LA Mayor Will Shut Off Power & Water to Houses Hosting “Unauthorized Large Gatherings”

Anxiously awaiting him to shut off water and power to the thousands of people who participated in the non-socially distanced BLM mass gatherings and violent riots:

They’re establishing a precedent for the future. No one is going to stop them from doing this now, so no one is going to stop them from doing this in the future.

The Coronvirus panic has been, among many other things, a test run for the police state. I can’t imagine the Ruling Class has been disappointed with the results given how easily they’ve been able to seize dictator-like power without significant opposition.

Joe Biden Is Not Doing Well

Man, oh man:

In July he said he’s taken a cognitive test. Yesterday he was asked if he’s taken a cognitive test and he got angry at the interviewer for asking him. “No I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man!”

Then he continued on a bizarre tangent: “That’s like saying before you got on this program, did ya take a test where if you’re takin’ cocaine or not, whaddya think, huh?”

Then at the end of the video. . . you just have to watch it.

He’s more than willing to “let the American people judge his physical and mental fil–my physical as well as my mental fil–fitness.”

It’s not pretty.

I instinctively feel bad picking on a guy who is obviously in cognitive decline, but that guy also happens to be running for President.

Pointing this stuff out does not bring me any joy. I have seen the effects of dementia and cognitive decline first-hand. It’s sad to watch this happen to anyone–obviously much more so for a loved one, but even for some politician you’ve never met before, it’s still not enjoyable.

Joe Biden has no business running for President.

NYPost: 25% of Mail-In Ballots in Brooklyn Invalid

And the Democrats want this nationwide:


This is what’s in store for the 2020 Presidential election in deep blue states:

“A staggering 25 percent of mail-in ballots cast in Brooklyn for June’s primary elections were declared invalid, it was revealed on Tuesday, as Mayor Bill de Blasio called on the Board of Elections to shape up by November.

More than 120,000 absentee ballots were filed in Kings County for the June 23 primary but about 30,000 were initially disqualified — and it wasn’t the fault of the voters, according to Rodneyse Bichotte, head of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

Bichotte — also a state assemblywoman whose district includes Flatbush, Ditmas Park and Midwood — said the disqualifying issues included a lack of postmark or late arrival.

The BOE was still untangling the mess six weeks after the primaries and was unable to provide hard citywide figures on Tuesday.

But the Brooklyn debacle suggests a troubling failure in a system that may be relied upon to a elect a president this fall with the pandemic still raging.

“Americans should not have to risk their lives to participate in the most fundamental right of democracy,” said Bichotte, who blamed the snail-mail balloting bungle on a lack of federal funding for the US Postal Service.”

Yeah, sure. Throw more money at incompetence and surely that’ll solve things.

The problem is mail-in voting. We’ve held elections in-person in this country for almost 230 years. We had an election during a civil war, during WW2. There was an influenza pandemic in 1968 that killed over 100,000 Americans and we still held an election that year with in-person voting.

We held an in-person midterm election during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Nobody ever talks about how the 1918 midterms were “illegitimate” or anything like that.

We will be just fine if we hold the election normally in November.

It’s funny, the Democrats have been talking about mail-in voting basically since the Plannedemic began in March, even though the election was still 9 months away at that point:


It’s almost as if that’s been their goal the whole time.

Plus, and I feel like a broken record saying this for the 1000th time: If you allow mass BLM “demonstrations” and riots in the streets, you have zero credibility to lecture people on what is or is not safe “during this pandemic.”

Massive Explosion in Beirut

Apparently at least 67 people are dead and more than 3,000 are injured, according to Bloomberg:

They’re saying it was a fireworks factory, I guess?

Didn’t realize fireworks could make that big of an explosion. I doubt anyone believes the official version of events.

Via Twitter:


I don’t know a thing about Lebanese politics so I don’t know what the Kataeb Party is, and I won’t pretend I do by running a quick Google search and then proclaiming myself an Expert On Lebanese Politics.

But given that a political figure was killed in the explosion, it doesn’t seem too outlandish to assume that had something to do with this.

WaPo Openly Running Chinese Propaganda

They’re making no effort to hide it:

How can America survive when its media is openly treasonous?

Do not click on any mainstream media links. Deprive them of clicks, pageviews and anything that would bring them revenue. Do not watch CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS. These are old, dying companies and the best thing we can do for America is hasten their demise.

