Great News: Trump Orders All Federal Agencies to Cease Promoting “Critical Race Theory”

By now you have probably noticed that anti-white racism is on the rise in America, especially within the younger generations, and especially among younger whites. All this talk of “systemic racism” against minorities, “white privilege,” “white fragility” and the obsession with portraying history as little more than white people abusing nonwhites–where did it come from? How did it just spring up so rapidly and take root?

It’s called “critical race theory,” and it is a corrosive acid eating away at the foundation of America. It is the origin of concepts like those listed above, as well as concepts like “microaggressions,” and “intersectionality.” It does not promote racial harmony, it promotes racial division and hatred. And not only are young people being indoctrinated with its concepts at school, but federal government agencies are including it in their employee training.

So last night, President Trump ordered all federal agencies to immediately cease and desist indoctrinating employees with critical race theory concepts. A memorandum from OMB Director Russell Vought was sent out to all heads of executive branch departments and agencies saying the following:

It has come to the President’s attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent
millions of taxpayer dollars to date “training” government workers to believe divisive, antiAmerican propaganda.

For example, according to press reports, employees across the Executive Branch have
been required to attend trainings where they are told that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” or where they are required to say that they “benefit from racism.”
According to press reports, in some cases these training have further claimed that there is racism embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity or the belief that the most qualified person should receive a job. These types of “trainings” not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce.

The President has directed me to ensure that Federal agencies cease and desist from using
taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions. Accordingly, to that end, the Office of Management and Budget will shortly issue more detailed guidance on implementing the President’s directive. In the meantime, all agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on “critical race theory/9 “white privilege,” or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil. In addition, all agencies should begin to identify all available avenues within the law to cancel any such contracts and/or to divert Federal dollars away from these unAmerican propaganda training sessions.

The whole letter can be found at the link above.

This is fantastic news. Trump is striking directly at the heart of the brainwashing operation that is ripping this country apart and turning the younger generations into social justice fanatics. We are finally fighting back in the culture war. Finally, the right is using the massive weight of the federal government to reverse the cancerous spread of Marxist ideas.

You may have noticed that in the second paragraph of the quote block above, it says “according to press reports”. That’s an interesting line. It means Trump caught wind of the federal government’s critical race theory indoctrination through the news. But which program?

Well, it just so happens that this past Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson had a guy named Christopher Rufo on his show, and Rufo explained to Tucker the extent to which critical race theory had “infiltrated” the federal government and poisoned the minds of so many government employees:

On September 2, Christopher Rufo goes on Tucker Carlson’s show and exposes critical race theory to the country. On September 4, President Trump issues an executive order outlawing the use of critical race theory in federal government training programs.

I’m sure this isn’t a coincidence.

Tucker Carlson is the second-most important man in America behind only President Trump.

Now, it remains to be seen whether or not the federal agencies will actually comply with this order, since most of the time they blatantly disregard President Trump’s orders.

But this will make a difference. This is action–not just words–taken by President Trump to pull this country out of the racial nosedive it has been in for the past seven years.

Multiple Polls Show Trump Near 20% Black Support

I know I have been saying to ignore the polls for months now. And that’s mostly true: the polls are designed to manipulate, rather than measure, the general public’s attitudes toward the election. They should always be taken with a serious grain of salt.

But some polling has come out that has very interesting findings–findings that actually jibe with the overall mood of the nation. See, that’s the thing: polling in and of itself is not inherently a junk science. But it can (and has been) corrupted by political operatives who are flipping the whole idea of polling on its head: they’re attempting to shape, rather than understand, the public mood. Ridiculous polling results like those showing Biden up 15 points nationally are not remotely accurate; they’re propaganda designed to create momentum for the Biden campaign.

