The Plannedemic

Anthony Fauci is, and I’m not exaggerating here, the biggest piece of shit in America

Most of the time, I will not ask you to watch a video. I know how it is. You don’t come here to watch videos, you come here to read words. If you wanted to watch a video you’d go to YouTube.

I get it. I’m the same way.

So 99% of the time, I’m not going to ask you to watch a video in order to fully understand one of my posts.

But this time, I have to make an exception. I am imploring you to watch this video of Jim Jordan asking Dr. Fauci all the questions we regular Americans have wanted to ask him for the past two months–and in the same tone we would have used, too.

I am begging you to watch this video. You won’t regret it. It’s about six minutes long.

And take note of Fauci’s smug-ass, cocksucking grin the whole time:

He knows he’s a liar. He knows he’s caught red-handed. He knows Jim Jordan is spot-on about everything.

But he also knows he’s part of the Big Club, and Jim Jordan is not. So not matter how badly Jordan exposes him as a complete fraud, it doesn’t matter because the media has Fauci’s back.

By the way, what 80-year-old looks as young as Fauci? This guy is clearly drinking the blood of young children.

“It’s not my place to opine” he says.

Oh really? He’s been “opining” on a hell of a lot for the past 4 months. You can’t go to church because Dr. Fauci Said So. You can’t go to the gym and work out because Dr. Fauci Said So.

But he won’t “opine” on whether the BLM protests and riots spread coronavirus.

This guy is the biggest piece of shit in America. He thinks he’s untouchable because Brad Pitt played him on SNL.

After watching this video, I more certain than ever in my assessment that Coronavirus is a gigantic scam.

When America’s supposed be-all, end-all on all things Coronavirus cannot even admit straight-up that massive BLM protests and riots in the streets contribute to the spread of the virus, we know that either the virus itself is a scam, or the government has zero credibility whatsoever.

This Moloch-worshipping piece of shit has kept America shut-down for the past four months knowing full-well the virus is a complete hoax.

He is unequivocally the worst person in America right now.

How many people have lost their jobs because of him? How many people can’t pay rent because of him? How many small business owners have had to close for good because of him? How many people have not been able to bury their loved ones because of him?

And yet he sits up there with that smug, cocksucking grin on his face and plays dumb the whole time.

This asshole thinks he’s got it all figured out. He thinks he’s untouchable. He probably thinks he’s God, on some level. He goes to extravagant parties with all his Rich, Elite friends and thinks he’s the king of the world.

Want to know why Americans don’t trust the “experts” anymore? Want to know why Americans despise the Ruling Class these days? Want to know why America chose Trump over Hillary Clinton and all the other Swamp Creatures?

Look no further than Anthony Fauci’s smug-ass face when he refuses to say whether or not the BLM protests/riots increased the spread of the coronavirus.

He is not a public health expert. He is not an infectious disease expert.

He’s a Democrat Politician in a lab coat. We should’ve known he was a villain from the moment the media started circlejerking for him back in March.

Anthony Fauci is the living, breathing embodiment of the Swamp. And American Patriots should not rest until Fauci and everyone else like him is deprived of his steady fix of adrenochrome and exiled to a prison colony on some remote Aleutian island.

The UN & Big Tech Team Up to Censor the President

I wrote briefly last night about the Breitbart News livestream–which was not actually organized by Breitbart; Breitbart was only streaming a press conference hosted by Congressman Ralph Norman (R-SC) on the steps of the Supreme Court building. The 45-minute press conference had almost 18 million views before Big Tech banned it.

Breitbart has more on it here. But here’s FB’s reason for taking it down:

“We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” a Facebook company spokesman, Andy Stone, told Breitbart News.

The company did not specify what portion of the video it ruled to be “false information,” who it consulted to make that ruling, and on what basis it was made.”

Facebook’s Andy Stone then went on Twitter and delivered a rather creepy message:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 10.09.06 AM.png

I think the “Mark” he was referring to was Zuckerberg. But then that second tweet: Facebook then took the additional step of bombarding people who had viewed the Breitbart video with WHO propaganda.

