LOL: Avenatti Arrested in LA for Domestic Violence


“Michael Avenatti, who became famous for representing Stormy Daniels in her battle with President Trump, has been arrested for felony domestic violence … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our law enforcement sources say Avenatti was arrested Wednesday after a woman filed a felony DV report. We’re told her face was “swollen and bruised” with “red marks” on both cheeks. 

Our sources say the alleged incident occurred Tuesday night, but there was another confrontation Wednesday between the two at an exclusive apartment building in the Century City area of L.A.

We’re told security brought her inside the building, took her upstairs and Michael showed up 5 minutes later and ran into the building. He screamed repeatedly, “She hit me first.” We’re told he angrily added, “This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***.”  We’re told he tried getting into the elevator but security denied him access.”

You haven’t even heard the funniest part though:

5:50 PM PT — Avenatti bailed out and held a brief news conference, saying, “I have never struck a woman. I will never strike a woman.” He added he’s looking forward to the investigation and is confident he’ll be “fully exonerated.” 

LOL–he thinks we’re going to wait until he’s had his day in court to withhold judgement.


And, Stormy Daniels also says we should withhold judgement:

11/15 — Stormy Daniels has just released a statement on the incident, saying, “These are serious and obviously very troubling allegations, but right now that is all they are: allegations. We should all reserve judgement until the investigation — an investigation Michael has said he welcomes — is complete, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

She continues … “But of course I do not condone violence against women and if these allegations prove true I will be seeking new representation.”

What’s with all this talk about “proven true”? LMAO!

We are not in that world anymore.

Avenatti plays by the same rules he applied to Brett Kavanaugh: accusation = guilt.

But how adorable that now one of their guys is on the hook for a Crime Against Women™ and they suddenly love due process.

Never forget the governing principle of the left:

“When I am Weaker than you, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.”

Why Have NeverTrump “Conservatives” Become Indistinguishable from Democrats?

For the supposed last remaining defenders of “True Conservatism,” they are an awfully liberal bunch:
George Will says the only way to save True Conservatism is to. . . elect a bunch of radical Democrat socialists:
Max Boot opposed Brett Kavanaugh (a judge who was on Mitt Romney’s list of potential SCOTUS picks) and criticized the philosophy of judicial originalism. He also called the Second Amendment a “suicide pact” and praised Beta O’Rourke for “challenging the GOP’s fanaticism on guns.” I could go on and on with the examples but the point is clear: these “True Conservatives” in the NeverTrump faction are indistinguishable from Democrats. The whole idea that they’re the only real conservatives left is hilarious: they have become basically generic partisan Democrats. You can predict exactly what they’re going to say on virtually every issue: whatever the Democrats are saying, that’s what they’re saying. And so that inevitably leads to the question of why? Why have the NeverTrumpers become virtually indistinguishable from partisan Democrats? The answer is because that’s what they’re paid to do. Take Bill Kristol:

NeverTrump “conservatives” are aiding Schiff and the media in their campaign to paralyze if not remove Whitaker. Commercials attacking the acting attorney general were aired on several Sunday morning political shows. The ads were sponsored by “Republicans for the Rule of Law,” a group founded earlier this year by Bill Kristol, the editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard. The group’s primary role so far appears to be pimping for the Mueller probe, a political witch-hunt that Kristol and his fellow NeverTrumpers pray will lead to the impeachment and removal of the president. The Left and their NeverTrump footsoldiers fear Whitaker will thwart the special counsel’s investigation instead of rubber stamping Mueller’s ever-expanding investigation as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has done over the past 18 months.

What a positively Orwellian name” “Republicans for the Rule of Law” is an organization run and funded by partisan Democrats committed to protecting a lawless and out of control special counsel investigation, which itself is a punishment in search of a crime.

Buying primo air time on network television doesn’t come cheap. So who is funding “Republicans for the Rule of Law” and their attacks on the Republican president and his acting attorney general? Is it big Republican donors?

