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I’m Done With Politics

This might be the last post on this website, at least for a while.

Look, I’m just done with politics.

I have simply accepted the fact that we live in a deeply corrupt country where democracy is now a complete sham. We are every bit as illiberal as the places we Americans used to look down on: China, Russia, Iran, etc.

It’s not an anger thing on my part, either. I’m not frustrated or depressed about it or anything.

If anything, I’ve been much happier and less-stressed since I accepted the fact that the election was stolen and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Once I accepted it, I stopped caring. I’m not going to let a senior citizen living in a mansion in Washington DC affect my quality of life. I’m going to live the best life I possibly can.

I have plenty of other things in my life more fulfilling, rewarding, enjoyable and interesting than politics. I have a sports blog, I’m into the stock market, I like to work out, I like to spend time with friends and family–why would I waste a minute more of my time “raging against the machine” when it’s now obvious that it’s completely, totally, and utterly futile?

Every minute I waste complaining about politics or owning the libs is a minute I could’ve spent doing something that actually brings me joy and fulfillment.

Politics does not bring fulfillment. I used to think it did, but it doesn’t. Politics should not be the biggest thing in your life because then you’re wasting your life. I truly believe this now.

Democracy in this country is a complete sham. The Democrats are the Harlem Globetrotters and the Republicans are the Washington Generals. It’s an act. They’re all in on it.

Do you really think the entire Republican Party simply couldn’t stop the Democrats from stealing the election from Trump? Guys: most Republican politicians were in on it.

What, at this point, can any of us do? Complain about the Democrats for another four years, get our hopes up about the 2024 election, and then watch as it, too, is stolen from us?

Guys: they’re never going to let us win another election again. It’s over.

Any way I look at it, politics just seems futile and pointless. We don’t have any say in it. People who are out here complaining about politics are basically shouting into the void.

And another thing: why would I fight for Trump when he won’t even fight for himself? He wouldn’t care if I died tomorrow. He wouldn’t care if I was literally murdered in cold blood by a Democrat who admitted to the police he did it because I was a Trump supporter.

I might be lucky to get a tweet from POTUS.

That’s all he’s ever really done, by the way, is tweet about stuff.

He knew the election was going to be stolen, and he let it happen anyway. I’m done “trusting the plan.” There is no plan.

Or, if there is a “plan,” it’s not one that any of us are in on.

I’m seeing a sort of utopianism rising on the right that I just can’t get on-board with. It’s all this “plan-trusting” and blind Trump worship. There’s a sizable number of people on the right who think Donald Trump will basically deliver heaven on earth. He’ll root out and arrest all the bad guys, he’ll fix all our problems and then everything will be perfect!

Utopianism is a false god. Always has been, always will be. You can’t have a perfect society in an imperfect world. Trump is a mortal man, just like the rest of us. Stop worshipping him.

Our side says we don’t care about the media, yet we just complain about the media every day. We’re just as intolerant and hysterical as the liberals are.

I’m just out on that whole mindset.

Complaining about the government and politics is done with the assumption that we actually have some semblance of a say in the matter.

We don’t.

I get why so many people do it. But we’re never going to make a difference in politics.

So why would I continue wasting my time with politics?

The Republican Party does not deserve yours or my or anybody’s vote. So what is the point of voting for them? What’s the use in supporting them? There is none. In fact, I feel pretty dumb for supporting them all these years. They are every bit as bad as the Democrats–arguably worse because at least the Democrats don’t pretend to be on our side.

Every election until 2016 has been between between two pre-selected candidates who appeared to be different but were really from the same Uniparty. That’s how they gave us the illusion of choice and change.

In 2016, Trump crashed the party and somehow won the election, but only because they thought he didn’t have a chance. And so in 2020 they stole the presidency away from him and they’re going to get away with it.

And that’s basically it.

We no longer have a say in government. We briefly did in 2016, but now we’re back to the way things were prior to 2016.

You’re never going to escape the government. Every country in the world has a corrupt government that the vast majority of the people despise, other than maybe Denmark or something.

Every politician is a corrupt, money-grubbing scam artist and it will always be that way. They go into it for money and power, they could not care less about you and I.

Even if we have some sort of “revolution” and overthrow the government, it’s eventually going to devolve into a racket after enough time has passed. Eventually all revolutionaries become the same corrupt establishment they fought and bled to overthrow.

The left was the “counterculture” in the 1960s, now they’re the establishment. Now they’re the intolerant tyrants. It would’ve happened to our side if we stayed in power for long enough.

The guillotines came out almost immediately after the French Revolution. Usually revolutions create way more problems than they solve, and people realize that maybe the grass wasn’t greener on the other side. Although it’s easy to see why the idea of a revolution appeals to people prior to succeeding.

The British Monarchy was overthrown by a revolution and exiled for 9 years. Then it came back. Maybe Donald Trump will be America’s Oliver Cromwell.

