The Elites Are in Trouble

The good news to come out of arguably the worst two weeks in modern American history is that the gun debate is over for a long time and our side has won. Everyone now knows why it’s important to own a gun. Shit can hit the fan in this country, contrary to what the gun-grabbers insisted.

The images of the burning buildings and busted-up store fronts, the angry mobs, all the violence and mayhem: that’s all burned into regular Americans’ minds now, and their main takeaway from all that is that they will never compromise on the Second Amendment. On some level, most regular Americans now understand that this is a very different country than the one they lived in even as recently as five years ago.

We have seemingly entered a new, more volatile, violent and anarchic period of American history, one where civil war is not such a far-fetched idea anymore. It feels like this country is both First World and Third World at the same time. And regular Americans simply refuse to face that future unarmed. The gun debate is over.

But here’s the best part: the Uniparty elite knew this would happen, and yet they still green-lit the riots and the chaos.

They knew that the images of the rioting and chaos would decisively end the gun debate, and yet they went ahead with the rioting and chaos anyway.

This tells you something important: the elites are desperate. They are running out of options. They are now forced to choose between bad and worse.

Disarming America was an integral part of their agenda for the past 20 years, basically ever since Columbine. Their long-term vision for this country includes a disarmed populace. It’s an integral part. They need it.

And yet we just saw them abandon their goal of a disarmed America. That’s what happened over the past two weeks. The elites have conceded the gun issue. Disarming America is now completely out of reach for them. It will never happen.

For whatever reason, they are now at the point where their grand plans are either unrealistic or unfeasible and they have to make trade-offs.

I don’t know why they are so desperate. I suspect there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that the general public is not aware of. Maybe Trump is really putting the heat on them more than we know.

But whatever the reason was, the elites have abandoned their dream of a disarmed American populace. Whatever their reason for the rioting was (my guess: to motivate and energize black voters as well as the left in general which is unenthusiastic about Biden), they had to make a choice between that and their dream of disarming America. And they chose the riots and whatever subsequent short-term benefits the riots would bring them.

And I say “short-term” because there’s no way the riots and looting benefit the Uniparty elites long-term. This is going to cause a mass exodus of people from cities over the next year or so. The effect will be delayed because lots of people are locked into leases.

But make no mistake: lots of urbanites are either thinking about leaving or making plans to leave the cities right now. Many of them come from the suburbs originally, and now they’ll head back there after this major wake-up call.

More and more suburban white parents will not allow their kids to move to the Big City anymore. And they’ll be right to do so.

There’s no telling how bad this is going to get. What if this is just the beginning? What if Trump wins in November and there’s even worse rioting? The elites wouldn’t have done this if they were confident Biden was going to beat Trump.

The next step for the rioters is killing people–white people–in mass numbers. If their anger does not subside, if their fever does not break–and there’s no reason to believe it will given the malevolence of the media that made them so angry and hateful in the first place–then their next step is to start slaughtering white people in mass numbers. Businesses are already displaying the “minority-owned” or “black lives matter” signs in the windows in hopes of being spared by the mobs. How long until our houses have to be marked with “BLM” signs to be passed over by roving death squads?

Lots of urban whites are not going to stick around long enough to find out.

What if Minneapolis actually goes through with this insane idea to “defund the police” and then other cities follow suit? Democrats can’t even explain how such a radical-sounding plan would actually work and not turn America’s cities into full-blown, post-apocalyptic warzones. But even if they could explain it, lots of people in the cities don’t want to stick around and see if the experiment succeeds. They’ve already been sufficiently spooked.

There’s going to be significant white flight from the cities in the coming year.

Not only that, but businesses are going to flee the cities en masse as well. Who’s going to want to set up shop in a big city knowing this could happen again? Recently, a leaked call between the Mayor of Chicago and the city’s furious Aldermen revealed just how bad things really are, contrary to the “insurance will pay for it all” hand-waving:

As unrest swept the city Sunday, aldermen pleaded with Mayor Lori Lightfoot to help them protect their communities from roving bands of criminals clashing with police and looting businesses.

