Kurt Schlichter on Why It’s Not Crazy to Believe the Polls are Rigged

He just published a piece called “The Tide Turns Toward Trump,” and as the kids say, it goes in:

“You hear from such unimpeachable sources as human potato-employing CNN that Trump is down 15 points and you wonder where all those people who switched from voting patriot to voting Squad minion are. I have yet to meet one – in all my shameless virtual book promoting around the country over the last month, I’ve interacted with a lot of folks and I have met many people who were all, “Yeah, I did not vote for him last time because Trump’s tweets make me sad as I’m kind of soft, but I can’t vote for the communists’ Trojan Donkey.” 

In contrast, the number of people I have met who told me, “Yeah, I voted for Trump and love his conservative achievements, but he’s mean to dumb people on Twitter so I have to vote for Charley UnMcCarthyite” is zero. As in zip. Nada. The number of conservative successes achieved by the insufferable Never Trump Fredocons in the two decades before Trump came along and broke and humiliated them. None.

Where are all these vote switchers? And where are all the conservatives picking up the phone during dinner and saying, “Why yes, I am delighted to talk to you as my rib-eye chills, total stranger, and yes, I strongly support the guy the cultural elite considers to be literally Hitler”? We talk about the Silent Majority and the Shy Trump Voter, but it’s more like the “Kiss my Schumer, you’ll find out what I think in November, jerk” voter.

Here’s the best part:

“But it’s not just that few of us answer polls. It’s that there’s no reason to believe the polls aren’t rigged. Now, am I contending that the polls are consciously manipulated by media outlets and others to artificially depress Trump’s popularity in order to demoralize conservatives and keep them from voting since it is a lost cause?


The media lies about things right in front of us – “peaceful protestors” anyone? – so what’s stopping them from lying about things that are already opaque like poll results? “Oh well, we’ll gladly invent a Russian conspiracy theory out of whole cloth and cheerlead people being imprisoned and an election being overturned so our political allies can retake power, but we draw the line at tweaking poll numbers. I’ve got muh principles, damnit!”

If you’re wondering whether the polls are rigged, just ask yourself whether you’d put it past the media to do something like that?

Of course not. They’ve done way worse than rigging the polls. So why would they have any hesitation to rig the polls? That’s child’s play for them. The “Russian Collusion lie” was 10x worse than rigging the polls.

And don’t even get me started on the things they do to little kids.

If you think they’re “above” rigging the polls, then you haven’t been paying attention. Stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt. They’re horrible, dishonest, power-hungry villains who will stop at nothing to retake the power that they feel entitled to.

Yes, they are rigging the polls. They rigged the polls in 2016, they’re doing it again.

They are pulling out all the stops to beat Trump. They’re cornered and desperate.

The Nerds Are Trying to Cancel College Football

On the surface, this is a story about football. But in reality this is a story about insanity vs. sanity, rationality vs. irrationality, and courage vs. fear.

This morning, Dan Patrick announced on his radio show that he had been informed by a source that the Big Ten Conference held a closed-doors vote and that the 14 university presidents of the conference voted 12-2 to cancel the season, with only Iowa and Nebraska voting to play.

However, later in the day apparently the Big Ten tried to walk back that story:


Could they have leaked that false story to Dan Patrick to have him then turn around and repeat it on air, and then gauge the response around the country? I think that’s very much possible. Dan Patrick may have been played.

Still, it does seem like the college football season is hanging by a thread–at least in the Big Ten. The Pac-12 is also rumored to in the same situation as the Big Ten, with the ACC and Big 12 “on the fence,” and the SEC fully committed to playing.

The big boys of college football were not about to go down without a fight, however. Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, probably one of the top 3-4 most powerful and influential voices in the sport, took to Twitter to let the world know that this fight ain’t over:


Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh wrote an open letter outlining his case on why the season should not be canceled:


Penn State head coach James Franklin–who has already made the decision to spend this season in isolation from his family due to his daughter being at elevated risk due to her sickle cell disease–chimed in as well:


Will any of this matter to the university presidents, though? These are the three biggest coaches in the Big Ten conference. But it’s ultimately not up to them.