This is not a blackpill post. It’s not a go-back-to-being-bluepilled post. It’s not any kind of proverbial “pill.”

It’s just an acknowledgement that this whole thing is futile.

If anything, local politics is the way to go. That’s the only level of politics where you even have a snowball’s chance of affecting change. If everyone started getting more involved in their local politics, in the aggregate that would do far more good for this country than all the social media screeching and raging.

I want off the ride.

The world is always going to be controlled by a corrupt cabal. It always has been and it probably always will be.

The government has always been corrupt as hell, it’s just that more and more Americans are starting to notice it now. The corruption is too deep and widespread to ever be fixed.

No matter what, there will always be some corrupt government calling the shots and lining their pockets.

We just have to accept it.

I did, and I’ve been so much happier since. My stress and anxiety levels have gone down, I’m spending my time doing things that make me happy and bring me fulfillment and joy–life is better this way. Truly, it is.

We don’t live in the Soviet Union. You’re still allowed to enjoy your life in this country. We’ve actually got it pretty good in this country. Our government is not nearly as tyrannical and sadistic as the governments in a lot of other countries around the world.

I’m just done ramming my head against a brick wall. That’s basically all we’re doing when it comes to social media and politics. We’ve been doing it for 10 years now, and it looked like maybe we had actually made a difference when Trump got elected. So in response, the Uniparty started cracking down on social media and restricting free speech online, and then they stole the White House back from Trump. We’re right back to where we were 10-15 years ago. You are no longer going to have an online platform to speak out against the government (just like in 2005) and the Uniparty is back in power (just like in 2005).

The party is over.

Maybe one day I’ll change my mind and come back and start blogging again. I may still blog from time to time about Covid.

But right now, I just don’t have any desire to pay attention to politics anymore. Everyone’s just so miserable.

We’ve all been sucked into this online world of constant misery and rage and hysteria. The real world out there is so much better–even in a state of lockdown.

The main thing I noticed this year was the disconnect between social media world and the real world. On social media, everyone’s just looking for things to be outraged about, even if it has no actual impact on their lives.

We’ve all got to get back to just living. We’re all way too online.

I am done with politics. I am done letting it consume my life. I barely even go on Twitter anymore and my life has been so much better. As a result, I’m on my phone way less–screen time down nearly 30% over the past few weeks. It’s just better this way now.

Look, the thing about me is that I can’t phone it in. I can’t fake interest in stuff. When there’s no news story that moves me enough to write about it, it’s hard for me to write articles. And lately I’ve been forcing it. It’s started to feel like a chore. And I just don’t want to waste your time–or mine–with stuff like that when my heart isn’t in it anymore.

I’m done with politics and the constant rage and hysteria.

To all the regular readers and commenters on this site, I truly appreciate your support and constant encouragement and kind words. If I’m disappointing you that I’m “giving up,” I’m sorry about that. I recommend reading Ace of Spades, I’m sure you’ll love him. But I’m just done letting politics consume my life.

Politics is mostly media-driven and overblown anyway. Every story is basically forgotten within 24 hours, even though in the moment it was treated as the most important thing ever. It’s like being on a treadmill.

I don’t feel like my time blogging here was a waste. Not by a longshot. I’ve grown significantly as a writer, and writing is something I just enjoy doing. It might be what I was born to do, I don’t know.

I have my own sports blog and I’ve been spending way more time there. When I was a teenager, before I even discovered politics, I wanted to be a sportswriter. It’s way more enjoyable and fulfilling for me.

I’m not accepting that the government is corrupt so much as I’m accepting that my spending 13 hours a day online tweeting and blogging and complaining about the government isn’t going to make a difference.

Donald Trump couldn’t even beat the establishment and he was the President of the United States.

If God has other plans for me, maybe I’ll change my outlook on politics one day in the future. But for now, I’m done with it and not planning on looking back anytime soon.

Would You Pay $68 Billion to Sleep With This Woman?

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon and currently the world’s richest man, is divorcing his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie, for Lauren Sanchez, the host of Good Morning LA, and apparently a longtime friend of both he and his wife.

Sanchez is pictured above. Here’s the question: is she worth the $68 billion Bezos will eventually have to pay out to his ex-wife in the divorce?

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.38.53 AM.png

That’s a big no from me. A lot of botox and lip injections. Plus she’s already been married twice and engaged to a third guy in the past.

Apparently Bezos is in love with her. Check out some of the texts he sent her:

“I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon,” the online retail giant’s CEO, chair and founder wrote to Lauren Sanchez in an April 2018 text message, according to the National Enquirer.”

“Alive girl”? What does that mean? Is that his idea of a compliment?

He also sent her a dick pic:

“The racy messages — which reportedly included a snapshot of Bezos’ junk — were revealed a day after the richest man on the planet announced he was divorcing MacKenzie Bezos, his wife of 25 years.”

C’mon, man.