However, when honest pollsters come out with results that fit with the current mood of the nation (rather than what the media says the mood of the nation is), we have to take them into consideration. Because there are honest pollsters out there. This is the latest in Real Polling:

  • An Emerson Poll released yesterday shows Trump getting 19% of the black vote to Biden’s 77%, which is a major shift from the final results in 2016, where Trump got a mere 8% black support to Hillary’s 89%. That same Emerson poll had Trump getting 37% of Hispanic voters to Biden’s 60%, which is a sizable shift from 2016 as well. In 2016, Hillary won Hispanic voters 66% to Trump’s 28%. Emerson is showing a swing of 15 points with Hispanics towards Trump. The poll had Trump up on Biden 56% to 41% with white voters, which is a decline from his 2016 support levels (57-37) but still much closer to what the actual 2020 election day results will be than what other polls were showing. I had a post about this the other week but the basic point was that any poll that shows Trump up less than 15 points with white voters is complete garbage.
  • A poll from Democracy Institute released on Saturday 8/29 had an identical result with black voters: Biden 77%, Trump 19%. Among Hispanic voters, Biden was found to be leading 50% to 37%. This is an identical level of support for Trump compared to the Emerson poll, but not for Biden. This one found a lot more undecided Hispanic voters than the Emerson poll, meaning more room for improvement for Trump. If this poll is accurate it would mean Trump will likely be at 40% of above with Hispanics, which is extremely good when compared to prior Republicans. The DI poll also found that only 25% of Trump voters were “comfortable with relatives, friends and coworkers knowing how you vote.” Among Biden voters, it was 86%. That’s the “shy Trump voter” phenomenon on display, which we’ll get to in a minute.
  • The DI poll also found 74% of the public agreed with the statement “all lives matter” vs. 26% who agreed more with “black lives matter.” Democrats (and all the big corporations) have massively misread public opinion on this.
  • In addition to the Emerson and Democracy Institute polls, yet another poll, this one from Zogby Analytics, finds Trump surging with black voters. This poll has Trump at 20% to Biden’s 75%, which is quite similar to the other two. One poll might be easily dismissed, and even two. But not three. There’s something going on here. Trump is going to do incredibly well with black voters–probably better than any Republican in decades.
  • This is how the black vote has shaken out in every Presidential election since 1976, just to provide the proper context of Trump’s polling with black voters for 2020:
Election DemocratRepublicanThird Party
All data courtesy of Cornell University Roper Center.
  • If Trump gets 19% of the black vote, it will be the best a Republican has done with black voters since at least 1976, but probably even further back than that. No Republican has gotten more than 17% of black voters since 1976. The Democrats rely on regularly getting 90%+ of black voters. If they don’t, they’re toast. It’s as simple as that. Even if Trump gets 15% of black voters, it will put the election out of reach for Biden. Urban black voters are the only reason Democrats have a chance in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. They lost those states in 2016 even while winning the black vote 89-8. But if Trump is at 15% or more with black voters nationally, it puts those states well out of reach for Democrats.
  • JP Morgan quant Marko Kolanovic, who, as a wealth manager, actually has an incentive to assess the facts and be right about the election (as opposed to engage in political activism, like many of these so-called “pollsters”), recently said that “cancel culture” and social stigmas against Trump supporters may be artificially increasing Biden’s poll support by as much as 6%:
  • Kolanovic also said that based on his studies of US elections from 1960-1972, he found that protests widely considered as “peaceful” boosted Democrats by 2-3%, but protests widely seen as violent resulted in a 2-8% swing towards Republicans. Now you see why the media is so determined to call the rioting “peaceful protests.”
  • But the really striking part of Kolanovic’s analysis is his assessment that the polls are skewed towards Biden by up to 6%. This is a massive skew.
  • Betting market odds now have Trump and Biden basically tied, a 23-point shift in just a month:
  • So we now have multiple polls showing Trump at or just shy of 20% support with black voters. Now do the events of the past three months make sense? Democrats are working their asses off trying to keep black people terrified and in the Democratic fold, but it’s not working. The media is losing power and influence by the day. As I always say: if the media still had power and influence, Trump would never have won in 2016 in the first place. The media’s reputation has only gotten worse since then.
  • Add on to this Trump’s undeniable surge with Hispanic voters and the “shy Trump voter” phenomenon that understates Trump’s support by as much as 6 points, and the writing is on the wall: Trump is going to win.

You are drunk if you think Biden is winning the White vote

Lately I’ve seen some polls that show Trump either losing or narrowly winning white voters. There have been lots of blue checks on social media getting their hopes up that Biden is going to win white voters:

This Forbes article from a week ago cited a poll that showed Trump and Biden tied with white voters at 48%.

It was an NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll.

The Washington Post gleefully reported that “white voters are turning on President Trump”:

At a website called “Politics USA,” an article from June declared that “White voters are fleeing Trump and flocking to Joe Biden.” It cited analysis by the New York Times‘ poll nerd Nate Cohn, but we’re not going to link to the NYTimes because they’re the enemy of the people. But you can read an excerpt from the article at the Politics USA link.

