21st Century Jim Crow

Twitter Bans QAnon

QAnon is a ridiculous and debunked conspiracy theory–but it’s also extremely dangerous and we need to ban all QAnon-associated accounts to make sure nobody on Twitter can ever hear their ideas.

qanon ban.PNG

According to NPR:

“Content associated with QAnon will be banned from the platform’s trends section and tweets sharing links involving QAnon theories will be blocked, Twitter officials said.”

They act like QAnon is self-evidently absurd and only for kooks, but they treat it like it could expose all their deepest, darkest secrets at any moment.

They try to square the circle by saying stuff like, “Even though this is a self-evidently ridiculous conspiracy theory that no sane person would ever in a million years believe, we still have to completely purge it from social media because it spread misinformation which could compel kooks to carry out crimes in real life.”

Okay, if that’s true, then CNN, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest of the media should be immediately banned from television and the internet for spreading misinformation about police brutality and systemic racism that has led to rioting and looting which caused billions of dollars in damage all across the country, and 20+ deaths minimum.

I guess only the media is allowed to spread misinformation which directly causes mass violence and chaos with impunity.

QAnon actually gains tons of credibility because of this ban by Twitter. It means the elite view them as a threat.

Always remember: everything the Elites have done this year has been from a position of weakness, not strength. They would not have needed the riots and the virus if they were confident in their ability to defeat Trump.

They banned QAnon from Twitter because they’re afraid of QAnon. They did this out of desperation.

New York Times & Bezos Washington Post Today: It’s Open Season on Any and All Enemies of the Uniparty Establishment

I used to call it the “Cold Civil War,” referring to the growing sense that America is coming apart along political lines. When you hear stories of Trump supporters being attacked in public, and of major corporations like Visa and MasterCard taking steps to cut off essential services from people who don’t hold Establishment Approved™ Political Positions, it’s hard not to think that this country is heading for a major rupture that may or not turn into a full-scale Second Civil War.

But now I’m mostly moving away from that term “Cold Civil War” and the rhetoric of an impending “national divorce” because I realize media coverage focuses almost entirely on the fringes of both left (Antifa) and right (Charlottesville) in order to create the perception that there is zero common ground between left and right. In other words, the extreme and often violent intolerance coming from the left is not, in fact, indicative of the entire left but rather its most radical and despicable elements.

So I no longer really believe we’re hurtling toward a Second Civil War because the reality is that the vast majority of everyday leftists are not viciously intolerant of us. We definitely can coexist peacefully with the vast majority of leftists.

No, instead of a “Cold Civil War,” what’s happening is two things:

  1. The Uniparty Elite wants to keep Americans divided along political lines. It does not want the populist left and the populist right to realize they actually have a lot in common, most notably an enemy: the Uniparty System itself. The Uniparty wants us fighting each other instead of uniting against it.
  2. The Uniparty Elite also wants to whip up violent hatred and direct it toward its political enemies and those who stand in the way of its goals.

Today, America’s two foremost “newspapers”–the New York Times and the Bezos Washington Post–have made this all abundantly clear:

Here’s the New York Times first:

“This is not an argument for doxxing.”

Huh? That’s exactly what it is.

“Atrocities”–let’s be clear here: if what the border patrol is doing now constitutes committing “atrocities” then Barack Obama’s border patrol also committed atrocities. Obama’s border patrol locked kids in cages, separated families and, worst of all, enabled and encouraged the whole “children at the border” crisis by instituting a “catch and release” policy towards apprehended illegals.

But here’s the truth the New York Times ignores: these people are trying to illegally enter our country by the thousands. There are so many of them we cannot possibly handle them all in a pleasant and timely manner. It’s not simply that our border patrol agents are Inherently Bad People, although Open Borders Extremists would very much like to create that false perception. It’s that they’re overwhelmed by a tidal wave of illegals, who are encouraged to come to our border with children because current government policy, implemented under Obama, makes it more likely you’ll be allowed into America if you come as a “family,” or at least appear to be a family.