“Jeff Bezos, 54, sent a picture of his private parts and several shirtless shots — including one where he’s wearing just a towel and a grin — to Sanchez, 49, months before they supposedly started dating in “the fall” after separating from their respective spouses, the Enquirer reported.

A source close to Bezos has claimed to The Post he and MacKenzie Bezos, 48, a novelist, separated last year “and then Jeff and Lauren started dating.”

But the Bezoses were spotted celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Miami in September, sources say — while the raunchy texts published in the Enquirer date back many months before that.”

So apparently they’d been carrying on this affair for a while.

“On May 13 last year, he messaged her, “I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you,” according to the tabloid.

Three weeks later, he sent her a shirtless photo with another romantic declaration.

“You know what I want? I want to get a little drunk with you tonight. Not falling down. Just a little drunk. I want to talk to you and plan with you. Listen and laugh,” Bezos wrote with the photo on June 1, according to the Enquirer.

“I basically WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!! Then I want to fall asleep with you and wake up tomorrow and read the paper with you and have coffee with you.”

Good Lord, man. Have some self respect.

In one exchange, he reportedly told Sanchez that her “energy and ideas and competence and spirit turn me on.”

Jeff Bezos #RespectsWomen.

He also texts her like he’s giving her an annual business performance review.

“You make me better. You’re meant for me. I know it more clearly than I’ve ever known anything,” Bezos gushed, according to the Enquirer.

Another message reads like a veritable love poem.

“I love everything about you. I love that your last pic takes me completely out of my head. I am crazy about you. All of you. I need to smell and touch you. I want to hold you. I know you’re right for me. I know we fit,” he wrote, according to the paper.”

Seems like puppy love, or mere lust. Bezos will probably regret the hell out of this once the initial euphoria wears off.

Come on, Jeff: you’re the world’s richest man, and this is who you risk it all for? Nothing against Lauren Sanchez but Bezos could do so much better. Hordes of beautiful women probably throw themselves at him on a daily basis and he chooses her?

The thing is, since Bezos got married in 1993, before he founded Amazon and well before he made his billions, I’m not sure he got a prenup with Mackenzie.

So now Bezos’ future ex-wife will join the ranks of the world’s richest people, but as yet another woman taking her place on the list solely due to either inheritance or divorce.

But we live in an Evil Patriarchy Society that is egregiously unfair to women.

Mackenzie Bezos now becomes one of the most eligible bachelorettes on the planet. Rams running back Todd Gurley wants to shoot his shot:

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.50.37 AM.png

Who wouldn’t be interested in the $68 billion woman?

She’s not the best looking gal in the world but I can overlook a lot for $68 billion.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 11.21.20 AM.png

Get in line, fellas.

Anyway, screw Jeff Bezos. I do hope he gets taken to the cleaners in divorce court. This guy bought the Washington Post in 2013 and turned it into a fetid anti-Trump fever swamp. Plus he’s almost single-handedly killing retail and mom-and-pop stores.

No single company better embodies the soul-sucking globalism of the 21st century than Amazon. No single person has done more to sell his country out for Cheap Chinese Shit than Jeff Bezos.

He certainly can spare $68 billion. He’ll be just fine after the divorce.

But still: screw him. He needs to take an L.

Emmanuel Macron Pelted in Face with Egg, Surrenders to Protesters on Gas Tax

First, holy shit:

This happened yesterday. Make of it what you will.

Then, this morning, we awoke to news that Macron’s government would suspend the gas tax that has been cited as the reason for the Yellow Vest protests in Paris.

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line:

“The French government announced today that it will temporarily suspend the carbon tax plan that triggered weeks of protests nationwide. Two weekends of mass protests didn’t move the government. Only after the protests turned violent during the third weekend — owing to the behavior of thugs, not the main body of protesters — did the government relent, at least temporarily.

The announcement came not from President Emmanuel Macron, but from Prime Minister Édouard Philippe. He said, “No tax is worth putting in danger the unity of the nation.”

Really? Not even a tax that is supposed to help save the world from climate change? How nationalistic!

The tax hasn’t been revoked, just suspended for six months. This buys the government time, but does not resolve its dilemma.

Before long, the government will have to decide whether to continue putting the world elites’ conception of environmentalism ahead of the economic interests of French citizens and the interest of national unity.”

Paul makes a great point about nationalism vs. “saving the world”–Macron put his delusional quest to save the world ahead of the financial well-being of his people, and his people rose up in ferocious defiance. Macron then realized he could no longer keep ignoring and screwing over the everyday people of his country in his effort to virtue signal and please his globalist friends.

But the real story is what this portends for the future of Western democracy. Because we’ve just witnessed a major turning point.

In my view, the Macron government capitulated to the protesters because it felt there was a real chance the protests could turn into a full-scale national mutiny/revolution.

