immigration the way many less affluent whites have. They haven’t had to compete with illegals for jobs. They haven’t been in a hit-and-run car accident with an illegal. They’ve never had a loved one killed by an illegal immigrant.

They haven’t experienced the decrease in the quality of their lives due to “diversity” and mass immigration that so many others have. They don’t know what it’s like to gradually feel more and more unsafe–and out-of-place–in an area they’ve lived their entire lives.

But they inevitably will–in fact, some are already starting to.

Example: At the old site, I wrote last summer that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the NY-14 Democratic Congressional Primary race over longtime Rep. Joe Crowley (a 50-something white guy) was a loud and clear warning to the white liberals that have run the Democratic Party for five decades-plus: your time is up. The immigrants’ time is now. You no longer run this party.

White Democrats favor endless immigration because immigrants vote overwhelmingly for white Democrats. But the white Democrats never thought the day would come when those immigrants would actually want to hold positions of power, and that this would come at the expense of the white Democrats holding those positions of power. Ocasio-Cortez’s victory over white male Democrat Joe Crowley in NY-14 was the moment it began to dawn on white Democrats: this whole mass immigration thing may not work out so well for us.

Joe Crowley himself realized what was happening: during the campaign against Cortez, he complained that he “couldn’t help that he was born white.” He knew exactly what was going on: his district, majority-white in the 1990s when he was elected, had become more and more “diverse” over the past two decades, and he, Crowley, had become a relic of the past, out of place in his own district. His new nonwhite constituents had no interest in being “represented” by a white guy who had nothing in common with them.

In other words, brown districts don’t want to be represented by white politicians. It has come as a great shock to many a white Democrat that their newly-imported nonwhite constituents don’t want to be ruled by rich white people. The voters of NY-14 looked at Joe Crowley and said, “Why do we need to keep this white guy around?” Ocasio-Cortez’s slogan during the campaign was “It’s time for one of us.”

This is what “bursting the white liberal bubble” means: it means making white liberals bear the full brunt of “diversity” and experience it the way millions of downscale white Americans already have.

It means making white liberals truly understand what diversity means.

“For the average white liberal, strident anti-immigration positions are not just racist, but pointlessly so. According to one poll, 73 percent of Hillary Clinton’s white voters reportedly thought it was racist for white Americans to even have an opinion on immigration.

The sad reality is that few people who are living in a bubble are able to see it until it pops. The rare iconoclasts who are right too soon are usually viewed as social outcasts and misfits.”

Translation: us.

“The liberal bubble is about to pop, however. The signs are all around us. The coming awakening of white liberals, which in the United States will probably occur over the next decade, will be primarily due to five factors. The first, instinctual ethnocentrism, affects humans and animals alike and is present in babies. Although such ethnocentrism is not new, it remains centrally important and provides a baseline for the other factors.

The second is growing direct contact with minorities, which will only increase as the nation continues to change over time. Some academics argue that such contact can improve race relations, but other research has shown that the negative effects are stronger. Ongoing white flight in neighborhoods and schools provides the most definitive answer on this question.

A third factor is growing cultural threat. Unlike direct contact, which is lessened by white flight, there is no escaping mass culture. As was noted in a recent Vox article, White Threat in a Browning America:

‘We live in an America where television programs, commercials, and movies are trying to represent a browner country; where Black Panther is a celebrated cultural event and #OscarsSoWhite is a nationally known hashtag; where NFL players kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and pressing 1 for English is commonplace.’

This unavoidable onslaught is a constant reminder to America’s white population that their nation is changing. Research has shown that such messages make them more conservative, view minorities less positively, and feel more attachment to other whites.”

The less white America becomes, the more racially conscious whites will grow. As they begin to feel more and more out-of-place, they will begin to vote accordingly.

“A fourth factor is the growth of explicitly anti-white rhetoric. The idea that “whiteness” is inherently evil and should be abolished originated in academia, but now it is seeping into our broader culture and political discourse. Treating people equally and with decency regardless of their race was once sufficient to avoid the racist label, but now it elicits charges of color-blind racism and implicit bias. Unsurprisingly, research has found that accusations of white privilege can make people feel defensive and resentful. Even white allies are not immune. Black Lives Matter demonstrators protested Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. White feminists were blamed for Trump’s election and criticized for their “white supremacy in heels.”