Just Secede Already

Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton (MA) says “red states are getting what’s coming to them” in regards to increasing coronavirus cases and deaths:

So I guess New York, New Jersey, California and Massachusetts all “got what was coming to them” right?


Is that how this works, or no?

These people clearly hate us and want us dead. It brings them glee and delight when they hear about Floridians and Texans dying of Coronavirus.

So why not just secede from us and be done with it? Take all the Big Blue Cities and secede. You’ll never have to get angry about Florida’s and Texas’ lockdown policies ever again.

It’s not such a bad deal for us. In fact it’s a great deal for us.

Seriously, what is the upside to continuing to share a country with these people who obviously hate us more than they hate any of our foreign rivals? I guarantee you they hate us more than they hate ISIS, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc.

The only reason they pretended to hate Russia was because they thought by hyping Russia up as our greatest enemy it would make it that much worse when Trump was inevitably found guilty of #COLLUSION. Notice now they never talk about Russia.

Why should we waste any more time in this failed, toxic relationship?

There is no obvious upside to continuing to share a country with these people. All it causes is resentment and anger.

We have nothing in common anymore. There’s nothing keeping this country together.

If they seceded they could immediately have:

  • No more Trump
  • Significantly fewer white males
  • No more Christian conservatives
  • No more immigration laws
  • All the abortions they can handle
  • No Guns (at least legally-owned guns)
  • 🌈🦄😄 Universal free everything for everyone!! 🌈🦄😄
  • President Ocasio-Cortez for life
  • Trillions and trillions in reparations payments
  • No more police
  • Decriminalized crime because Laws Are Racist
  • Venezuela-level crime rates (see previous two bullet points)
  • Mandatory masks, goggles, face shields and hazmat suits 24/7/365
  • The freedom to cram as many COVID patients into nursing homes as they wanted without us getting all upset about it
  • Mandatory drag queens everywhere
  • Statues of black trans women everywhere
  • Every month is Pride month
  • A completely censored internet where they would never have to hear a dissenting opinion ever again
  • Net neutrality
  • And much, much more!

If they seceded, we would no longer have to deal with:

  • BLM “demonstrators”
  • Antifa
  • The Democratic Party
  • The mainstream media
  • The Deep State sabotaging Trump at every step
  • The Mask Nazis
  • Indefinite lockdowns until there’s a vaccine
  • Closed churches, bars, gyms and restaurants while mass rioting is permitted
  • Big city vote fraud
  • Universal mail-in ballots
  • “Ballot harvesting”
  • Unchecked illegal immigration
  • Diversity lottery program, chain migration, H1B visas, etc.
  • Big tech censorship
  • Gun control
  • The corrupt public school system
  • State-funded abortion
  • Drag queen story hour
  • Tearing down statues
  • Erasing US history
  • Defunding and slandering the police
  • Advertisements like this:external-content.duckduckgo
  • Tons of other stuff I’m forgetting at the moment. . .

The Wall would go up in a heartbeat, too.

Those are just some of the benefits that we would have to look forward to if the Big Blue Cities were to secede.

The cons are. . . what, exactly? How do we benefit from continuing to share a country with these people? What’s in it for us?

The red counties grow all the food, drill and refine all the oil, and therefore have tons of leverage over the blue cities. They’d pretty much have to give us whatever we want.

I don’t care that our military is more powerful together. I don’t want to invade anybody. We’ll be fine. We have two oceans protecting us. Plus, most of the military recruits come from red states/counties anyway.

We’ll figure the currency thing out. It’ll suck at first, but it’ll sort itself out.

Amazon will keep shipping packages to us, like they do all around the world. Apple will keep selling us their iPhones, like they do all around the world.

Sports will be fine. Half the NHL’s teams are in Canada anyway–we’d be able to maintain the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB with another country added to the mix. Europe does just fine with their soccer leagues.

How do we split the nuclear arsenal up? Easy: whichever country the nuclear bases are located in, that’s who keeps those nukes.

If we split up, they could have their own New Founding Fathers. They could put John Lewis, Obama and St. George Floyd on their New Mount Rushmore. Just let us keep our original Mount Rushmore and all of our history.

If they hate the Founding Fathers of this country so much, then instead of tearing down their statues, why not just secede?