It’s because of headlines like these that I’ve been continually saying the polls are wrong: because Biden is not going to do well with white voters. Not anywhere as well as the polls are showing. And probably not even as well as Hillary did with white voters in 2016. 

The media has been saying white voters are abandoning Trump. This has been a consistent wishful-thinking narrative of theirs since mid/late 2017.

It’s not true. Not at all.

Trump is not losing white supporters. Not by a long shot. You have to understand the type of person who voted for Trump in 2016: these are not people that are going to abandon him over bad press. These are not people who are going to abandon him over his tweets.

All of this stuff was known in 2016. And they voted for him anyway. They will not be shaken loose easily.

They don’t believe a word the media says. They haven’t for a long time. If you think any of the media’s malicious lies against Trump—Russia, Charlottesville, Ukraine, Impeachment, etc.—are going to change any 2016 Trump voters’ minds, you are utterly delusional. They don’t believe a word the media says. They didn’t in 2016, they don’t now.

If the media and the Democrats really want to shake Trump’s white supporters loose, they would attack him from the right. Because while he’s been pretty good about keeping his promises, and while by any objective standard he’s been at least an above-average president during his first term, there definitely are a lot of 2016 Trump supporters who have been underwhelmed by his first term.

But at the end of the day, they know There Is No Alternative (TINA) to Trump. They will not get better results with Biden in office. Even the self-described “accelerationists” who think that by making things worse it will hasten the kind of revolution they want, these people are A. Mostly all talk, B. Mostly under the age of 30 and therefore don’t know what they’re talking about (despite the fact that the alt-right are admittedly generally in the top-95%+ intelligence tier), and C. Very small in number.

There Is No Alternative to Trump. And every last one of his supporters knows this. No matter how disappointed some of them may be in Trump’s first term—which has largely been hampered by bureaucratic and Congressional obstruction, as well as the media’s scandalmongering and heinous lies—they know there is no way in hell that voting for Biden advances the football for them in any conceivable way. Deep down, they know that they’d be fools for making perfect the enemy of the good.

And this is why Trump is not going to lose support with white voters: because if there are any white voters disappointed in him, it’s because he hasn’t been rightwing enough. Not because he’s been too far to the right.

The likelihood of Trump losing white support from 2016 to 2020 is extremely low. His white supporters voted for him in 2016 the because they wanted the Wall and out of disgust over the corruption of the Clintons. They are not going to abandon him for the party of open borders and, uh, the Clintons. They see Biden as one and the same with the Clintons: they know they’re all part of the same Democratic inner-circle. This is why it’s mind-boggling to see polls that show Trump and Biden tied with white voters or even with Biden winning white voters. 

That is not going to happen.

If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself if this political climate—the one of BLM, race riots, rampant anti-white racism and, above all, steadily growing white consciousness of the changing demographics of the country—is one that is likely to make Trump the first Republican since 1964 to lose the white vote. Be honest with yourself. 

Trump will not be the first Republican to lose the white vote since 1964. You know it. I know it. We all know it.

Let’s look back on past elections just to get a frame of reference for how Republican candidates—good ones, so-so ones and bad one alike—historically perform with white voters. All data via Cornell’s Roper Center:

  1. Trump won white voters 57-37 in 2016. 
  2. Romney won 59-39 in 2012. 
  3. McCain won whites 55-43 in 2008. 
  4. Bush won 58-41 in 2004. 
  5. Bush won 55-42 in 2000. 
  6. Dole narrowly won white voters in 1996, 46-44 over Clinton. Perot won 9%. 
  7. Bush won the white vote in 1992 41-38 with Perot taking a whopping 21%. 
  8. 1988: Bush won whites 60-40 over Dukakis. 
  9. Reagan won whites 66-34 in 1984. 
  10. Reagan won the white vote 56-36-8 in 1980 over Carter and third-party candidate John B. Anderson. 
  11. Ford won the white vote 52-48 in 1976. 
  12. I couldn’t find data from 1972 but I’m certain Nixon won white voters given that he won the election in one the biggest landslides ever. And he probably won them in 1968, too.