The last thing a democratically-elected government wants to do is capitulate to the demands of a mob. Doing so is a sign of weakness, plus it undermines civil democracy and persuasion–if you can get what you want by rioting, then what’s the point of voting, campaigning and debating?

The only reason a government will concede to a mob is if the government feels that if it does not, there’s a real danger of seriously losing control.

Make no mistake: this move by Macron was a last-resort effort to stave off what it felt could have been the administration’s ultimate undoing. He was backed into a corner. When he was pelted in the face by an egg, Macron realized that his physical safety was in jeopardy if he did not quell the mob.

It was a frank admission that the protesters had the upper hand. The French government was forced under duress to suspend this fuel tax. Had Macron not done this, he may well have been overthrown. Paris was full of tens of thousands of protesters and rioters, and at any moment they could have stormed Elysee Palace and forcibly deposed their leader.

The real problem, of course, is that the French ruling class allowed it to get to this point in the first place. Its continued disregard for the people was what ultimately led to this.

But make no mistake: this is a major moment in the history of modern Western civilization. We just saw the French government admit that it is no longer totally in control. That’s what a government admits when it capitulates to a baying mob.

It’s a tacit admission that the French government was fairly close to being overthrown.

Maybe modern governments aren’t so invincible and all-powerful after all.

That’s the real takeaway. Macron was faced with a choice: suspend the fuel tax or be forcibly overthrown.

We’re never really that far away from mob rule, even in the supposedly most advanced and powerful nations on earth.

When the Arab Spring was happening across the Middle East in 2011, I’m sure most Western governments and citizens figured, “That could never happen to us.” 

But it can.

63% of “Non-Citizens” on Welfare

They’re not sending their best:

“A majority of “non-citizens,” including those with legal green card rights, are tapping into welfare programs set up to help poor and ailing Americans, a Census Bureau finding that bolsters President Trump’s concern about immigrants costing the nation.

In a new analysis of the latest numbers, from 2014, 63 percent of non-citizens are using a welfare program, and it grows to 70 percent for those here 10 years or more, confirming another concern that once immigrants tap into welfare, they don’t get off it.”

But I was told by the media and open borders advocates that every single immigrant that has ever entered this country has been a massive economic asset for us.

Were we not assured that not a nickel of welfare money goes to immigrants?


And “non-citizens” also includes illegals.

Can’t wait for the Democratic media to report on this.

Paris Protests: Might the French Actually Overthrow Macron?

Populist unrest is still alive and strong in the West, as hundreds of thousands of protesters and rioters stormed the streets of Paris in an expression of rage against President Emmanuel Macron’s gas taxes and his globalist agenda in general:

“France weathered its worst riots in decades Saturday as “yellow jacket” protesters continue turning parts of Paris upside down over concerns related to high gas taxes and the high cost of living.

French riot police closed popular tourist areas and fired tear gas as they tried to quell the chaos in the streets. At least 110 people were injured while protesters associated with the grassroots-driven demonstrations clashed with authorities and vandalized the Arc de Triomphe.

Much of the anguish stems from citizens’ disdain for French President Emmanuel Macron’s high gas taxes and overall war on fossil fuels. The beleaguered president denounced the violence in a statement crafted during the G-20 summit in Argentina.”

Awww, the US media’s Man Crush isn’t so popular with his own people 🙁 🙁

Recent polls show Macron’s approval rating down in the mid-20s. These protests are said to be the worst since 1968, so this is a significant moment.

Protesters adorned in yellow vests (according to Wikipedia: “The “yellow vest” was chosen as a symbol because all motorists had been required by law—since 2008—to have high-visibility vests in their vehicles when driving. As a result, reflective vests have become widely available, inexpensive, and symbolic”set cars on fire, vandalized iconic monuments, smashed storefronts and blocked off major streets over the weekend–at least that’s the media’s spin on it because the protests are against a fellow member of the rootless globalist aristocracy. You don’t see this sort of negative portrayal when the protests are coming from the Politically Correct Left. The Dem media doesn’t care about property destruction and strife when their minions do it.

The protests and riots are pretty simple: you’ve got a city, Paris, that ranks second-highest in the world in terms of cost of living.

Then, you’ve got an out-of-touch globalist President who believes Climate Change is the most pressing issue facing his nation (and the world, because Globalists are all about Saving The World), and so has instituted steep taxes on fossil fuels, further angering citizens who were already struggling due to high costs of living.

The consistent story of these globalist leaders is that they simply do not enact policies that benefit the regular citizens of their nations. Regular citizens consistently pay the price for their elites’ virtue signaling. From disastrous open borders immigration policies transforming Western Europe into Eurabia to punishing taxes to combat the nonexistent threat of “Climate Change,” these elites enact their terrible policies to gain the approval of one another, not to benefit their citizens.

I’m sure these protests, like virtually all others, began with legitimate grievances and then was co-opted by violent miscreants using the unrest as cover to loot and burn.