I don’t get why people who hate both Americans and America nevertheless stay here and try to destroy the country from the inside out.

Just secede. Spare yourself the anxiety and rage that comes from having to deal with us on a daily basis.

Go ahead, Rep. Moulton. The United States of BLM is calling your name.

George Floyd Arrest Body Camera Footage Released

Not that anyone cares anymore, because the Summer of BLM was never really about George Floyd, but for anyone who is interested, they’ve finally released the body cam footage from the May 25 fatal encounter:

Right off the bat, this guy Floyd is clearly on drugs or something. He’s having a nervous breakdown, sobbing and calling for his mother.

The media, of course, will use this to portray Floyd as a blameless victim, childlike in his innocence. “A gut wrenching look at just how terrifying it is to be black in America,” I’m sure. Because we all know police are out to get black people at all times.

White liberals will be tripping over themselves to let the whole world know how painful it was for them to hear the anguish and terror in George Floyd’s voice. Because as we all know, white liberals are the Real Victims Here. Because they just care so damn much about black people!

The Daily Mail, which I believe was the first outlet to release the new footage today, is framing it exactly how you’d expect:

floyd daily mail

“After the struggle to get Floyd in the cop car”

That’s a minor detail, huh?

At the 1:47 mark, a woman who I assume was a passenger in Floyd’s car yells at Floyd and says, “Stop resisting!”

I said this within days of Floyd’s deaths: George Floyd wasn’t killed because he’s black, he was killed because he was resisting. When you resist arrest and give the cops a hard time, all bets are off. Your safety cannot be guaranteed at that point.

I don’t think Floyd was resisting badly enough to warrant being killed. I don’t think the police were right to kill him. But he was definitely not cooperating with the police. At that point, you’re on your own.

At 2:10, the officer tells him “Stop resisting” and Floyd says, “I’m not!”

The first half of Part 2 shows us only a brief glimpse of Floyd, it’s mostly focused on the officer who is dealing with the passengers in Floyd’s car. They’re giving the officer a hard time, constantly protesting “I didn’t do nothing!” “We were just getting a ride from him” etc. The officer asks the one lady for her ID and she says she doesn’t have it.

Just a general lack of respect for law enforcement. That’s not going to do you any favors.

The officer asks the woman why George Floyd is acting so erratic. She says she doesn’t know. He asks if he’s on drugs. She says no, but that “he’s been shot before” and “he has a thing going on” and points at her head, as in a mental condition or something. “What’s that mean” the officer asks. “He’s got problems, especially when they had a gun pointed at him like that” she responds, in reference to when the officer pulled a gun on Floyd as he approached the car and Floyd would not cooperate.

The last half of Part 2 goes back to Floyd, who is clearly very upset. The police ask him if he’s one drugs, he says no. Then they start walking him across the street to the other police car. This is the “missing” part of the footage we never got when the story first broke: the footage from when he was in cuffs against the wall, to the point where he ends up on the ground with an officer’s knee on his neck.

Floyd is despondent and sobbing, the officers go to put him in the back of the squad car and at the end of Part 2, you can hear the officer say, “Get up, stop falling down.”

Parts 3 and 4 are just the officers trying to get him in the car, and him continually refusing. Eventually by Part 4, he’s halfway in the car, the officer with the body camera that we’re watching goes around to the other side to pull him through from the back, and Floyd starts screaming and presumably thrashing around. He’s obviously not complying with the officers at all even though they’ve asked him countless times to simply get in the car. He keeps saying “I want to be on the ground” and “I’m claustrophobic” to avoid going in the police car. He then yells “I can’t breathe” even before the officer is on his neck.

I’m trying to be objective here, but the main thing I took away from this was that Floyd was non-compliant, he was erratic, he seemed like he was on drugs or in an altered state of mind. And of course the autopsy report said he was on fentanyl and methamphetamine:


It seemed like the officers were being reasonable with him. I still don’t think Floyd deserved to die, as his resisting did not appear to rise to the level of actively trying to harm the arresting officers. But he clearly was not the innocent victim the media is portraying him as.

He died because he had prior medical conditions and was on drugs. Of course his heart attack was probably set off by the high-stress situation of being subdued by an officer’s knee on his neck. But the only reason he was in that situation was because he did not comply with the officers and just go into the police car.