This one was the most interesting for me:

“The fifth factor, political threat, may be the most important because, unlike the others, it cannot be avoided or ignored. The principal source of this threat is the nation’s changing demographics, which are empowering minorities and shifting the Democratic Party sharply to the left. The effects of this change have been evident in elections throughout the nation this year. These have included the well-publicized primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, Andrew Gillum in Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial primary, and Stacey Abrams in the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial primary, as well as victories for lesser known candidates in governors’ races in TexasArizonaNew Mexico, and Maryland.

While many of these candidates lost last November, they are paving the way for likely victories down the road as more states become majority-minority in the lead up to 2045, when the nation as a whole will reach that milestone. These changes, most of which are concentrated in the Democratic Party, can also be expected to shift future Democratic presidential nominees further left.

In other words, future Democratic nominees will be so far to the left they’ll make Hillary, Biden, Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore look like conservatives in comparison. This will scare many white liberals away.

“The reaction of white voters to such hard-left ideological swings is well-established. Two of the most left-leaning presidential nominees in modern history, George McGovern and Walter Mondale, were trounced at the polls. More recently, moderate Republican gubernatorial candidates have a solid track record of defeating far-left Democrats in deep blue states. What accounts for this? Many white liberals, particularly those with high household incomes, are not as far left as they think.”

Examples: Mitt Romney and Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Larry Hogan in Maryland, Phil Scott in Vermont–these are the main recent examples of Republicans being seemingly inexplicably elected governor in deep-blue states.

“White liberals may not feel threatened by the left today, particularly with Republicans controlling Congress and Trump dominating the news on a daily basis, but that will change in the coming decade. As the nation changes, the mainstream media and social media companies may try to clamp down on opposing views, but they are unlikely to repress the emerging voices of the far left, who will do far more to open the eyes of white liberals than conservatives ever could. They are our unwitting allies.”

Useful idiot” was once a term applied by communists to their supporters in the West, but the concept is still applicable today. Every day that someone kneels during the national anthem, calls for abolishing whiteness, or attacks another cherished Western tradition for its roots in “white supremacy” or “institutional racism” is another day that more white people will wake up to the growing threat.

I’ll admit that I never looked at it this way; I never looked at the anthem kneeling and neverending Racism Witch Hunt as potential Red Pill Moments for normal/liberal white people. I just kind of assumed people who were already red-pilled would react negatively and people who were blue-pilled would react exactly the way the media had trained them to react.

But this author is saying that when a Somali Muslim like Ilhan Omar dismisses 9/11 and the 3,000 people killed by Islamic terrorists that day as “some people did something,” that this actually has the effect of Red Pilling previously brainwashed white people. They might see Omar’s remarks and think to themselves, “Wow, I’m all for inclusion and diversity, but I never thought it would result in this shit.”

In other words, the author Patrick McDermott is saying the radical, anti-white “New Left” will inevitably alienate its self-hating, virtue-signaling white allies simply by doing exactly what it is presently doing. White liberals will eventually realize that when nonwhite activists say, “Abolish white people,” they don’t just mean white people in Alabama; they mean white liberals in New York City, too.

So the positive takeaway is that it is inevitable that white liberals will soon experience real diversity as many other white Americans have, and that once this happens, white liberals will undergo major changes in their worldviews and voting patterns out of necessity–their survival instincts will kick in.

But the negative takeaway is that our country might already be too far gone by the time this happens.

Diversity is Our Strength: Ilhan Omar Refers to 9/11 Terrorist Attacks as “Some people did something”

The more Diverse America becomes, the more commonplace this type of thing will become:

Is it really such a surprise that a Somali Muslim gives zero fucks about 9/11, and dismisses it as “some people did something”? And that she believes the real problem is supposed discrimination against Muslims following 9/11?

This is what Diversity is, America.

“But she’s an American! How could she say this?”

She’s not an American. She’s a Somali Muslim whose loyalties lie anywhere but with America, who simply happens to reside in America.

She may be an American citizen, technically, but what does that even mean anymore? We hand out green cards like Halloween candy nowadays.

Diversity means your country is gradually repopulated with ungrateful people who hate you and hate your country.

Get used to being ruled by anti-American demagogues like Ilhan Omar, America.

That’s what Diversity means.

Ilhan Omar is the future.

When the cultural and political elite got the American people to sign on to turning America into a Diverse, Multicultural nation, do you think the American people fully understood what they were signing up for?

They didn’t think the Diverse immigrants would eventually hold positions of power, did they?

They didn’t think Diverse immigrants would hold on to their radical, anti-American views once they moved here, did they?