Ohio State QB Justin Fields, a Heisman contender and one of the biggest names in the sport, is unequivocally on-board to play:


Same with Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence, the Heisman frontrunner and the biggest superstar in the sport:


Lawrence makes some great points that the wealthy white liberal academics in charge of the universities probably fail to realize: college is a refuge for so many of these players. Many come from bad neighborhoods and poor families. These athletes are in a way better situation living on campus, rather than back home.

The most impressive thing about Lawrence and Fields championing the #WeWantToPlay movement is that these guys don’t even need to play this season. They are already guaranteed to be the top two draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. In fact, if their seasons were canceled, then these two could probably become millionaires tomorrow by signing deals with Nike.

Yet they want to play anyway. Speaks volumes about these kids’ characters.

On top of all this, President Trump weighed in as well in favor of playing football:



Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that the President is on the right side of this, but I hope it doesn’t backfire and compel these lib college presidents to virtue signal and publicly repudiate the Wicked Orange Man. They know they’ll be lionized and worshiped in the media for doing so.

So why the push to cancel the season now as opposed to months ago? Why get everyone’s hopes up only to crush them at the last second?

Well, here’s a theory:


If so, this is pure evil. Pure evil.

I certainly hope this is not the case. I hope the Big Ten figures it out and decides to man-up and play some football.

Even if you don’t care about football, you should still care about reason prevailing over fear and panic. 19-22 year old college athletes (outside of the ones with preexisting medical conditions) are at an extremely low risk to die of COVID. They’re more likely to die in car accidents then of COVID.

Maybe you could say it’s about protecting the coaches, who are obviously older than the players. But the coaches want to play. Even 68-year-old Mack Brown of UNC:

“North Carolina coach Mack Brown has been walking three miles a day, researching the best foods to add to his diet and trying out a variety of masks for comfort and safety to further insulate himself from COVID-19, a task of heightened importance after the Tar Heels placed voluntary workouts on hiatus following a spate of positive tests.

“As the leader of this program, it’s my responsibility to take care of myself,” Brown said. “Because they don’t need me getting sick.”

“I’ve read enough where if I wear my mask and I’m around people wearing their masks, and if I keep my social distancing and if I clean my hands, which I do about 30, 40 times a day, and if we keep the surfaces around us clean, then there’s very little chance that we’ll get the virus,” Brown said.

With his wife at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19, Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson will spend the season away from his family. So will Penn State coach James Franklin, whose daughter has sickle cell anemia.”

The players overwhelmingly want to play. The coaches–even the ones with the highest risks–want to play.

But the nerds are trying to spoil the fun.

Fear must not win here. Reason and rationality need to win.

Trump Trolls Idiot Reporter, Reporter Doesn’t Even Realize He’s Being Trolled

This CNN reporter cannot handle it:


He then descends further into madness, still completely unaware that Trump is trolling him:

Boy, it’s a real head-scratcher why the American people despise “journalists” these days.

I bet this guy thinks he really nailed Trump. He has no idea that Trump couldn’t possibly care less about him and his incessant nagging.

Nowadays “journalists” are little more than joyless tattletales who live to get people Canceled for old tweets, “insensitive remarks” and violating mask orders.

So much JournoSpeak, too:


“In recent days”

“But the NJ governor said…”

A lot of these reporters’ biggest problem is that they just take themselves so damn seriously. They’re so far up their own asses they’ve forgotten what “humor” is.

Mocking and ridicule are the best weapons against these self-absorbed fartsniffers. They only have power if we take them as seriously as they take themselves.

China Wants Biden to Win

Let me preface this by saying I think all of this “foreign meddling in our election” stuff is a load of crap. It’s all designed by our intelligence community–which we now know cannot be trusted–to delegitimize the election result in the event Trump wins.

