You can’t Make This Stuff UP

Massachusetts Democrat JFK in 1961:

Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey in 2020:

This is the mentality of dependency, helplessness and government-worship.

AP Announces Wisconsin Recounts In Milwaukee & Dane Counties, Only Cares What Democrats Have to Say About The Matter

First, the headline story:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Elections Commission issued an order Thursday to recount more than 800,000 ballots cast in two heavily liberal counties at President Donald Trump’s request.

The order, required by law after Trump paid $3 million for the recount, was agreed to after rancorous debate for more than five hours Wednesday night that foreshadows the partisan battle ahead.

The recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties, where Joe Biden outpolled Trump by a more than 2-to-1 margin, will begin Friday and must be completed by Dec. 1. Milwaukee County officials said they plan to finish the recount by Wednesday. Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell has not provided an estimated completion date.

That should have been the story. That’s really all the “news” the story contains.

But instead AP wanted to add in a bunch of commentary from Democrats, because Democrats are Trusted and Reputable Sources Without a Whiff of Partisan Bias. I’ll quote the article just so you can see how heavily skewed it is toward the Democratic side:

“It’s just remarkable the six of us in a civilized fashion can’t agree to this stuff,” Democratic commissioner Mark Thomsen said hours into the debate. The commission is split 3-3 between Democrats and Republicans.

First quote of the article goes to a Democrat. No surprise there, but note that the commission is split down the middle.

The article continues:

Biden won statewide by 20,608 votes. Trump’s campaign has cited “irregularities” in the counties, although no evidence of illegal activity has been presented.

No EVIDENCE of any Russian Collusion was ever “presented” but the media still pretended it was 100% for four years.

“We understand the eyes of the world will be on these Wisconsin counties over the next few weeks,” Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s top elections official, said Thursday. “We look forward to again demonstrating the strength, security, integrity and transparency of our election systems in Wisconsin.”

AP didn’t include any information on Wolfe’s partisan affiliation, and I couldn’t find anything on her leanings after doing a brief search. But the fact that she used a Sorkinesque phrase like “the eyes of the world will be on these Wisconsin counties” indicates she’s a lib. That’s such a lib thing to say. “The right side of history,” “the world will be watching,” etc. etc. Plus the fact that she pre-emptively declared the Wisconsin election system as one of “integrity” and “transparency” only adds to the evidence that she’s a Dem and eager to declare that the SCIENCE IS SETTLED, so shut up.

The commission argued over changes to its manual that provides guidance to local elections officials over how to conduct recounts. Ultimately, they decided not to reference the manual in the order, but they did update some parts to reflect accommodations for the coronavirus pandemic.

The commissioners deadlocked on making changes to the manual that Democrats and elections commission staff said would bring the guidance into line with current state law. Republicans balked, saying the guidelines should not be changed after Trump filed for the recount.

The commission deadlocked on making changes to the manual that DEMOCRATS said would be the guidance into line with current state law.

Again, you’re only getting one side of the story: the Democrats’. To AP, that’s all that matters. Democrats are right and just and perfect and honorable.

Wonder what the Republicans thought about the matter? AP doesn’t think you need to know.

Their inability to agree leaves in place guidance that says absentee ballot applications must be approved as part of the recount, even though commission staff said that’s not required under the law.

Democratic commissioners said they were certain the recount was headed to court even though Trump’s claims were without merit.

More one-sided “reporting.” So because DEMOCRATS say Trump’s claims have no merit, that’s good enough for AP?

Hey, if a DEMOCRAT says it, that’s good enough for me. That settles it. Let’s move along here and get this thing wrapped up.

Board Chair Ann Jacobs, a Democrat, said Trump’s allegation that election clerks mailed thousands of absentee ballots to voters who hadn’t requested them was “absurd,” “factually bizarre” and a “vague, paranoid conspiracy.”

“What we ought not be doing is watering that plant of baloney,” she said.

Another quote from a DEMOCRAT.

Ah, here we go. 13 paragraphs in and we finally get a quote from a Republican:

Republican commissioners Dean Knudson and Bob Spindell questioned whether election observers would be treated fairly by Democratic county clerks in Milwaukee and Madison. At one point, Knudson even appeared to question whether absentee ballots requested through the elections commission’s state website were invalid because of how the requests are recorded.

“I hope we haven’t created a system at WEC that entices people to request a ballot that actually isn’t in keeping with the law,” he said.

One sentence for the Republicans, and even that the AP tried to frame as grossly unreasonable. WHAT? That Republican really just tried to say absentee ballots requested through the elections commission’s state website are invalid?!?!!?

Knudson, a former state lawmaker, has been on the commission since 2017 and like many office holders in Wisconsin encouraged voters to sign up for absentee ballots on the website. In August, he tweeted a link to the site along with the exhortation to “request absentee ballot now.”

Democrats dismissed Knudson’s concerns as outlandish, noting that the system has been in place unchallenged for years.

Yes, let’s hear more from DEMOCRATS. We haven’t heard enough from them in this article.

So basically the format goes like this:

  1. Unchallenged claim by a Democrat
  2. Another unchallenged claim by a Democrat
  3. Yet another unchallenged claim by a Democrat
  4. Misrepresented claim by a Republican
  5. Democratic rebuke of the Republican claim

By this point it’s clear which side AP considers the “good guys” and which side they consider the “bad guys.” Because everything must be presented to their target audience with the Manichean simplicity of a Disney movie.