We haven’t found any, but we have learned learned that one of Kristol’s benefactors is progressive billionaire Pierre Omidyar, the co-founder of eBay.

In addition to funding dissident ex-conservatives, Omidyar, 51, and his wife—who have pledged to give their more than $10 billion fortune to charity—operate an extensive network of nonprofits and foundations around the world. Omidyar has directed millions of dollars to a variety of progressive causes and political candidates: he and wife “have have given more than $500,000 to federal candidates and groups—nearly all of them Democrats—since 1999,” including six-figure donations to the Democratic senate and congressional campaign committees.

And there it is.

One of Omidyar’s nonprofits is the Democracy Fund. In 2015, the Democracy Fund awardednearly $9 million in grants, “many of which went to left-wing organizations.” One Democracy Fund recipient is currently in court fighting the results of the Georgia gubernatorial race, which was won by Republican Brian Kemp.

An affiliate of that fund disclosed on its website that it has given as least $600,000 to Kristol’s umbrella group, Defending Democracy Together, since May. (Other NeverTrumpers involved in the group are author Mona Charen, strategist Linda Chavez, and former governor Christine Todd Whitman.) Republicans for the Rule of Law operates under the purview of Defending Democracy Together.

Republicans for the Rule of Law accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars from Democratic billionaires? That explains why Kristol and Co. have become indistinguishable from Democrats. And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, why has Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard, a magazine that was already failing pre-2016 and which now has virtually zero appeal or audience, suddenly become dedicated to Defending George Soros? Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.33.25 PM.png Ace of Spades has been all over this for a while now.

Filmmaker Embedded in “Migrant” Caravan: This Caravan Costs Millions of Dollars. Who’s Paying for It? Why Isn’t Any Media Asking Who’s Paying For It?

He says the main group funding for this, Peublo Sin Fronteras, is being funded by groups which have been funded by [CENSORED] in the past.

Because you’re not allowed to say George Soros funds the left, according to the left and the left-adjacent “conservatives” which have suddenly grown so very protective of him now that, coincidentally, their previous streams of grifty funding have diminished.

Regarding Weekly Standard’s suddenly obsessive Defend Soros fact-checking:

I just wonder why they’re spending so much time tracking down each and every minor reference to Soros and defending him as if he were, I don’t know, paying handsomely for the reputation-rehabilitation service or something.

Which I’m sure is just preposterous. George Soros doesn’t fund political organizations that advance his leftist vision of the world, ever. It’s antisemitic to say otherwise.

The Weekly Standard lets a thousand false claims by the left pass by unmolested, but say one thing about George Soros, and bang! They’re on it like grifters on a well-heeled sap.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Kristol was receiving a good bit of Soros money. But I’m not saying that, because that would be anti-Semitic. But come on: who reads the Weekly Standard anymore? It’s a magazine for and by “Republicans” who despise Donald Trump. By all measures, Trump is wildly popular with Republicans. So what is the market for the Weekly Standard? Who’s subscribing? As of 2012, Weekly Standard had a total circulation of about 104,000: Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 3.12.59 PM.png Is there any chance the Weekly Standard’s circulation today in 2018 is higher than it was in 2012? Of course not. It’s probably significantly lower, if anything. If you doubt a magazine like Weekly Standard is solvent, much less profitable, all by itself–and anyone with a brain doubts this–then it’s almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Weekly Standard is being kept afloat financially by other means. It’s really all quite obvious when you think about it.

You Want to See an NPC? This is an NPC

Above: Brain-dead, herd-mentality leftism in 2018, in one image.

🤖🤖 “Must. . . march. . . against. . . Orange Man.” 🤖🤖

This catlady really thinks she’s clever, doesn’t she?

“OMG, Trump is so corrupt, he’s even making me defend Sessions! I can’t believe it!”

Lady, you don’t “have” to march in favor of (or against) anything.

Only a programmed leftist NPC thinks like this, just waiting for her marching orders every week.