I’m sorry but there’s no way a foreign country is altering the outcome of our election. It’s just not possible. So this talk is all designed to create panic and hysteria.

Which is why you see the blue checks excitedly tweeting out stuff like this:

However, they ignore this part of the report:

The whole thing can be found here.

As I’ve gone over before, China is a far greater threat to the US than Russia. It’s not even close.

The media, of course, doesn’t publicize this information because they’re in China’s pocket.

Is Trump in Danger?

Lots of people noticed this remark of his yesterday:

Are they trying to kill him or something? What did he mean by “this may be the last time you’ll see me for a while”? Where is he going?

This was a very cryptic line. I hope everything’s alright.

He delivered that speech in Ohio. Before leaving, his staff gave him an unusual send-off–almost like they were saying goodbye to him for good:


There is so much happening behind the scenes that none of us ever hear about. In fact, I’d say the majority of Trump’s battles as President have been fought behind the scenes and we know very little–if anything–about what’s really happening.

Keep this man in your prayers. He needs them.

Has Trump Handled Coronavirus Poorly, and if so, Will It Hurt Him in the Election?

All data used in this post comes from worldometers.info/coronavirus


A main talking point throughout 2020 is that Trump has completely mishandled the response to COVID-19 and that things would have been much better for America had Donald Trump not been our President. His incompetence has cost thousands of lives and this alone is reason enough to vote him out resoundingly on November 3.

Now, it should be noted that this is a talking point put forth almost entirely by people who hated Trump before the pandemic, and who were planning on voting against him in November regardless.

Most Trump supporters completely dismiss this as bad-faith partisan cynicism. Many Trump supporters (myself included) go further than that and say that the virus itself is more or less an election year hoax that is almost completely a product of media hysteria rather than the actual danger the virus poses to the average American.

But who’s actually correct? Just because Trump’s critics hate him doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. And just because you support Trump and plan on voting for him in November no matter what does not automatically mean he’s handled the Coronavirus pandemic as well as he could’ve.

Here’s an example of a typical criticism of Trump:

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 9.49.57 PM

She brings up three points: national lockdown, mass testing and “contact tracing.”

Let’s go over those point-by-point:

National lockdown: more on this later, but Trump was ripped by his critics for not issuing a national “shelter-in-place” order. But there’s a reason for that, and he has defended himself by basically saying it’s up to the states. This is a quote from April 1:

“Trump said it would be difficult and uneven to arbitrarily call for all states to remain home for coming weeks. He used the example of states in the Midwest not being as widely affected by the coronavirus. It would be unfair, he said Wednesday, to edict all residents stay home in states that do not have “thousands” or “hundreds” of cases.

“States are different,” the president said. “I understand that Florida issued one today. That’s good. That’s great. There are some states that don’t have much of a problem. … You have to give a little bit of flexibility.”

I don’t understand how someone could have a problem with this. I just can’t wrap my head around it. If the virus is raging in New York, it might seem like a sensible move to issue a shelter-in-place order there. But that does not mean places where the virus is not raging–say, Wyoming, for example–need a shelter-in-place order as well.

It makes far more sense to ban all recreational interstate travel than it does to put Idaho under lockdown because the virus is raging in New York City. But heaven forbid we do  that. Better to just put the whole country under lockdown even if the epicenter is largely confined to a few large urban areas.

Come on. That’s just silly. Lockdown policies should be implemented on a state-to-state basis. County-to-county is even better.

Next point is “Mass testing”: This one is simple. We’ve done over 63 million tests, which is more than any other country in the world other than China, which claims it has done 90 million tests. Russia is the next closest to us at 29 million.

Now, in terms of tests per million people, we rank 18th in the world, but ahead of us are many tiny countries like Luxembourg (pop. 636k), Monaco (pop 39k), the Faeroe Islands (pop. 48k), and Gibraltar (pop. 33k). The only countries over 50m population that have done more testing per million than we have are the UK (257k per 1m) and Russia (203k per 1m).