WTTW News obtained a recording of an online conference call held by the mayor’s office to brief all 50 aldermen on the city’s response to the unrest touched off by the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police.

The recording begins with Ald. Michelle Harris (8th Ward) wondering how she could convince businesses like Walmart and CVS to rebuild on the South Side after the destruction. “It’s like, what are we going to have left in our community?” Harris asks her colleagues before answering herself. “Nothing.”

Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd Ward) said she felt helpless to protect older residents, who she said were struggling to buy food and get prescription medicine. “I’ve worked really hard over the last seven years and now I feel like I am five feet back,” Dowell said.

“I feel like I am at ground zero,” Harris responded. “My major business district is shattered. Why would Walmart or CVS come back to our communities?”

Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) said her West Side ward was like “the wild, wild west out there.”

She’s right. Walmart and CVS are not coming back. It’s just not worth the risk for them.

These Aldermen are not happy about what’s going on. They do not think this is good for America and “needed.” They know how bad this is for their city.

It gets even worse:

“Ald. Susan Sadlowski-Garza (10th Ward) broke down while pleading with Lightfoot for help. “My ward is a s–t show,” Sadlowski-Garza said, adding that cop cars and banks were burned. “They are shooting at the police.”

Sadlowski-Garza began to cry as she said the unrest began about 11 a.m. Sunday, when a group of 40 people broke into a marijuana dispensary, but had nothing to do with a protest. “I have never seen the likes of this,” Sadlowski-Garza said. “I’m scared.”

And here’s the cherry on top:

“Ald. Raymond Lopez (15th Ward) demanded that Lightfoot develop a plan to stabilize Chicago’s neighborhoods for five days, calling his Southwest Side ward “a virtual war zone” where gang members armed with AK-47’s were threatening to shoot black people.

The call came to a screeching halt when Lightfoot declined to address the substance of Lopez’s remarks, and Lopez demanded that she respond.

Lightfoot told Lopez he was “100% full of s–t.”

“Well, f–k you then,” Lopez responded.

“I understand you want to preen,” Lightfoot told Lopez.

As aldermen objected, Lopez continued to speak.

“Mayor you need to check your f—–g attitude,” Lopez said.”

Aldermen are now (rightfully) cursing out the mayor. Nobody is in charge anymore. They have completely lost control of the city.

In Minneapolis, businesses are already starting to leave:

“The company’s owner said he can’t trust public officials who allowed his plant to burn during the recent riots.” Can you blame him? Businesses pay taxes and expect that roads will be passable and police will maintain order. This is social contract 101 stuff right here. Governments are simply not upholding their end of the most basic bargain. If the city government can’t maintain order, there’s no reason businesses would stay.

The big cities were already in decline before Coronavirus and the Great Race Riots of 2020 hit:

The civilized, peace-loving, law-abiding folk are done with the cities. They want no part of the violent, radical insanity going on there. They’re going to leave the big cities and let them collapse. Soon all that will be left in the cities are the gangs and the criminals, who terrorize the poor people who couldn’t afford to move out. If you want to know what the future of many major American cities looks like, just look at Detroit.

Make no mistake: the elites need us to be crammed into cities. It makes us easier to control and monitor. They want us living in pods and herded like cattle through filthy public transportation systems to our corporate wageslave jobs.

It would not be a good thing for them if people started fleeing the cities in mass numbers. You are inherently more free and independent if you live in a rural area. If you have land and guns and livestock, you are significantly freer and safer than someone who lives in a tiny little box in a large city.

And yet still, the elites OK’d the rioting knowing this would happen.

None of what’s happening right now is good for the Uniparty elites in the long-term. They are willfully alienating and terrifying Normal Americans and wedding themselves to the most radical and insane fringe of the left.

I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of people out there who like and support the riots and the looting and the anti-white bloodlust and all the insane policy proposals like “defunding the police.” Clearly there are a lot of insane, radical people out there as evidenced by the size of the crowds we’ve seen over the past couple weeks.