These are the New Totalitarians of the 21st century: smug, 30-something, low-T tech-bros using sanitized, corporate HR jargon to tell you that your rights have been vaporized.

Twitter went as far as suspending Don Jr.’s account–and then directing him to the WHO’s Reeducation Camp for COVID-19 Dissidents & Thought Criminals:


So naturally, this was trending this morning:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 10.28.44 AM

Twitter ultimately made the choice to delete the Breitbart video after it was shared by President Trump:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 11.00.22 AM

A few points:

  • Twitter removed the video from Trump’s feed. Twitter is now censoring the President and deciding what he can and cannot share with his followers. Big Tech now can stand in between the President and the American People.
  • This is the delegitimization of the Presidency. The Presidency is now just a partisan office with zero authority outside of the areas that voted for the President. Big Tech has adopted “Not My President” as its official policy. The President is no longer the head of American government, he’s no longer a public official whose words all Americans should at least heed and take into consideration–he’s merely the Chief Political Adversary for the Other Side.
  • Of course, it was completely different when Obama was President. Obama was a non-partisan public servant who was just looking out for the American people. Anytime he spoke it was an Official Message From the US Government, totally nonpartisan and informative. Obama had the best interests of the American people in mind at all times, had zero partisan interests whatsoever, and whether you voted for him or not, you needed to respect the Office of the President.
  • Trump does not get that treatment at all. Now, the Presidency has zero legitimacy. Everything Trump says is dismissed as “partisan” or “misinformation,” or of course their go-to, “RAAAACIST!!!!!”
  • In the middle of a global pandemic, the President attempts to share helpful information on treatment or even a possible cure with the American. Big Tech shoots it down. Not permitted.
  • So now we live in a world where the President is not allowed to communicate directly with the American people, because Big Tech thinks it, rather than Trump, knows what’s best for the American people. If Big Tech doesn’t like what Trump is saying, then sorry, the American people don’t get to hear it.
  • “Wrong!” they’ll say. “‘We’re only trying to Combat the Spread of Misinformation™.'” That’s how the benevolent totalitarians always describe their censorship efforts. Not only are they not being evil, they’re doing this for our own good, they tell us. How thoughtful of them. In that case, they should censor even more!
  • Except, this virus has been around for less than a year, and they’re claiming the Science™ is already Settled? How convenient for them that anytime they want to censor someone, all they have to do is declare that the Science™ is Settled, the debate is over, and no conflicting opinions are permitted from this point on.
  • If licensed, practicing doctors are saying that hydroxychloroquine is a cure for coronavirus, how can you still insist that the Science™ is Settled? The web page for America’s Frontline Doctors has a 29-page report on the efficacy of the drug in treating coronavirus. Is that not Science™?
  • A Yale professor said on July 23 that HCQ works and could save lives. Does he not count as a medical expert? Newsweek even published his op-ed:Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 10.59.52 AM.png
  • When did Twitter/YouTube/Facebook become The Supreme Authorities of Science and Medicine? When did they become greater authorities on Coronavirus than those doctors from the press conference? Well, it turns out they’re simply enforcing what the WHO says as the Supreme Law of the Land. Facebook was “showing messages to people who reacted to, commented on or shared harmful COVID-19-related misinformation. . . connecting them to myths debunked by the WHO.”
  • The WHO, which America is no longer a part of as of last month, apparently still has enough reach and influence with Big Tech to censor the president. Big Tech has become a tool of the WHO (which is a branch of the UN).
  • So the UN and global tech monopolies just teamed up to overpower and silence the President of the United States. Yes, Big Tech is globalist. They may be based in Silicon Valley, but they obviously have no loyalty or allegiance to the U.S. at all. They, like the rest of the Establishment, are Citizens of the World™.
  • World government is already here, people. Trump may have taken America out of the WHO, but the WHO can still exert influence on America through the Big Tech monopolies.