The article continues:

Thomsen said Trump was challenging the validity of the election only because he lost, but he had no problem with Wisconsin’s election rules in 2016 when he won by fewer than 23,000 votes.

Oh, look at that: another quote from a Democrat, which is 100% opinion, yet treated as more credible and unassailable than the Gospel of Luke.

No shit Trump is only challenging the results because he lost. Why would a candidate that won challenge the results?

They’re leaving out the reason Trump “lost”: rampant voter fraud. If he thinks that’s why he lost, then he has every right to challenge that and present his case.

If you thought that was it, here comes the best part, which no mainstream media article in 2020 could omit: an accusation of RAAAAAAAAACISM.

Milwaukee County is the state’s largest, home to the city of Milwaukee, and Black people make up about 27% of the population, more than any other county. 

Hint hint.

Dane County is home to the liberal capital city of Madison and the flagship University of Wisconsin campus.

How dare those dastardly Republicans try to invalidate the votes of such an esteemed institute of higher learning!

The disputes at the commission had echoes of what happened in Michigan on Tuesday. Republicans on a canvassing board for the county that includes Detroit temporarily stopped certification of the vote after claiming that poll books in certain parts of the majority-Black city were out of balance. The deadlock brought claims of racism from Democrats before the board later voted unanimously to certify the results. The Republicans said they want to change their stance again, but officials said certification of the vote will stand.

Republican officials tried to do the same thing in Michigan, but Democrats quickly shut that down because REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST!

Thank God for Democrats. They’re truly angels living among us.

And that’s the whole article.

That’s the American mainstream media for you, right there.

Now do you see how and why there are so many brainwashed people in this country? Imagine if you didn’t have any critical thinking skills and you trusted the media, and you read that article.

Wouldn’t you probably be a Democrat, too?

The pro-Democrat bias in this country is relentless and pervasive. They never, ever stop. And they’re completely shameless about it, too.

Rudy Giuliani Held A Press Conference Today and Said: “We Caught ‘eM”

It’s a very long video. Rudy starts speaking around the 16:15 mark, so fast-forward to there.

He says his legal team has counted at least 682k mail-in ballots in the state of Pennsylvania that were not inspected before being counted.

From what I saw Rudy was on fire. I’m not going to get my hopes up, but it seems like he’s got a strong case of rampant voter fraud built up already.

If you have the time I would recommend watching Rudy’s remarks.

A Great Question

I guess the “Pro Science Crowd” would say it’s because the lockdowns prevent the virus from spreading too quickly which in turn prevents hospitals from being overrun.

They’d probably also add that virus cases are only spiking again because we eased up on the lockdown restrictions.

But the whole idea behind lockdowns, at least here in the US, is based on nonsense.

We got the lockdown idea first from China. They were the first country to get hit by the virus, and they responded by imposing a lockdown on the Hubei Province.

The virus then migrated to Europe, specifically Italy, where they responded by locking down basically the whole northern half of the country.

So when the virus came to America, we just copied everyone else’s response: lockdown.

Except now we’re going on 8 months of lockdown, which has of course varied in severity over those 8 months and from state to state.

But it was never supposed to be an indefinite lockdown. At first it was “15 days to slow the spread,” but that was on March 16.

Though we seemingly copied China’s strategy of locking down, we did not impose anywhere near as stringent of rules on our lockdown as China did with theirs. I went over this in a post the other day.

For instance, we allowed “essential businesses” to remain open. We did not ban interstate travel. We did not ban people from leaving their homes.

All that happened was the government issued “guidance” on how we should behave during this viral pandemic. No large gatherings. Only leave your home if you really have to. Work from home where possible. Promise you’ll quarantine for 14 days if you travel.

But we did not shut down all foreign travel. We should’ve done that the moment China imposed its first lockdown orders on Hubei Province. We should’ve done a full and complete shutdown on international travel immediately. No warnings. If you were an American overseas, sorry. Hunker down where you are until we figure out how to get you back safely. We should have not allowed a single boat or plane to enter the US back in January. Literally shut down all international travel to and from the US.

After we ensured we were completely cut off from the rest of the world, we could’ve come up with a plan to allow Americans traveling abroad to come home. It would require all travelers coming back to the States to be quarantined for 14 days and tested. You don’t get to leave quarantine until you’re confirmed to be non-contagious and healthy once again. Like the scene in Godfather II when Vito Corleone arrives at Ellis Island and has to be quarantined for three months because he has smallpox. You get off your plane and you go straight to a hospital to be tested and quarantined. No one can even come to visit you.

None of it would’ve been convenient. Not in the slightest. It would’ve sucked mightily. But tough shit. It’s all being done out of necessity. It’s for the greater good.

Because we failed to do that, the virus arrived on American soil. At first it started in New York City. What we should’ve done then was quarantine the whole New York City area. No one allowed in or our. Set up a military perimeter and contain the virus there.

But again, this would’ve been inconvenient and people would’ve gotten upset, so we didn’t do it.

Once the virus started spreading nationwide, we should have done a full-scale lockdown for three weeks. Nobody allowed to leave their home, unless they are either: a police officer, a firefighter, EMS/first responder, medical, active-duty military, a restaurant, a delivery driver, a trucker or a farmer. These would be “essential personnel.”

Three weeks allows everyone who has the virus at the time to recover from it. By the time the three weeks is up, it should be safe to allow things to go back to normal. Viruses can only survive by spreading from person to person.