They didn’t think the Diverse immigrants, who were given the privilege of coming to the greatest country in the history of the world from miserable third-world hellholes, would be this shockingly ungrateful, did they?

Americans were led to believe Diversity simply meant more foreign cuisine options around town and one or two “international” novelty students at their kids’ schools.

Sorry. That’s not how it works.

When you import people from wildly different cultures, you also import those wildly different cultures and all the baggage that comes with them.

Diversity = Ilhan Omar.

Good on Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) for calling out Omar over her treasonous remarks, but Crenshaw is a typical Domesticated Republican who will never dare to bring attention to the reason this is happening:

Republican politicians are #Outraged over Omar’s remarks, but then they turn around and say “Diversity is Our Strength” as if the Diversity isn’t the precise reason we now have a Member of Congress dismissing 9/11 as “some people did something.”

What did you think was going to happen when you flung open the gates to the world?

Did you just imagine you could bring in all these people from incompatible cultures and America wouldn’t change at all?

Ilhan Omar is what happens when you fling open the gates to any and everyone.


By the way, Omar’s claim that CAIR was founded in response to backlash against Muslims following 9/11 is a straight-up lie. CAIR was founded in 1994:


American Lives Don’t Matter

The worst part about being killed by a terrorist, illegal alien or other protected class in America: your death will be entirely in vain.

In fact, you will be treated as an inconvenience by the media, which will try to sweep your death under the rug and make your story go away as quickly as possible.

The public will never remember, or even know, your name. Your death will be counted as simply the cost of doing business in a Multicultural Society by a nation that will not learn anything or be compelled to change anything in the wake of your preventable death. The “media” works tirelessly to ensure this.

If you were killed at the hands of a terrorist or an illegal immigrant, wouldn’t you at the very least want people to learn from your death, and take steps to prevent any more Americans from ever suffering the same fate as you?

You’d think that’d be the least a person murdered by a terrorist or an illegal could ask for: just please, America, learn from my death and make the changes necessary so that no one else has to suffer this same fate.

But you will not be the last person killed by a terrorist, an illegal immigrant or someone from a Protected Class. Not by a long shot.

Nothing will get in the way of Big Corporations and their cheap labor, Democrat politicians and their new voters, and upper-middle class white liberals and their virtue signaling. They will not bat an eye if their immigration policies result in you being murdered by someone who shouldn’t even be here.

If you think the Big Corporations and Uniparty Politicians give a fuck about you dying at the hands of an immigrant they brought in, you thought wrong.

How many Americans have to be killed by Islamic terrorists and illegal immigrants before upscale white liberals just looking to feel good about themselves for supporting Multiculturalism are overcome with guilt due to the unnecessary murders they directly enabled? The answer is that there is no number high enough. They will never care.

When will the “media” start caring about American Lives? The answer is never.

Off the top of your head, name one American killed on 9/11. There were over 3,000 of them.

Name one American killed at the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Name one American off the top of your head killed in San Bernardino.

Name one American who was killed in the 2017 New York City truck terrorist attack.

That’s what I thought. You probably had almost entirely forgotten about San Bernardino and the NYC attack.

Mollie Tibbetts’ name quickly disappeared from the news the second it was discovered her killer was an illegal. We stopped hearing about her, because at that point she became an inconvenience to the Uniparty.

Kate Steinle only became a semi-household name because Donald Trump kept bringing her up in 2016 no matter how much the Uniparty Propaganda Department tried to ignore her murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

And to make matters worse, our criminal “justice” system will probably let your murderer skate because Racial Justice™. Kate Steinle’s illegall immigrant killer was found not guilty of murder by a jury of his peers. Mollie Tibbetts’ killer successfully got his trial moved to a “less white” county where a presumably “less white” jury will be more likely to acquit him, because racial tribalism trumps blind justice in America 2019.

If you’re a black person killed by the police, however, you will become a household name and a martyr for the great cause of Equality, even if you were the aggressor and police had every right to shoot you. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin will live forever as martyrs; black bodies in a maliciously racist White Trumpian Hellscape.

While every black person killed by police is all over the news and their names are immortalized, what about white people killed in cold blood by black people?

Let’s go over some examples just from 2019 the media ignored entirely simply because the victim-perpetrator relationship did not fit their narrative:

And what about this from just last week, where Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old white girl from the University of South Carolina out partying last Friday night, accidentally got into the car of Nathaniel Rowland, a 24-year-old black man, after mistaking him for her Uber driver, and wound up kidnapped and murdered:

“A Clarendon County man was arrested Saturday in connection with the death of a 21-year-old University of South Carolina student who mistakenly got into a car that she thought was an Uber rideshare she ordered.