The last time a Republican lost the white vote was 1964. We know this because the country was over 85% white back then and LBJ won by a national popular vote margin of 61-38.

Republican average of white vote share since 1976: 55%. And that’s including the three elections (1996, 1992, 1980) where a third-party candidate won a meaningful number of white voters.

Since 2000, Republicans have averaged 56.8% of the white vote.

Democrat white vote average since 1976: 40.2%.

Since 2000: 40.4%

So, since 1976, Republicans have won the white vote by an average margin of 55-40%. 15 points.

And since 2000, Republicans have won the white vote by an average margin of 56.8% to 40.4%. That’s an average margin of 16.4%. 

Biden will not be the first Democrat to win the white vote since 1964. I would stake my life on this. 

White voters—mainly non-college whites—are ride or die for Trump. They stuck by him through all the bullshit and slander of 2016. If they were going to abandon him, they would have done so before the 2016 election—like the media kept predicting would happen then, kept pretending like it was happening after Trump was in office, and is to this day pretending is happening.

All of the media’s hoaxes and scandals did not dislodge Trump’s white voters. They just didn’t. Trump has not betrayed them but even if white voters have been underwhelmed by his first term, that still would not be cause to vote for Biden. Any white voter disappointed by Trump’s first term is not voting for Biden. Because if Trump disappointed at all, it was because he didn’t go far enough to the right.

Trump supporters are loyal. They knew full well what they were getting into in 2016. Nothing that Trump has done since he took office has been “too conservative” for the people that voted for him in 2016. He has not been anything other than the guy they thought they were voting for in 2016.

Because that’s the only reason you’d switch from Trump 2016 to Biden 2020, right? If Trump was too rightwing for your tastes. I’m telling you: nobody who voted for Trump in 2016 has caught the vapors over his brashness or his tone.

All of the weak-kneed “But His Tone!” Republicans who would be prime targets for the Biden campaign to flip probably didn’t even vote for him in 2016 to begin with. They were scared away from him from the very start.

If anything a lot of those voters have seen the light and become Trump supporters over the past four years. I personally know at least ten people who fall into this category. Imagine how many more there are out there.

Any poll showing Biden winning white voters has zero credibility. 

There’s a better chance of Trump winning 40% or more of the Hispanic vote than there is of Biden winning 45% or more of the white vote. Take it to the bank. 

I would be less surprised by Trump winning 13% of the black vote—something no Republican has done since Ronald Reagan in 1980—than I would by Biden winning 45% of the white vote.

White voters have not abandoned Trump since 2016. The idea that they did not know what they were getting into, or the idea that as President Trump has been completely different from what people thought they were getting in 2016: absolute and utter nonsense. It’s all wishful thinking by the media and the beltway elite.

If anything Trump is going to improve with white voters. Notably college educated whites who thought he was icky in 2016. So many of them who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him but also couldn’t vote for Hillary and either sat out 2016 or voted independent: they’re going for Trump now, and there’s a lot of them out there.

That’s why I’ve been saying for four years: 2016 was Trump’s floor. The mere fact that he won was an eye opener for a lot of people: “Oh wow, maybe there is a method to his madness. Maybe the media had this guy all wrong…” that was the thought process for lots of conservative leaning voters who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. 

Remember for a long time there were Republicans who thought Trump was trying to throw the election for Clinton, that he wasn’t actually conservative, or that he was trying to run as a publicity stunt. They didn’t think he was serious right up until election night. And then he won and they realized he was for real.

The moment Trump won in 2016, a lot of conservatives who had been either ambivalent towards him or even outright opposed to him realized, “Oh, wow, this guy knows what it takes to actually win, unlike those losers Romney and McCain.” These people have become some of the most hardcore Trump supporters around. And even though the media hasn’t given them any coverage, they’re out there, they’re pissed, and they’re voting for Trump on November 3rd.

I would not be surprised if Trump even expands on his margin with white voters this time around. If you think that’s doubtful, just ask yourself if the Democratic Party has done anything—anything at all—to make itself more appealing to white Trump voters since 2016. No sane person would say they have. In fact, it’s kind of incredible to see just how much the Democrats have managed to alienate white voters in such a short period of time, the last three months in particular.

Biden was already fighting a major uphill battle with white voters before the George Floyd Riots. Remember, Hillary lost white voters by 20 points in 2016. That was Biden’s starting point. Over the past three months, it’s almost as if the Democrats were trying to shed white voters. You’d have to be on serious Schedule-1 narcotics to believe the events of the past three months have made Biden more popular with white voters.