But TV cameras always have a way of making crowds look bigger (or smaller) when they want to. I would say the number of Americans who are fully supportive and on-board with all that has happened over the past two weeks is between 20-30%. And even among this 20-30%, there’s still a divide between the people who are true-believing Cultural Revolutionaries, and then the people who are simply either cowards bowing to the mob, or virtue signaling bandwagoners.

It’s well over a majority who are fully disgusted and outraged by what has happened over the past two weeks.

There are certainly some Americans who are in between, kind-of ambivalent, but they’re not a big number. We don’t really live in an era where people can ignore politics anymore. Most people have taken a side decisively. But I’d say at least two-thirds of the country is against the unfolding Maoist Cultural Revolution.

I don’t care what the polls say: there is zero chance this makes anyone in the large majority of Americans who wants law, order and peace less likely to vote for Trump. It’s totally fine to think Trump’s response to all this has been underwhelming, but you can’t tell me that Biden would be better for law and order than Trump.

So that’s why I’m not even fully convinced the riots will help the Uniparty elites in the short-term, i.e. this election. Yes, it will probably serve to mobilize black voters who notably did not turn out for Hillary the way they did for Obama. And these “missing black voters” as they were called in 2016, were a big part of the reason Hillary lost.

However, Trump’s support with black voters has risen from 2016 levels. And I think a lot of the boost Biden got with black voters because of all this should be offset by the boost Trump will get with white voters because of all this.

In sum, the riots are not good for the Uniparty Cabal over the long-term, and it’s arguable that they’re even going to help much in the short-term with the election.

I am not as confident in Trump’s prospects to win the 2020 election as many others on the right are. I don’t think it’s a slam-dunk by any stretch. But it seems pretty evident that the Uniparty elite felt they had to take some drastic action to give their guy Biden a better shot, even if that drastic action was going to wreck their long-term plans and could possibly even blow up in their faces in the short-term.

The elites are not on solid ground. Everything is not going according to plan. They are not fully in control. They are now at the point where they have to sacrifice their long-term goals for 50/50 short-term desperate gambles.

For the past few years, they have been playing defense, not offense.

This is a major shift given that they’ve been on offense since at least the early 1960s with the Kennedy Assassination. Every major event since that time–Vietnam, the Moon Landing, assassinations of MLK, Malcolm X, RFK, 1968 riots, the oil shocks, Bretton Woods, Watergate, stagflation, Iran-Contra, the 1992 Riots, Lewinsky, 9-11, the Iraq War, the Financial Crisis, just to name the major ones–has been orchestrated and planned with the goal of transforming America.

Conversely, every stunt they’ve pulled since 2016–Russian Collusion Hoax, Mueller, the Charlottesville Hoax, Stormy Daniels, the Kavanaugh Slander, the Covington Kids Hoax, the Impeachment Hoax, the Epstein Murder, Coronavirus and now the race riots–has been done from a position of desperation. None of it has been carefully planned and orchestrated. Its all been ad-hoc and on-the-fly. It’s all part of a defensive contingency plan to bring down Donald Trump, who is evidently rocking their world.

The sloppiness which caused the entire Spygate/Obamagate scandal to unravel and be exposed should drive home just how desperate the elite really are. They aren’t carefully planning this stuff out. They’re improvising. They’re scrambling.

Good news is usually not immediately evident. You have to read between the lines and not take the news headlines at face value. The news is all fake and manipulated, designed to fill your head with lies. You have to stop looking at major events as spontaneous and start looking at them as planned and deliberate, designed and carried out in pursuit of some goal. That’s the only way things will make sense.

For example, to understand 9-11, just look at what happened afterwards: Patriot Act, Iraq War, America installed as world police, Americans now hate Muslims in mass numbers. All that stuff was exactly what the globalist elites wanted.

The elites are losing. They’re backpedaling. They’re playing defense. They’re in CYA mode. The ship is sinking and the rats are jumping off.