“But how would we have gotten food!?”

The government could’ve nationalized Uber and turned it into a full-time, round-the-clock food delivery service. Uber drivers would be given extra pay for their services. Grocery delivery services like Amazon and Instacart and Blue Apron would be ramped up massively. Food would have to be rationed out and all ordering would be done via app.

Rationing!? That’s communism!”

Take it easy. We did it during World War II. There are literally millions of Americans still alive today who lived through WWII and the rationing.

“But how would you enforce it all?”

Martial law. Full-blown police state. Military and national guard deployed to patrol the streets 24/7 to make sure people are not leaving their homes. If you’re caught outside your home in violation of the rules, you’re taken to a jail/quarantine center for 14 days and slapped with a fine.

“But that would be a complete clusterf*ck!”

Yeah, I know. But there’s really no other way.

But how would people get money!?”

Stimulus checks. We already did that. The government would also institute a total and complete freeze on all mortgage and rent payments until the lockdown ended.

“But none of that is realistic at all!”

And that’s my point. A real lockdown would’ve encompassed all of the above. It would’ve been a full-scale, all-hands on deck, every-last-man-woman-and-child-in-this-country effort. It would have meant major inconvenience and sacrifice for virtually everyone.

And it would’ve sucked.

That’s why it could never have happened in this country. People are too selfish and soft. The moment they are inconvenienced once, they freak the hell out. Ask us to sacrifice for the good of the country, and you’ll never hear the end of it. It’s not like the complaints would be unfounded, either.

And then, to top it all off, if the government doesn’t institute a full totalitarian lockdown, we’ll complain because the government hasn’t stopped the virus.

This is why lockdowns only work in collectivist cultures with centralized, authoritarian governments. America does not have that: we are an individualist culture with a decentralized government that is only authoritarian in the worst ways (in that our government only unleashes its full wrath on peaceful, patriotic citizens while allowing the criminals and deviants to run free and terrorize the normal people. I.e. anarcho-tyranny).

Implementing a Covid response policy that could’ve actually worked was never a realistic option in America.

So instead we did a half-assed pseudo lockdown based on “guidelines” and the honor system. People are working from home, wearing masks when they go out, and living under all kinds of various “restrictions,” but it’s not a real lockdown. It’s a shitty-ass fake lockdown that has given us the worst of both worlds: it hasn’t stopped the virus at all (we have by far the most cases and deaths in the world) and it has made life miserable.

You literally could not devise a worse virus policy if you tried.

And because the virus still spreads, politicians believe the only solution is to keep us under half-ass, fake-ass lockdown until the virus stops spreading.

After 8 months of our half-ass, fake-ass lockdown not working, the politicians are either stupid or evil for continuing the policy. It been a clear, resounding and undeniable failure.

The first two policy ideas (complete and total international travel shutdown, and, failing that, a complete military containment of NYC and any “ground zero” areas for the virus) could’ve worked. The third (complete and total nationwide lockdown) was never a viable option.

An alternative and possibly more viable option would be a partial lockdown strategy that applied only to the elderly and the unhealthy. They could’ve released a set of rules saying that if you’re over the age of 75 and/or you meet the criteria for being high-risk of dying of the virus, then you must be under full quarantine with no exceptions. If you meet the criteria and you’re not yet retired, you’re exempt from work and get a check from the government every week until the government says the lockdown is over.

Everyone else gets to go on living normally, and basically the virus would be treated like we treated Swine Flu (aka we don’t do jack-shit about it). This would have built up herd immunity among the younger and healthy population, and it probably would’ve happened months ago. As I went over in a post earlier this year, the herd immunity threshold is likely between 15-25% of the population, not 50-60% as conventional wisdom claims.

Instead our half-ass lockdown policy has caused the virus to spread slowly and disrupted the natural herd immunity process from playing out. You can only have herd immunity if everyone gets the virus around the same time. But if the virus spreads slowly over the course of months, then the earliest people to get it will lose immunity while it’s still spreading, and run the risk of being reinfected.

“But herd immunity is inhumane and evil!”

No, it’s our species’ evolved defense mechanism against viral plagues.

Ultimately, herd immunity is the only way to get through a new virus. Because if you lock down, then once you lift the restrictions, the majority of the population is still going to be vulnerable to the new viral strain. Let’s say we did the full nationwide lockdown, everyone who had the virus recovered, and daily new cases went to zero. We then lift all the restrictions on travel and go fully back to normal. If someone from another country who is infected comes into America, the virus will just start spreading again.

Because we never built up herd immunity to it.

There’s no way around herd immunity, other than maybe a vaccine. But with Covid, we’re dealing with a virus that has a >99% survival rate. Most people don’t need the vaccine.

Look, nobody wants to hear it but there are no good options when it comes to viral pandemics. When a new strain of virus starts spreading, it’s inevitable that a lot of people are going to get it and some of those people are going to die. It’s unavoidable.

It is the height of childishness and government-worship to believe a man living in a big white mansion in Washington D.C. has the power to protect all 330 million Americans from a virus. Maybe in Communist China, where the government has virtually unchecked power, it’s possible for the government to take on a virus and win. But it comes at an immense price: your freedom. And even in China lots of people got the virus and died–many times more than the government’s official figures claim.

Again, after a virus first emerges, there are no good options for governments to choose from.

We went over a few different policy options our government could’ve taken once they found out about the virus. None of them were convenient or appealing for anyone.