But even testing per million isn’t a great measure given that it’s much easier for smaller countries to have a high tests per million number. The smaller the country, the fewer tests you have to manufacture to get a high tests per million number. America has produced more coronavirus tests than any other country but China. It’s more impressive that we’ve managed to manufacture over 63 million tests when nobody else has manufactured even 30 million thus far.

Let’s use Australia as an example: they have done about 181k tests per million, slightly behind America’s pace. But they only had to produce and administer 4.6 million tests compared to our 63 million tests.

So total tests do matter, and in that category we have done far better than anyone but China. And who knows if China’s data is accurate at all?

You can’t say America should be doing more tests when we’ve produced and administered more tests than any other country.

Third point is “Contact Tracing,” which is basically putting the whole country under a police-state. This is from an article published today in BBC about Britain’s second attempt to develop and release a contact tracing app. Tell me if this sounds like something that would appeal to you:

“A second attempt at a Covid-19 contact-tracing app for England will soon be tested by members of the public.

Officials hope to confirm the date for the limited roll-out within a few days. It could be as soon as next week.

The app will let people scan barcode-like QR codes to log venue visits, as well as implementing Apple and Google’s method of detecting other smartphones.

But efforts are still ongoing to deliver medical test results within the product.

Users will get alerts if others they have recently been close to declare that they have been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The software will provide information about the prevalence of the disease in the local area to encourage people to be more cautious if levels rise.”

An app that tracks you 24/7 and tells the government your every move? No thanks.

Trump should be applauded for not subjecting Americans to this type of system. Ironically it’s the people who shriek that Trump is a FASCIST DICTATOR who are complaining that he isn’t being more of a Fascist Dictator.

Additionally, Britain is over five months into the COVID pandemic and they still haven’t rolled out their contact tracing app.

So those are the three main gripes with Trump’s coronavirus policy. In my view, none of the three are valid criticisms.

What Should Trump Have Done Differently?

The same people saying Trump dropped the ball are the same people that would have been screaming bloody murder had he taken actions that would have prevented the virus from affecting us, namely closing the border and shutting down international trade. This is why it’s patently ridiculous to say that we would have been better off with the Democrats–the party of open borders–in charge during COVID

But the real problem is in the assumption that Trump is the be-all, end-all on Coronavirus policy. It’s a totally false argument to pin everything on Trump when he’s not the one making the final call.

Is Trump Even In Control?

As we went over above, coronavirus policies vary significantly from state-to-state. South Dakota has different policies in place than New York State.

And that’s the way it should be: both states are very different in terms of population, population density, demographics, etc. There is no reason there should be a one-size-fits-all nationwide policy.

States are largely in charge of their own policies. All the federal government does is make recommendations, and states can choose to base their own policies off of that, but they do not have to by any means. Everyone knows this, too. They know it’s the governor in their state that sets the policies on masks, businesses opening/closing, permitted gathering sizes, etc.

Think about it: who has imposed more COVID rules on you, Trump or your state’s governor? Can you think of a single rule that Trump has imposed on you? No, that’s because the mask orders and everything else come from state and local government.

It’s not up to Trump to open schools in the fall. If it was, they’d all be opened. It’s up to the state governments and the individual school districts.

The media knows this too, yet blatantly contradicts itself in its “reporting”: it blames Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for being too lax about COVID policy, but then it turns around and blames Trump for his handling of the virus. Which is it? Is Florida’s governor in charge of his state, or is Trump? If it’s DeSantis’ fault, then how can it be Trump’s fault? And vice versa.

The only constant is that the media is just trying to shift the blame away from Democratic Governors in the worst-hit places like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Republican governors like Ron DeSantis (FL) and Brian Kemp (GA) are held to wildly different standards than Democratic Governors like Cuomo and Phil Murphy (NJ).

Wide Variance Between States

Along those lines, virus data in America varies significantly from state-to-state. For instance, New Jersey has a death rate of 1,793 per 1 million residents, whereas Wyoming only has 47 deaths per 1 million residents. New Jersey’s death rate is 38x higher than Wyoming’s, and 3.6x higher than the national average of 491.