In other words, it’s not the border patrol agent’s fault he can’t offer illegal immigrants a glass of water and tuck each one of them in for bed. Maybe if thousands of Central Americans weren’t incentivized by terrible Obama policies to storm the border by the thousands every single day then they wouldn’t be treated so harshly.

And you can tell exactly what the NYT is getting at with its sentence about “hindering the recruitment of replacement” border patrol agents: it’s about erasing the US border entirely. Their real problem is not with how the apprehended illegals are being handled and treated by our border patrol, their problem is that we even have a border patrol apprehending them in the first place.

What the New York Times is doing is trying to mobilize everyday Americans against the policies of the Trump Administration. Dox, publicly shame and possibly even physically attack Border Patrol agents so they quit their jobs, and discourage others from ever pursuing a job with the Border Patrol. The end result will–at least NYT hopes–render Border Patrol totally impotent, and the Uniparty’s dream of an unending tidal wave of mass third world migration will be even closer to reality.

Now on to the Bezos Washington Post:

“How dare someone with different political views from me show their face in public!”

Yeah, that’s very healthy. That’s totally not going to lead to violence or anything. No way that’ll happen.

Pretty rich that the people spitting on others and kicking them out of restaurants for having differing political views are accusing us of “spreading hate.”

I’m sure I’m not the only who’s noticed that the same people who claim to be “fighting against hate” are literally the most hateful people in America today.


They have become the very things they claimed to want to destroy–the key word, of course, being “claimed.” The activist left has never been “anti-hatred.” They’re the most hateful people around today: viciously intolerant, often violent, and not to mention horribly racist against white people.

But being racist against white people “doesn’t count” as real racism for the same reason hating Trump supporters also “doesn’t count” as real hatred: because they deserve it.

Yeah: that not what every genocidal dictator in history told himself or anything.

News flash, you future mass murderers: Hitler did what he did because he believed with all his heart that the Jews deserved it. He didn’t think “Well deep down I know the Jews are innocent but fuck them, I’m evil so let’s just start the Holocaust anyway.” He really and truly believed he was doing the world a favor in going after the Jews. He didn’t think he was evil; he thought the Jews were evil.

Just like you delusional psychopaths think you’re doing the world a favor by going after Trump supporters and white people in general.

Trump supporters can’t be considered a persecuted group if they deserve it, right?

What the Bezos Post is doing in encouraging leftwing activists to hound and even assault prominent members of the Trump movement who happen to venture into public places is not just “irresponsible,” as the “Peacetime Conservatives,” aka “David French Conservatives,” aka the Ben Shapiro Wing of the GOP might classify it.

It’s not “irresponsible” if you know exactly you’re doing. The Post knows exactly what it’s doing here. It is deliberately inciting violence and encouraging people towards extreme intolerance.

That’s not irresponsible. That’s evil.

Today it’s prominent people in the Trump movement–like the President’s son Eric, and his former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders–being targeted, but tomorrow it will be everyday Trump voters.

If this continues–and there’s no reason to believe it won’t–then in the very near future we could live in a country where it’s simply not safe to publicly express any support for Donald Trump at all. Violently intolerant leftwing extremists now have the blessing of the two most prominent organs of Uniparty Propaganda–the NYT and the Bezos WaPo–to hound, dox and assault Trump supporters in public places.

Again, while I no longer believe this extreme intolerance is widely accepted among the vast majority of everyday leftists, I do believe the sentiment is growing and no longer totally contained to the radical fringe largely due to the “media” encouraging it.

The trend we’re seeing is no doubt disturbing because history has shown us that a majority of the population is not needed to perpetrate genuine atrocities on a large scale. A small minority of the population can and will do terrible things to those they consider their enemies if enabled by elites in government and media.