If you still think this is about “stopping the spread of misinformation,” guess again:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 10.47.46 AM.png

That’s a tweet from the WHO on January 14 that said “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission” of the Coronavirus.

There is a clear and coordinated effort to discredit and discourage the use of HCQ to treat coronavirus patients. It’s not about “stopping the spread of misinformation,” it’s about stopping the spread of accurate information. That’s been the Establishment’s whole mission for the past five years, honestly.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 10.46.31 AM

Do you think our elites care about people dying? Of course they don’t.

But it’s not about pure Trump hatred. That’s a part of it, but the larger part of it is to ensure Big Pharma has a monopoly on the Coronavirus vaccine. HCQ is a drug that has been widely available since the 1940s.

If it turns out HCQ cures Coronavirus, then Big Pharma won’t be able to capitalize on the Plannedemic. And we can’t have that.

Doctor at Facebook-Banned Breitbart News Livestream: We Have a Cure For Coronavirus, And it’s Hydroxychloroquine

No wonder Facebook censored this livestream:

So if this doctor is correct, and there is in fact a cure, then why are we still locked down? Why are we acting as if we need a vaccine before we can go back to normal?

If she’s right, then it means our ruling class is pure evil. It means they’re actively suppressing the cure. It means they’re actively suppressing us.

It means this isn’t really about the virus at all, but about something else entirely.

But that can’t be true, can it?

CBS News Asks Bill Gates Why 80% of COVID Vaccine Patients Experience Negative Side Effects. Gates: 🤷‍♂️

Moderna’s coronavius vaccine is so bad that even the mainstream media is forced to acknowledge the unpleasant facts about it.

CBS News recently asked Bill Gates about the fact that over 80% of vaccine patients are experiencing negative side effects. Gates was dismissive:

Do they really expect us to take a vaccine for a virus that, as of this moment, has killed 0.00045% of the US population? (And that’s using the Official death rate, which most of us should know by now is way over-inflated. The real death rate is probably far, far lower than even that.)

In the immortal words of American Idol’s Randy Jackson:


We Are Being Played for Fools

The BS Detectors are going off in South Florida:

A 60-year-old man who died from a gun shot wound to the head. A 90-year-old man who fell and died from complications of a hip fracture. A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson’s disease. These are some of the deaths in Palm Beach County recently, and incorrectly, attributed to COVID-19 in medical examiner records. 

The CBS12 News I-Team uncovered several examples in Medical Examiner reports of people counted as a COVID death who did not die of COVID. 

We requested a list of all COVID-19 deaths in Palm Beach County from the Medical Examiner’s office and received a spread sheet of 581 cases. Each person on the spreadsheet is someone who tested positive for COVID-19. In each case line, the person’s cause of death and contributing causes of death are listed, if there are any. 

The I-Team found eight cases in which a person was counted as a COVID death, but did not have COVID listed as a cause of contributing cause of death. 

“I think it is completely misleading,” said Rachel Eade, a Palm Beach County resident who has been researching the same issue. 

“We need to remove those cases that are not COVID exclusive, and we need to be giving people that information,” said Eade, who is one of the plaintiffs suing Palm Beach County for its mask mandate. 

She said of the 581 deaths on the spreadsheet, only 169 deaths are listed as COVID without any contributing factors. 

Governor Ron DeSantis said in a recent appearance on Fox News that his office is aware of deaths incorrectly attributed to COVID-19, like the case of a man in Orange County who died in a motorcycle crash, but was listed as a COVID death. “I think the public, when they see the fatality figures, they want to know who died because they caught COVID,” said DeSantis. 

“If you’re just in a car accident – and we have had other instances where there is no real relationship and it’s been counted, we want to look at that and see how pervasive that issue is as well.”

This research is from of CBS12 in South Florida. It’s nice to know that real journalism isn’t dead, it’s just outlawed at the big national media outlets like CNN and NYTimes.

Now, 8 out of 581 deaths being completely wrongly attributed to COVID may not seem like a big deal. After all, it’s only 1.3% of the deaths. If we knocked that off of the official nationwide coronavirus death toll of 145,000, it only comes out to about 2,000.