Now there are obvious reasons why New Jersey would have a higher death rate–population, population density, proximity to NYC–but the point is that the impact of the virus has varied greatly around the country. New York State and New Jersey represent over 30% of US COVID deaths, but only 12.6% of total US cases.

Furthermore, Florida (21.4m) and New York (19.4) have similar populations and similar COVID case totals (510k in FL, 448k in NY), but wildly different death rates: New York has a death rate of 1,687 per 1 million, while Florida has a death rate of 361 per 1 million. New York’s death rate is 4.7x higher than Florida’s.

23 states each have fewer than 1,000 total COVID deaths, while the top six states in terms of COVID deaths have more combined deaths than the other 44 states combined.

The point is, because there is such a wide variance in how individual states have been affected by the virus, the idea that it all goes back to Trump is a double-edged sword: if he’s to blame for the terrible numbers in the Northeast, then shouldn’t he get credit for the low death rates in other parts of the country?

It just doesn’t make sense to pin it all on Trump, good or bad.

Comparing America and Europe

Have we actually been hit harder than everywhere else? And if so, is it Trump’s fault?

The only half-decent country-to-country comparison we can make is with Brazil. It’s about the same size as America geographically, however Brazil only has about 2/3 of the population as America (212m vs. our 330m).

In terms of cases, Brazil has 2.9 million compared to our 5 million. They have 98k deaths compared to our 162k deaths.

  • Cases per million:
    • USA: 15,193
    • Brazil: 13,716
  • Deaths per million:
    • USA: 491
    • Brazil: 464
  • Total tests:
    • USA: 63.1 million
    • Brazil: 13.2 million
  • Tests per million:
    • USA: 190k
    • Brazil: 62k

Our cases and deaths look very similar to Brazil’s. The only difference is we’ve done way more testing than they have. So their cases and deaths are probably under-counted.

An even better comparison than Brazil would be Europe–not each country individually, but the figures of its five biggest countries put together: UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Combined, those five countries have a population of 324 million people, which is right around the US’s total population of 330 million. Add in the fact that America and Europe have similar levels of technology, medicine and living standards, and this is about as close to an apples-to-apples comparison as we’re going to get in the world.

Now, in terms of total cases, the US dwarfs the European Big Five: they have a combined 1,322,711 cases, while the US has 5,031,732 cases, which is more than 3.8x as much.

You might say that’s a product of us doing more tests, and while we have done millions more tests than those five countries combined, it’s not 3.8x as many tests. They’ve done a combined 44 million tests, we’ve done 63 million.

But here’s the thing: in terms of overall deaths, we are are only barely ahead of them:

  • Total US COVID deaths as of 8/6/20: 162,780
  • Total Europe Big Five COVID deaths: 149,664

So despite having 3.8x as many COVID cases, we only have about 13,000 more deaths than the European Big Five.

But, remember, we have about 7 million more people than their combined population.

In terms of deaths per million, it gets even closer: the European Big Five, when you take the average of their deaths-per-million, is 490 per million.

In the US, it’s 491 per million.

It’s pretty remarkable that it’s that close.

In terms of deaths as a percentage of the total population:

  • USA: 0.00049%
  • Europe Big Five: 0.00046%

Our deaths as a percentage of total cases are way lower:

  • USA: 3.23%
  • E5: 11.3%

However, I don’t know how much stock to put into this figure given that our death rates are so remarkably similar. If anything, I think this major disparity shows the US has had a lot of false positives. If we have 3.8x the number of documented cases but right around the same number of deaths, either it means America is significantly better at curing people when they get COVID. It could simply mean we have falsely diagnosed a lot of people who didn’t actually have it. Or it could mean we’ve over-tested and are counting asymptomatic cases in the same category as symptomatic cases.

A rundown of the numbers broken down by country. . .