The worse things seemingly get in this country as measured by the news media, the better the fight against the Uniparty Cabal is actually going. The scarier the news stories and headlines, the more they’re trying to wage psychological warfare on us.

The elites will go to great lengths to never show any weaknesses. The media will never run any headlines like, “Trump closing in on the Elite Overlords that control everything including this very news network.” But if you really stop and think about what’s been going on in this country over the past four years, it’s pretty clear that the balance of power has fundamentally shifted.

All the mayhem and anarchy we’ve seen over the past two weeks is not the dawn of a new dark age of violent racial tribalism in America. It’s the dying paroxysm of a crumbling order. It is a cornered animal lashing out in desperation.

There’s no telling how long this will take to play out, nor is there any way to accurately predict what the new order will look like. But things have changed in a major way.

LBJ Killed JFK: The 56th Anniversary of the Coup of ’63

56 years ago today, also on a Friday, at around 12:30pm CST, President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. While most Americans consider the Kennedy Assassination a tragic day in American history, that would only be true if the Official Narrative™ of the “lone nut” assassin were true.

But the reality is it’s more than a tragedy: given that Kennedy was assassinated not by a “lone nut” but by a criminal conspiracy orchestrated by the most powerful men in the country, November 22, 1963 was the day The Deep State took power and the American Republic ended in all but name.

Most Americans reject the Official Narrative™ regarding the Kennedy Assassination, which states that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald. The Official Narrative™ claims that Americans don’t want to believe the beloved 35th President was killed for no reason at all, and so they cling to wild “conspiracy theories”–such as the “grassy knoll,” the mob, the Cubans, or the Soviets–in a vain effort to bestow some form of meaning on Kennedy’s untimely death.

But while most Americans reject the idea that Oswald was a lone nut who acted alone and that Kennedy’s death was not part of any grand conspiracy, most Americans are also quite cloudy on the truth behind what happened on Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas. In other words, while Americans know Oswald didn’t act alone, they are not certain who was really behind Kennedy’s assassination. Americans’ feelings toward the Kennedy assassination can be best characterized as a vague distrust of the Official Story.

I’ve spent the past few weeks doing some research on the matter and I believe I now have a general understanding of what really happened: the main culprit behind the Kennedy assassination was then-Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, as well as other high-ranking government officials who wanted JFK gone.

I am certainly not claiming to be the first person to advance this theory, especially given that I have come to believe it through the work of others who have looked into the matter. But my aim here is to provide some clarity on the Kennedy Assassination for those who only know that they reject the Official Narrative™ but don’t have a coherent alternative explanation, as well as to place the JFK assassination into proper context in American history.

Obviously, Johnson stood to gain the most from the assassination: the moment Kennedy was pronounced dead, LBJ was sworn in as the 36th U.S. President. Johnson’s motive was as clear as day, and it’s a wonder more people don’t view him as the prime suspect.

In any murder mystery, the best strategy is to look for the person with the strongest motive to carry out the murder, and LBJ undoubtedly had the strongest motive to get Kennedy out of the way. Not only did he personally dislike the Kennedys, he had everything to gain from getting them out of the way.

Because JFK was his superior, LBJ largely tolerated President Kennedy, and vice versa. Kennedy didn’t much care for Johnson, either.

But LBJ didn’t hold anything back when it came to the President’s younger brother Bobby, also the U.S. Attorney General.

LBJ biographer Robert Caro characterized Johnson’s feelings towards Bobby Kennedy as “hatred,”:

“You don’t want to use words like this as a historian, but hatred is the right word to describe Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson,” Caro said. “They hated each other from the first time they met. Someone said the first time they met, it was like two strange dogs walking into a room and there was a low growl and the hair rises on their neck. It never stops. … (Robert Kennedy) can humiliate Johnson and he humiliates him at every opportunity and then with the crack of a gunshot, the world is reversed and Johnson has the power over Bobby Kennedy.”

Awfully convenient for Lyndon Johnson, no? It really is interesting just how well things worked out for LBJ following JFK’s assassination.