Our government (meaning the 50 individual states and the federal government itself) happened to chose the one that was by far the worst of all. At least for us normal people.

Fortunately, though, some states, like Florida, have already realized that the half-assed lockdown approach was idiotic and have gone largely back to normal. You can see here Florida’s Based Chad Governor Ron DeSantis holding up a sign to remind people just how non-deadly Covid truly is as he announced his state would “never lockdown again”:

It’s time for the rest of the country to follow Florida’s lead.

🚨 Update: Wayne County, MI Board of Canvassers *Rescind* Vote to Certify Election Results


So from what I gather, the way this works is that there are two Republicans and two Democrats on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, and it’s their job to certify the results of an election. I’m assuming this is the rule for every county in Michigan–a bipartisan board–but I’m not certain of that.

Initially last night the two Republicans voted against certifying the county’s results. Remember, Wayne County is where Detroit is located.

Then, after their families were doxxed and threatened, they changed their votes to approve the certification.

But somehow, tonight, they were able to rescind their votes to certify. I have no idea how that works, but I guess if they can change their “no” votes to “yes” votes, they can change their “yes” votes back to “no” votes.

I guess.

The two Republicans filed sworn affidavits which can be found here.

Right off the bat, it’s great news that they are now refusing to bow to the mob. If you don’t stand up to the Gangsters and Mobsters of the Democratic Party, they will never stop. You should never reward them for third-world thuggish behavior. They should not be able to get away with vote fraud because they’re bullies.

But what does this actually mean as far as the vote counting in Michigan goes? The only thing I could find was on Just The News:

In an extraordinary turnabout that foreshadows possible legal action, the two GOP members of Wayne County’s election board signed affidavits Wednesday night alleging they were bullied and misled into approving election results in Michigan’s largest metropolis and do not believe the votes should be certified until serious irregularities in Detroit votes are resolved.

We still have no clarification on what’s next, however.

Is it a full vote audit and recount of Wayne County? Does this get kicked to the Michigan legislature?

I really don’t know. We’ll find out tomorrow. It’s late now so nothing more will likely happen tonight.

Danish Study on Mask Efficacy Concludes Masks Don’t Really Help Much

Check it out:

A total of 3030 participants were randomly assigned to the recommendation to wear masks, and 2994 were assigned to control; 4862 completed the study. Infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurred in 42 participants recommended masks (1.8%) and 53 control participants (2.1%). The between-group difference was −0.3 percentage point (95% CI, −1.2 to 0.4 percentage point; P = 0.38) (odds ratio, 0.82 [CI, 0.54 to 1.23]; P = 0.33). Multiple imputation accounting for loss to follow-up yielded similar results. Although the difference observed was not statistically significant, the 95% CIs are compatible with a 46% reduction to a 23% increase in infection.

The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use. The data were compatible with lesser degrees of self-protection.

So 1.8% of the people wearing masks got COVID, while 2.1% of the people not wearing masks got COVID.

Now, of course the study found marginally better results for people wearing masks. No one disputes that the masks can help reduce the spread of COVID.

What we dispute is that masks are sacred talismans imbued with Magical Powers that ward off the Evil COVID Spirts, like having an Indian Dream Catcher above your bed to prevent nightmares.

From the start, medical experts were only claiming masks to be effective at keeping infected patients from sneezing or coughing and spraying COVID droplets into the air and on to people around them.

And that’s only for genuine surgical masks. Right now we have an “anything goes” policy for masks–want to wear a bandana like an outlaw from the Wild West? Go ahead. Neck gaiter that was never designed to prevent the spread of viruses? Knock yourself out. Painter’s dusk mask? Sure.

So many people out there believe COVID is just floating around in the air, sentient, and waiting for you to walk outside without a mask so it can lock on to you and fly into your uncovered nose or mouth.

It doesn’t work that way. You get it through close physical contact with someone who already has it. You get it through swapping saliva with someone that has it–kissing, being sneezed or coughed on, sharing a drink, etc. Or if someone who has it touches their face and then touches you.

I have had COVID. I have two roommates and they didn’t even get the virus when I had it. These are people who live in the same household as I do.

It spreads like the normal flu. To the extent that COVID is in the air, it’s in the form of respiratory droplets that quickly fall to the ground. Don’t take it from me, take it from the CDC:

As the respiratory droplets travel further from the person with COVID-19, the concentration of these droplets decreases. Larger droplets fall out of the air due to gravity. Smaller droplets and particles spread apart in the air.

Yes. Water droplets do not float in the air indefinitely. We should all inherently know this, but COVID had made us forget how to think.

CDC even admits that airborne spread of COVID is rare. The chances of you catching COVID through the air while just walking around out in public are very low:

There is evidence that under certain conditions, people with COVID-19 seem to have infected others who were more than 6 feet away. These transmissions occurred within enclosed spaces that had inadequate ventilation. Sometimes the infected person was breathing heavily, for example while singing or exercising.

“Enclosed spaces that had inadequate ventilation.” AKA your house. I guess just make sure you and your whole family are not doing jumping jacks in your basement at the same time.

It’s funny, we think we’re the smartest, most advanced society in history, and so we, unlike all those previous generations who Didn’t Have Science, can stop a virus due to our superior intellect and technology.

What cutting-edge technology are we relying on? Cloth masks and face covering, which have existed for literally thousands of years. Look at your mask right now. Do you really think that Americans during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic were incapable of producing that or something similar to it? Do you think Europeans during the Black Plague couldn’t have conceived such a device?