But when I say the coronavirus death toll is way over-inflated, I’m not talking about egregious examples such as gunshot deaths and motorcycle crashes being counted as coronavirus deaths. I’m talking about deaths where coronavirus is not the sole cause of death–instances where there were multiple co-morbidities but Coronavirus was cited as the primary cause of death, likely dishonestly for political reasons.

We need to isolate for people who died because of coronavirus and only coronavirus. And the article above states that only 169 out of 581 deaths in Palm Beach County were solely due to coronavirus. So instead of 1.3% of the deaths being fraudulent, that would be more like 71%.

Are 71% of official COVID deaths fake? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t rule it out. Knocking off 71% of the official COVID death count would bring the total death count down to about 42,000 (based on current figures), and that would be right in line with flu season death toll estimates over the past decade.

Given that 80% of COVID deaths are people 65+, it’s highly likely that most died of a multitude of ailments, COVID being just one of them. I’m sure in many cases COVID accelerated patients’ deaths–as the flu does every year, as pneumonia does every year, etc.–but that’s not enough justification to tank the global economy, freeze modern society in time, and put billions of people into indefinite quarantine at great psychological,  emotional and financial toll.

What we want to know is how many perfectly healthy people dropped dead purely due to Coronavirus. There’s no way the number is as high as advertised. Palm Beach County data suggests it’s way lower than the official death toll of 145,000.

The media hyped this virus up as an indiscriminate killer. A deadly threat the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the Spanish Flu killed 500 million people a century ago. The streets were going to be littered with dead bodies. The hospitals would be overflowing with patients. It was going to be 28 Days Later come to life.

We only agreed to the lockdowns and the masks and all the B.S. because we believed we were all going to die.

Now, we know we were lied to. The only question is, how big was the lie?

I’m sure the Scientific Expert™ response will be another lie: it wasn’t as bad as we said it would be because we took the appropriate actions and #FlattenedTheCurve.

But we know that’s B.S. as well because Sweden basically did nothing to #FlattenTheCurve and still had the same results as other countries in Europe.

It will be at least 6-7 months before we know the overall national death rate for 2020, and we can compare it to prior years to see just how many deaths above average America suffered as a result of 😷🦠THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC😷🦠. That’s when we will be able to tell how big the lie was.

If, for example, 1.96 million Americans died in 2017, 1.98 million Americans died in 2018, 2 million Americans died in 2019, and 2.7 million died in 2020, we’d know that 2020 was an unusual and sizable jump and probably caused by the virus.

But if the death rate increase for 2020 is not out of line of past years, we’ll know we were lied-to big-time.

For reference, the national all-cause death rate per 100,000 dating back to 1994:

The death rate has been increasing every year since 2009. In 2020, it has so far increased at the same rate as it did in 2019. And of course, there was no “global pandemic” in 2019.

Here is a chart that puts things in perspective:

Shouldn’t we be seeing a massive spike for the year 2020?

Canadian Physicist Denis Rancourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Union says:

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 9.34.39 AM.png

In his published study, he even goes further to say that there has been “No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response.”

Here is the blistering abstract for that study of his:

“The latest data of all-cause mortality by week does not show a winter-burden mortality that is statistically larger than for past winters. There was no plague. However, a sharp “COVID peak” is present in the data, for several jurisdictions in Europe and the USA. This all-cause-mortality “COVID peak” has unique characteristics: • Its sharpness, with a full-width at half-maximum of only approximately 4 weeks; • Its lateness in the infectious-season cycle, surging after week-11 of 2020, which is unprecedented for any large sharp-peak feature; • The synchronicity of the onset of its surge, across continents, and immediately following the WHO declaration of the pandemic; and • Its USA state-to-state absence or presence for the same viral ecology on the same territory, being correlated with nursing home events and government actions rather than any known viral strain discernment. These “COVID peak” characteristics, and a review of the epidemiological history, and of relevant knowledge about viral respiratory diseases, lead me to postulate that the “COVID peak” results from an accelerated mass homicide of immune-vulnerable individuals, and individuals made more immune-vulnerable, by government and institutional actions, rather than being an epidemiological signature of a novel virus, irrespective of the degree to which the virus is novel from the perspective of viral speciation.