In 2011, the Daily Mail reported that in the wake of her husband’s murder, Jackie Kennedy privately expressed her belief that LBJ was behind the assassination:

“Jackie Onassis believed that Lyndon B Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved in the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy, ‘explosive’ recordings are set to reveal.

The secret tapes will show that the former first lady felt that her husband’s successor was at the heart of the plot to murder him.

She became convinced that the then vice president, along with businessmen in the South, had orchestrated the Dallas shooting, with gunman Lee Harvey Oswald – long claimed to have been a lone assassin – merely part of a much larger conspiracy.”

After all, the assassination did take place in Johnson’s home state of Texas. If ever there were a place where LBJ could execute a cover-up from the ground-up, where he had the most pull and clout and connections, it was in Texas. It just makes sense.

In 2007, Rolling Stone ran a lengthy piece in which it was claimed that the late notorious former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt–a man who was part of both the JFK assassination and the Watergate burglary–admitted on his deathbed to his son that LBJ was the mastermind of the JFK assassination:

“[I]n Miami, with [E. Howard Hunt’s son] Saint by his bed, and disease eating away at him, and him thinking he’s six months away from death, E. Howard finally put pen to paper and started writing. Saint had been working toward this moment for a long while, and now it was going to happen. He got his father an A&W diet root beer, then sat down in the old man’s wheelchair and waited.

E. Howard scribbled the initials “LBJ,” standing for Kennedy’s ambitious vice president, Lyndon Johnson. Under “LBJ,” connected by a line, he wrote the name Cord Meyer. Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later she was murdered, a case that’s never been solved. Next his father connected to Meyer’s name the name Bill Harvey, another CIA agent; also connected to Meyer’s name was the name David Morales, yet another CIA man and a well-known, particularly vicious black-op specialist. And then his father connected to Morales’ name, with a line, the framed words “French Gunman Grassy Knoll.”

So there it was, according to E. Howard Hunt. LBJ had Kennedy killed. It had long been speculated upon. But now E. Howard was saying that’s the way it was. And that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t the only shooter in Dallas. There was also, on the grassy knoll, a French gunman, presumably the Corsican Mafia assassin Lucien Sarti, who has figured prominently in other assassination theories.

“By the time he handed me the paper, I was in a state of shock,” Saint says. “His whole life, to me and everybody else, he’d always professed to not know anything about any of it. But I knew this had to be the truth. If my dad was going to make anything up, he would have made something up about the Mafia, or Castro, or Khrushchev. He didn’t like Johnson. But you don’t falsely implicate your own country, for Christ’s sake. My father is old-school, a dyed-in-the-wool patriot, and that’s the last thing he would do.”

Then there’s also the story about what LBJ allegedly said to his mistress, Madelein Duncan Brown, the night before the assassination took place. Watch from the 2:36 mark:

She claims Johnson, in a rage, said to her, on the night of November 21, “After tomorrow, those sons of bitches will never embarrass me again!”

Given that Johnson was the obvious and immediate beneficiary of Kennedy’s death, and that the assassination took place in Johnson’s home state of Texas, it appears to me likely that Johnson was behind it.

LBJ had the motive, but he needed to have backing. There’s no way coup could’ve been pulled off if only LBJ wanted to get rid of Kennedy. There had to be others with the same motive. And there were.

Certainly J. Edgar Hoover, the notorious head of the FBI and arguably the most powerful man in America for nearly four decades prior, was a part of the conspiracy. Bolstering the case that Hoover was part of the plot is this:

“In 1964, just days before Hoover testified in the earliest stages of the Warren Commission hearings, President Lyndon B. Johnson waived the then-mandatory U.S. Government Service Retirement Age of 70, allowing Hoover to remain the FBI Director “for an indefinite period of time.”

In 2017, the Trump Administration authorized the release of previously classified documents pertaining to the Kennedy Assassination. One of those documents was this  particular memo from J. Edgar Hoover:

“Referring to Nicholas Katzenbach, the deputy attorney general at the time, Hoover dictated: “The thing I am concerned about, and so is Mr. Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.”