“What are we outraged about today, ladies? Just give me a sign and tell me what to chant.”

It’s like she almost gets it: she’s so close to realizing she’s a brainwashed drone. She almost grasps the irony of the situation. But the realization that this week she’s protesting in favor of the guy she harbored an almost immeasurable hatred for just last week does not lead her to any sort of epiphany or clarity about the absurdity and idiocy of her “movement.”

Becoming semi-conscious of the fact that she’s being used by the Democrats as a prop to maintain the imagery of endless anti-Trump protest, no matter what for, does not give her pause.

This woman is brainwashed on an almost 1984-level scale. It reminds me of that part of the book where Winston Smith describes the war rally to gin-up anti-Eurasia fervor, but then, in the middle of the rally, right before everyone’s eyes, Oceania suddenly announces it is now allied with Eurasia, and the new mortal enemy becomes Eastasia:

“The general hatred of Eurasia had boiled up to such delirium that if the crowd could have got their hands on the two thousands Eurasian war criminals who were to be publicly hanged on the last day of the proceedings, they would unquestionably have torn them to piece–at just this moment, it had been announced that Oceania was not after all at war with Eurasia. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Eurasia was an ally.”

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.


This lady almost gets it. Yet she doesn’t.

The Soros-funded “political organizers” can put literally any signs into the hands of these drones and tell them, “Orange Man Bad, now take to the streets!” and they’ll do it.

In 2017, it was “FIRE SESSIONS!”Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 7.02.55 AM.png

In 2018, it’s “SAVE SESSIONS!”

This is just like James Comey last year. They despised Comey–he stole the election! He made Hillary lose! GRRRRR!! TALL MAN BAD!

Until the moment Trump fired Comey–then: TALL MAN GOOD! TALL MAN HERO!

Do you remember that clip of Steven Colbert announcing the Comey firing live on his show and his audience bursts into applause, still under the foolish assumption that the left hated Comey?

Colbert had to correct them, for only he had received the New, Up-To-The-Second Democratic Party Line: “Actually, we like Comey now, guys. Stop applauding, you fools.”

He announces the firing, the crowd goes wild for it, and then Colbert recoils in horror, chastising the crowd for not being up-to-the-second on Party Propaganda.

These people are too much.

The Great Unbiased CNN: “Nancy Pelsoi is the Original Badass Woman of Washington”

Look at how unbiased CNN is:

Note the slow-motion shots as if she’s some sort of action hero.

My goodness.

This is so bad.

It’s almost as bad as contrived “Notorious RBG” nonsense, where the left tries to pretend an 85-year-old woman who can barely keep her head up and can hardly string together coherent sentences is some sort of feared gangsta Bad Bitch.

Now do you see what I was saying about the “mainstream” media being completely beyond hope?

Stop holding out hope that these propagandists will ever do anything beneficial for our side, or even give us a fair shake.

They are pure Democratic Party propaganda organs, and should be treated as nothing else. The only thing we can do is work to hasten their demise.

Monica Lewinsky Perfectly Sums up Bill Clinton’s #LiberalPrivilege

Can’t really put it better:

Writing in Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky offers her rationale for participating in a new A&E docuseries titled “The Clinton Affair.” She notes of Bill Clinton, “If you want to know what power looks like, watch a man safely, even smugly, do interviews for decades, without ever worrying whether he will be asked the questions he doesn’t want to answer.”

And that’s Liberal Privilege for ya.

Attention Macron-Loving Globalists: Your Hero’s Approval Rating is 19%, Trump’s is Way Higher 😂👌

When French President Emmanuel Macron gave his Armistice Day speech over the weekend, he made sure to include in it a stinging rebuke of nationalism with President Donald Trump in attendance. In recent months, Trump has labeled himself a nationalist, much to the dismay of the America-hating globalist media and political elite, and so Macron knew exactly where to pander:

Oh, did the Trump-haters love this one.

“Macron, new leader of the free world!”


“Macron, the hero we need!”