The idea that Biden is even remotely competitive with white voters—much less leading, or even tied—is so outlandish that it’s honestly hilarious to see blue checks say with a straight face that it’s happening.

The Elites Are in Trouble

The good news to come out of arguably the worst two weeks in modern American history is that the gun debate is over for a long time and our side has won. Everyone now knows why it’s important to own a gun. Shit can hit the fan in this country, contrary to what the gun-grabbers insisted.

The images of the burning buildings and busted-up store fronts, the angry mobs, all the violence and mayhem: that’s all burned into regular Americans’ minds now, and their main takeaway from all that is that they will never compromise on the Second Amendment. On some level, most regular Americans now understand that this is a very different country than the one they lived in even as recently as five years ago.

We have seemingly entered a new, more volatile, violent and anarchic period of American history, one where civil war is not such a far-fetched idea anymore. It feels like this country is both First World and Third World at the same time. And regular Americans simply refuse to face that future unarmed. The gun debate is over.

But here’s the best part: the Uniparty elite knew this would happen, and yet they still green-lit the riots and the chaos.

They knew that the images of the rioting and chaos would decisively end the gun debate, and yet they went ahead with the rioting and chaos anyway.

This tells you something important: the elites are desperate. They are running out of options. They are now forced to choose between bad and worse.

Disarming America was an integral part of their agenda for the past 20 years, basically ever since Columbine. Their long-term vision for this country includes a disarmed populace. It’s an integral part. They need it.

And yet we just saw them abandon their goal of a disarmed America. That’s what happened over the past two weeks. The elites have conceded the gun issue. Disarming America is now completely out of reach for them. It will never happen.

For whatever reason, they are now at the point where their grand plans are either unrealistic or unfeasible and they have to make trade-offs.

I don’t know why they are so desperate. I suspect there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that the general public is not aware of. Maybe Trump is really putting the heat on them more than we know.

But whatever the reason was, the elites have abandoned their dream of a disarmed American populace. Whatever their reason for the rioting was (my guess: to motivate and energize black voters as well as the left in general which is unenthusiastic about Biden), they had to make a choice between that and their dream of disarming America. And they chose the riots and whatever subsequent short-term benefits the riots would bring them.

And I say “short-term” because there’s no way the riots and looting benefit the Uniparty elites long-term. This is going to cause a mass exodus of people from cities over the next year or so. The effect will be delayed because lots of people are locked into leases.

But make no mistake: lots of urbanites are either thinking about leaving or making plans to leave the cities right now. Many of them come from the suburbs originally, and now they’ll head back there after this major wake-up call.

More and more suburban white parents will not allow their kids to move to the Big City anymore. And they’ll be right to do so.

There’s no telling how bad this is going to get. What if this is just the beginning? What if Trump wins in November and there’s even worse rioting? The elites wouldn’t have done this if they were confident Biden was going to beat Trump.

The next step for the rioters is killing people–white people–in mass numbers. If their anger does not subside, if their fever does not break–and there’s no reason to believe it will given the malevolence of the media that made them so angry and hateful in the first place–then their next step is to start slaughtering white people in mass numbers. Businesses are already displaying the “minority-owned” or “black lives matter” signs in the windows in hopes of being spared by the mobs. How long until our houses have to be marked with “BLM” signs to be passed over by roving death squads?

Lots of urban whites are not going to stick around long enough to find out.

What if Minneapolis actually goes through with this insane idea to “defund the police” and then other cities follow suit? Democrats can’t even explain how such a radical-sounding plan would actually work and not turn America’s cities into full-blown, post-apocalyptic warzones. But even if they could explain it, lots of people in the cities don’t want to stick around and see if the experiment succeeds. They’ve already been sufficiently spooked.

There’s going to be significant white flight from the cities in the coming year.

Not only that, but businesses are going to flee the cities en masse as well. Who’s going to want to set up shop in a big city knowing this could happen again? Recently, a leaked call between the Mayor of Chicago and the city’s furious Aldermen revealed just how bad things really are, contrary to the “insurance will pay for it all” hand-waving:

As unrest swept the city Sunday, aldermen pleaded with Mayor Lori Lightfoot to help them protect their communities from roving bands of criminals clashing with police and looting businesses.