The NYT and Bezos Post today left no doubt that this is what they want. They’re encouraging and directing their very own American version of Mao’s Red Guard to purge society of their political enemies.

This is why they are, unequivocally, the Enemy of the People.

Candace Owens Suspended from Facebook for Pointing out the Real Threat to Black America

Remember what free speech was like? Good times.

Sorry, Ms. Owens: You are not allowed to say this.

If you can’t read the post, here’s what it says:

“Poverty rate among blacks: 22%.

Poverty rate among whites: 11%.

Poverty rate among MARRIED blacks: 7%.

Do not let liberal supremacists convince you that white people are the problem at the same time that their policies encourage the 77% father absence rate in black households.”

Where’s the falsehood? It’s unclear but for some reason this “violated Facebook’s community standards.”

Translation: you’re not allowed to bring those facts to light.

Wouldn’t want black people to get the idea that the Democrats have done far more damage to the black community than white supremacists.

Pure political censorship.

MasterCard Prepares to Join the Corporate Assault on Political Dissidents

Another day, another freedom taken away from Thought Criminals:

“Activists have successfully forced Mastercard to hold a vote by shareholders on a proposal which, if passed, could see the company monitoring payments to global far-right political leaders and white supremacist groups.

The proposal aims to see Mastercard establish an internal “human rights committee” that would stop designated white supremacist groups and anti-Islam activists, such as Tommy Robinson, from getting access to money sent from donors using the company’s card payment services.”

“It’s been conceived by US-based political activists SumOfUs, who want to escalate the battle against white supremacists and far-right groups from tech platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Patreon, and PayPal to one of the biggest companies in world finance, in an attempt to choke off donations.

“Spreading hate involves spending money,” Eoin Dubsky, from SumOfUs, told BuzzFeed News. “Whether it’s paying for online advertising or organising violent rallies, white supremacist groups need financial services from companies like Mastercard.”

Of course, when they say “white supremacists” they really mean anyone who is against the white genocide agenda.

Simply saying, “It’s okay to be white” is now treated as white supremacism.

For many decades, the term “white supremacist” has brought to mind people like this:


And this:


That’s what most normal people think of when they hear the term “white supremacists.”

But not the left in 2019. Today’s left defines “white supremacist” as any white person who supports Donald Trump and objects to the media-sanctioned anti-white racism run amok in this country.

Anyone who doesn’t feel eternal guilt and shame for being born white is a white supremacist. Anyone who doesn’t hate white people is a white supremacist, in the left’s eyes.

Today, this is considered white supremacism:


If you don’t think MasterCard’s crackdown has any impact on your life, think again.

They’re not coming for the Skinheads. They’re coming for you.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO): American Patriot Working to Expose Twitter’s Political Censorship

Thank you, Senator. You’re out here doing God’s work:

To ask the question is to answer it.

Don’t Call Them Journalists, Call Them Fascists

#Journalists spend every waking hour of their lives defending our freedoms from would-be tyrants like Drumpf, and don’t you forget it:

“CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour asked former FBI director James Comey on Tuesday if he should’ve restricted people from saying “lock her up” because the phrase amounts to “hate speech.”

Comey asserted during the interview that President Donald Trump targets private citizens with investigations and the power of the executive, citing Trump “calling for the locking up of his political opponents, including people like me.”

Um, no, Comey, actually that was you and your great Obama Administration pals James Clapper and John Brennan targeting private citizens (specifically Donald Trump) with investigations. It was you abusing the power of the executive.

Never forget: whatever crimes or sins the Uniparty accuses our side of, it is the Uniparty that is invariably guilty of those very crimes and sins.

“Amanpour seized on Comey’s use of the phrase “locking up,” and wondered if the FBI should censor the use of “lock her up” in reference to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Of course, ‘lock her up’ was a feature of the 2016 Trump campaign,” Amanpour said. “Do you in retrospect wish that people like yourself, the FBI, I mean, the people in charge of law and order, had shut down that language — that it was dangerous potentially, that it could’ve created violence, that it’s kind of hate speech. Should that have been allowed?”