But while Macron is winning over American leftists, his own approval rating in France, you know, the country he’s President of, is 19%:

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 10.58.57 AM

Damn. The American media’s Man Crush Monday has a 19% approval rating.

Meanwhile the most recent Presidential Approval poll (Rasmussen) puts Trump at 46% approve/52% disapprove. An NBC/Wall St. Journal poll from a week prior showed the same thing, as did an Economist/YouGov poll.

As if that wasn’t enough ownage of the diminutive Frenchie, Trump cucked Macron with this tweet from earlier today:

He’s basically telling France, “Macron ain’t hittin’ it right. Get you a man who will.”


Get This Through Your Thick Skulls, Republicans: The Mainstream Media Hates You, and Karma Won’t Save You

I don’t want the ‘Mainstream’ Media to Acknowledge and Condemn Leftwing Corruption and Thuggery.

Really, I could not care less about the media.

If the media wants to ignore the blatant election theft taking place in Florida, whatever.

Did you really expect anything else?

And I’m done trying to get the media to acknowledge that the left has taken a mobbish and violent turn. I know full well the media will never discourage and disavow Antifa.

By begging the media to please, please care about our plight, we continue to give credence to the idea that the “mainstream” media still actually matters.

We’re also admitting that we don’t really matter; we’re admitting that we’re just the “alternative media” and nothing we do or say really means a damn. We’re saying, “We can scream about Antifa and Broward County ’til we’re blue in the face, but until the ‘Mainstream’ media actually starts talking about it, nothing will actually happen and no one will be held accountable.” We’re admitting that.

Sitting here all day begging the Democratic Media to stop being the Democratic Media and take our side is utterly ridiculous. It makes us look foolish and desperate.

We’re the high school losers still trying to fit in with the Cool Crowd after the Cool Crowd has long since told us to shove it, losers, and poured milk on our heads.

*milk dripping down head* “LOL, that was a good one, Chad! Hilarious! So can I *voice cracks* hang with you and your friends after school? No? That’s cool, I’m sure you’re busy with something. Wait–don’t go! My parents are gone this weekend, we can totally throw a party at my place! Alright, I’ll call you–do I have your number? No? I’ll just get it from somebody else! See you this weekend, bro!”

Why on earth would we believe a media that exists to propagandize for the Democratic Party would care about Democratic Party corruption and thuggery?

Why would we leave our fate in their hands? Why would we leave it up to them to hold the Democratic Party accountable?

They are the Democratic Party.

“Well, we’ve brought attention to the corruption and thuggery of the left. Now we can only hope CNN/CBS/NYT/WaPo/ABC/NBC will take it from here and bring the malefactors to justice!”

Yeah, right.

You and I both know the media exists to propagandize for the Democratic Party. So why do we pretend that suddenly the Democratic Media will start fighting our battles against the Democratic Party for us if we just beg enough, or if we have enough #Facts and #Logic to support our claims?

#Facts and #Logic don’t mean shit. Being objectively right doesn’t matter. The media will never help us. Ever.

So I’ve given up on trying to get the media to Condemn and Call Out Democratic corruption and thuggery. I’m done pretending NYT/WaPo/CBS/NBC/ABC are even remotely objective or “mainstream”. I’m done playing that game.

They must be treated as the 100% partisan propaganda outfits they are.

The reason I bring attention to the Democratic Party’s corruption and thuggery is to get our side pissed off.

I want our side to become as angry as the left has been for years.

I want our side out in the streets. I want our side amassing and protesting every little thing the left does.

I want them to be scared to win because of all the havoc we’ll wreak–the way we feel about them.

And while I hate that it’s come to this, maybe we need our own shock troops on the front lawns of prominent leftists shouting threats at their wives and children.

I can hear your gasp, “No! We’re better than that!”

Yes, we are. But what has it gotten us?

We’ve tried the high road. It doesn’t work.

Cable news will still portray us as the bad guys and Antifa as the good guys. You get clubbed across the face with a bat by some Antifa scum and the media will say, “That Nazi had it coming.”