But the larger story is that the Western elite is still painfully out of touch with the masses in their nations, and people are sick of them.

Globalist world leaders in 2015 celebrated their World Saving Paris Climate Agreement to much media fanfare, with little regard for the high taxes it would impose on citizens.

So what if it raised taxes on gasoline? What do the elites care? They’re rich anyway. It won’t have any material impact on their lives like it will the ordinary citizens.

Well, now those citizens have had enough. The gas tax was merely the final straw.

Most damning of all for Macron, many police officers are siding with the protesters:


There’s a strong nationalist angle to these protests, too. Lots of flag-waving and nationalist displays:



The sheer size of these protests–nearly 300,000 people turned out–and their sustained nature, having gone on for over two weeks now, makes what’s going on in Paris a big deal. Daily Caller’s Joe Simonson, who was in Paris covering the action, called it a “genuine proletarian uprising.”

They’re in the capital in the hundreds of thousands raising high hell. And now we’re seeing many police officers side with the protesters. Is it just me or is there a real shot they stop demanding Macron step down and go depose him themselves? They have the numbers to do it. And with the police on their side, little is really stopping them.

I know–the thought of a populist revolution in a rich western democracy like France is totally unrealistic, right? Stuff like this only happens in the third world, right? Western democracy is eternal!

Until it isn’t. If you study enough history, it becomes clear that the unthinkable often has a way of coming to fruition. Less than a decade ago, similar situations (although in response to different outrages) in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in the Muslim world led to the deposition of several deeply entrenched dictators, although NATO was mostly responsible for taking out Gadaffi in Libya so perhaps Mubarak in Egypt is the best comparison. Protesters overthrew the government in Tunisia as well.

I’m just saying that these protesters in Paris are a lot closer to overthrowing the government than most of us think.

All the ingredients are there: a disaffected populace that has been trampled on and left behind by out-of-touch globalists for far too long. The people are protesting and rioting in the hundreds of thousands in the capital. They have certain elements of the police on their side. Is it really that much of a stretch to wonder if they’ll use their numbers and police backing and simply storm the presidential palace? All they have to do is realize they can do it.

It’s always a surreal moment when the unthinkable becomes the inevitable. All throughout 2016 we were told that it was totally unthinkable for Donald Trump to become President, or for Britain to leave the EU. Then, when both happened, we witnessed a deluge of thinkpieces and political commentary telling us how we all should have seen both coming.

The point is, don’t allow the media to convince you something like Trump, Brexit or even a revolution is impossible. At best, the 27-year-old know-nothings comprising the media are ignorant of history, at worst they’re attempting to rig a political outcome in favor of the ruling class by discouraging its opponents.

Now, it appears these protests in France are largely grassroots and unorganized. They don’t seem intent on overthrowing Macron and replacing him with a leader of their own. The protesters don’t appear unified and I’ve seen reports that say they’re a mix of left and right, so they would have trouble uniting around a leader.

But my takeaway is that the elements of a popular uprising and revolution are there in France–right now, today.

They may not ultimately overthrow Macron this time around, but I think we’ve all learned that they could if they wanted. If they’ve got police on their side, or at least willing to stand aside, then what else is truly stopping them?

I’ve been saying this for a while now: the globalist political elite in the West had better start honoring its end of the social compact and giving the people what they voted for. If you continually tell the people to go fuck themselves and give them the Spaulding treatment (“You’ll get nothing and like it!“) then eventually they’re going to rise up and overthrow you. This is nothing new. It’s been the way of the world for millennia.

If they keep screwing the people over and rejecting their democratically expressed will, then it’s not a matter of “will they rise up and overthrow us?” but rather, “Which of the globalist leaders will be the first to get overthrown: May, Merkel or Macron?”

Right now, it looks like Macron.

Oh well–at least the American media still loves him.

Also: the American media, predictably, is totally uninterested in the use of tear gas on protesters by French police. I thought GASSING people was unacceptable and something only HITLER does?

The Perfect Description of NeverTrump “Conservatives”

Spot on:

This is the perfect encapsulation of NeverTrump.

Every time I would see a Jeff Flake tweet about Trump, or Brett Kavanaugh, or whatever else, this is what it felt like. It felt like I was watching an insecure coward desperately trying to pass the bad faith tests of people who would never truly accept him.

The left entices the NeverTrumper into subservience with the promise of deeming him A Good Person so long as he passes their moral tests.

Furthermore, for some reason, these “Conservatives” cede the premise that it is leftists–the same leftists conservatives of days past consider depraved, degenerate and immoral for their stances on abortion, gay rights, family values, religion, etc.–who are the ones that get to determine Who Is Good and Who Is Bad.

Another tweeter adds on to Greer:


The most important point is that the left is totally cynical and disingenuous about it all. All their supposed “moral tests” are done entirely in bad faith.

It’s not about “collusion with Russia,” because if anything, Hillary colluded with Russia.