Nathaniel David Rowland, 24, was captured in the vicinity where Samantha Josephson disappeared around 24 hours earlier, Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said.

Rowland will be charged by the State Law Enforcement Division with murder and kidnapping, Holbrook said.

“This was a bad scene,” the chief said.”

A lot of good Samantha’s White Privilege did her that night.

Her murder is a story but not a headline story. It’s not dominating the news cycle. Most Americans probably never heard about it.

And the race of her killer is not mentioned.

In Chicago this past week, two cops were making a drug bust when an armed gang of black men surrounded them and threatened to kill the police unless they let the perp go. As someone on Twitter pointed out, had the cops fired their weapons, “the news media would have been all over them, metaphorically skinning them alive.”

Chesapeake, Virginia, March 26, 2019: 30-year-old Stephanie Branierd is robbed and murdered by three black people while delivering their pizza:

“CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Chesapeake police detectives arrested three people who are accused of being part of the robbery and shooting that left a pizza delivery driver dead.

Tuesday, a spokesman for the Chesapeake Police Department said that officers arrested the following people on these charges:

Tonagee Franciosa Ravenel, 19, Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony

Antonio Cerroane Britton, 18, Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony

Semiya Mone Davidson, 20, Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony, Felony Eluding, and Child Endangerment.”

Paul Kersey has so many more examples just like these. And none of these stories are deemed fit to be brought to your attention by the “Mainstream Media,” because the “Mainstream Media” is the enemy of the people, and because White Lives Don’t Matter.

Did these white people all deserve to be killed because of the Legacy of Slavery?

The truth is the truth: black-on-white murder is far more prevalent in this country than white-on-black murder despite the fact that white people make up over 60% of the population and black people make up around 13%.


In 2015, 500 white people were killed by blacks. 229 black people were killed by white people. That means black-on-white homicide is more than 2x more prevalent in this country than white-on-black homicide despite there being 4.5x more white people overall.

And hell, black-on-black homicide is routinely ignored because the media only wants to publicize stories where the white person is the villain. Not all #BlackLivesMatter. If you’re a black person in America and you are murdered, the only way the media will care is if it’s at the hands of a police officer.

If White Privilege actually existed, don’t you think this statistic would be more widely-known? The fact that it isn’t widely known or publicized by the media at all points to the exact opposite of White Privilege, if anything.

Reporting the truth is racist if the truth reflects poorly on a core Democratic voting group. And that’s what it is: The Party and its propagandists would not care a lick about black people if they voted 90% Republican and would in fact be demonizing them even worse than they currently demonize white people.

But as it is, until #Blexit actually happens (if it happens; I have serious doubts it will) every white person murdered in cold blood by a black person is treated as a step toward “racial justice,” an infinitesimal payment on the gigantic debt white people owe to blacks for the Legacy of Slavery and Jim Crow.

Every American killed by a terrorist or an illegal will be treated as collateral damage.

This is the reality of being murdered while white in America: no lessons will be learned, no changes will be made, no eyes will be opened.

Your death will be entirely in vain.

Liberal White Women in NYC: Get Ready for DIVERSITY!

The streets of New York City are about to be Enriched™ by Muslim Community Patrols. Isn’t this wonderful?

Now, white millennial liberal women in New York don’t have to travel abroad to experience other cultures–other cultures are coming to them!

“[Maeen Ali] will spend most of his time sitting in a white Ford Taurus that is detailed to look like a police squad car with red and white emergency lights.

Mr Ali is among the first 30 members of the all-volunteer Muslim Community Patrol & Services that is preparing to operate in neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, with a goal of growing its fleet of two cars to five by the end of the month and eventually expanding citywide. The group recently held a training led by off-duty officers from the police department’s 72nd precinct.

“It’s like a neighbourhood watch but on steroids,” said Noor Rabah, the group’s 31-year-old vice president who lives in Sunset Park.”

Now, they claim these Muslim Patrols are to protect Muslims from hate crimes, which are supposedly skyrocketing in Trump’s America™, but the only hate crimes on the rise are fake hate crimes carried out with the goal of smearing Trump and his voters.

“Maeen Ali remembers the worry he felt when he first spotted the “Punish a Muslim Day” screed online.