WTTW News obtained a recording of an online conference call held by the mayor’s office to brief all 50 aldermen on the city’s response to the unrest touched off by the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police.

The recording begins with Ald. Michelle Harris (8th Ward) wondering how she could convince businesses like Walmart and CVS to rebuild on the South Side after the destruction. “It’s like, what are we going to have left in our community?” Harris asks her colleagues before answering herself. “Nothing.”

Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd Ward) said she felt helpless to protect older residents, who she said were struggling to buy food and get prescription medicine. “I’ve worked really hard over the last seven years and now I feel like I am five feet back,” Dowell said.

“I feel like I am at ground zero,” Harris responded. “My major business district is shattered. Why would Walmart or CVS come back to our communities?”

Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) said her West Side ward was like “the wild, wild west out there.”

She’s right. Walmart and CVS are not coming back. It’s just not worth the risk for them.

These Aldermen are not happy about what’s going on. They do not think this is good for America and “needed.” They know how bad this is for their city.

It gets even worse:

“Ald. Susan Sadlowski-Garza (10th Ward) broke down while pleading with Lightfoot for help. “My ward is a s–t show,” Sadlowski-Garza said, adding that cop cars and banks were burned. “They are shooting at the police.”

Sadlowski-Garza began to cry as she said the unrest began about 11 a.m. Sunday, when a group of 40 people broke into a marijuana dispensary, but had nothing to do with a protest. “I have never seen the likes of this,” Sadlowski-Garza said. “I’m scared.”

And here’s the cherry on top:

“Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th Ward) demanded that Lightfoot develop a plan to stabilize Chicago’s neighborhoods for five days, calling his Southwest Side ward “a virtual war zone” where gang members armed with AK-47’s were threatening to shoot black people.

The call came to a screeching halt when Lightfoot declined to address the substance of Lopez’s remarks, and Lopez demanded that she respond.

Lightfoot told Lopez he was “100% full of s–t.”

“Well, f–k you then,” Lopez responded.

“I understand you want to preen,” Lightfoot told Lopez.

As aldermen objected, Lopez continued to speak.

“Mayor you need to check your f—–g attitude,” Lopez said.”

Aldermen are now (rightfully) cursing out the mayor. Nobody is in charge anymore. They have completely lost control of the city.

In Minneapolis, businesses are already starting to leave:

“The company’s owner said he can’t trust public officials who allowed his plant to burn during the recent riots.” Can you blame him? Businesses pay taxes and expect that roads will be passable and police will maintain order. This is social contract 101 stuff right here. Governments are simply not upholding their end of the most basic bargain. If the city government can’t maintain order, there’s no reason businesses would stay.

The big cities were already in decline before Coronavirus and the Great Race Riots of 2020 hit:

The civilized, peace-loving, law-abiding folk are done with the cities. They want no part of the violent, radical insanity going on there. They’re going to leave the big cities and let them collapse. Soon all that will be left in the cities are the gangs and the criminals, who terrorize the poor people who couldn’t afford to move out. If you want to know what the future of many major American cities looks like, just look at Detroit.

Make no mistake: the elites need us to be crammed into cities. It makes us easier to control and monitor. They want us living in pods and herded like cattle through filthy public transportation systems to our corporate wageslave jobs.

It would not be a good thing for them if people started fleeing the cities in mass numbers. You are inherently more free and independent if you live in a rural area. If you have land and guns and livestock, you are significantly freer and safer than someone who lives in a tiny little box in a large city.

And yet still, the elites OK’d the rioting knowing this would happen.

None of what’s happening right now is good for the Uniparty elites in the long-term. They are willfully alienating and terrifying Normal Americans and wedding themselves to the most radical and insane fringe of the left.

I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of people out there who like and support the riots and the looting and the anti-white bloodlust and all the insane policy proposals like “defunding the police.” Clearly there are a lot of insane, radical people out there as evidenced by the size of the crowds we’ve seen over the past couple weeks.

But TV cameras always have a way of making crowds look bigger (or smaller) when they want to. I would say the number of Americans who are fully supportive and on-board with all that has happened over the past two weeks is between 20-30%. And even among this 20-30%, there’s still a divide between the people who are true-believing Cultural Revolutionaries, and then the people who are simply either cowards bowing to the mob, or virtue signaling bandwagoners.