  • Deaths as a percentage of total cases:
    • France: 15.5%
    • UK: 15%
    • Italy: 14%
    • Spain: 8%
    • Germany: 4.2%
    • USA: 3.23%
  • Deaths as a percentage of the total population:
    • UK: 0.00068%
    • Spain: 0.00060%
    • Italy: 0.00058%
    • USA: 0.00049%
    • France: 0.00046%
    • Germany: 0.00011%
  • Deaths per million:
    • UK: 683
    • Spain: 610
    • Italy: 582
    • USA: 491
    • France: 464
    • Germany: 110

One thing that sticks out is Germany’s dramatically lower death rate. Why is this? My first guess would be that they count their deaths more accurately than everyone else. In America, we count deaths with COVID in the same category as deaths of COVID, and everyone knows those are two very different things.

Probably the biggest factor in Germany’s significantly lower death rate is that they aren’t labeling COVID deaths willy-nilly.

An article from late March noted the wide disparity in COVID deaths between Italy and Germany as a product of the way each country defines a COVID death:

“The latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute show that Germany has a  (CFR) of 0.3 percent, while the World Health Organisation (WHO) figures from Italy seem to show a CFR of nine percent. The case fatality rate from coronavirus in Germany records the underlying health conditions as the cause of death, instead of reporting the death as the result of the pathogen. Doctor John Lee, a recently retired professor of pathology and a former NHS consultant pathologist, said: “The data on COVID-19 differs wildly from country to country.

“Italy has 69,176 recorded cases and 6,820 deaths, a rate of 9.9 percent. Germany has 32,986 cases and 157 deaths, a rate of 0.5 percent. We ought to suspect a systematic error, that the COVID-19 data we are seeing from different countries is not directly comparable.”

The former pathologist argues the death rate is not being calculated uniformly across the world, he said: “Recording cases where there was a positive test for the virus is a very different thing to recording the virus as the main cause of death.”

BBC Broadcaster Andrew Neil has tweeted in support of Doctor John Lee’s data methodology theory. He tweeted: “Germany, I’m told, records as cause of death any underlying condition, if there is one, even if they had coronavirus. We record it as coronavirus death if they had the virus regardless of underlying conditions.”

That’s why Germany’s death count remains far lower than its neighboring countries. They’re just stingier on what they label as a COVID death.

If we counted our deaths the same way as Germany, I’m sure our total deaths would be way lower than the current number. And, if Germany counted their deaths the same way we and most other countries do, then Europe’s death total would probably be higher than our’s.

The point is, there’s little discernible difference in how America has been affected by the virus compared to how Europe has been affected by it. Our numbers are right in the same ballpark as their’s–and Brazil’s as well. So if Trump has failed, then both Europe and Brazil have failed as well.

Or maybe the reality is that global pandemics happen from time to time, and when they happen a lot of people will get sick, and a lot of those people will die. The closeness of the numbers in America, Europe and Brazil indicate that our policy responses are most (but not completely) futile, and that the best course of action is to just let it run its course.


All this is to say that contrary to the media narrative, Trump’s perceived response to the coronavirus is unlikely to matter much in the election. The people who already hated him and were already planning on voting against him are, unsurprisingly, the biggest critics of his coronavirus response. And the people who supported him before COVID hit are not abandoning him over his response to the virus.

I seriously doubt Trump’s response to the Coronavirus will cause a significant number of voters–pro- or anti-Trump–to rethink their vote. People are, for the most part, already locked-in. This, more than anything, is why I don’t trust the polls. I just find it extremely hard to believe a candidate can gain or lose 5% support over the course of a few weeks. I don’t think the candidates’ support levels fluctuate that much throughout the course of the campaign. Most voters are not persuadable anyway, and the ones that are have a good idea of whether they’re going to flip parties well before election day.