We will never get any sympathy.

I know what your next objection is, “We can’t let them portray as as calling for violence!”

Uh, seriously? They already do. They tried to blame the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter on us even though he despised Trump. Don Lemon of CNN calls white men the single greatest terror threat in this country. After any mass shooting, they say that anyone who doesn’t support their gun control agenda Wants More Dead Teenagers.

They not only already portray us as the violent ones, but they encourage and enable leftwing violence against us in the process.

A rabid horde of Antifa literally lays siege to Tucker Carlson’s wife and kids in their home, and the media’s response is, “Well, maybe if Tucker wasn’t a #WHITENATIONALIST then he’d be left alone!”

This is where we are as a country.

Understand: I am not calling for any behavior or action the left hasn’t already done to us.

Stop holding out hope that the Reasonable Moderates of both sides will come together and marginalize the violent fringes. While we condemn and disavow ours til we’re blue in the face, the left enables and encourages its violent fringe, meaning the left and its violent fringe are one and the same.

News flash: you don’t “win” by being a victim of leftwing thuggery and corruption. You will not be awarded any Moral Points by the media. The media will not cover our side in a favorable light if we are the victims of wrongdoing or injustice.

In fact, the media will be actively enabling and/or promoting that wrongdoing and injustice. The media is now calling you a “conspiracy theorist” for raising alarms over the attempted election theft in Broward County–even after the media pushed the baseless “TRUMP RUSSIA COLLUSION” conspiracy theory for two straight years.

I feel like our mindset is, “Yes, the left is getting increasingly violent and intolerant, but so long as we remain passive, nonviolent and committed to free speech, our inherent moral goodness and rightness will somehow carry us to victory in the end!”

“Yes, well, the left stole our rightfully-won Senate seat in Florida, but at least we Took The High Road. That has got to count for something down the line!”

No, it won’t.

There is no such thing as karma—not in politics, not at all.

Karma is the belief that if you take it on the chin enough and don’t do shit about it, somehow, some higher cosmic power will bring justice to your enemies sooner or later.

It is such a loser’s mentality: “Someone else will fight my battles for me!”

Stop believing in karma. Stop believing that you’ll win in the end not because of actions you proactively take, but by passively sitting by and waiting for “karma” to kick in.

That path ends with you wasting your life waiting for good things to happen to you instead of making good things happen for yourself.

In fact, the opposite of karma is generally true in this life: those who do evil and get away with it are more likely to do it again.

Stop being a bystander in your own life. Stop being helpless in the face of evil.

Being censored by Silicon Valley does not make you a martyr. Last week my blog got taken down by Medium and I’m not sitting here whining about it and waiting for some cosmic force to administer justice on my behalf.

I immediately moved my blog to a new site and started anew, more resolved than ever to fight and defeat the left. The only way I can “win” is if I prove that they cannot silence me. And doing this is entirely on me. I can’t expect someone to do it for me.

In no way did I see my blog getting taken down by a lefty tech company as a “win” on my part. I did not feel victorious in victimhood. I did not feel as if I would ultimately have the last laugh because of “karma”. I did not think I was still the Better Person because I believe in free speech and they don’t. It was not a “moral victory” for me.

They silenced me, so they won–for the time being.

Karma ain’t gonna beat the left for us.

Karma ain’t gonna save Rick Scott’s Senate seat for us.

The only thing that will save us is action we take ourselves. Fortunately it seems like Rick Scott’s people understand this.

For our part, we need to work to bring about the demise of the Democratic media. Stop treating NYT/WaPo/CNN et al as more credible than we are.

Treat them like the partisan propaganda factories they are.

Our talking heads need to stop making appearances on those cable networks, stop citing articles from those newspapers and, for the love of God, stop begging those outlets to fight our battles for us. They are the enemy.

Ignore reports that come from NYT and WaPo the way the left ignores reports that come from Breitbart and Daily Caller. Dismiss it all as partisan hackery.