It’s not clear from the memo whether Hoover thought there might have been a conspiracy but didn’t want it to be known or whether he sincerely believed Oswald acted alone and hoped to head off public fear and confusion.”

If Oswald truly was the “lone assassin,” then why would Hoover be so concerned with convincing the public he was?

As far as a motive for Hoover, it is said that Hoover and the Kennedys never liked each other. In 1987, there was even a TV miniseries called “Hoover vs. the Kennedys,” which detailed the deep rift between the two sides. Apparently Hoover had tried to blackmail Kennedy over his affairs and feared Kennedy would fire him.

But the primary agency behind the assassination was undoubtedly the CIA. Notorious for orchestrating foreign coups and assassinations, the Kennedy assassination was the CIA’s first ever domestic coup and assassination. What, you think the CIA wouldn’t do that here if it felt its institutional interests were threatened by the President?

The thing to know about government agencies is that they inevitably become more and more self-interested over time. The “national interests” take a back-seat to the interests of the agency, and by the 1960s, the CIA, which was founded in the late 1940s as a re-organization and rebranding of the WWII intelligence agency the OSS, had become very powerful and unaccountable. The CIA had come to believe it, rather than the democratically-elected President and Congress, knew best how to manage America’s foreign affairs.

When Eisenhower, in his farewell address in January 1961, warned of the growing power of the “Military industrial complex,” that included the CIA. The Military Industrial Complex wanted to ramp-up the war in Vietnam, but in October, 1963–a month before he was assassinated–JFK signed National Security Action Memorandum 263, which authorized the withdrawal of 1,000 of the 16,000 total U.S.military personnel in Vietnam by the end of December, and said that the goals of our Vietnam military operation would be achieved by 1965.

Upon taking power, LBJ pretended to agree with the assessment of NSAM 263, but by August of 1964, the entirely fabricated Gulf of Tonkin Incident would provide Johnson an excuse to massively escalate the Vietnam War–just as the Military Industrial Complex wanted all along. The CIA, of course–the beating heart of the Military Industrial Complex–was heavily involved in American operations in Vietnam dating all the way back to 1955.

In the 1950s under Allen Dulles (the longest-serving CIA Director in U.S. history), the CIA overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossaddegh, deposed democratically-elected Guatemalan Prime Minister Jacobo Arbenz, carried out the MKUltra mind control project (which the media would have you believe was both a failure and a conspiracy theory), and in 1961 bungled its attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro (Bay of Pigs).

President Kennedy was so furious over the Bay of Pigs debacle that he was reported by the New York Times to have said he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” Instead he fired Allen Dulles, but left the CIA itself largely intact. This was likely the move that turned the CIA–and of course the hugely powerful Dulles–against him and ultimately sealed his fate. One week after Kennedy was assassinated, newly sworn-in President LBJ appointed Allen Dulles as one of the seven commissioners on the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s death–or, more likely, cover it up.

There were undoubtedly more people than just LBJ, Hoover and Dulles involved in the conspiracy to kill JFK. But they were the biggest names behind the coup.

What about the alleged shooter himself, Lee Harvey Oswald? He never confessed to the shooting, and on the night of the assassination, he declared his innocence and said “I’m just a patsy!

It’s one thing for Oswald to claim he’s innocent and that they’ve got the wrong guy, but it’s another entirely thing for him to say “I’m just a patsy!”

That would indicate he knew more about conspiracy to the kill the President, and was more than just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oswald proclaiming to be a patsy is a tacit admission that there was a wider conspiracy behind the killing. He knew he was set up to be the fall guy.

Oswald was correct that he was “just a patsy.” He knew there was a larger network that had set him up to take the fall. And that’s precisely why he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby not even 48 hours after Kennedy was pronounced dead. A loose-end tied-up.

