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I want do this for a living. But I also don’t want to bombard you, the reader, with ads. It feels like so many sites have been ruined by ads these days. You know what I’m talking about. A lot of sites feel like Ad Sites, and the actual content is an afterthought.

I don’t want this site to be like those other sites. I want it to be all about the content. Plus, when you rely on advertisers, you run the risk of compromising your site’s integrity: the advertisers, rather than the readers, become the core audience. Eventually it can get to a point where the advertisers dictate what you say. I don’t want that.

In my view, the subscription model, rather than the ad model, is the best way forward, and Substack is the best platform for subscription-based writing. It’s $5 a month if you wish to subscribe. That’s the lowest price Substack allows me to charge. You are under no obligation to subscribe, as the content will all still be freely available here.

But if you feel like the things we discuss here on this website are important, and if you feel, as I do, that we need an alternative to the neverending torrent of propaganda on the news and even on social media, it would mean the world to me if you chose to subscribe.

Soon I want to expand into audio content (i.e. a podcast) and video content like webshows and livestreams. Eventually there will be exclusive content for subscribers only, and that’ll be video & audio content.

Your donation will enable me to take The Palace Intrigue to the next level.

I love doing this. I never get tired of it. I would do it round the clock if I could. Subscribing to this site will make that happen.

Thank you in advance for your subscriptions, and thank you to all who love this site and visit regularly! I encourage you to share this site with friends and family to help us keep expanding the community.

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