It’s not about graft because Hillary and Bill are the king and queen of graft.

It’s not about racism because anti-white racism is rampant on the left.

It’s about putting you in a box.

The left devises all these moral tests over made-up “issues” because they want to be able to control you. NeverTrumpers are more than happy to oblige.

This is What Happens to Enemies of the Deep State

This is the type of thing that happens in police states like Putin’s Russia:

“FBI agents raided the home of a recognized Department of Justice whistleblower who privately delivered documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, according to the whistleblower’s attorney.”

Allow that to sink in.

The fact that this DoJ official was an anti-Clinton whistleblower was the reason his house was raided by the FBI.

Trump’s FBI.

“The Justice Department’s inspector general was informed that the documents show that federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, a document reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation alleges.

The delivered documents also show that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to Rosatom and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One, the document reviewed by TheDCNF alleges. Mueller is now the special counsel investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. […]

Sixteen agents arrived at the home of Dennis Nathan Cain, a former FBI contractor, on the morning of Nov. 19 and raided his Union Bridge, Maryland, home, [the whistleblower’s lawyer] Socarras told TheDCNF.

The raid was permitted by a court order signed on Nov. 15 by federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher in the U.S. District Court for Baltimore and obtained by TheDCNF.

A special agent from the FBI’s Baltimore division, who led the raid, charged that Cain possessed stolen federal property and demanded entry to his private residence, Socarras told TheDCNF. […]”

Even though we have Trump in the White House, we are not in control. The federal government’s bureauacracy is too vast, and the corruption too deep, to be undone by simply electing a President of our own. He’s surrounded by the Deep State.

The Deep State is sending a message to Trump: “We’re not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with us.”

This is scary shit.

Our FBI is going Full Police State to cover for Hillary Clinton’s crimes.

This story is also a major indictment of Robert Mueller. If there was any doubt prior to this that he’s a Deep State fixer, there shouldn’t be now.

“Cain informed the agent while he was still at the door that he was a recognized protected whistleblower under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act and that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz recognized his whistleblower status, according to Socarras.

Cain further told the FBI agent the potentially damaging classified information had been properly transmitted to the Senate and House Intelligence committees as permitted under the act, Socarras said. The agent immediately directed his agents to begin a sweep of the suburban home, anyway.

Frightened and intimidated, Cain promptly handed over the documents, Socarras told TheDCNF. Yet even after surrendering the information to the FBI, the agents continued to rummage through the home for six hours.”

NKVD, KGB and now FBI: America has its own Soviet-style secret police force rooting out enemies of the Deep State and covering up the crimes of its politicians.

Chateau Heartiste pretty much nails it:

“Welcome to the police state.

The FBI raided the home of an American patriot who was about to expose the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s Uranium One deal with Russia.

In point of fact, he already did expose it. He had sent the documents to the DOJ before the raid. But it would seem there are rogue elements — or perhaps there are institutional elements dogged by rogue whistleblowers — in the DOJ who are conspiring with the FBI to bury the Clintons’ corruption. The DOJ is likely sitting on or shredding those docs right now, and the FBI was sent in as a clean-up crew to sweep the whistleblower’s house for any stray incriminating docs.

This is Dan Bongino’s take on the raid. He calls it a head fake. The DOJ and FBI are colluding to sweep under the rug any evidence of Clinton corruption. The raid was a mop-up operation.

The Deep State is openly flouting Americans’ faith in the system with its stepped-up efforts to protect [Hillary] from the justice she richly deserves. The homes of innocent Americans who dare to shine a light on elite corruption are fair game for gun-wielding FBI agents bursting through the front door to ransack the place of evidence that could be useful in a court of law.

This is so corrupt it’s almost hard to believe. We’re not really living in America anymore.

“Worse, the Deep State hides their subterfuge with the aid of an accomplice media, and reorients the prevailing narrative to indict, without any evidence, a duly elected president for the crime of a collusion that the Deep State, Obama Admin, and Clintons themselves are in fact guilty of committing. They are getting away with a coup while we watch, helpless, because they know the media will run cover for them.”

The “mainstream” media will not take the whistleblower’s side. This is how you know things are really bad. The media should instinctively take the side of the lone whistleblower, not the omnipotent FBI.

But our “media” is actually the Deep State’s propaganda arm.

Our Media Actively Sows Resentment and Encourages Political Violence

We need a media that is responsible and dedicated to spreading truth, squashing lies, maintaining order, and promoting national unity based on a shared truth. Unfortunately, our “mainstream” media does none of this, and in fact actively squashes truth, spreads lies, promotes disorder, and foments tribal resentments.

This was a good read from ZMan blog. The title of the post was “The Coming Violence”:

“Rulers have always understand that general discontent among the rabble is like dry underbrush. It only takes a spark and you have a forest fire. In the case of civil unrest, a simmering discontent in the community, or among a sub-group, can quickly turn into a riot. The Rodney King riots in 1992 are a good example. The black underclass had developed a deep hatred of the cops, so when the cops were acquitted, that was the spark that set off the ghetto riot.”