Any society in history with the capability of producing loin cloths could have used face masks to attempt to stop the spread of a viral plague.

And yet America 2020 is like, “We’re gonna beat this virus because WE have MASKS!”

The virus is going to spread one way or another. There’s little we can do about it, unless we go Full China and lock every single American in their homes for a month straight with zero exceptions.

Michigan Dem Doxxes Children of GOP Wayne County Board of Elections Canvasser

And of course, he plays the victim the whole time:

MICHIGAN.🚨 – WATCH as Democrat State Rep-Elect Abraham Aiyash threatens the children of Wayne County Board of Canvassers member Monica Palmer.

“I want you to think about what this means for your kids, who probably go to [redacted]”…


H/T @IWV & @correctthemedia.⬅️Both great follows!

Originally tweeted by Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) on November 18, 2020.

“A history of racism.”

“Continues to perpetuate the racist history of this country.”

This smug, Fake Smart fascist hits all the woke buzzwords. This is the way dumb 20-year-old Poli Sci majors talk.

Except he’s not just some anonymous college student. He’s an elected politician in the state of Michigan. He has power in this country.

But the worst part is when he casually mentions the school the GOP Wayne County Elections Canvasser’s children attend.

What reason could he have for doing this other than to give marching orders to Antifa & BLM?

This all happened because the Wayne County Board of canvassers initially refused to certify the county’s election results last night:

Then, three hours later, they reversed course:

Wonder if it could’ve had anything to do with certain members of the Board of Canvassers being publicly singled out and had their children potentially exposed to danger.

You know how I always say the Democratic Party is not a political organization but instead a massive organized crime syndicate? This is what I’m talking about. They are straight up mobsters.

This election is so legitimate and free of fraud that if you don’t just shut up and certify the results immediately then we’re coming after your kids.

And that’s how the Democrats ushered in a Return To Civility in America.

“Memory Card” IN Georgia Found With Majority Trump Votes On It


A second county in Georgia has found a memory card with thousands of votes that had not been uploaded into the system used in the state. The majority of the votes were for President Donald Trump.

“Gabriel Sterling in the Secretary of State’s Office describes what happened in Fayette County: There were votes that had been scanned and were on a memory card, but the issue was that they hadn’t been uploaded,” 11Alive News reported. “He said it was more easily discoverable than the issue in Floyd County, because they were able to see that the number of people who were checked in on the early voting file in Fayette was higher than the number of people there was in the county’s reported vote total.”

Fayette County is a county that Trump won by 19 points in 2016 and is up by 6 points in this election, according to The New York Times.

Daily Beast reporter Sam Brodey wrote on Twitter: “GA elections spox @GabrielSterling says the ongoing election audit confirmed 2,755 previously uncounted votes in Fayette County 1,577 for Trump 1,128 for Biden Biden’s statewide advantage in GA now down to 12,929.”

Why did it take 2 weeks for these votes to be “found”?

And how many more memory cards with majority-Trump votes are out there, waiting to be “found”?

Our Covid-19 Strategy Has Been a Spectacular Failure In Every Conceivable Way

My own thoughts on the virus, taking into account having had it in September, are basically that it does exist, but it is way overhyped by the media. If this would’ve happened in 2014, it would have been treated no differently than something like Swine Flu or SARS. We wouldn’t have shut the country down and it would not have dominated our lives for 8 months.

But since 2020 was an election year, it was treated differently than it otherwise would’ve been. So we had to live with the hysteria.

The election was 11 days ago, and while many of us thought the coronavirus (or at least coverage of it) would suddenly disappear after Election Day, the opposite has actually happened. Cases across the country are now spiking more than ever before, and states are going back further into lockdown (like Illinois, where I live):

This “third wave” probably began in early-mid October, but was exacerbated by Halloween Parties across the nation. Based on personal experience, lots of people got the virus at Halloween parties a couple weekends ago and that could partially explain why case counts are shooting higher with each passing day. But it doesn’t fully explain this third wave given that it began at least 14 days prior to Halloween.

Like the second “wave,” we’re not seeing a corresponding spike in deaths:

Now obviously we know the deaths peak after the cases do, but the second wave of cases, despite having far more confirmed cases than the first, did not really see a huge spike in deaths. It’s probably safe to assume the third wave won’t, either.

The reason is because of increased testing (on Friday there were a record 1.683 million tests conducted nationwide), which is mainly going to find mild or even asymptomatic cases in lower-risk age tiers:

You can see that hospitalizations in the second wave were about the same as hospitalizations in the first wave despite the second wave featuring more than double the cases of the first. This third wave dwarfs the prior two in terms of cases, but we’re not seeing a corresponding spike in hospitalizations. At least not yet. Hospitalizations are likely to keep going up and set this third wave apart from the prior two on the blue chart, but not by an amount that corresponds to the sharp increase in new cases. In other words, the blue chart is not going to look like the red chart.

If you think about it, this is all pretty obvious stuff. When tests are in limited supply, they’re going to be reserved for the worst cases/highest-risk individuals (generally one and the same). When testing expands, it will logically find more and more mild and asymptomatic cases. Those are the only people available to expand testing to. So hospitalizations will be largely the same despite the total case count increasing by a lot.

But my question is this: why does our COVID-19 chart look so different from traditional pandemic charts?

