Western Europe is Still Paying the Price for World War I

As we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, an often unremarked consequence of the war is the major demographic ruin Western European nations inflicted upon one another. This is just an example:

In the top photo, we see hundreds of young men who went off to war in 1914. In the bottom photo, we see that only 28 men returned.

An entire neighborhood in England saw its young men decimated:

Here is another tweet that places WWI in perspective:

Ann Coulter summed it up:

Nations like Germany, France and Britain are still to this day paying the price for the demographic ruin they inflicted upon each other in the Great War.

In just one battle, the Somme Offensive, Britain, France and Germany lost a combined 1.2 million men. In the Battle of Verdun, over 800,000 men lost their lives.

Countries do not simply lose almost an entire generation of young men and remain the same. They suffer the consequences long into the future.

In the normal course of things, “survival of the fittest” is the rule. The process of natural selection ensures that the strongest and fittest rule the gene pool and reproduce.

But if a great war wipes out most of a nation’s best young men, the whole process is turned on its head. The Great War not only robbed Western Europe of a generation of great young men, but also robbed it of future generations of great men.

This could explain why the British Empire declined and faded away so rapidly: on the eve of WWI in 1914, Britain was unquestionably the world’s preeminent power. At that time, the sun still never set on the British Empire and the Crown had colonies and territories on every continent. From India to Australia to Canada to Egypt, Britain quite literally ruled the world. But that was the peak. Within a generation from the end of World War II, Britain’s empire was gone:


This gif shows the rise and fall of the British Empire from 1492 to 2007, and you can clearly see its rapid decline following the end of WWII.

This happened for a reason:  Britain had lost most of its good young men in the World Wars. They lost their future.

Britain, France and Germany today are shells of what they were in early 1914. The reason? They robbed each other of their demographic futures in the terrible battles of the First and Second World Wars.

The crumbling nations you see today are direct results of the unimaginable human devastation they wrought upon one another a century ago.

Why They Fought & Died

As we honor the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, and the annual holiday known as Veteran’s Day, we must never lose sight of why our soldiers fought and died in America’s wars throughout history.

It was for this:veterans day 01.jpg

They fought and died so that their descendants could be bombarded with propaganda like this:


They wanted their nations to revolve entirely around the word “racism.”

They wanted this, too:Drv-u2gUcAAErrI.jpg

Yes, if they could see us today, I’m sure they’d give their lives all over again with the knowledge that we’ve done them proud.

Florida Dems in Process of Stealing Rick Scott’s Rightfully-Won Senate Seat, Have Already Stolen McSally’s Seat in Arizona

I was going to leave the post about getting kicked off Medium up at the top for as long as possible but I had to get this out there. Long story short, Today in Politics was booted off of Medium effective yesterday afternoon. They emailed me and said you’re no longer allowed to publish here, didn’t provide an explanation other than that I “violated the rules”, and now tipolitics.com is just a “404 Error: site not found” message. So without wasting any time I moved my site here to WordPress and haven’t looked back. I’m still getting everything set up and it’s not a finished product, but at least I can post. It’s a brand-new start for Today in Politics.

Anyway, If you thought the ink was dry on the 2018 midterms, guess again.

In Arizona, Democrat Kristen Sinema (I really don’t care how to spell her name) has pulled ahead in the race after a bunch of ballots were magically found in Maricopa County. I smell bullshit:

Somehow, 65% of these newfound ballots had votes for Sinema.

Imagine that!

The whole election itself was 50-49 in favor of McSally, and somehow all the last remaining votes to be counted were heavily in favor of Sinema–in fact just enough to put her in the lead!

In Florida, Rick Scott’s lead has decreased by nearly 30,000 votes over Sen. Bill Nelson. Scott is now clinging to a 17,000 vote lead:

Guess what county these fortuitous Nelson votes are coming from: Broward.

Marco Rubio explained what’s going on:

Right off the bat–what? Broward county is still “counting votes” nearly two full days after the election?

This woman doesn’t know how many ballots are left to be counted? She doesn’t know or she won’t say? I think it’s the latter.

And the Broward County Election Fixer Supervisor is one of the most corrupt politicians in the nation:

If you didn’t watch the Hannity clip, Rick Scott lays it out pretty clearly and is unequivocal that corrupt Democrats are currently working to steal the election from him. Scott says they’ve already filed a lawsuit and he says “we will win.”

So Scott is confident they’re going to put an end to this outrageously corrupt scheme.

A bit more on the Broward County Election Fixer Supervisor, Brenda Snipes:

This woman rigged the 2016 Dem House Primary for Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

Serious question: How do Democrats live with themselves?

I thought what they did to Kavanaugh was them at their lowest point. It is awfully low to fabricate gang rape charges against a guy to keep him off the Supreme Court.

But now they’re brazenly stealing Senate seats.

And their counter-arugment here is “All the votes must be counted!”

Yeah, that’s exactly Republicans’ point: we want all the legitimate votes to be counted.

What Democrats are doing is canceling out the legitimate votes because unfortunately for them, those legitimate votes resulted in a Republican victory.

I honestly don’t know how much longer people are going to tolerate this. The Democratic Party is an actual criminal organization. They need to be hit with a RICO.

How much longer can we remain a country when Democrats prove time and again they simply do not accept the results of elections they don’t win?

The answer is, not much longer.

If we are not allowed to beat them in elections, what is left for us?

How do Democrats even live with themselves? That’s a serious question.

They are straight-up evil for this.

Sue their damn pants off. Investigate the hell out of this. Send an army of lawyers down to Broward County FL and Maricopa County AZ and put an end to this.

Because if we can’t even have free and fair elections, then what’s the alternative?

Kicked Off of Medium!

Well, it finally happened. Today in Politics was kicked off of Medium today. It was probably a long time coming, as I think I was basically the only pro-Republican publication on the site.

For a while now, I had noticed my page views dropping off–probably the past six months plus. And last year, TIP’s follower count was steadily increasing, often by dozens each day. We went from 0 to over 3,500 in less than a year, and since then the number of new follower slowed to a trickle. It then took months to reach the 4,000 mark.

Something was happening. I had a feeling they were throttling me, or shadowbanning, whatever you want to call it. Your site traffic doesn’t just drop off like that for no reason at all. I had tons of momentum and the site was growing like crazy–until, one day, it suddenly slowed to a trickle.

Frankly, I’m happy to be off of Medium. It had to happen eventually. I just never had the time to devote to making my own website from scratch.

But now I have no choice. Fortunately WordPress is an excellent site–I should’ve done this a long time ago, honestly.

Plus, I’m confident WordPress is more committed to free speech than Medium. One of my favorite blogs, Chateau Heartiste, is hosted on WordPress as well. If he hasn’t gotten kicked off of here, I have nothing to worry about at all.

I’m still waiting on word from Medium as to what, exactly, I said that got me kicked off. The initial email didn’t specify, it just said I had violated the rules.


I hope loyal readers of the site are able to find the new one. I’m trying to get the tipolitics.com domain name up and running here so that shouldn’t be much of an issue for people who know the URL.

But I worry about the readers who were accessing the site exclusively through Medium, specifically the app. No idea how to get in contact with them and let them know I’ve moved my site here since I can’t post anything on Medium anymore.

I recommend following my Twitter page, @todayinpol. That’s the back-up for if anything ever happens to the site, but I also tweet from it all day long.