Daily Caller (specifically Luke Rosiak) has been reporting on the Awan/Wasserman-Schultz House IT scandal for over a year and nobody beyond of the right knows anything about it because the Daily Caller isn’t seen as a “credible mainstream news source.” Rosiak’s reporting, which is objectively better than 99% of the anonymously-sourced “reporting” in NYT/WaPo, is dismissed as dubious partisan nuttery.

We need to start treating the NYT and WaPo with the same disrespect and contempt that the left treats Breitbart/Daily Caller and the rest of our outlets.

And we need to stop acting like the leftwing media are the only ones who can hold the left accountable.

The more we marginalize the leftwing media, the less power the leftwing media has to influence and bully law enforcement, politicians, judges, businesses and organizations.

If we marginalize the media, we eliminate a great deal of the left’s cultural power and ability to both intimidate and socially reward.

We need to focus on building up our own media outlets that will marginalize and compete with the left’s (in case you haven’t been following, the left’s media = NYT/WaPo/CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC. When I say “the left-wing media” I don’t mean outlets that are openly leftwing like ThinkProgress, Vox, MSNBC, etc. I mean the big ones that pretend to be “mainstream” while pumping out Democratic Propaganda 24/7.)

The name of the game is repeal and replace the leftwing media: there should not be a single Republican reading NYT/WaPo or watching CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC–just as no Democrats watch Fox News or read Breitbart/Daily Caller.

Again: being more virtuous doesn’t win wars. If an Antifa smashes you in the head with a bike lock and you don’t fight back, you haven’t “won”–even if the video of it goes viral and you get an outpouring of sympathy and support on social media. All it will do is encourage Antifa to get more violent in the future.

That Antifa will not think, “Maybe I’m the evil one for striking that pure and righteous lamb.” He will think, “Hell yeah! I just rekt that Nazi scum!”

Surrendering to evil is not virtuous. In fact, it is the very opposite of virtuous.

It is weakness rationalized as virtue.

Are the French the heroes of WWII because they submitted to evil? No, the Americans and the Russians are the heroes of WWII because they fought the evil.

Evil unpunished is rewarded.

So stop rewarding evil, and stop pretending the media will come to our rescue.

Western Europe is Still Paying the Price for World War I

As we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, an often unremarked consequence of the war is the major demographic ruin Western European nations inflicted upon one another. This is just an example:

In the top photo, we see hundreds of young men who went off to war in 1914. In the bottom photo, we see that only 28 men returned.

An entire neighborhood in England saw its young men decimated:

Here is another tweet that places WWI in perspective:

Ann Coulter summed it up:

Nations like Germany, France and Britain are still to this day paying the price for the demographic ruin they inflicted upon each other in the Great War.

In just one battle, the Somme Offensive, Britain, France and Germany lost a combined 1.2 million men. In the Battle of Verdun, over 800,000 men lost their lives.

Countries do not simply lose almost an entire generation of young men and remain the same. They suffer the consequences long into the future.

In the normal course of things, “survival of the fittest” is the rule. The process of natural selection ensures that the strongest and fittest rule the gene pool and reproduce.

But if a great war wipes out most of a nation’s best young men, the whole process is turned on its head. The Great War not only robbed Western Europe of a generation of great young men, but also robbed it of future generations of great men.

This could explain why the British Empire declined and faded away so rapidly: on the eve of WWI in 1914, Britain was unquestionably the world’s preeminent power. At that time, the sun still never set on the British Empire and the Crown had colonies and territories on every continent. From India to Australia to Canada to Egypt, Britain quite literally ruled the world. But that was the peak. Within a generation from the end of World War II, Britain’s empire was gone:


This gif shows the rise and fall of the British Empire from 1492 to 2007, and you can clearly see its rapid decline following the end of WWII.

This happened for a reason:  Britain had lost most of its good young men in the World Wars. They lost their future.