Somehow Jack Ruby (real name Jacob Rubenstein) was able to kill Oswald while Oswald was in police custody. Ruby was able to make it into the basement of the police station where Oswald was in the process of being transferred to an armored car, get in with a group of reporters, and then get a clean shot at Oswald at point-blank range.

According to Ruby’s Wikipedia page (meaning information about him that the Uniparty is okay with the public knowing), Ruby was a career criminal and lowlife:

“There was evidence indicating Jack Ruby had been involved in the underworld activities of illegal gambling, narcotics, and prostitution.

A 1956 FBI report stated that their informant, Eileen Curry, reported that in January of that year, she moved to Dallas with her boyfriend, James Breen, after jumping bond on narcotics charges. Breen told her that he had made connections with a large narcotics setup operating between Texas, Mexico, and the East, and that “in some fashion, James got the okay to operate through Jack Ruby of Dallas.”

Former Dallas County Sheriff Steve Guthrie told the FBI that he believed Ruby “operated some prostitution activities and other vices in his club” since living in Dallas.

Dallas disc jockey Kenneth Dowe testified that Ruby was known around the station for “procuring women for different people who came to town.”

Is it a stretch to say that some law enforcement agency like J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI made Ruby kill Oswald? They certainly had a lot on Ruby and probably threatened to put him away for a long time if he didn’t comply with them.

Ruby was then sentenced to death by a jury in Dallas, but the decision was appealed and Ruby was granted a new trial. Before this trial could be completed, however, Ruby died of a pulmonary embolism in 1967.

Let’s get back to Oswald. As for the actual shooting itself, here are the details:

  • JFK’s limo was traveling at about 11mph.
  • Oswald was allegedly situated in the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, and was 81 meters (265ft) away from Kennedy when he fired the killing shot.
  • Oswald allegedly fired the three shots from a bolt-action rifle in a span of six seconds, maintaining his aim on a moving target while using the bolt-action rifle.
  • Of the three shots Oswald allegedly fired, the first was said to have missed, the second hit Kennedy in the upper back, and the final shot hit the President in the side of the head.

Seems like an awfully tough shot. And it’s odd that the first shot was said to have missed given that you’d expect the first shot to be the most accurate, not the least. Think about it.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura tried to replicate the shot with the same rifle at the same distance and was unable to get three shots off in less than about nine seconds. And his target was stationary, unlike Oswald’s:

Now it’s certainly possible that Oswald was a phenomenal shot and pulled off the assassination himself. But an investigation by the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that there was “a high probability that at least two gunmen fired at the President” and that the fourth shot came from a second assassin located on the grassy knoll, but missed.” That’s the official conclusion of a U.S. Congressional Committee.

The Committee claims the fourth shot missed, but if you watch the Zapruder film of the assassination, the killing headshot appears to have hit Kennedy from the front given the way his head snaps back and left:

This is why the “grassy knoll” theory is so popular.

However, even if the fourth shot missed, as the Committee claimed, the fact that a U.S. Congressional Committee went on-record and claimed there were two shooters decimates the credibility of the Official Story™. For goodness sake it is all based on the claim that Oswald was a “lone nut” who acted alone.

The purpose of this post is to get into the conspiracy to kill JFK rather than debate how the assassination truly unfolded on that fateful Friday, so I won’t spend much more time discussing the shooting itself, but if you’re interested in this subject I’d recommend checking out this video of Joe Rogan debating the “Single bullet theory”:

The thing is, it doesn’t ultimately matter whether Oswald was the lone shooter or whether there were other shooters. The heart of the matter here is whether or not Oswald was part of a larger conspiracy. Oswald may well have fired the killing shot all by himself, but the real question is whether or not you believe he acted entirely alone and was simply a lone nut.

For most Americans, the answer to that question is no. It does not seem plausible that a President could be killed for no reason at all. But that’s what Official Washington and its television propaganda department would have you believe.

Trust your instincts. Do not allow “experts” and “authority figures” to overrule your common sense and gut instincts. Do not be distracted or confused by their long and complex explanations. They try to muddy the waters by using big words and using terminology you don’t understand, but don’t lose sight of the only things that matter here: the who, how and why.