The underlying and building tensions are there in America.

Things can get out of control quickly. Seemingly normal one day, chaos the next. Most people won’t see it coming.

Whether it is the seemingly incoherent and ad hoc violence of a bar fight or sports melee, or a person or group committing social violence, the actors arise from predictable conditions and act quite rationally. There is a degree of predictability to their actions, if you’re willing to notice. It’s why bouncers in bars keep an eye on the males competing with one another for females. It’s why sports referees look for guys getting agitated and send them off the field to cool down and get their head back in the game.

In modern America, there does not seem to be anyone in charge willing to play the role of bouncer or referee. Instead, the people in charge are like the guy with the stick in old-time bare knuckle fights. They are trying to get the combatants to go at one another, rather than keep them under control. The deployment, tolerance and protection of Antifa, for example, is a deliberate provocation. The people in charge not only hope these idiots hurt someone, they hope white men will defend themselves so they can be railroaded by the courts.”

This is the key point: our media is not playing the bouncer role. Our media is too partisan to do so.

“In a multi-racial society, where the old majority is being swamped by former minorities and those former minorities are told they must hate the old majority. The atmosphere is nothing but kindling. A prudent ruling class would be acting as firemen, hunting down anything that looks like a spark, over- reacting if necessarily, in order to prevent a blaze they may not be able to control.”

What’s funny is our media has referred to itself as firefighters running toward the danger and saving us all. But the job of a firefighter first and foremost is to put out the fire.

And it’s also never the case that the firefighters set the blaze themselves the way our media largely has.

But the main point here is that tensions are running very high in America. Anyone knows that when tensions are running high between two guys, the slightest thing could set them off and start a fight.

Right now, the two sides in America loathe each other more than ever. There is no trust between the two sides; no assumption that the other side is operating in good faith. We’ve largely given up on trying to overcome our differences and come together as a nation. Most of us don’t even want to.

Quite simply we’ve given up on one another. We have come to terms with the fact that we will never get along. This is a major turning point in our history.

It feels like not insignificant numbers on both sides are itching for a fight. They want the violence.

Worse, our national media has not only totally abdicated its responsibility to debunk lies, and maintain order like a “bouncer” would at a nightclub, it is actively and deliberately spreading lies and propaganda to provoke people into resentment, hysteria and violence.

On everything from supposed police racism to “toxic masculinity” to Trump being a fascist dictator, our media is fabricating a narrative of a nation that brutalizes and oppresses women and minorities

And, wouldn’t you know it, many women and minorities (and their wannabe saviors, aka white liberals) believe the lies, and are acting accordingly.

The media has millions of people living in an alternate reality. This will not end well.

For the first time in my life I really do believe this country is in trouble. I genuinely afraid of what the future holds. Societal breakdown is a real possibility.

FINAL FRONTIER: NASA Boss Says US Within 10 Years of Continuous Manned Presence on Moon

Our destiny is in the stars:

“NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says the U.S. is within 10 years of having a continuous manned presence on the moon, which will lay the groundwork for expanding space exploration to Mars.

“Right now we’re building a space station, we call it ‘Gateway,’ that’s going to be in orbit around the moon — think of it as a reusable command module where we can have human presence in orbit around the moon. From there we want reusable landers that go back and forth to the surface of the moon,” Bridenstine told Hill.TV’s Jamal Simmons and Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

“We think we can achieve this in about 10 years, the idea being prove the capability, retire the risk, prove the human physiology and then go on to Mars,” he continued.”

This is a Trump initiative:

“The move is part of President Trump’s Space Policy Directive, which calls for revisiting Moon exploration.

Bridenstine emphasized the importance of Trump’s directive, saying building a sustainable and continued presence on the Moon represents a “proving ground” for further space exploration.

Unlike Mars, he said the Earth and Moon are always on the same side of the sun. Mars on the other hand is on the same side as Earth only once every 26 months, meaning that astronauts will have to be on Mars for two years before being able to complete their mission and return home.

“The moon represents a proving ground, it’s the way we can reduce risk, we can prove technology, we can prove human physiology, we can develop the capabilities to utilize the resources of the moon to survive on the surface of the moon and then we take all of those capabilities and we replicate them at Mars,” he said.”

I cannot for the life of me understand the people who don’t value a robust and active space exploration program.

Space exploration serves the cause of humanity, of taking our species to new heights and ultimately to new worlds.

The history of mankind has been a story of venturing forth into the unknown, and space is the greatest unknown of all.

Our space program is essential and must not only continue but be expanded. We must push to the moon, to Mars and beyond. It’s what human beings do.