In other words, 42% of COVID deaths were in nursing homes, and most of those deaths were so easily preventable to the point where Rancourt says that the fact that they happened at all makes them homicides committed by the governments in charge.

What he’s saying is that the only discernible and unusual spike in mortality that has occurred in 2020 has been in nursing homes.

It just gets worse and worse. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced the whole thing was a lie.

Anthony Fauci Thinks You’re an Idiot

Anthony Fauci, Unassailable Expert of Science™️ and America’s Heartthrob who no one may ever question, started off the MLB season at the Nationals-Yankees game with a botched first pitch, then went into the stands (which us Normal People are not allowed to sit in) and yakked it up without a mask on, and definitely not socially distanced:

He thinks you’re an idiot. He thinks you’re a sucker. He thinks he’s better than you.

Masks are all for show to this guy–but you have to wear one. Social distancing is a crock of shit to him–but you still have to do it.

Attending sports games is too dangerous to be allowed–but he and his elderly friends who are most at-risk for dying of Coronavirus can do it. Also BLM “protests” attended by tens of thousands of people in urban areas are just fine.

If Fauci not taking his own advice on 🦠 😱THE VIRUS 🦠 😱 then why should we? He is almost 80 years old and clearly has no fear of the virus. It’s almost as if it’s a big ass lie.

Joe Biden, who is actually two years younger than Fauci, has been sequestered in his basement for the past four-and-a-half months because apparently it’s too dangerous for him to go outside of his house and campaign (and presumably debate), what with the 🦠 😱GLOBAL PANDEMIC 🦠 😱 and all.

Really makes you think.

Four Months of Quarantine for Nothing

It’s been four months of lockdown/quarantine, or whatever you want to call it, and this is where we are:

Just about everything we have done in “response” to the virus has been a complete and utter failure. All the changes we’ve had to accept in our lives the past four months have amounted to that chart above.

Our governing class apparently doesn’t actually care about Coronavirus since they allow mass protests to go on during the middle of this “pandemic”. They’re selectively hysterical about all this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who officially stopped caring about coronavirus once it became clear that the governing class didn’t care, either.

If they truly cared about containing the virus, then they would have swiftly and vigorously crushed any and all mass public protests, riots and gatherings at the start.

But no. Those marching for Social Justice™ are apparently immune from the virus.

The moment the governing class allowed tens of thousands of people to gather in the streets, shoulder-to-shoulder, not socially-distanced, and in blatant violation of just about every CDC guideline, that was when millions of other Americans stopped taking the coronavirus seriously.

Just look at this ridiculous headline from the New York Times:

Then maybe these “experts”–who are so frequently cited, and whom we’re all expected to worship and submit to unconditionally–are total hacks who only got the title “expert” by kissing the right asses and having the correct politics.

Virus cases are spiking after seemingly getting brought under control by the end of May. Gee, I wonder what mass, nationwide event happened right around the end of May that could’ve caused that?

But now they’re acting like the protests have had nothing to do with the resurgence of the virus. They’re blaming it on Republican governors in Florida and Texas in a naked attempt to flip those states Blue in the election.

They’re really trying to seamlessly transition back to COVID-19 HYSTERIA as if they didn’t put it on pause for over a month to allow anti-white race riots, looting and a full-blown cultural revolution to take place.

Idiotically, Texas’s governor appears ready to cave to the media pressure and impose a second lockdown:

Republicans who try to govern based on pleasing the media will always fail, yet few of them ever seem to realize this.

It was a combination of massively increased testing and the protests that caused daily new cases to spike. Anyone who fails to understand this should not be in a position of power.

There are tons of cases that are asymptomatic now being diagnosed, which is why the cases are increasing way faster than the deaths.