The letter, mailed last spring throughout England, encouraged violence that ranged from pulling off a woman’s head scarf to bombing mosques. Each attack, the letter instructed, would be rewarded with points. The hate campaign prompted the police in New York and other big cities to expand patrols around mosques and Islamic centres on the specified day.

Mr Ali, who lives in downtown Brooklyn, said he was consumed by thoughts of his four children’s safety.

“That just boiled inside of me,” said Mr Ali, who moved to the United States from Yemen in 1990. “That’s when I said to myself that it was really important to come out and protect Muslims in the community.”

He added, “I have to stand up.”

No word on whether “Punish A Muslim Day” actually resulted in any Muslims being punished. More than likely it was a set-up, like every other anti-minority hate crime in the West these days.

Regardless, this always-around-the-corner pervasive Muslim hatred is all the proof we need: Muslims are under attack from Evil Whites and need to take matters into their own hands.

The real reason for these Muslim Community Patrols is to enforce Sharia. Muslims in London are already doing it.

Sharia Law: coming to a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood near you!

I’m sure all the liberal millennial white chicks will love being shouted at to cover up, and all the gay New Yorkers will love being called “dirty fags.”

Diversity is Our Strength!™

Don’t forget, Trump is the one oppressing you!

Diversity Is Our Strength™

Repeat it until you believe it:

Candace Owens is BASED AF. She gets it.

In Diverse™ societies, the “melting pot” is a myth.

What actually tends to happen is tribal fragmentation, where loyalty to one’s racial/ethnic tribe trumps loyalty to country.

Assimilation works up to a point: the European immigrant groups of the turn of the century assimilated quite well over time, to the point where today you would hardly be able to distinguish their descendants from 12th generation Americans.

And even some post-1965 immigrants (i.e. non-Western) have Americanized fairly well, but the key to that is small numbers. In other words, there’s little trouble assimilating 20 or so non-Western immigrants into a community of, say, ten thousand Americans.

But mass immigration from non-Western/Anglosphere nations does not work.

Instead of assimilation, we see separation and tribalism.

What Ilhan Omar is doing here should not be surprising. She’s pursuing the interests of her group (Muslims) over the interests of the country at large.

Leniency for ISIS recruits is obviously and undeniably bad for America overall, but it’s good for Muslims.

Ilhan Omar couldn’t give less of a shit about America overall. She was elected to represent the Somali Muslims of her district in Minnesota, and she will do so even at the expense of the nation at large.

That’s post-1965 “Diversity” for you.

In the era of Western “Diversity,” the country itself becomes little more than lines on a map, and most people and groups have little attachment to the country itself–its history, its traditions, its culture, its people. The groups living within the lines have competing interests and often deeply resent one another. For all intents and purposes, the “nation” dies when it becomes a hodgepodge of “diverse” subgroups.

To the extent that subgroups comprising diverse societies do care about the affairs of the greater nation itself, it’s only to extract benefits for themselves at the expense of everyone else, i.e. government handouts and largesse via redistribution of wealth.

Why do you think Democrats today only talk about: a. how much their racial subgroups are #oppressed and b. establishing new government handout programs (e.g. free healthcare, free college tuition, more welfare) for their voters funded by the wealthy?

The Democratic Party exists primarily to plunder the the white, wealthier (or “privileged”) majority and redistribute that wealth to less wealthy, nonwhite (“unprivileged”) groups.

The only group not allowed to take its own side, of course, are white people.

The Democrats are allowed to explicitly be the nonwhite party that seeks to act in the interests of nonwhites at the expense of whites.

But the mere suggestion that the Republican Party respond to this by pursuing the interests of whites will get you banned from social media, fired from your job and socially ostracized in real life.

If the Democrats want white identity politics, this is how they get it: keep encouraging nonwhites to pursue their interests at the expense of whites, and keep vilifying whites as the Great Satan. White people will become more “racially conscious” over time if you keep attacking them for being white.

Ilhan Omar is allowed, even encouraged, to pursue the interests of Somali Muslims at the expense of America at large. White Americans, meanwhile, are smeared as RACISTS told to shut up and deal with it because they have “white privilege.”

Democrats have been telling white people they’re racists for wanting to do anything about the deliberate and malicious destruction of their own race.

The blatant unfairness will unavoidably lead to the rise of white identity politics: if the nonwhite races are allowed to do it, and at the expense of white people no less, then white people will inevitably follow suit.