“Should that have been allowed?”

Should that have been allowed?

Who the fuck is Christine Amanapour to ask “should that have been allowed”?

Let me explain something to you, lady: no matter how highly you Propagandists think of yourselves, it is not up to you to determine what free Americans are “allowed” to say.

It’s not up to anyone.

The very fact that she’s even asking that is proof positive that our ruling class is flat-out opposed to free speech.

That’s not a question that anyone in a free society even asks. The very idea of “not allowing” certain things to be said should never have even popped into her head.

That it did cross her mind, and that she asked the question, is a revealing glimpse into how these people’s minds work: they consider themselves the arbiters of what we proles can and cannot say.

When Journofascists like Christine Amanawhatever hear Trump supporters chanting “Lock Her Up!” they think, “Should we allow them to say this?”

Even though there ultimately was no FBI crackdown on anti-Hillary chants, in Christine’s mind, America is already a country of rulers and subjects. No prizes for guessing which category she sees herself in.

Comey, for his part, answered the question wisely, although I don’t believe for a second he actually meant what he said:

“Comey explained the First Amendment to Amanpour, replying, “That’s not the role for government to play. The beauty of this country is people can say what they want, even if it’s misleading and it’s demagoguery.”

You know your country is in a bad place when the former head of the Uniparty Secret Police FBI has to explain the concept of Free Speech to a bloodthirsty “Journalist” who wants to gag anyone who’s not With Her.

As Ace of Spades put it:

“It’s amazing how pro-censorship “journalists” are, but simultaneously whiny about Trump’s threats to “open up the liable laws” or merely call them “fake news.”

Pick one (1) position and stick to it, would-be tyrants.”

CNN and all the other Uniparty Propaganda Outlets are not even remotely necessary for a healthy, thriving and free country.

In fact, they are now the main obstacles to a healthy, thriving and free America.

Feminists Accuse Google of Underpaying Women, Google’s Internal Study Discovers it Underpays *Men*

We need to close the wage gap now:

“Google is the subject of both a Labor Department investigation into gender pay inequality, and a potential class-action lawsuit covering roughly 8,300 current and former female employees who say the company pays women less than men who do similar work.

When Google conducted a study recently to determine whether the company was underpaying women and members of minority groups, it found that more men than women were receiving less money for doing similar work.

In response to the finding, Google gave $9.7 million in additional compensation to 10,677 employees for this year. Men account for about 69 percent of the company’s work force, but they received a disproportionately higher percentage of the money.

That last paragraph is kind of confusing in the way it is written. It means that Google gave out compensation pay to over 10,000 employees who were wrongly paid too little, and the majority of the recipients of that compensation pay were male.

Somebody tell Brie Larson.

I have been trying to say this for a while: whatever the “conventional wisdom” says about our society, the opposite is more likely than not to be true.

It’s not women who are mistreated, it’s men.

Society is not racist against minorities, it’s racist against white people.

We do not live in a Christian Country, we live in an aggressively atheist country that disparages and ridicules Christians at every opportunity while glorifying Muslims.

American Apartheid

Ace of Spades:

“Tim Pool mentioned in a post about this general subject matter [Update: I believe it was in this video discussing PayPal’s reliance on the leftwing extremist front group the SPLC to tell them who to ban] that the creation of parallel/shadow institutions was a necessary precondition for an actual civil war, as people need access to money and credit, and they can only get that in a civil war if there are now separate Blue and Gray systems.”

But that will never happen because the banking system in America is run by a small amount of Fed-supported megabanks (who were Too Big to Fail in 2008 and have only grown in size since then). You can’t just bust into the banking sector. It’s a cartel.

