Socialism is Rising in America Because Capitalism Has Failed

After nearly 250 years of glorious, uninterrupted Capitalism (the most undeniably and self-evidently flawless economic system ever!), America suddenly finds itself on the brink of becoming a socialist hellhole like Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela. And for no reason at all, too! Why are people even supporting Bernie Sanders, anyway? Probably because they’re just idiotsContinue reading “Socialism is Rising in America Because Capitalism Has Failed”

Oligopolies Run Our Lives

To truly understand what The Uniparty is, you must understand its corporate side. The Uniparty is not just Washington: it is every center of power in this country, as they are all connected and on the same page. They’re all just divisions of the same omnipotent Uniparty. Multinational megacorporations have consolidated market share and powerContinue reading “Oligopolies Run Our Lives”