Twitter Bans QAnon

QAnon is a ridiculous and debunked conspiracy theory–but it’s also extremely dangerous and we need to ban all QAnon-associated accounts to make sure nobody on Twitter can ever hear their ideas. According to NPR: “Content associated with QAnon will be banned from the platform’s trends section and tweets sharing links involving QAnon theories will beContinue reading “Twitter Bans QAnon”

This Website Doesn’t Even Show Up When You Google “Today in Politics”

Today I installed the Duck Duck Go extension for Google Chrome browser. My default search engine is now DuckDuckGo and I didn’t even have to switch browsers. I guess another feature of the DuckDuckGo extension is that it also blocks advertisers from tracking you. But mainly I installed the extension for the search engine. I’veContinue reading “This Website Doesn’t Even Show Up When You Google “Today in Politics””