“It’s an interesting and provocative idea — and certainly one that has a lot of support in Neocon and Foreign Liberal Internationalist thinking. Those pillars of foreign policy establishment thinking have long claimed that “countries that trade together don’t go to war with each other,” and have sold trade deals only partly on the economics, seeing them mostly as instruments to create and preserve peace.

Well, then: shared commerce and finance keeps America knitted together in peace too, right?”

Presumably, but I have a feeling America is about to test that hypothesis.

“But what happens when major corporations, especially those involved in finance and the free exchange of ideas in order to further the aims of participatory democracy, decide they’re going to effectively exile half the country out of the normal systems of the country?

What happens when half of America won’t buy bread from the other half of America, and half of America won’t issue a mortgage to half of America based on their failing a Political Test and Corporate Loyalty Oath?

What happens to the idea that peoples that trade together can’t go to war with each other then?

The left is driving this nation to the brink of actual civil war, and the corporatist Neocons and #MuhPrinciples cucks are stupidly, ignorantly assisting them in doing so because they don’t like how half of the country voted in a single presidential election.”

What happens is we get civil war.

I have taken to calling it “21st Century Jim Crow,” Ace throws the term Apartheid around and that would also be applicable. American Apartheid:

“Tim Pool [often discusses] the “bifurcation” process going on in America, in which large corporations are forcing the populace to de-couple from each other and form their own parallel and separate communications and finance structures — permitting and even encouraging civil war (or at least civil violence).

If the left wants to be free of us, I understand — but then, we must negotiate a full and formal political separation. The left cannot attempt to exile us and yet keep us prisoner under their thumbs.

You want done with us? I could not rush to agree with your impulse any faster.

But done means DONE. We will not accept your plan of keeping us a second (at best) class citizens under your rule.

A national divorce? Absolutely.

Apartheid, with a ruling progressive class and subjugated conservatives? No.”

This is the most twisted part of it all: if the left cannot tolerate us at all, then at least allow us to go our separate way.

Instead, they want to torment and oppress us. It is sadistic.

21st Century Jim Crow: Trio of Attacks on Trump Supporters

First, we have a high school student in Oklahoma assaulted by a black male for wearing a Trump hat and having a Trump flag:

Of course if the races were reversed (as well as obviously the partisan affiliations) this would be the defining news story of the year nearly on par with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

In New Jersey, an 81-year-old man wearing a MAGA hat was assaulted in a grocery store:

“FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Prosecutors say an elderly man was assaulted inside a New Jersey supermarket after he was confronted over a “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing.

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson says the 81-year-old Franklin Township man was shopping at the Shop Rite on Elizabeth Avenue Monday afternoon when he was approached regarding his red cap.

The victim was assaulted and sustained minor injuries, according to prosecutors. He declined medical attention at the scene.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.”

In the era of 21st Century Jim Crow, this was an attempted lynching.

Finally, a man in Massachusetts was assaulted by a woman over his Trump hat:

“A Brazilian woman who made headlines this week after she was charged with assaulting a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat inside a Massachusetts restaurant has been taken into custody, officials said Tuesday.

Rosiane Santos, 41, was charged this month with disorderly conduct and assault and battery after police said she admitted to attacking a man because he supported President Trump.

Video submitted by 23-year-old Bryton Turner showed Ms. Santos yelling at him and knocking the red, “Make America Great Again” hat off his head at the Casa Vallarta restaurant in Falmouth. Ms. Santos told local media at the time that she was the victim in the situation, even though a bartender at the restaurant said Mr. Turner did nothing to provoke the alleged attack.

Of course the bitch tried to claim she was the victim.

But there’s a happy twist on this story: the Brazilian illegal alien was taken into custody alright–ICE Custody.

“On Tuesday, ICE officials took Ms. Santos into custody after determining that she was in the country illegally.”


Hopefully she’s deported.

21st Century Jim Crow

The Oscars were on last night. I’m sure none of you watched–I certainly didn’t–but from what I’ve heard the night was one leftwing anti-Trumper delivering #Brave and #Passionate speeches after another.