What’s more, the small number of voters that are still up for grabs this year and are basing their vote on how well they perceive Trump’s coronavirus response, are probably not very bright individuals. This is a virus that has killed, at most, 0.00049% of the U.S. population over a span of five months. The only way you’re highly concerned about the virus is if you’re in the high-risk category (diabetic, overweight, old, preexisting conditions) or if you pay way too much attention to the Fake News Media.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Trump losing support over his supposedly poor handling of the virus. There’s little evidence that he’s handled it poorly, and even though there are lots of people out there who think he’s handling it horribly were never going to vote for him in the first place.

NY Attorney General Sues NRA, Demands it be Dissolved

Nothing less than the complete and total annihilation of the right will satisfy the Democrats:

I seem to recall Chicago Tribune’s John Kass getting in trouble for pointing out the undeniable fact that George Soros is throwing lots of money at Big City DAs and state Attorney Generals. . .

Their goal is complete and total domination of all aspects of American life. No organization, institution or association that is not 100% committed to the Democratic Progressive Globalist agenda will be allowed to exist.

“(Reuters) – New York state’s attorney general sued to dissolve the National Rifle Association on Thursday, alleging senior leaders of the non-profit group diverted millions of dollars for personal use and to buy the silence and loyalty of former employees.”

I’m sure this is totally on the up-and-up and has nothing to do with the political leanings of the NRA. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Democrats have been trying to destroy the NRA for years.

The Democrats are literal gangsters who don’t even pretend to support freedom anymore.

I remember no more than 6-7 years ago when people on the right would call the Democrats “totalitarians” it was seen as a radical, edgy thing to say. Now, in 2020, I don’t even think it’s up for debate. It’s conventional wisdom now.

Because the Republican Party, for all intents and purposes, is fake. It’s a fake opposition party that only exists to give people the illusion of choice. It exists to serve as an outlet for the anger and dissatisfaction of conservatives, because otherwise they’d take up arms and revolt against the government.

I refuse to believe Republicans are just “cowardly” and that’s why they never do anything they promise, and have taken one massive L after another in the culture war for the past 20 years.

No, the real reason is because the Republican Party is a fake opposition party. They’re the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters: the guys who are written into the script specifically to lose every time.

You will never see the Republicans do anything like this because they have zero desire to do anything like that. They had full control of Congress and the White House and the Supreme Court from 2017-2019 and they didn’t defund Planned Parenthood, even though they’ve been talking about doing that for years.

It’s all talk, that’s all it’s ever going to be from them, because that’s the role they play in the kabuki theater of American politics.

Biden: “Unlike the African American community–with notable exceptions–the Latino community is incredibly diverse”

I don’t get what he’s trying to say here:

The full quote: “What you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African American community–with notable exceptions–the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community, with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

He’s basically saying black people are a hivemind and they all agree on everything.

Certainly black people vote as if that’s the case, and the media portrays them as a single-minded monolithic bloc, so Biden probably views them from this perspective given that he’s been a politician for nearly 50 years. But c’mon. This is one of those things that you just don’t say. What’s the upside?

Is this Biden’s attempt to appeal to Latino voters? If so it’s a very clumsy one (which is characteristic of Biden at this stage), but more importantly it begs the question, “Why is he trying to appeal to Latino voters?”

Does his campaign’s internal polling show him unpopular with Latinos? Let’s hope.

A Quinnipiac poll from July 15 only had Biden beating Trump 45-35 with Hispanics. By comparison, Hillary won 66% of the Latino vote in 2016 compared to Trump’s 28%. Steve Cortes says Biden is “in trouble” with Hispanics, but then again he’s also an official employee of the Trump campaign, so take it with a grain of salt.

My guess is that as Biden’s mind deteriorates, he frequently forgets that he’s supposed to be politically correct nowadays. He reverts back to the 1970s/1980s Joe Biden who often says “racist” (but admittedly based) things. He often forgets how a white male Democrat in 2020 is supposed to talk.

Will this alienate black voters? I would hope so. Clearly Biden takes them for granted. Just last month he said any black person that doesn’t vote for him “ain’t black.” Let’s hope black voters vote based on the reality of the Democratic nominee rather than the media’s barrage of fear porn and race-baiting directed at them.