It’s well over a majority who are fully disgusted and outraged by what has happened over the past two weeks.

There are certainly some Americans who are in between, kind-of ambivalent, but they’re not a big number. We don’t really live in an era where people can ignore politics anymore. Most people have taken a side decisively. But I’d say at least two-thirds of the country is against the unfolding Maoist Cultural Revolution.

I don’t care what the polls say: there is zero chance this makes anyone in the large majority of Americans who wants law, order and peace less likely to vote for Trump. It’s totally fine to think Trump’s response to all this has been underwhelming, but you can’t tell me that Biden would be better for law and order than Trump.

So that’s why I’m not even fully convinced the riots will help the Uniparty elites in the short-term, i.e. this election. Yes, it will probably serve to mobilize black voters who notably did not turn out for Hillary the way they did for Obama. And these “missing black voters” as they were called in 2016, were a big part of the reason Hillary lost.

However, Trump’s support with black voters has risen from 2016 levels. And I think a lot of the boost Biden got with black voters because of all this should be offset by the boost Trump will get with white voters because of all this.

In sum, the riots are not good for the Uniparty Cabal over the long-term, and it’s arguable that they’re even going to help much in the short-term with the election.

I am not as confident in Trump’s prospects to win the 2020 election as many others on the right are. I don’t think it’s a slam-dunk by any stretch. But it seems pretty evident that the Uniparty elite felt they had to take some drastic action to give their guy Biden a better shot, even if that drastic action was going to wreck their long-term plans and could possibly even blow up in their faces in the short-term.

The elites are not on solid ground. Everything is not going according to plan. They are not fully in control. They are now at the point where they have to sacrifice their long-term goals for 50/50 short-term desperate gambles.

For the past few years, they have been playing defense, not offense.

This is a major shift given that they’ve been on offense since at least the early 1960s with the Kennedy Assassination. Every major event since that time–Vietnam, the Moon Landing, assassinations of MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, 1968 riots, the oil shocks, Bretton Woods, Watergate, stagflation, Iran-Contra, the 1992 Riots, Lewinsky, 9-11, the Iraq War, the Financial Crisis, just to name the major ones–has been orchestrated and planned with the goal of transforming America.

Conversely, every stunt they’ve pulled since 2016–Russian Collusion Hoax, Mueller, the Charlottesville Hoax, Stormy Daniels, the Kavanaugh Slander, the Covington Kids Hoax, the Impeachment Hoax, the Epstein Murder, Coronavirus and now the race riots–has been done from a position of desperation. None of it has been carefully planned and orchestrated. Its all been ad-hoc and on-the-fly. It’s all part of a defensive contingency plan to bring down Donald Trump, who is evidently rocking their world.

The sloppiness which caused the entire Spygate/Obamagate scandal to unravel and be exposed should drive home just how desperate the elite really are. They aren’t carefully planning this stuff out. They’re improvising. They’re scrambling.

Good news is usually not immediately evident. You have to read between the lines and not take the news headlines at face value. The news is all fake and manipulated, designed to fill your head with lies. You have to stop looking at major events as spontaneous and start looking at them as planned and deliberate, designed and carried out in pursuit of some goal. That’s the only way things will make sense.

For example, to understand 9-11, just look at what happened afterwards: Patriot Act, Iraq War, America installed as world police, Americans now hate Muslims in mass numbers. All that stuff was exactly what the globalist elites wanted.

The elites are losing. They’re backpedaling. They’re playing defense. They’re in CYA mode. The ship is sinking and the rats are jumping off.

The worse things seemingly get in this country as measured by the news media, the better the fight against the Uniparty Cabal is actually going. The scarier the news stories and headlines, the more they’re trying to wage psychological warfare on us.

The elites will go to great lengths to never show any weaknesses. The media will never run any headlines like, “Trump closing in on the Elite Overlords that control everything including this very news network.” But if you really stop and think about what’s been going on in this country over the past four years, it’s pretty clear that the balance of power has fundamentally shifted.

All the mayhem and anarchy we’ve seen over the past two weeks is not the dawn of a new dark age of violent racial tribalism in America. It’s the dying paroxysm of a crumbling order. It is a cornered animal lashing out in desperation.

There’s no telling how long this will take to play out, nor is there any way to accurately predict what the new order will look like. But things have changed in a major way.