Britain, France and Germany today are shells of what they were in early 1914. The reason? They robbed each other of their demographic futures in the terrible battles of the First and Second World Wars.

The crumbling nations you see today are direct results of the unimaginable human devastation they wrought upon one another a century ago.

Why They Fought & Died

As we honor the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, and the annual holiday known as Veteran’s Day, we must never lose sight of why our soldiers fought and died in America’s wars throughout history.

It was for this:veterans day 01.jpg

They fought and died so that their descendants could be bombarded with propaganda like this:


They wanted their nations to revolve entirely around the word “racism.”

They wanted this, too:Drv-u2gUcAAErrI.jpg

Yes, if they could see us today, I’m sure they’d give their lives all over again with the knowledge that we’ve done them proud.

Florida Dems in Process of Stealing Rick Scott’s Rightfully-Won Senate Seat, Have Already Stolen McSally’s Seat in Arizona

I was going to leave the post about getting kicked off Medium up at the top for as long as possible but I had to get this out there. Long story short, Today in Politics was booted off of Medium effective yesterday afternoon. They emailed me and said you’re no longer allowed to publish here, didn’t provide an explanation other than that I “violated the rules”, and now is just a “404 Error: site not found” message. So without wasting any time I moved my site here to WordPress and haven’t looked back. I’m still getting everything set up and it’s not a finished product, but at least I can post. It’s a brand-new start for Today in Politics.

Anyway, If you thought the ink was dry on the 2018 midterms, guess again.

In Arizona, Democrat Kristen Sinema (I really don’t care how to spell her name) has pulled ahead in the race after a bunch of ballots were magically found in Maricopa County. I smell bullshit:

Somehow, 65% of these newfound ballots had votes for Sinema.

Imagine that!

The whole election itself was 50-49 in favor of McSally, and somehow all the last remaining votes to be counted were heavily in favor of Sinema–in fact just enough to put her in the lead!

In Florida, Rick Scott’s lead has decreased by nearly 30,000 votes over Sen. Bill Nelson. Scott is now clinging to a 17,000 vote lead:

Guess what county these fortuitous Nelson votes are coming from: Broward.

Marco Rubio explained what’s going on:

Right off the bat–what? Broward county is still “counting votes” nearly two full days after the election?

This woman doesn’t know how many ballots are left to be counted? She doesn’t know or she won’t say? I think it’s the latter.

And the Broward County Election Fixer Supervisor is one of the most corrupt politicians in the nation:

If you didn’t watch the Hannity clip, Rick Scott lays it out pretty clearly and is unequivocal that corrupt Democrats are currently working to steal the election from him. Scott says they’ve already filed a lawsuit and he says “we will win.”

So Scott is confident they’re going to put an end to this outrageously corrupt scheme.

A bit more on the Broward County Election Fixer Supervisor, Brenda Snipes:

This woman rigged the 2016 Dem House Primary for Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

Serious question: How do Democrats live with themselves?

I thought what they did to Kavanaugh was them at their lowest point. It is awfully low to fabricate gang rape charges against a guy to keep him off the Supreme Court.

But now they’re brazenly stealing Senate seats.

And their counter-arugment here is “All the votes must be counted!”

Yeah, that’s exactly Republicans’ point: we want all the legitimate votes to be counted.

What Democrats are doing is canceling out the legitimate votes because unfortunately for them, those legitimate votes resulted in a Republican victory.

I honestly don’t know how much longer people are going to tolerate this. The Democratic Party is an actual criminal organization. They need to be hit with a RICO.

How much longer can we remain a country when Democrats prove time and again they simply do not accept the results of elections they don’t win?

The answer is, not much longer.

If we are not allowed to beat them in elections, what is left for us?

How do Democrats even live with themselves? That’s a serious question.

They are straight-up evil for this.

Sue their damn pants off. Investigate the hell out of this. Send an army of lawyers down to Broward County FL and Maricopa County AZ and put an end to this.

Because if we can’t even have free and fair elections, then what’s the alternative?