The Civilized Folk Have Lost Control

Leftists have ruined another great place:

The video is somewhat long, but the gist of it is that Portland is covered in feces, infested with druggies and teeming with hordes of Antifa scum.

Portland’s pussy of a Mayor Ted Wheeler has completely lost control of his city. Human waste contaminates the streets, gaggles of insane leftwing mobs block off streets and prevent commuters from getting to work (pictured above), and the homeless are on every block.

Portland is a city that has lost control. The forces of civility are decency have lost, and the barbarians have won.

It’s a very scary thing for the normal, civilized folk when their government has lost control of the city. People simply commuting to work in the morning find streets blocked off by shrieking protesters, and you can’t even take a drink from a public water fountain because junkies use them to wash off heroin needles.

On top of this, the Mayor regularly orders police to stand down when Antifa are disturbing the peace and harassing passers-by.

When you live in a big city, you only walk out your front door every day because of your underlying assumption that things are under control. You have that assurance in the back of your mind that the dregs of society—the killers, gangsters, junkies, hobos, terrorists, etc—are not running rampant. You want to know you’re not going to get attacked on the subway, or poked by a dirty needle, or accosted by a crazy person.

But now, civilized folk are on the run in Portland. The inmates are running the asylum.

It’s not just Portland, either. Leftists have ruined San Francisco as well.

In many of these cities, it’s not even so much about which political policies anymore (although bad leftists policies are the main reason things have gotten so bad), but about something far more basic and essential: whether those seeking political office can reclaim their cities from the barbarians that have taken over.

Policies take a backseat when the main question in a city is, “Can citizens even live normal lives here anymore?”

Liberal politicians are talking about banning straws and plastic bags while their cities have become almost unlivable for normal people.

If you watch the video above–and you really should–you’ll see some of the mentally insane denizens of Portland starting around the 7:30 mark. These people do not belong on the streets. They belong in mental asylums and restrained in straitjackets, away from the civilized folk.

The worse our cities become, the less people are going to like the solution. If things continue spiraling out of control, it will take genuine authoritarians to come around and clean things up. The more out of control things get, the messier it will be to get things back under control.

We don’t want a strongman to come to power and institute martial law, do we? Well, unfortunately the worse our cities get, the more likely it becomes that the civilized folk, made increasingly desperate by the chaos and lawlessness, turn to a strongman.

Cities like Portland and San Francisco need hardass rightwing police chiefs to run for mayor on platforms emphasizing law and order and reclamation, like now.

And it’s not just America where the cities are being overrun by barbarians. I recently visited Frankfurt, Germany and walked through a neighborhood not far from the main center of town that was almost completely overrun by migrants and lowlifes. The streets were filthy, the buildings sprayed over with graffiti, the covered with trash and empty beer bottles, and you generally felt unsafe while walking around. I tried to take a picture of one of the worst streets when a group of migrants saw me and started yelling “FOTO! FOTO!” at me, so I got out of there as quickly as possible. This was all I was able to get:


It’s a little blurry but you can see just how bad things look.

I was at a bar and the bartender had recently moved to Frankfurt from Poland, and he was quite blunt about the state of the city: the migrants were ruining it. He said his ex-girlfriend couldn’t stand the city and left because there were “too many migrants”.

This is because of open borders policies.

Portland, San Francisco and Frankfurt are what happens when leftists are in power. The lowlifes always take advantage of bleeding-heart “compassionate” leftist policies.

London, with its rising crime and rampant acid attacks, has been ruined by open borders and soft-on-crime leftism, as has Paris.

We normal folk just want law and order. I think this is a lot of what Trump was getting at in his campaign.

In his inaugural speech he mentioned “American carnage” and was panned by the media. The media live in posh neighborhoods in DC and New York so of course they wouldn’t know shit. But so many of our cities are really messed up.

Part of me wonders if this is just the inevitable result of our increasingly urbanized society and world. Big cities are the norm now. The story of the past 150 years has been one of increasing industrialization and, as a result, urbanization. The industrial revolution completely changed the way society is organized. No longer do we mostly live on farms and in small villages; we now gravitate to highly-populated urban areas where all the jobs are. In 1800, 94% of Americans lived in rural areas and just 6% lived in urban areas. By 1990, only 25% of Americans were in rural areas, while 75% lived cities. That is a massive, massive break from historical norms (going back to the dawn of human civilization) and it has taken place over a relatively short period of time in the context of history (i.e. the past 5,000 years or so).

It has taken place all around the world, too:


Maybe crime, disorder and depravity are unavoidable parts of living in a big city. Bigness–in cities, institutions, organizations, etc.–breeds a lack of accountability. When there are too many people in one place, everyone gets lost in the shuffle, and the miscreants take advantage of the anonymity and chaos.

But a large part of the reason so many formerly-great Western cities have gone to shit is because the leftists in charge have lost control.

Sooner or later, the civilized folk will stop tolerating all the madness and chaos. The longer we wait, the uglier the process will be.