This is the 1918-19 Spanish Flu chart:

You can see the huge spike in October 1918, the rapid decline in November, and then a much smaller third wave in Jan/Feb. 1919. And then that was pretty much it. This is a more complete and modernized chart for the US:

The worst of it really only lasted about 3 months, plus the third wave which was over by April 1919. So really the Spanish Flu lasted about 6-7 months if you’re talking about the full brunt of it.

(Interestingly, the conventional wisdom is that the Spanish Flu was spread around the world by soldiers returning home from WWI, but the war ended on 11/11/1918 and the last of the US troops probably didn’t return back stateside for several months. It was all done by ship and there were several hundred thousand troops in Europe, so it took a long time. Maybe that explains the third wave, but there’s no way the returning US troops could’ve caused the second wave given that it peaked prior to or around Armistice Day.)

What I’m wondering, though, is why America’s COVID-19 chart looks so different from the traditional flu pandemic chart, e.g. the Spanish Flu chart above. Obviously they’re different viruses, but they’re both flu viruses so it’s not like they’re significantly different from one another in terms of how they spread.

There aren’t many good charts available for the 1957 Asian Flu, but this one I found shows a similarity to the Spanish Flu, albeit a far lower peak in deaths:

Spike in October 1957, peak in November, followed by a temporary decline until early 1958, then a second wave peaking in late February, and then that was it. In other words, similar to the Spanish Flu.

But COVID-19 is not like that in America. Our numbers just keep going up and up and up over time. And keep in mind that current conventional wisdom holds that “Patient Zero” for COVID-19 was identified on December 1, 2019. So it has lasted nearly a full year globally.

If you look at the chart comparing COVID-19 spread in different regions of the world, the numbers for Hubei province in China (where it originated) look remarkably similar to a traditional flu season chart:

Hubei is yellow. If the data is to be believed, virus deaths peaked in late February and were basically done by early April. China ex-Hubei was relatively unaffected. I know a lot of Americans assume China lied about their virus figures, and that the virus ravaged China far worse than they will admit. But what if China wasn’t fudging its numbers? What if Covid just isn’t that bad, and we’re just being idiots about it here in America? That’s kind of where I am on the matter now.

I do think China lied about its true virus figures to some extent, I really don’t believe the virus ravaged China all that badly. For instance, while China claims about 86k cases total, I’m not one of those people that believes the real number is like 50 million or something like that indicating outrageous lying by China. I think the real number is probably in the hundreds of thousands or maybe the low millions. But I do believe that China is largely over the virus by this point, and has been for a while.

Being a communist dictatorship, China may have actually been able to contain it far more effectively than the rest of the world. After all, in China, lockdown means lockdown. There are no exceptions. In America, we’ve had half-assed lockdowns. I’m sure China’s stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions and business closures were far more extensive and stringent than here in the US. And I guess it worked.

If you really think about the idea of a lockdown, it works in theory, but only if you can ensure that everyone actually stays locked down for real. If you could actually ensure nobody in America would leave their house for a month, you could beat the pandemic. Everyone who has it just has to stay home until they’re recovered. If you completely eliminate all contact between people who are not living in the same household, then you’ve basically contained the virus. After several weeks of not being able to spread from person to person, the virus will die out. Keep patients in the hospital until they’re fully recovered, quarantine all medical personnel, and you will beat the virus in basically a month. But that’s only if you do a real, full, no-exceptions lockdown with contact tracing.

America does not have the capability to do that. It is not something that fiercely independent and freedom-loving Americans are culturally willing to accept.

But China has both the capability (due to being a dictatorship) and the cultural willingness (collectivism) to do it. So to me it’s at least plausible that China was able to contain the virus and get past it relatively quickly.

Here is the traditional flu pandemic chart, which is very similar to the Spanish Flu chart:

This is what the COVID-19 chart would generally look like in virtually every country if they did not take significant “flatten the curve” measures. And that’s largely what China’s curve looks like. They didn’t “flatten the curve,” they just imposed extreme quarantine measures on Hubei Province and let the virus run its course there. And it largely did by the time April rolled around.

Via Newsweek from September 19:

Steve Tsang, director of the China Institute at the U.K.’s SOAS University of London, told Newsweek: “China successfully contained the virus by imposing the strictest of lockdowns and keeping the lockdown going until it reduced local transmission to practically zero. It then enforced effective local lockdowns when new cases arose, and nearly cut itself off from foreign visitors for a very long time.” The outbreak is currently under control, he said.

Asked whether we can trust the case and death counts coming out of China, Tsang said no. “But that is beside the point. I have little doubt that China’s statistics on COVID-19 cases and death are unreliable and represent underrepointing, but in the overall scheme of things, with the kind of numbers in countries like the U.S., India or Brazil being what they are, Chinese statistics still give a rough idea of how China managed the virus over time.” Newsweek has contacted the National Health Commission of China for comment.

Tsang said China was partly able to implement measures due to its authoritarian society. No democracy in Europe or America managed to contain the virus, he said. “Other democracies, notably Taiwan and New Zealand adopted alternative approaches that are also successful,” said Tsang.

The lockdown was stringently enforced in China, and some people who attempted to break it had the metal doors to their apartments welded,” he said. “So, yes, it was very effective but not at a price that people in democracies would be willing to pay.”

Again, whether you believe China’s figures or not, this was the scene in Wuhan in August:

This could be Chinese Communist Propaganda, but if it’s not it appears that China is long since over this thing.