Who killed JFK? How did they pull it off? Why did they do it?

It doesn’t take an 880-page Warren Report to answer these simple questions, but they would have you believe it does.

The gatekeepers go into lengthy and absurd explanations on how a single bullet ricocheted all throughout JFK’s body and then managed to hit Texas Governor John Connally, where it also ricocheted around and then exited, whereas common sense would tell you simply: there were multiple gunmen.

This country would be so much better off if people simply trusted their common sense and didn’t listen to the spin doctors and lying “authorities.”

Most crimes are rather simple, but the gatekeepers’ job is to complicate simple matters in order to obfuscate the truth. If a President is murdered and a number of powerful people had good reasons to try to get rid of him, it’s a good bet that they were behind the murder. That’s it.

To understand why something happened, it’s important to look at the aftermath: who got what they wanted because of the event? For example, gun controllers get what they want after mass shootings: gun control. The government got what it wanted after 9/11: endless wars in the Middle East and vastly expanded surveillance powers.

It’s easy to understand these major events when you look at them this way.

It is glaringly obvious that LBJ was behind the Kennedy Assassination given that it took place in his home state and he was the single greatest beneficiary from it. Yet the Deep State and its minions in the media did an excellent job muddying the waters, casting doubt into Americans’ minds and causing us to override our common sense and instincts.


So how should we view the Kennedy Assassination in the context of American history? Well, if you believe that LBJ was behind it, then it cannot be viewed as anything other than a full-scale coup d’etat, which is why Mark Gorton refers to it as the “Coup of ’63“. I recommend reading Gorton’s essay, because it does a good job putting it all into context.

But again: the takeaway is that the JFK assassination should not be viewed as merely a tragedy but also a full-scale coup.

Though killed for different reasons, JFK was killed in essentially the same manner as was Julius Caesar: betrayed in a plot by other high-ranking government officials. At least the Roman Senate had the decency to own the fact that they collectively murdered the Caesar. The Cabal behind the JFK plot blamed it all on a patsy and their propagandists in the media still maintain that “lone gunman” Official Narrative™️ 56 years later.

So what is the relevance of the Coup of ’63 to today’s America?

It’s no secret that the Deep State is currently in the middle of yet another attempt to oust President Donald Trump, but so far they’ve kept their attempts to remove him strictly in impeachment, rather than assassination, territory.

(Although a story the other day suggests that someone may have tried to poison Trump.)

So this can mean a few things:

  1. Either Trump has not yet posed a serious threat to them to make them desperate enough to try to kill him.
  2. Our Deep State in 2019 has gone soft compared to the outright animals who were running the show in the 1960s.
  3. They feel like killing Trump would make him a martyr and make his political movement more powerful than ever, whereas they feel impeachment is a far better way to discredit him.

Remember, the same people that pulled off the JFK assassination also pulled off the Watergate Coup in ’74, so they’ve got experience with both ways to carry out a coup. Given the way Americans view Kennedy today (near-universal admiration and reverence) vs. the way people view Nixon today (widespread disapproval, consensus that he’s the most corrupt and nefarious President in history), it should be obvious that the impeachment route is the better way for the Deep State to carry out a coup d’etat.

(And yes, I am aware that Nixon wasn’t impeached. But he only resigned because his impeachment and conviction were inevitable and he knew it.)

So I don’t expect the Deep State to try to assassinate Trump. At least not yet–they’re not desperate enough for this yet.

But understanding the Coup of ’63 makes it much easier to understand what’s going on today with Trump. There exists a shadow government in Washington that calls the shots, and when the President is not under their control, they will go to extraordinary lengths to get rid of him.

Whatever you want to call them: the Cabal, the Deep State, the Uniparty, the oligarchs, the men behind the curtain, the puppeteers–they all refer to the same people.

November 22, 1963 was the day they officially seized power, and they still have it today.

Of course, the original conspirators are long dead, but they passed the baton on to succeeding generations of the Deep State.