Spouting stale anti-Trump cliches to a room of Hollywood leftists who all agree with you; yes, that’s the definition of bravery alright.

Because Trump is just soo fascist and oppressive.

But as has been made obvious, the truth in this country is usually the exact opposite of what conventional wisdom holds. Namely, while most people assume minorities are oppressed and demonized, the reality is that it’s white people who are under assault. Conventional wisdom says women are second class citizens, but in reality it’s men who are losing the battle of the sexes.

And while Hollywood actors believe themselves to be brave countercultural rebels putting their lives and careers on the line to courageously speak out against and #Resist a fascist dictator, the reality is that the bravest public declaration and expression one can make today is support of President Trump.

Actors calling Trump and America #Racist is a multibillion dollar industry and often is the inside track to critical acclaim and Academy Awards. There’s nothing brave about it.

True bravery would have been some actor voicing support of the President despite the universal condemnation and booing it would’ve evoked, as well as the subsequent loss in social status and career opportunities.

True courage–truly speaking “truth to power”–is not popular, it’s not well-received, and one generally will not receive any accolades from major institutions or applause from large audiences.

Rule of thumb: if it’s the socially acceptable thing to say, it’s not brave. If there’s no threat of losing your friends or even your job, you’re not brave for saying it.

In America 2019, we have entered Jim Crow 2.0 where Trump supporters are increasingly barred from participating in public life due to their political views:

[I]ncreasingly monopolistic social media companies that have an inordinate amount of control over who gets heard and who doesn’t have started actively targeting conservatives and we just shrug or spout platitudes.

“If you don’t like the way they do it, take on those monopolies with hundreds of millions of users and billions in cash by building your own company.”

So, what happens when banks and credit card companies target people for their political views? Do we need to build our own banks, too?

Activist Laura Loomer, who has already been banned by PayPal, claims she had her account suspended by Chase Bank.

Enrique Tarrio, the black leader of the Proud Boys, a group that has laughably been branded a white supremacist organization by liberals, was also suspended by Chase. So was Martina Markota. And Joe Biggs, who made enough of a stink that Chase reluctantly gave him his account back.


Certainly, there are an awful lot of liberals who would love to see us enter a world [in which banks demanded proof of political correctness before providing services]. In fact, there was a column in the New York Times last year calling for weaponizing the financial industry in exactly this way to shut down the gun industry as part of an effort to deny Americans their Second Amendment rights.

Republicans in the Senate should demand that Chase executives come before them and answer some hard questions about targeting customers for their political views. Maybe we need to rewrite banking regulations to make sure this kind of discrimination can’t occur….

You may have heard someone say, “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” I would add to that “capitalism is not a suicide pact.” Breaking up monopolies is a conservative idea with a long track record.

This is the preeminent issue of our time outside of immigration.

We are increasingly not allowed to share and spread our views on social media. And now financial services companies and banks are denying us.

Things are increasingly getting to the point in this country where you are not allowed to live a normal life if you’re an outspoken conservative.

This is the New Jim Crow.

And of course Republican politicians–including President Trump–are not willing to do a damn thing about it:

“If conservatives are too complacent and lazy to address the challenges of the 21stcentury, maybe they should step aside for the socialists. They’re not complacent. They don’t sit around saying, “Gee, our people are being mistreated, but it would take work to do something about it and we might offend some powerful business owner if we fight back, so I guess we should let them trample us into the dust.” Conservatives with power need to stop mumbling platitudes about the free market and capitalism while their supporters are being stomped into the ground. They need to defend the real human beings, warts and all, who make it possible for conservatism to exist.

Republican politicians are willing to allow their voters to become second-class citizens in their own country. I don’t really know where else we can turn.

This is why I see no other outcome for the present state of affairs in America than a straight-up Yellow Vest-style popular revolt.