Meanwhile in America, we did this:

Without “protective measures,” COVID-19 would’ve peaked, wreaked havoc, and then went away relatively quickly. But with “protective measures” it would delay and prolong the spread of the virus. Crucially, and this is what most people missed, the “experts” never promised the “flatten the curve” strategy would reduce the total number of cases in the country. It would only spread them out over a longer period of time. In other words, the choice was said to be between 15-20 million cases in a couple months, or 15-20 million cases over a year’s span, maybe longer.

So here’s my point: we’ve been in the midst of this pandemic since March. It’s been 8 months now. And we have not flattened the curve at all. We haven’t even hit the peak of the virus spread yet:

If you go by the blue line in the “flatten the curve” chart and assume our chart will eventually look like that, we’re not even at the halfway point yet. Our chart might ultimately look like this:

And we wouldn’t be out of this until maybe July, 2021 at the earliest.

Nor is it guaranteed our chart will even look like the blue line, which is what the “experts” promised us. What if we have simply delayed the time until we get the big spike? What if it ultimately looks like this:

It’s already starting to look that way. We’ve just been delaying the inevitable the whole time, it seems like–wasting 8 months and doing irreparable harm to not only the economy but the mental health of millions of people. All for nothing.

I think we’re getting the worst of both worlds here. We have been under half-assed lockdown for 8 months–absurdly allowing months on end of rioting and “protesting” as if the virus respects #SocialJustice–and it looked like we flattened the curve for a while, but then October hit and now it looks like we’re going parabolic anyway.

So: we’re not allowed to live and have fun, and we’re not stopping the spread of the virus. And we’ve tanked our economy. It literally could not be any worse.

Our half-assed lockdown didn’t work. Either you do a full, hardcore communist-style lockdown, or nothing at all. If you do a half-assed lockdown, all it will do is make the virus spread more slowly and, most importantly, prevent you from reaching any sort of herd immunity.

I went over herd immunity in a prior article, but the basic idea is this: a lot of people get the virus all at once, therefore those people all become immune at once, and the virus should quickly die out as it will not be able to spread from person to person.

Imagine you have 4 people living on an island, then you introduce a virus that infects one person, then eventually the other three. After they recover, they are immune. Then a fifth person arrives at the island, and that fifth person is infected with the virus. The virus cannot spread anymore via that fifth person, because the 4 people on the island are immune already. The virus will die out after that 5th person recovers from it, because the virus can no longer spread. All 5 people are now immune.

Then imagine you had that same island with 4 people, and you introduce the virus to one of them. You immediately quarantine the infected person, as well as the other three people, and under no circumstances allow them to come in contact with the others. You have quarantined all 4 people and you will keep them under quarantine until A. the person with the confirmed virus case recovers and is no longer contagious, and B. you have ensured that none of the other three have late-developing symptoms. You then lift the lockdown orders after several weeks and allow life to return to normal. In this lockdown scenario, you have prevented the virus from spreading beyond one person on the island. But you still remain vulnerable to transmission from outsiders who visit the island. So as long as the virus is still spreading elsewhere away from the island, you must maintain a travel ban on the outside world. Or at least make all visitors to the island quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.

The problem with the lockdown strategy is that the other three people are not immune to the virus. They’ve only avoided catching it for now, but they are still susceptible to catching it in the future.

And if you do a half-assed “honor system” lockdown, it’s probable that people will not follow it fully and the virus will still spread, albeit more slowly.

The problem with America’s half-assed lockdown is that the virus spreads too slowly to ever reach a level of herd immunity. If immunity lasts for 4 months, then the people who got it the earliest are now–8 months in to the pandemic–vulnerable to contracting it again. An August article tracking COVID-19 reinfections found at least 22 people who caught the virus twice, with an average interval (meaning days between first positive test and second positive test) of 78 days. Meaning immunity may not even last three months.

For herd immunity to work, people have to get it all at the same time. If they’re getting it gradually and slowly, then eventually immunity will wear off and you’ll be right back at square one: the first people to get it will get it again. That’s basically the strategy America is following right now, whether wittingly or unwittingly.

Now, I get that the point of the whole “flatten the curve” strategy was to make sure hospitals were not overrun. But would they ever have been? The virus is spiking right now and hospitals are not yet being overrun.

But even if they were being overrun now–as this CBS News article from Nov. 11 warns–then “flatten the curve” is still a failure. Arguably an even bigger failure. We’ve taken the “flatten the curve” path for 8 months and still hospitals are about to be overrun. So what the hell were the last 8 months for?

Meaning we were never going to be able to prevent hospitals from being overrun no matter which virus strategy we chose. It was always going to happen, it was just a matter of when. We’ve just wasted 8 months of our lives.

I understand that there are different degrees to hospitals being overrun–e.g. overrun by an excess of 50,000 patients vs. being overrun by an excess of 750,000 patients. But we have no idea how badly the hospitals would’ve been overrun had we simply accepted that herd immunity was our only realistic option from Day One. We have no reason to believe the projections of any of the “modelers” and “experts.” After all, these are the people that told us “flatten the curve” would work. And now it’s on the verge of failing.


I am assuming that once Biden takes office, he’ll make a big public show of implementing a 4-6 week lockdown or some “bold action” against the virus, and then after that the media will probably largely move on from it. It will no longer be politically useful to the Democratic Party, and will instead become a liability.