But the bottom line is that the lockdown orders and the masks and the social distancing: it did not work at all.

It’s been four months and we’ve made zero progress against the virus, which we still somehow believe we are in control of.

How much longer can we do this? “Until we get a vaccine” is not a valid answer. People are already going crazy.

Just reopen the country, let people live their lives normally, and wait for herd immunity to take over. We’re probably pretty close already at this point anyway.

If the virus was as bad as it was hyped back in March, I wouldn’t be saying this. But time has shown that this virus is not that bad.

It’s obvious that total cases are way under-counted and total deaths are way over-counted. The CDC even admits total cases in the US may be 10x higher:

A larger denominator alone would dramatically reduce the death rate.

But not only should the denominator be much higher, the numerator should be lower as well. We’ve long known that the government has been over-counting coronavirus deaths:

There is a big difference between dying OF coronavirus and dying WITH coronavirus.

And this is a big deal because these people who merely died WITH coronavirus are still counted in the super-scary 💀OFFICIAL COVID-19 DEATH COUNT 💀.

But if the virus alone didn’t kill someone, and was instead merely an added complication in an individual’s already bad medical situation, then it seems to me like maybe we shouldn’t count that as a COVID-19 death, or at least put it in a separate category.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear or read about Coronavirus deaths, my assumption is that those deaths are solely due to Coronavirus–perfectly healthy people who caught the virus and died solely because of it.

But we don’t isolate those deaths. We group them in with the people who died with Coronavirus as well as a whole host of other medical problems like diabetes, obesity, etc.

The death rate–at least the perceived death rate–is extremely important because it governs our entire response to the virus. The higher the death rate the more drastic measures we take. It means the public is more willing to go along with the government’s plan to combat the virus.

But if the death rate is in reality much lower than the official figure, then it means the virus isn’t nearly as deadly as people believe it is, and thus much of our response to the virus is unjustified and unnecessary.

We’ve been dealing with viral pandemics for centuries. And there’s not a whole lot we can do to “beat” them. We must let the viruses run their courses. We like to think we’re in control, but we’re really not.

And the worst part is, the little part of this that we can control, we’ve totally failed on by placing COVID patients into nursing homes–essentially putting a fox into a hen house deliberately. In fact, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home policy was so bad that House Republicans have opened an investigation into it:

“The novel-coronavirus death toll in New York’s nursing homes is tragic. More than 6,000 American seniors died of COVID-19 in nursing homes and long-term-care facilities across the Empire State, yet grieving families have no answers for how this happened or who is responsible.

As the ranking member of the US House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, I am charged with investigating “preparedness for and response to the coronavirus crisis.” By all accounts, New York’s handling of the crisis in its nursing homes has been a colossal failure.

The failure demands investigation. We have to protect against similar tragedies in the future.

Our investigation centers on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision, on March 25, to force nursing homes to accept known COVID-positive patients while also prohibiting homes from even testing patients for COVID-19 prior to admission. This policy, which remained in place for more than six weeks, likely contributed significantly to the thousands of elderly deaths in New York nursing homes.”

According to the New York Times, 40% of total US coronavirus deaths were either nursing home patients or staff:


That’s more than 55,000 deaths. Here’s a state-by-state breakdown with each state’s nursing home share of COVID deaths included:


Consider this: 42% of all US coronavirus deaths are linked to nursing homes, while the total nursing home population in this country is about 1.5 million, according to US News & World Report. That means 42% of all US coronavirus deaths come from less than half a percent of the US population. So for the 99.5% of Americans who are not living in a nursing home, your odds of dying of coronavirus are significantly lower–and they were already significantly low to begin with.

Even despite the disastrous nursing home situation that the media refuses to talk about, and the over-inflated death toll, America has 26% of the world’s cases and 24% of the world’s deaths. We’re still doing better than we should be doing.

At the end of the day, I just don’t think the virus is that dangerous unless you’re over the age of 80 and/or have other underlying medical conditions.