So maybe it’s kind of pointless for me to spend time talking about the virus given that it’s probably going to be done by March.

But still, I can’t get over the fact that we’ve wasted 8 months and gotten the worst of both worlds. America does not have the capability of implementing a successful lockdown, so we’ve been half-assing it for 8 months and getting absolutely nowhere.

Herd immunity is our species’ natural way of surviving viruses. It’s how we got through past flu pandemics in relatively short order.

But not this time: this time we convinced ourselves we could beat the virus. And we’ve failed spectacularly.


This is from Breitbart, regarding “Dominion” voting software, which is getting a lot of attention lately:

Two Georgia counties using the same electronic voting software as a Michigan county that experienced a glitch have also reported encountering glitches during the 2020 election. Voting machines crashed in Georgia’s Spalding and Morgan Counties on Tuesday morning because of what election officials described as a “glitch.”

A Georgia election official said that a technical glitch that halted voting in the two counties was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before the election, according to a report by Politico.

That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election,” said Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at Spalding County Board of Election. Ridley added that she did not know what the upload contained.

The report said that the Georgia counties used software made by Dominion Voting Systems — the same software used in most Michigan counties, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Dominion Voting Systems is also used in Michigan’s Antrim County, the Detroit Free Press reported. In Antrim County, a glitch caused thousands of Michigan ballots that were meant for Republican candidates to be wrongly counted for Democrats, according to Michigan Republican Party chairwoman Laura Cox, who added that 47 other counties in Michigan used the same software that experienced the reported glitch.

The glitch, which “caused a miscalculation of the votes” in Antrim County, was so detrimental that it had actually caused the county to flip blue in favor of Joe Biden. The presidential election results have since been corrected, flipping the county back from Biden to President Donald Trump.

On Friday, a Republican county official in Michigan’s Oakland County said he found out that he won reelection in a race he initially thought was lost, because a computer glitch was fixed.

As for Georgia, the state reportedly implemented Dominion Voting Systems, as well as KnowInk — which makes electronic poll books to sign in voters — in every county for the first time this year.

I’m not an expert in election software, but it would seem like counting votes is a straightforward process. It seems unlikely that a computer program in 2020 could get basic math wrong.

And why are these “glitches” always in favor of Biden?

There was a weird post on the other day alleging proof that hundreds of thousands of votes were either electronically switched from Trump to Biden, or that the votes were “destroyed” outright. I hesitated to post about it here because I didn’t see any of this “proof” that the author was claiming he had. It was just him posting a bunch of numbers and calling it proof.

But he compiled a big list. And a post on a site called “NoQ Report” elaborates, but again without providing proof:

post on by user TrumanBlack has sparked a little attention, though not nearly enough. It needs a lot more because within the data sorted and examined is the smoking gun the Trump campaign can use to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election was hacked. Massive amounts of votes were changed from President Trump to Biden. Other votes were removed altogether without reason. This “cyber coup” is much bigger than most of us realized. While we’ve been focused, and rightly so, on analog voter fraud, there is technological fraud on a gargantuan scale that happened. More importantly, it has been proven.

Again, I have seen none of this proof.

We are going through the data now, but everything we’ve combed through so far seems to check out. For example, in Georgia there appears to have been 17,407 votes switched. Biden is currently leading in Georgia by 14,148 votes. Pennsylvania is even worse with over one million votes either switched or “lost.”

Combine this data with what we’re learning about other forms of voter fraud and it’s easy to see how a man who couldn’t fill a small auditorium with supporters was supposedly able to generate more votes than any American candidate in history. The truth is this: He didn’t. Millions of votes were manufactured on his behalf. He (or someone on his behalf) used “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” to steal this election.

What is “Hammer and Scorecard”?

What’s happening with the election? As one might normally say, “it’s anyone’s guess.” Except, it isn’t. We have a very good idea of exactly what’s happening. The Democrats are either cheating or powers above them are cheating on their behalf. Either way, the election is in the process of being stolen if we’re to believe Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney during his most recent interview with Two Mikes.

The General described “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” a pair of programs initially designed for the CIA before being privatized by Deep State players from the Obama administration. We explained how they work in an article last week, but the gist is this: “Hammer” or “THE HAMMER” is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while “Scorecard” is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. It’s the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs. Unless both sides are looking for irregularities, it’s impossible to catch. If nefarious forces had people on one side or the other (or both) during data transfer, it cannot be exposed.

That’s from the same website, NoQ Report.

These are the supposed vote totals that were changed, via Again, it’s all very confusing and I don’t really know what to make of it:

This is what I mean by “I have no idea what to make of this stuff.” Here is what pops up when you click on that link:

What the hell am I supposed to make of this?

They also included this image, which supposedly shows the “specific part when the votes switched”:

So it appears to show Trump going from a 56.6% lead to a 56% lead, and Biden to a 42% total to 42.6%. According to the timestamps this happened at 4:08am on November 4.

But I don’t know how this image proves that. There’s a little further explanation:

The list above appears to show a lot of votes changed or deleted in Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York specifically. And there’s a non-trivial amount in Michigan, Ohio and Georgia.

I don’t know. These numbers seem a little strange. 941k votes “lost” in Pennsylvania? Am I supposed to believe 941k Trump votes were “lost” and that Trump won the state by nearly a million votes?

Maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand all this programming language and stuff. If anyone can explain this stuff in plain English in terms a 5 year old would understand, I’m all ears.