As of today, we’ve run 41.8 million COVID tests in the US and have 3.3 million positive cases. That means we’ve tested about 12.6% of the total US population. That’s a pretty large sample size. The positive test rate is 8%, meaning 8% of the 41.8 million people tested were positive. If we expand that number out to the whole US population, then that would mean we probably have around 26.4 million cases of coronavirus in America–slightly lower than the CDC’s claim (headline posted earlier in this piece) that the actual case count could be 10x higher than the official number.

If we take the official and likely over-inflated death count of 137,000 (again, as of July 12) and compare it to the 26.4 million cases figure, we have a virus with a death rate of 0.0051–or half of one percent.

And if you believe, as I do, that the official death count is over-inflated, then the real death count is likely even lower than 0.5%.

And that’s for the whole population. But we all know older people have a far higher death rate than younger people.

These figures are a few weeks old, but according to the CDC as of June 17, 80% of COVID-19 deaths were people over the age of 65:

coronavirus covid mortality us by age.png

This is not to say that seniors don’t matter or anything like that. That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is that life can and should go back to normal for most of the country–the people who are more likely to be hit by a bus than die of coronavirus.

We can’t do another lockdown. We can’t just keep the country frozen in time for much longer. Life has to resume for people. This has been a massive disruption to people’s lives. It’s borderline psychological abuse. You’re isolating people and disrupting their daily routines. You’re depriving them of the things they enjoy. Many people have even been deprived of their jobs, and now feel useless.

There’s only so much Netflix people can watch before they go insane.

The mass rioting and looting all over the country is not a coincidence. Yes, a major part of it is the mass brainwashing of America regarding “social justice.” Another part of that was the fact that the riots and looting were organized, encouraged and enabled by Elites.

But a major part of it was that people just wanted to get out of their houses and do something for a change. They wanted to feel alive and free again. A major reason the riots were so bad and so widespread was because of the lockdowns. People went crazy. If you think all of that stuff would have happened without the preceding 2.5 months of lockdown, you’re just wrong.

It would be one thing if this truly was a deadly virus worthy of our fear, but it’s not. At first, lockdown felt necessary–it felt like we were hunkering down and saving our own asses. It was nice to relax at home with the family and do nothing–for a little while.

But after the first few of weeks of lockdown, most people stopped fearing the virus. And that’s when the trouble started: because the lockdowns were still in place yet most people weren’t actually afraid of the virus anymore.

Once people realized the virus was overhyped, they started to resent the fact that they were under lockdown because of a virus that wasn’t that scary.

And now here we are in mid-July, with life still largely disrupted and paused.

Face it: COVID-19 just isn’t all that bad. Most of our efforts to “flatten the curve” and “slow the spread” have been entirely in vain. Masks are a joke, as is social distancing. By the way, if one works, why do we need the other?

We’ve been socially distanced for four months. We’ve only been wearing masks for three months because the CDC initially said not to wear a mask until they did a 180 and demanded everyone wear a mask everywhere at all times. We wrecked our economy voluntarily, and while it’s in recovery now, it’ll never be the same.

None of it has worked. The only control that we as a society have had over the virus was the choice of whether or not to transfer COVID patients to nursing homes, and many governors failed horribly there.

We are largely powerless against this virus. The virus is going to run it’s course, and that’s fine because the virus isn’t even that bad. Time to go back to normal.

Coronavirus Is a Scam

And now we know why there was such a concerted push to scare people away from hydroxychloroquine:

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 11.49.21 AM.png

Want the cure to coronavirus? That’ll be $3,120.

Do they have the audacity to make this mandatory?

Reminder: 80k Americans died during the Flu Season 2017-18

Coronavirus has killed 100k Americans, according to official figures, and we had to shut our entire country down for two full months.

Not only are the death numbers likely inflated, it’s also worth pointing out that 80k Americans died of the flu just two years ago and nobody batted an eye:

The point of all this was not the virus, it was the lockdown.

The elites know that the best way to get Americans to give up all their freedoms is a “global pandemic.” This has been a success for them beyond their wildest dreams.